Prized Inheritance Ch. 05

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A blast of warm September air greeted Jake as he passed through the sliding glass doors of the airport terminal. Although his business trip had been successful, he regretted going and was anxious to get back to his home and Janet. Brandi, who had still been at the house, agreed to pick him up, so Janet could fix them a nice dinner. Jake searched up and down the line of waiting cars, until he saw his familiar red firebird. Leaning on his red car was the even more recognizable redheaded Brandi. Despite being short in height, she would stand out anywhere, thought Jake. An airport security guard’s was smiling while caring on a conversation with her.

Our national security had a slight breach as the guard appeared captive of Brandi’s smile, charm, and curves. Her short light blue cottony summer dress accented her curves perfectly. Probably anybody else would have been told to move on; but not Brandi. By the smile on the graying guards face he probably would have helped her carry explosives before upsetting the happy redhead.

Jake speculated how long she had been waiting, since he had been held up in luggage pick up.

“There’s my lost no good friend,” Brandi said pointing in Jake’s direction. She bounced off the car and hugged Jake gently. He returned the hug gladly.

“A man should never leave a lady waiting,” Brandi said in a mock scolding tone.

“You have a good day,” the guard said. Brandi waved bye. He walked off to his job of moving cars along and possible terrorist treats with a bounce in his step.

“Do you mind if I drive?” Brandi asked.

“Not at all, thanks for picking me up.” Jake took the passengers seat willingly as he was tired from his travels and thinking.

“No problem, I’m getting in to driving this stick.” Brandi slammed on the gas. The car sped away from the curb. “What the hell? Why did you keep me waiting, you bastard?”

“I couldn’t help it. I was helping a young mother with a crying infant find her luggage.”

Brandi glanced over to Jake just for a second. Jake could see a curve of a smile developing on the side of her face. She tilted her head. “So you kept me waiting, while you were checking out some hot mom with milk swollen tits?”

“Yes, you would say that, you warped girl. I was being a regular boy scout. Only you could twist out helping someone into something shady. The poor woman was embarrassed. The whole front of her shirt was soaked from her leaking breast, brought on by the baby crying. Her husband was supposed to meet her when she got off the plane but he got delayed. I was funny, when her husband finally did show up; she was ecstatic and angry at the same time.”

“You’re telling me; she had so much milk she had soaked through her pads and bra?” Brandi squirmed in her seat and shifted the gears extra hard. Jake didn’t answer her. Brandi couldn’t let the conversation go. “So what did this mommy look like?”

“She was young, probably twenty, thin and had long straight blond hair. She was dressed nicely because she was expecting her army lieutenant husband to meet her. She hadn’t seen him for six months. He hadn’t even seen their baby yet.”

“That’s sweet. But let’s think about it; a hot young mom with leaking breast and an officer and a gentleman returning from a long deployment. Wow, that’s so incredibly hot.” Brandi had to slap on the brakes for a red light. She was distracted. Jake knew she was building a mental image of the greeting. Jake appreciated Brandi’s ability to take pleasure in any situation; and make it erotic. She is a special woman in her own way.

“Did you and Janet have a good time?” Jake asked. He didn’t want to change the subject but curiosity was getting him. Janet had already given him the details of the previous night encounter between the women over the phone. But he wanted to hear Brandi’s account.

“Yea, but it would have been much better if we hadn’t been hampered by your stupid limitations on her. That’s actually the wait I was complaining about, not the airport.”

“I’m sorry. But Janet likes challenges, and I wanted to be there when you finally got to appreciated all her treasures. You can forgive me for that can’t you?”

“Yea maybe, but you should have been there. What the hell were you doing; leaving her like that? And over some silly business. Your rich, you don’t have to rush around like that.”

“You’re right.” Jake adjusted himself in the chair. He turned to look out at the passing trees. He could feel himself being uncomfortable about being so wrong. “I’ve been trying to figure out, why I didn’t gaziantep zenci escort bring her along. Perhaps, I just needed some time to myself. I’ll never leave her again; at least not voluntarily. She really makes me happy and content when I’m near her.” Jake turned to Brandi. He wanted to make sure he directed his attention toward her for a moment. “I’ve been thinking about how grateful I am to you. You got us together. I owe you more than you know.”

