Prom Date

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The final bell of the day had finally run bringing the longest and worst day of Sarah’s life to an end. Tonight was the senior Prom and nobody had asked her out. She threw her books into her locker and slammed it shut before heading for the exit. You could almost see the anger radiating off of her as she walked and most people simply stepped out of her way. She was just about to walk through her door when her neighbor called her name and came running over to her.

Her Neighbor was a year older than her and had looked out for her back in school when Sarah had begun taking classes there. She was a tall girl with short cut black hair that was almost always spiked up with green streaks running through it. She always wore and array of facial rings and studs. She was a hairdresser and hardcore Punk Rocker who kept the neighborhood up at all hours of the night. She was the one who brought Sarah to get her nose pierced last month and even paid for it.

“Hey.” Her neighbor said jumping up the steps.

“Hi Amber.” Sarah said looking down.

“Oh don’t tell me.”

Sarah nodded her head and Amber threw her head back grunting.

“I can’t believe you weren’t asked to the Prom.”

Sara shrugged and pulled several strands of brown hear out of her eyes. She reached into her purse and pulled out her key and unlocked the door. Amber Followed her into the house and into her room closing the door behind her.

“You know what?” Amber said rather than asked. “Fuck’em you don’t need any of’em.

Sarah laughed as she flopped down on her bed. She looked at her Prom dress that was hanging on the closet and exhaled loudly. She had told Amber how much she was looking forward to going but didn’t want to go alone.

“I have a stupid idea.” Amber said. “I still have my prom dress. Why don’t I go with you? We can be miserable together.”

Sarah laughed as she remembered the dress that Amber was talking about. It was a solid black sleeveless dress that had cuts that Amber had made with a razor blade and looked like something you would see at a Marlon Manson concert. However Sarah thought that Amber wore that dress well. “Must be a punk thing” she thought the first time she saw her in that dress.

“What do you say?” Amber asked.

“Oh why not, if anything else we can turn some heads.”

Amber laughed and said that she would go get her dress cleaned and would be back by five to pick her up for the Prom. Sarah walked Amber to the door then ran back to her room and jumped into the shower to start getting ready. In truth she didn’t really care who she went to the prom with as long as she was not going alone.

By the time five rolled around Sarah was sitting in the living room with her hair curled and hanging just below her shoulders. She almost jumped when the door bell rang. Her mother walked to the door and Let Amber in and showed her to the living room. She was dressed in the same black dress that she wore last year and from the look of it there were a few more cuts than before. Sarah laughed when Amber held up a blue corsage saying that she should at least play the part of a date tonight. Beylikdüzü escort She put the corsage around Sarah’s wrist before offering her arm in a joking manner.

“Shall we?” Amber asked.

“Lets go.” Sarah said taking Amber’s arm.

“Have fun ladies.” Sarah’s mother called as they headed for the door.

“Your Limo awaits.” Amber said directing her attention to the Taxi that was parked on the curb.

Sarah laughed as the driver got out of the cab dressed in an old grey suit with coffee stains on the tie. He spoke with a horribly fake British accent as he held the door open making both girls giggle. The driver kept up his persona of a Limo driver the entire way to the location of the Prom and having a lot of fun doing so. Amber told Sarah when she called the taxi service she told them it was for the local high school prom and asked that the driver play the part of Limo driver. Sarah giggled as the driver explained that this was no taxi as they called it, it was a deluxe stretch Limo complete with mini bar. He handed two warm cokes back to the girls earning a new wave of laughs from each of them.

It wasn’t a long ride to the Prom and went by quickly with all the laughing they were doing. They arrived to a sea of real Limo’s dropping off students and their driver muscled his way into a parking place and ran around to the side of his “Limo” and opened the door laying on his fake accent for everyone in earshot to laugh at. Sarah was a little embarrassed about showing up to the prom in a taxi but still had fun with it. Their driver told them that he had been given permission to wait along with the other Limo’s for no charge and went to get back into his “Limo”. The girls thanked him and headed up the stairs to the doors of the prom where the Principal was standing greeting each of the guests.

“Well Miss Porter.” She said shaking Amber’s hand. “Your dress looks even, odder than last year. Are you going to start a fight this year?”

“Haven’t decided yet.” Amber said as they walked past the Principal.

The Prom room was packed with students and their dates most of whom were out on the dance floor showing off the moves they had to Soldier Boy each trying to out do the last. Amber and Sarah walked to a table right beside the dance floor and took a seat watching the dancers vie for top slot of the song.

“Just like I remember it.” Amber yelled over the music.

Sarah nodded and continued watching the dancers. After a wile they both made their way out onto the floor and began dancing. Sarah was laughing as Amber joined into one of the dance competitions and crushed every guy that was there. Sarah never knew that Amber could dance so well. Several hours later the DJ came over the speakers and said that it was time for the final song of the night and for everyone to grab their date for their final dance of their high school lives. Sarah and Amber stepped out on the floor and assumed their positions. Sarah had never slow danced before in her life let alone slow danced with another girl. Several others out on the dance floor were looking at them as they slowly swayed from side to side Beylikdüzü escort pressed up against each other.

