Pulled Over by a Cop

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Flashing lights become visible as you look up at your rear view mirror. A pit forms in your stomach as you realize a cop is right behind you, lights flashing, signaling for you to pull over. Nervously, you look at your speedometer which shows 78MPH. You start slowing down as you put your turn signal on. Slowly you come to a stop at the side of the road. You see the lights of the parked cop car behind you. It’s almost blinding in the night time. You mind wonders as you think of the consequences, how much the ticket will cost, how much is your insurance going to increase? You wait for what seems like an eternity while the cop remains in his car.

You start to think of a way to get out of a ticket. What if you could come up with an excuse? Would he understand if you just tell him the truth, that you were on this empty road late at night and that you did not realize how fast you were going. Maybe you could find a way to get out of it if you found the courage to flirt with him. How far could you let yourself go. Thinking about the possibilities, you feel a familiar tingle rush through your body. You feel a wetness growing in your pussy.

A knock on the window snaps you back to reality. As you again realize the situation, you shuffle in your seat to adjust your legs, a futile attempt to deal with that itch that started. Looking dazed at the flashlight beaming through the window as you roll it down.

“Do you know why I pulled you over Miss?” You look up at him to answer and realize how cute the officer is. “Umm, I, Umm…”

“Miss, have you been drinking tonight?”

“No sir, I am just a little tired and I am just nervous.”

“Can I see your license?” You nod your head and explain it is in your purse on the passenger side floor. He turns on his flash light to see the purse and okays you to grab it. Unbuckling the seatbelt, you reach for the purse as the light shines on it. Leaning over you feel your shirt rise up your legs, you know bahis siteleri your ass checks are almost exposed and suddenly the light is redirected. You start to wonder if he is looking at your ass. You sit back and hand the license to him. He flashes his light on the ID. You look down at your legs to see how far your dress has ridden up, seeing part off the light is shining right on your exposed pussy. You now wish you had worn panties, but this exposure excites you more. You start to wonder if he is doing this on purpose, you feel the wetness growing again between your legs. You rub your thighs together and let out a slight moan as a sharp sense of pleasure runs up your body.

“Are you ok Miss?” You nod yes, “Why don’t you step out of your car for me?” He backs up, as you open the door. His light flashes on you as you swing a leg out of the car. He directs the light lower as you are about to stand up. Again you realize your pussy is displayed for his eyes while you get out.

“Why don’t you come and lean against the hood of your car?” As you comply, resting your ass slightly on the hood, you mind wonders again. You start to fantasize that he was indeed looking at your pussy.

Instinctively, you start to rubs your thighs together again feeling your skirt rise. A light flashes on your face, snapping you back from your fantasy. “Miss, stand up and turn around, I am going to check you for any drugs or weapons. Do you have anything on you?”

“No Sir, just this tight dress and nothing else, I promise” He instructs you to place your hands on the hood, spread your legs and relax. As his hands start on your back, they move to your breasts, cupping them as you let out a moan. Then he moves down your stomach pulling you up against his crotch. You wonder if he did that on purpose and if you felt his hard cock or was it something else. It was quick and then moves his hands over your ass, suddenly you feel your skirt being pulled up. Wondering if he canlı bahis siteleri did it on purpose, his hands reach around to you inner thighs. His fingers slightly brush up against your pussy lips. You let out an even loader moan.

“What was that Miss? Everything alright?” You don’t answer. Unsure of where this is going, but hopping your silence will encourage him to decide where it goes. Suddenly, he pulls your arms around your back and carefully pushes your upper body against the hood. While holding your hands together he asks again “Miss you have been acting strange, are you drunk or on drugs?”

Panicking you say “No.”

“Then why are you acting strange?”

Without thinking “Because I am horny, my pussy is wet and I need it to be touched so bad right now.” Realizing what you just admitted, you wonder what will happen next. Then a smooth hard object runs over your pussy lips. Your legs shake as you are anticipating getting what you want. As this object slides back as forth over you pussy he asks “Is this what you want slut? You like my night stick rubbing your pussy?” He then lightly hits the inside of your thighs indicating you to spread your legs more. He presses the end of the stick against your pussy. He releases your hands “You want tis inside you? Then guide it in.”

You reach between your legs and guide the hard stick inside. It pushes in slowly as he twists it, covering the night stick in your juices. He fucks you slow, pulling it out and pushing in. Picking up the pace as you breathe heavy and moan out loud, you start to rub your clit.

As you cum, you scream and your body presses against the hood of the car. Your legs are the only things keeping your body from sliding off. The night stick slides out leaving an empty void, but is suddenly filled again as the cop shoves his cock inside you. Your weaken legs start to give way as his hand pushes your body harder against the hood. Your regain you strength and push your canlı bahis body off the hood to help meet his thrusts. He pulls your hair, guiding your body to press tight up against his. His hands cup your breasts and massage them through the light material.

He pulls out to your disappointment. He turns you around and has you sit on the hood. Lifting your legs over his shoulders, he guides his cock back into your waiting hole. As you pussy is fucked fast and hard, you move your hand back to your clit while the other rubs your hard nipples.

You orgasm builds again and you moan. Feeling your pussy convulse around his cock he stops and pulls out. He releases your legs letting your body slide slowly down the hood. He guides your weakened body down so you sit on the bumper. The orgasm still affecting your body, his hand grabs your face and turns you to face his cock. You open up and he shoved his cock covered with your pussy juice into your mouth. Already breathing hard, you do your best to suck him as he fucks your throat.

Slightly regaining your strength for the second time you take his cock in your hand, stroking the slick shaft as you open your welcoming mouth. Your tongue massages the underside of his cock as your lips run tightly up and down.

He moans and you feel his cum building, ready to explode. Engulfing the head with you tight lips, your hand jerks up and down his cock milking him of his cum. A hot blast sprays the back of your throat, then another and another. You try keep his cum inside your mouth, but as his cock deflates from between your lips, a little dribbles down your chin and on your dress. He zips his cock back in his pants as you look on, gathering the remaining cum around your lips and swallowing it.

You stand up, waiting to see what’s next.

“Well Miss, I recommend you don’t drive horny again if it causes you to speed. Hopefully we fixed that problem tonight. You should be ok to drive now. Drive safe.”

You sit in your car, starting the engine as the cop pulls away. You managed to get fucked and not get a ticket. Now you hope your husband won’t notice the cum stain on your dress when you get home later than expected.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32