“You’re Damn right you do. And I plan to collect from both you and your Mommy.” Brandi looked over to Jake with a wicked grin.

Jake knew she had something in mind, but he was hesitant to ask. Especially since she had brought up the stepmother angle; Jake was still trying to forget Janet was his stepmother. If his father had not passed away, she would still be just that. Greif for his father had turned to pleasure for him and the thoughts occasionally haunted him. His father’s death had left him rich and now sexually satisfied, and it was a little troubling. He didn’t speak the rest of the way home.

They reached the house about dinner time. Janet opened the front door. She had been waiting for the sound of the sports car with great anticipation. She stood in the doorway wearing her usual frumpy long skirt and oversized blouse. At first she waited in the doorway, but when she saw Jake’s smile, she ran to his arms. Jake lifted her up, spun her around, and kissed her hard. He had never had someone to greet as he came home; it felt good.

“Perhaps I should be going home,” Brandi said.

Jake let Janet down and they both grabbed an arm of Brandi.

“Oh no you don’t, you’re our honored dinner guest,” Jake said.

“And you must stay, especially for dessert,” Janet said in a soft voice.

“Then if you insist, I must accept.” Brandi kissed Janet on the cheek.

They walked arm-in-arm to the dinning room. A wonderful spread of food awaited them. Janet had prepared honey glazed pork chops and numerous side dishes while waiting for them to get home. In the center of the table stood two vases filed with a dozen roses in each.

“I only sent you a dozen roses,” Jake said. “Where did the other ones come from?” Jake knew the answer but wanted to hear Brandi’s explanation.

“I sent flowers to a beautiful woman.” Brandi patted Janet’s hand and looked into Janet’s dark eyes. Janet smiled. Then Brandi moved over and sat in the chair to the left of Jake’s seat at the head to the oval shaped dinning room table. Janet left to fetch the drinks. Brandi turned to Jake. “A woman should be able to enjoy all the pleasures of a woman, including sending flowers. Or do you have a problem with that?”

Jake sat at his usual place. “I have no problem with women enjoying the pleasures of women. This however is a special situation you must admit.”

Janet returned with a bottle of wine and a beer in a frosted mug. She placed the mug in front of Jake and poured Brandi’s wine before sitting down. She then waited until Jake and Brandi had filled their plates before pouring her glass of wine.

“Yes, I’ll admit you have a very special situation, you lucky bastard,” Brandi said raising her glass to Janet. Jake responded by raising his beer also. Janet lowered her head submissively, but with a smile.

The dinner was delicious. Cooked perfectly with care. It felt good to return from a trip to a home cooked meal Jake thought.

The dinner conversation lingered on traveling and business. Jake explained how the partner of his father, instead of wanting to buy out Jake; wanted to sell to him instead. And he offered the property at a very good price. Brandi was interested in the details of the property.

“So is business how you two met?” Janet asked. She had been quiet during most of the business talk.

“No we met at Ginny and Rob’s engagement party.” Brandi said looking into Janet’s eyes for a reaction. Janet eyes gleamed with the mention of Ginny. The story from the night before was still a vivid memory.

“They really are a nice couple,” Jake said. “I knew Rob from playing rugby in college.” Jake turned to Brandi a thought crossed his mind. “Brandi was friends with Ginny.”

“Very good friends,” Janet said, causing Janet and Brandi to giggle.

Jake realized by the giggle, that Brandi had told Janet; Ginny and she were lovers. Something he never knew for sure but had suspected. He pictured Brandi and Ginny together in his mind, and the mental image stirred him. The thought of the gaziantep escort tan redheaded firm body Brandi, and the buxom blond Ginny naked, made him shutter. Then he pictured Janet’s slim body along with them and he was drifting off into a wonderful fantasy, when he remembered about Ginny condition.

“I thought I heard, Ginny is expecting.” Jake said looking at Brandi.

