Professor’s Pet Pt. 02

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Double Penetration

Lisa was standing in front of the room. He was watching her. His mind was in two worlds. One was admiring how far she had come, how hard she worked to have a good job, a career. The other was how good she looked in tight pants and heels.

She finished up her story with advice. “So don’t give up. There were times when I thought about quitting, I dropped out, but I came back and finished, right P?”

He was looking at her, but not listening. His mind was undressing her.

“Right, Mr. Singer?”

He kept his cool. “Yeah.” He nodded.

She was looking straight at him, smiling, almost laughing, with a “everything ok?” look. She turned back to the class and asked “Any questions?”

Even though he was caught day dreaming, he was not embarrassed. Her hair was perfectly done; wavy, shoulder length with one side up to the left in a barrette over her forehead. She had gotten new glasses since he saw her last; they were clear plastic and styled perfectly for her round, happy face. Her shirt was a dark red silk button up that was only a touch looser than the black, stretchy painted on pants she was wearing. The perfect curve of her ass was highlighted as was the outline of her legs which ended down at a little cuff scrunched up on top of her black suede platform heels.

There were a couple questions about grades and interviews. It was now time to wrap it up.

“Ok folks. Thank you Lisa for stopping in…” he started clapping and some students laughed in mock and sloppily joined in. Lisa laughed too.

“Hey, anytime. Hope it helped.”

With that the students started packing up and leaving. Lisa hung around- they had planned to catch up after her little informal “successful graduate” speech.

She was checking her phone the whole time she waited while he took a few assignments from students and answered the “what do I owe” questions.

After they all left, she came over “So how was I?”

“Oh it was good. Thank you so much. They prefer guest speakers over my boring dribble about DNS and host records.”

“Were you like sleeping?”

“Ha. No. I was daydreaming.”

“Jeez I was like he invites me in and doesn’t even listen. You’re worse than the students.” She playfully slaps his shoulder.

“Yeah well… I can’t help it.”

“Whaddaya mean?”

“Oh shut up. You know what I mean.”

“I know.” She smiled widely. “You love these heels, don’t ya?”

“I love what’s poured into ’em.”

“Yeah right.” She slapped him again.

He always smiled around her. Ever since their tryst in the hotel room, he was proud of himself. Proud that for whatever reason, she was into him. That she was nice enough to allow him the chance to be with her.

He was especially thankful that she was discreet. He had a life. She had a life. He would have been in a lot of trouble if anyone found out. In most ways, she had all the power in this relationship. çankaya escort bayan She could ignore him. She could be a real bitch. She could fuck with him, mess his life up. But he knew she wouldn’t.

He had helped her a lot. He got her through some classes, pulled some strings, helped her with some assignments. He got her the interview that landed the job she had. She knew she owed him some, but really, he would have probably gotten into some trouble if folks knew how much he helped her.

At one point, after she had quit classes, then came back after he called her and talked her into it, he broached the subject. He asked if she could be discreet. She asked “What?” He explained he would be open to getting together with her. She said “Yeah. I know. Let’s just see what happens, ok?”

So now, after a year of sexting, nude pics exchanged and one steamy night in a hotel, he was hoping for something. Anything.

“So what’s new with you, sexy?” he opened with.

She revealed that she worked with a bitch, but she set her straight, and that her and Jack, the on again, off again boyfriend, were doing well and he was “so sweet” on her birthday last week.

“Well Happy Birthday!” He grabbed his phone and punched the date into it for next year as she described the flowers at work he gave her.

“Well P, I gotta go.” It was 10pm on a Thursday night. “Meeting some friends. I’ll see ya around, K?” She turned and looked at her phone as she headed toward the door. He ass and legs were perfect. He snapped a pic. She didn’t notice.

“Sure. Feel free to drunk text me!”

She spun around smiling “Ha. Yeah right.” She spun back around and left.

He was a bummed she had to leave. He finished organizing his papers and making sure the attendance was entered correctly.

He packed up his stuff and swung by the instructor room. No mail was a good thing. He chatted with the other tech Instructor about “crappy lab procedures” in poorly written curriculum for a while before he left.

He stopped for gas on his way home. He decided to text her. What the heck, right?

“Drunk yet?”

“Haha. Nope. Soon. lol”

It was a :30 drive from the school to his house.

As he pulled down his street, his phone lit up.

It was a simple message “He’s an asshole.”

He kept driving right past his house. With this news, he sensed something might happen.

“What up?” He replied as he turned back toward the city.

When he pulled into the tiny bar carved out of a converted house in a relatively quiet part of town, he was trying to get her from realizing her boyfriend was not serious about her to sucking on his cock.

“I’m at the Cheap Seats if you wanna talk.”

It was a long time before she responded. He had just ordered his second draft when she came back with “I’m done with him.”

“Come over and relax.” He thought he might have ankara rus escort a chance tonight. Would she bite?

