Professor’s Roulette Pt. 02

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The next week in class, he couldn’t help but feel some excitement to get to class. They hadn’t exchanged any texts after her initial photo, but he thought maybe after class he’d offer to see her tonight.

The lecture got on as usual and he disappointedly realized she wasn’t going to show up. Of course, he thought there’s no need for her to attend lectures anymore. Still, he had wanted to see her show up in the same zip up sweater so he could fantasize about what was, or wasn’t, beneath it. He had spent a few nights that weekend getting to know the curves of her chest, looking at her photo. He had wished she would send more, but he knew there’d be a price for it. On the bright side, he knew what missed attendance meant for their contract.

With ten minutes left in the lecture, he noticed the back door of the lecture hall open. The bright sun from outside flooded the room with natural light and she appeared at the center of it, beautifully haloed by the light.

The door slammed closed behind her as she took a seat at the far corner of the room.

“Dr. Everett will this be on the exam?” another student asked.

He realized that he had paused for a tad too long to watch her walk in and snapped back to attention. Feeling his pants tightening, he felt grateful he had been sitting behind the podium and hastened through the last few minutes of class.

He released the class a bit early and while students were packing up he dared to stare back at the far corner of the class again. Empty. She must have left during the rustling of the last few minutes. He took a deep breath, realizing he was disappointed. His pocket buzzed. Dr. Everett slipped his phone out of his pocket and couldn’t help feeling happy to see her name on his screen. “Tonight?” the text said. He answered immediately and grabbed his things, beating some students out the door.

Hours later, he was in his office. He had tried to distract himself with work but couldn’t stop his legs from bouncing in anticipation. Time marched on agonizingly slow toward 6pm and he heard the familiar sounds of other professors closing their doors and locking them, one by one. When at the last the building was mostly empty again, he heard a tentative knock on the door.

As calmly as he could, he said, “it’s open.” She walked in slowly and closed the door behind her.

“Lock it. Please.” he requested. She did.

He Edirne Escort hadn’t realized that his mouth was dry. He had waited so long to see her again. All weekend and those agonizing hours at work. He tried not to seem too eager, but got up from his desk and coolly leaned against it again, standing in front of the chair she had sat in during their first visit. She sat in front of him and leaned down to drop her bag. He openly stared as her chest while she moved, letting himself indulge. He didn’t care if she noticed, it was what she was here for.

“What will it be today?” he asked.

“Maybe we should just get the sex over with.”

He perked up. “That hasn’t been fully negotiated yet, I thought.” He couldn’t believe his luck, if she wasn’t simply teasing him. He had expected a handjob in exchange for her missing class, but getting to completely strip her and have his way felt like winning the jackpot.

“I don’t want to have to come to class anymore. And I don’t want to write the next paper that’s due.”

“Fair,” he said, not wanting to ruin any of his good luck by negotiating further. He didn’t want this opportunity to slip away.

By this point, he let some of his eagerness show. His cock was protesting against his briefs and he walked over to the door to test the handle again. He put his ear to the door, listening for any footsteps. No one typically bothered him in person, but he knew the walls could be deceptively thin. If someone were nearby, it might be possible for them to hear. The quiet assured him that they might be safe for five minutes or so before he’d need to check for footsteps or rustling papers again.

At last, he turned back to her. She was still facing his desk and he walked up behind her, allowing himself to put both hands on her slim shoulders. She sat still while he kneaded her shoulders and neck, letting his fingers run ever so close to her cleavage with each knead.

“Unzip a bit,” he finally requested. To his delight, she said nothing and unzipped her sweater to the navel. He groaned to himself when he saw her same black bra again. From where he stood above and behind her, he noticed just how plump her chest actually was. He stared greedily down her cleavage and urgently grabbed her chest over her bra. He sighed and pushed his groin against the back of her chair. Her tits were big and firm, and the skin Edirne Escort Bayan soft. He pushed her tits together and played with them how he liked. And then, once he was tired of touching the bra, he carefully slipped his hands beneath their lace. “Fuck,” he mumbled, letting the complete weight of her breasts rest in his hands.