“That’s right,” Brandi said “She about five months along. She is so happy. She’s getting a bulge in her belly and her breasts are filling up nicely.” Brandi’s eyes rolled upward. “I think I need to go spend some quality time with her. I’d spend more time visiting them; if she would let Rob play along. If you know what I mean? Although he is very content to watch; I still feel like a third wheel.” Brandi sat back in her chair and gazed at Jake and Janet. She laughed a wicked laugh. “I’m not going to have that problem here, am I?”

Jake reached out to Janet. She offered her hand. He offered her support as she stood up. Jake gave her a wink and she bowed her head and left the table. Jake and Brandi watched Janet exit the dinning room.

“You two look good together,” Brandi said. “But why do you let her wear those granny clothes? If she is your submissive; why not get her display that hot body and soft skin?”

“Because my dear sweat nudist; she is comfortable in her frumpy outfits and she feels more exposed once she is out of them. Not everybody hates clothing like you. She’s apt to always have stockings on to accent those gorgeous legs of hers.”

“I’m just growing impatient, that all.” Brandi took a sip of her wine.

Soon Jake heard footsteps coming down the stairs. “Well dessert will be served soon.”

Janet had walked around through the kitchen, so she could sneak up on Brandi from behind. Janet put her hand on Brandi’s left shoulder and kissed the right side of Brandi’s neck. Brandi turned to see Janet wearing a shear black robe tied at the waist and a pair of lace top stockings. A pair of four inch high heels completed the outfit. She removed the dinner plate in front of Brandi and climbed on the table in front of her.

“Well do you see anything you might want?” Janet asked with a soft voice, and caressing the side of Brandi’s face with her hands.

“Yea.” Brandi hastily undid the string on the robe. The robe fell to the table. Brandi ran her hands on Janet’s smooth skin of her chest. Then she caressed the curve of Janet’s small but firm breast. She let her finger brush against the small dark harden nipples. Janet let out a sigh.

Jake marveled at the sight of Brandi delighting in the exploration of Janet’s body. Brandi leaned in and kissed the left nipple gently, while pinching the right nipple. Janet dropped her head back and let out a little moan to signal her pleasure. Jake swallowed his last gulp of beer. He felt paralyzed by the sight and only his growing erection had any movement. For now, he was happy to be a bystander.

Brandi let her left hand fall to Janet’s hair free mound. She let her fingers dip into the moisture laden folds of Janet. Janet had to clutch Brandi’s shoulders for support as her muscles turned to jelly from Brandi’s touch. Brandi sat back and brought her juicy fingers to her mouth and sucked them clean.

“Excellent flavor and presentation,” Brandi whispered as she leaned back toward Janet. Brandi put her hands under the back of Janet’s thighs and lifted. Janet fell back upon the table knocking an empty wine glass over with her head. Brandi plunged her face into Janet’s pussy with abandon.

Jake enjoyed watching, listening, and smelling the erotic sight before him. The aroma of female arousal overpowered the smell emanating from the remnants of the meal, still on the table. Janet moaned with delight, as Brandi feasted upon her juices. There was no tenderness now only raw animal passion. Janet looked over to Jake with longing eyes.

Jake took the hint and stood up to remove his clothes. He walked to the opposite side of the table from Brandi. He leaned over the table and rubbed Janet’s nipples just for a second. Then he bent down to Janet and gave her a kiss. His tongue probed her mouth and she eagerly sucked on it. He withdrew his kiss and smiled.

“You need something to suck on, my pet,” Jake said. He grabbed Janet by the arms and pulled her across the table so her head was off the table. Plates and utensils fell to the floor. But nobody noticed or cared. Jake supported Janet’s head with his right hand while offering his cock to her mouth with the other. Janet eagerly accepted the cock in her mouth and began to suck with passion.

Brandi used the interruption, when Janet’s sweet pussy lips were pulled from her mouth, to remove her clothing. Once her clothing was off she returned to devouring Janet.