“I don’t like that place P”

Hmm. Time to take a chance. “Super 8?”

A quick “ok.”

He took 2 big gulps of his beer and headed out to the hotel.

He paid cash and texted her the room number “219.”

Ten minutes later she knocked. He opened.

Without a word, she came in and was visibly upset. Mad, but not fuming. She grabbed a beer from the 6 pack box, opened it and took a big sip.

She kicked off her heels and sat in the puffy chair next to the bed.

He sat on the side of the bed as close to her as he could. The light was bright in her face so he turned it off. The light from the entry area was enough. He could see her. She was beautiful. Upset, vulnerable, beautiful.

She rambled on for a while, sipping as she went, about how he was giving that “fat bitch” more attention than he gave her.

“So does he know…”

“I told him I went to my parents. He won’t check, he doesn’t care. He’s afraid of my Dad. What should I do, P?” she finally looked at him, she was definitely sad, almost crying now.

Right now…nothing.” He grabbed the tissue box and handed it to her. She took her glasses off and dabbed her eyes.

He decided to be empathetic and said “Just…come here.” He held his arms out for a hug. As she stood up, so did he. They embraced warmly, tightly for a long time, rocking back and forth in silence.

After a time, he felt her relax in his arms. “You’re much taller when I’m not in heels.” she joked.

She looked up at him. They froze for a moment, then he bent down and kissed her.

She didn’t attack him, but she didn’t stop him.

She pulled back after a minute. “I’m out of sorts P…”

He kissed her again.

She pulled back and started unbuttoning her shirt. “I mean…” she kept unbuttoning “I’m not sure this is a good idea” as she took off her shirt, looked him in the eye and reached behind her back. His eyes went from hers to her breasts as they came out from behind her bra with an inaudible fanfare that made his cock stiffen.

She let him look for a minute as she took off his tie and unbuttoned his shirt.

He finished taking off his shirt as she started unbuckling his belt. She whipped it off in one fell swoop, it whipped around his belt loops and flapped back in her hand. She held it for a second, wiggled her brow, and dropped it on the floor behind her.

His dick was now raging in his pants. She could just about hear it trying to punch through his zipper.

She slowly pulled down her pants- they were tight and she had to struggle to get them off.

Once free of them, she started to get up on the bed.

He was raging, but he was still sane. “Put those on please.” As he pointed to her heels.

She smiled, a moment of that “oh, ankara etlik escort really?” look on her face. She put them on, strutted back and forth across the room two times with a shit eating grin on her face. She did her best Victoria Secret runway walk. The vision of her in a black G-string and pumps was total eye candy. Her figure was a treat- curvy torso, a very slight belly with that tattoo around her belly button, a round tight ass with no dimples whatsoever all over legs that were soft and powerful and very erotic. It was effortless for her to look hot with that body.

She walked right at him, her curly hair was bouncing for joy, her boobs were bouncing for joy, his cock was erect. She climbed up on the bed on her hands and knees and began slowly undulated her ass at him.

He got down on his knees and pulled the G-string to one side, and buried his face in her ass. She jerked and moaned with approval the moment his tongue landed.

He had his left hand on her right foot. Her heels were still on and they felt sexy in his hand. His left hand was holding her left cheek and G-string as he twirled his tongue around her tight little bung hole. She jerked and shivered at the occasional tickle as he sensually lapped up her anus.

Soon she turned over and lifted her legs up in front of him. She was laying naked on her back, posing for him, teasing him with her heels on. He watched as he took off his pans and put on the condom.

He climbed over her and rested the tip on her bare pussy. They kissed passionately. He held still as she lifted herself up, slowly driving his cock into her pussy.

He began fucking her. They rocked up and down, bouncing up and down. He was thankful the bed was not loud because he could feel the mattress moving as they bounced.

She rolled him over and sat up on top of him. She started undulating herself on him; at first slow, but she sped up in a hurry. She was rocking so fast he saw her hair fell down out of the barrette into her face. Her hair was wildly flailing in her face, he nipples were hard, her boobs shaking. He absorbed all of it, all of her. He couldn’t hold back anymore. He thrusted up as far as he could and came. He held himself up into her as far as he could as long as he could as he felt his load shooting out. She started to jerk uncontrollably and came with a loud series of screams and moans as she smacked her fist on his chest and pulled the blanket up off the bed.

When she was finished, she rolled down and lay next to him. They were both looking up at the ceiling, he held her right hand softly in his grasp. They were breathing in tandem. The blanket was slumped over them.

As she was fixing her hair in the mirror, he realized they hadn’t spoken a word. She winked at him in the mirror as she fixed her barrette.

She turned to him and hugged him, rubbing his back thoughtfully. She grabbed her glasses, grabbed a beer and headed to the door. She knew he was watching her so she stopped, rubbed her ass, then opened the door slowly, lifted up one leg, waved her heel at him, and left.

He was standing with a boner poking through his pants as the door closed behind her.

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