“Take it off,” he demanded, now walking around her chair and standing in front of her. She hesitantly looked at him and unzipped her sweater completely. She tossed it on her bag and reached back to unpin her bra. He palmed the front of his pants, trying to take the edge off his excitement. He didn’t wait for her to toss the bra aside before his hands were back on her chest. He lifted them, dropped them, pushed them together and apart, and let his thumbs pass over her nipples repeatedly.

“Do you like this?” he asked, his voice coming out breathily. When she sighed and nodded, he had finally had enough. He unzipped his pants and pulled himself through his underwear and zipper. The process was clumsy given how erect he was, and when at last he was exposed, he took some moments to stare at her chest and pump his fists down his cock needily. He felt an orgasm boiling at the base of his cock and felt he couldn’t last. “Mmm,” he moaned, ready to have her right then. “Take your pants off. Hurry,” he said.

She stood up, already nude from the waist up, and began undoing her zipper. His fist was pumping along his cock and he felt his pulse quickening, pounding in his ears and deafening him. He needed her, right now. He let his desperation win and grabbed her by the arm, painfully. He spun her around and ripped down her pants and panties, just enough to reveal her sex. She was alarmed but worked with him, grabbing the back of the chair and bending over compliantly. “Fuck. Just…” he gasped, quickly guiding his cock between her legs. He moved his hands to her hips and pushed in aggressively, feeling pressure all around his cock and snugness like he’d never felt before. He had to work to get himself in all the way to the base, and clumsily bucked his hips when he finally had her wrapped around his cock. The reality of what he was doing wasn’t lost on him. He could hear her wincing and taking in deep breaths, and he wondered if she was a virgin. He hadn’t even asked if she was on birth control, but he surrendered to the utter recklessness Escort Edirne of it all.

At the edge of orgasm, his thrusts grew harder and the meeting of their thighs louder. He dared to let himself be loud for a few moments, indulging in the lewd squelch of his cock spreading her open, her ass clapping against his abdomen, and the chair scooting loudly against the floor with every thrust. He leaned back some and guided her hips back onto his cock for a few strokes, not letting up the quick pace. She was letting out quiet gasps, he heard, wincing at the head of his cock hammering her cervix. Although she had grown slick, she was still harshly snug, her pussy pushing out and gripping him tightly with every buck. It had only been a few seconds, but he knew he couldn’t last inside her like this. He glanced up and saw the mirror on the far side of the room, the two of them perfectly reflected in it. Him behind her, hands on her hips, every muscle tensed. And her, eyes closed, mouth agape, tits tantalizingly displayed. He realized he was digging his nails into her flesh. “Fuck,” he groaned. He grabbed her ass cheeks and looked down while he spread them, letting his dick finally blast its load. He pushed in, brutishly and deeply, with no mind to her pleasure and coated her tight pussy with cum. He planted one hand on her shoulder, pushing down to keep her prostrate, and kept the other possessively on her ass. He wanted to give her every rope and trembled as she emptied him. “Ah… ah… ahh…take it all…” he whispered. “Finally…” he thought.

Some moments later, they had cleaned up and she was dressed again. She was gathering her belongings and preening her hair somewhat awkwardly. Though intense, only a few minutes had passed. He had wanted to be quick to reduce the chance of them being caught or overheard, but the speed of his orgasm had taken him by surprise. In all his previous encounters, he felt proud of his stamina and ability to last. Perhaps the agonizing days and hours of anticipation had swept him up in the moment. Plus, he wasn’t under any delusions that she had entered into this deal for sexual gratification. He felt sure it was transactional for her, nothing more. He didn’t need to pleasure her. In fact, it was probably for the best that their visits didn’t drag on… Nonetheless, he stood with his hands in his pockets, feeling clownish.

He cleared his throat. “Thanks… I will… uh. You don’t have to come to class anymore.”

She had already walked to the door and was in the middle of unlocking it. “Great. And the paper?”


She grinned, seeming happy with herself. “Perfect… See you soon then.”

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