Professor’s Temptation

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I first want to thank everyone for reading Professor’s Consolation. The feedback was really a rush, and prompted me to finally write this one out. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy thinking about it…

Wow. I have never had such an unforeseen erotic experience before. Tonight, as I was finishing up my late night shift tutoring, I went down the hall to visit the ladies’ room and the water fountain. No one was left in the offices; all the doors were shut and lights were off, except for Tanya Westerling’s, which was open a crack, showing her hard at work grading papers.

As usual, just seeing this goddess made my knees a little weak and my breath a little quick. She’s the professor who gets stuck teaching all of the early morning composition classes, not only because she’s the newest English professor, but also because the classes always fill with hormonal college students, usually male, who would go to class just for the opportunity to look at her for 70 minutes, even if it was at 8 in the morning.

I had heard through the grapevine that she blew Bradley. BRADLEY of all people! WOW! That lucky dog! Speaking of dogs, everyone panted like one when she walked by. She was tall, but one of those women who always wear heels just because of how they give her walk a new definition of power. If one would describe her look, it would be intellectual slut, probably—tight little sweaters or sweater-vests over button-ups with skirts, with her long curly hair flowing down her back…and I suppose it would look professional on anyone else, but she’s just so commandingly beautiful that anything seems to emphasize her curves and make weak those of us who find beauty in the female body.

I was feeling impulsive. I hate feeling impulsive, because I always act on whatever impulsions happen to strike me, and this occasion was no exception. So I smoothed my hair behind my ears, took a deep breath, and knocked on erotik film izle her door. She knew me from the tutoring center, because I had spoken to a few of her classes, encouraging them to come visit us. Of course, I had never stopped by her office before…but she called for me to come in, regardless.

So I went in to Tanya Westerling’s office, with the mirrors and the pictures of Marilyn Monroe. Tanya is a photographer and thus has a great sense of simplicity and style, which she applies to her outfits daily, bringing everyone’s attention to her without obviously appearing to be trying to do so. Marilyn and the mirrors give the place a rather charged feeling…or maybe I brought that into the room, myself, just from thinking about Tanya.

My mind was screaming at me: “Julia, get out of here gracefully…don’t do it, Julia!” But body took control, silencing my brain. Without thinking, I said something like “Professor Westerling, my friend Bradley told me a story about you, and I was kinda jealous of him…” I smiled a half-wary, half-cocky smile, with my heart beating so hard I’m sure the pulse was visible at the surface.

She didn’t miss a beat. She stood and welcomed me in, closing the door behind me. And at that moment, she smiled her innocent, vivacious smile before leaning over, caressing my cheek and kissing me lightly…I felt electric shock in my mouth that spread into this warm, sugary sensation coursing down my chin, dripping onto my collarbone and then flowing over my breasts, down my stomach and resting in a pool just below my bellybutton…it was the hottest kiss I’d ever had.

I dropped to my knees and ran my hands up and down her calves, pleading without words. She gave me a lusty look and turned around, bending over and resting her elbows on her desk. I ran my hands up her legs, just admiring the view for a moment in disbelief at the situation. I can’t believe what I did! Taking a deep film izle breath, I pulled her skirt up agonizingly slowly and rested it on her hips—the view was amazing. She wasn’t wearing any underwear—not surprising, considering the rest of her attire, but I was still just stunned by the sight. Her immaculate grooming extended to her beautiful slit as well—it’s not bare, that would look too unnatural and childish, but it’s trimmed down to just a patch, like a small torch testifying to her awe-inspiring beauty.

I gently ran my fingers up the back of her legs, panting just slightly, overwhelmed by the sight. I traced circles over her cheeks and rested my hands on her thighs, slipping my thumbs under her stockings as I gently brushed my lips over her thighs, eliciting a whimpering moan from her. Excited that I could cause such a sound in such a beautiful creature, I was encouraged. As I slowly ran my hands up and down her legs like a blind girl using my fingers to see their beautiful terrain, I kissed up and down her thighs, sometimes coming close to where she wanted me to be, but teasingly wandering elsewhere. I could smell her heady, intoxicating scent, a mix of bodywash and sex, and I’ll never forget how much I yearned to taste it. So I did—I licked from top to bottom in one wide sweep, opening her up with my tongue—and it was as if I were being offered a sample of sweet heaven. Her back instantly arched and she gasped slightly from the shock of satisfaction, and that gasp transformed itself into a long, aching moan that just begged for more.

I glanced up, and over her ass I saw my reflection in the mirror. I looked a bit flushed, almost crazed with heat. More than that, I saw her face reflected in the mirror—her eyes were closed and she had her lower lip between her teeth. Her chest rose and fell slightly with her intensified breathing as her shirt threatened to call a strike and leave, baring everything. As much seks filmi izle as I would have loved to see that, I had a task at hand. After a few simple kisses on her outer labia, I brought my hands up to her inner thighs, lightly holding her outer labia open with my thumbs and tracing the lines of her slit firmly with the tip of my tongue before stroking her clit with the tip of my tongue. She moaned loudly, and I hoped none of my fellow students happened to be walking through the halls at such a random hour, as they’d surely hear her.

I began to draw circles around her clit with my tongue ring, and her moans took on a rhythmic pulse. But I didn’t want her to orgasm, just yet—I had something in mind that I couldn’t resist attempting.
I replaced my tongue with my thumb on her clit, and kissed up her thighs coming ever closer to her asshole. I couldn’t explain my reasons for wandering there, but she didn’t seem to mind. Consciously, I knew that it probably wasn’t the safest thing to do, but I couldn’t stop myself.

Her moans became more urgent and intense as I ran my tongue up the length of the cleft between her cheeks and then back down, slowly applying pressure to this forbidden hole with the tip of my tongue. It didn’t seem to be foreign territory for Professor Westerling, judging from how receptive she was to the erotic invasion. In but a few minutes, I was thrusting my tongue gently in and out and she was matching my stride, pressing herself against my face and my fingers. It was only a matter of time before her rhythmic moans’ rising volume signaled her shift into overdrive and finally orgasm, at which point I withdrew my tongue and just lightly traced up and down her slit, knowing from experience how sensitive it would be. She rested her head on her forearms as she tried to catch her breath, and I sucked her heady musk off my thumb. She slowly turned around and lifted me off my knees.

I tucked my hair behind my ears, again, and she smiled that relaxed, post-orgasmic grin at me that I will never forget. And without another word, I left, closing the door quietly behind myself and making a mental note to never forget tonight.

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