Sarah could not quite explain why her heart was beating so fast or why she as feeling so light headed but soon the song had ended and everyone began heading for the exit. Their driver was waiting for them and asked where they would like to go. Sarah told him she was ready to go home and off they went. Amber paid the man and gave him a large tip for him having so much fun and followed Sarah into her house.

“Hi girls did you have fun?” Sarah’s mother asked walking into the living room.

“Yes we did.” Sarah said walking past her mom and into her room with Amber in tow.

Amber sat on Sarah’s bed as Sarah grabbed a change of clothes and headed into the bathroom to change. A minute later she walked back into the room with her dress folded over her harm dressed in an old shit that didn’t go down much past her breasts and a pair of really tight gym shorts. She hung her dress up and smoothed out what little wrinkles there were before going to sit on her bed.

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself tonight.” Amber said laying back on a pillow.

“I had a great date with me.” Sarah said reaching for her TV controller.

They sat back for over an hour watching movies and drinking cokes before Amber looked at what time it was and stood up saying that she should get going she had to work in the morning.

“Hey wait.” Sarah said grabbing Ambers wrist and pulling her back onto the bed. “Why don’t you stay the night? You haven’s stayed the night since you graduated.”

Amber sat and thought about it for a minute before saying ok. She told Sarah that she was doing to go to her house and get some movies for them to watch and she would be right back. She quickly ran across the street to her house and grabbed several movies as well as a change of clothes for work and some to sleep in and stuffed them all in her back pack and headed back to Sarah’s. She changed her clothes into what she was going to sleep in and walked back into the room where Sarah was looking through the movies she had brought. She had brought several romance chick flicks as well as some action movies like the Blade trilogy. As she reached the last movie Sarah looked up and Amber with an odd grin and held up the movie.

“Alice’s adventures in lesbian-land 2?” Sarah asked.

“Oh shit.” Amber said jumping over the bed to snatch the movie out of her hand.

Sarah jumped away and began reading the description aloud making Amber turn real red.

“If you thought Alice’s first trip down the rabbit hole was bad, wait till you see what she dose in the second installment. What are you in to Amber?”

Amber lunged and snatched the movie out of Sarah’s hand and stuffed it back into her back pack and zipped it shut before tossing in in the corner of the room. Sarah was thinking about picking on her about the movie but seeing how red she had turned Sarah decided to drop it. They decided to watch Sarah’s favorite movie, Titanic. Sarah went to make some popcorn and grabbed another soda for each of them and walked back Escort Beylikdüzü into the room where Amber was just setting up the movie.

“Leonardo Decaprio is so hot in this movie.” Sarah said popping a hand full of popcorn into her mouth.

“I remain neutral.” Amber said as the movie started.

They sat back for the next several hours until the movie was over and both of them were getting tired. Amber went to take out the empty bag of popcorn and soda cans as Sarah started getting ready for bed. A minute later Amber walked back into the room and found Sarah loading another movie into the DVD player.

“Isn’t it getting late?” Amber asked sitting back down on the bed.

“I didn’t want to watch the whole move just some.” Sarah said walking over to the bed.

She grabbed the controller and skipped right through the credits several minutes into the movie and Amber almost jumped out of the bed when she saw what movie it was. She reached for the controller but Sarah placed it under her as the two women on stage began removing each others clothes.

“Sarah please.” Amber said turning bright red.

“So this is what you are into.” Sara said not taking her eyes off the screen.

Amber lay on her stomach and covered her head with a pillow the entire time Sarah had the movie on completely mortified. Several minutes later Sarah turned off the movie and pulled the pillow off of Amber’s head. Amber rolled over and looked at her still as red as she could get.

“Is this why you offered to take me to the prom?” Sarah asked.

“No.” Amber said shaking her head rapidly. “I have never done anything like that before.”

“But you want to, don’t you.”

“Well kind of.”

“Well you know what they say about virgins on Prom night.” Sara said slowly taking off her shirt leaving her dressed only in her shirt and bra.

Amber opened her mouth to object but no words came out seeing as Sara slowly started to slide her tight shorts down her legs. Amber’s eyes were glued to the curves of Sara’s hips and was even more shocked to see that Sara had no panties on under the shorts. She was blessed to catch just a glimpse of Sara’s pubic hair that from the look of it was well trimmed. She kept her eyes glued to Sara’s hips praying for another view and her prayer was answered when Sara slid her legs under the covers giving her a perfect view. Once Sara was covered from the waist down Amber looked into Sara’s eyes and saw the most unmistakable look of lust she had ever seen. Ambers heart was hammering so hard she thought that Sara’s mother was going to wakeup but she didn’t care. The only thought on her mind other than how beautiful Sara is was that she was finally about to have sex with another woman. She had been waiting for this moment since she walked in on several girls in the locker room back in school.

“Well girl, what are you waiting for? Kiss your date.” Sara said rather seductively.

Amber swallowed hard and scooted over to Sara keeping her eyes locked with Sara’s. She swallowed again and licked her lips and started to lean in. She slowly and gently pressed her lips to Sara’s and the pounding of her heart stopped. The kiss only lasted a half a second before Ambers head began to swim. She pulled away from the kiss and dizzily looked at Sara before darkness closed in and she fell onto her side with a shocked Sara staring at her.

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