In a few minuets Janet was brought to a huge orgasm by Brandi’s skilled tongue. Janet screamed but her volume was muffled by the cock in her mouth. Then Jake pulled his cock from Janet. He walked around the table and grabbed Brandi by the wrist. “Come here and we’ll show you how we share,” Jake said in a commanding tone to Brandi. Brandi reluctantly removed herself from the swollen pussy lips. She began following Jake into the living room. Janet still lay on the table, while her muscles recovered from the orgasm. Jake looked over his shoulder at Janet lying on the table. “Crawl in to the living room now, and show our guest how good you can share that tongue of yours.”

Jake moved to his big soft chair and sat down. He spread his legs and motioned Brandi to his erect cock. Brandi started to climb on top of it while facing him, but he hastily turned her around in the reverse cowgirl position. As Brandi began to lower her self onto the rigid cock she saw Janet crawling around the corner.

Brandi and Jake watched Janet crawl toward them. Jake could see no look of envy on Janet’s face. Instead, a look of lust and hunger dwelled in Janet’s dark eyes as she crawled closer to them. Her motion was fast but sleek. She looked like a tigress approaching its prey, already mentally tasting the delicacy before her.

Brandi slid herself down onto the hard cock.

“Hurry up and get that tongue to work slut,” Jake commanded. Janet plunged her mouth into the intertwined couple and began to lick and suck at the exposed pussy lips and the exposed section of Jake’s cock as Brandi bobbed up and down.

“That right just like that you slut,” Brandi said in a hiss. Brandi took grasp of Janet’s hair and began to use her face like a toy. Janet responded with even more effort by the rough behavior. Jake soon could feel a climax building inside him and try as he might he couldn’t hold back. He let go of his seed deep in Brandi.

Brandi didn’t stop as her orgasm was just starting to build. Janet lapped up the cum starting to drip out of Brandi. Soon Brandi reached a huge climax and let out a scream. Brandi collapsed onto Jake who was already lying back in his chair. Janet continued to suck at all the juices coming out of Brandi. Brandi pulled herself off Jake and collapsed on the floor. Then Janet began to clean the juices off Jake’s cock.

Jake grabbed Janet by the hair and pulled her off of him. “No pet, always guest first.” He pointed to Brandi lying on the floor. Janet quickly moved to Brandi’s cum leaking pussy, and started sucking up the cum and pussy juice. Jake gave Janet’s behind a few fraps with his hand, but he didn’t have the energy for a full spanking.

Brandi sat up and began to caress Janet’s hair gently. Brandi pulled Janet up so she could kiss her. They kissed softly. Brandi took a deep breath.

“That was wonderful. This has been a great dinner and desert,” Brandi said. “But I think you two need a little alone time.”

“Sure you won’t stay for a little while?” asked Jake.

“Yes please, don’t rush off,” Janet said in a softly pleading tone.

Brandi leaned in to kiss Janet again, then stood. “No, you two need some couple time. Don’t forget I’ll be back to collect on the debt you owe, soon enough, Momma.”

Brandi stood up and kissed Jake, “And don’t you forget either sonny boy.” She turned and sashayed out. Jake wondered if she even stopped to put her dress back on.

Jake began to question what she meant by collect. The dark recesses of that redheads mind could be pretty warped thought Jake. Jake pulled Janet by the arm onto his lap. Janet curled into him putting her head on his chest.

“That was nice,” Jake said. “I wish she would have stayed longer.”

“I think she wants to make sure we are an established and comfortable couple; for when she comes back.”

“Do you have any idea what Brandi meant by colleting?” asked Jake.

“Yes, but it’s a secret.”

“are you going to tell me, or do I have to spank you?” Jake put his hand to the back of Janet’s head and pulled it back so she had to face him.

“You’ll find out soon enough, sir. Besides you need to spank me anyway.” Janet had a huge smile on her face.

Jake kissed her forehead and tried to imagine what Brandi and Janet would have come up with. He knew it would probably have something to do with the stepmother and stepson angle. He began to dread and look forward with excitement at the erotic adventure ahead of him. His life was changed for the better, and he couldn’t imagine living any other way.

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