Private Party

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“Quit being such a bitch. Let me sit here.”

I rolled my eyes at the rude comment, otherwise ignoring the pushy man’s presence beside me. I was highly skilled at tuning annoying people out and the more he prodded, the more I physically began to shift my body in the opposite direction so that I couldn’t see him. Lifting a blue solo cup to my lips as I relaxed from a comfortable distance on the swing bench on the deck, I let my gaze drift to the chaotic party going on inside of a neighbor’s house. The only attractive guy who’d hit on me thus far, I knew had a girlfriend and I wasn’t interested in getting mixed up in that mess. At the least the music was decent. I was in mid tap of my foot when I felt the bench begin to dip beneath me, the chains holding the bench up wheezing with the added weight of another person–an uninvited person. This final disruption to my peace caused me to whip around and demand, “Go away.” The bothersome man opened his mouth to complain, but before he could manage I heard an unfamiliar girl speak up behind him.

“Dude, we both heard the girl. She very politely said ‘fuck off’.”

I leaned forward little on my seat, just as surprised as my unwanted companion, peering over at a tall raven-haired woman in black skinny jeans and a strappy gray tank top that did little to cover the dark bra beneath. She was fresh-faced, her long hair tucked back in two thick, messy braids, silver hoops the size of bangle bracelets adorning her earlobes. Her full lips somehow pursed into a sumptuous pout without her doing anything at all. She placed her hand on the chain of the swing almost possessively, silently daring him to say something else. The bewildered man and I exchanged looks, but clearly outnumbered, he sighed frustratedly and shrank backward. I nibbled the edge of my cup absentmindedly, unsure how to feel about the display but automatically turning my hips in this aggressive stranger’s direction. I didn’t say anything until the man was out of earshot.

“Um, you really didn’t have to do that.”

I noticed that my voice sounded unusually small as it came out of my mouth. I immediately cleared my throat, then took a sip from my cup to warm up my throat. Also, I averted my eyes briefly, so as not to stare.

“But, I did.” She insisted, her lips curving enough to show her pretty teeth as she smiled at me; her gaze unfaltering as her fingers wrapped more securely around the swing chain. “Men are terminally hard of hearing.” She shrugged, taking a step forward and lingering by the unoccupied spot beside me. God, she was intimidating. And effortlessly so. How was that? I swallowed, suddenly aware of the drifting of my thighs which thankfully were covered by a long, gauzy skirt. I pushed my knees together discreetly, the dark loose waves of my hair tickling my naked shoulders as I shook my head. “No, I mean–it wasn’t like that. That guy’s my brother.”

The stranger’s eyes widened a bit and her smile Escort Pendik grew until an awkward laugh burst free. “Oh–shit. Sorry.” She exhaled, glancing over her shoulder only to discover that my brother’s skulking figure was long gone. I felt a weird twisting in my stomach when she turned back to face me, her smile apologetic and her stance visibly softer, her fingers going slack on the chain and sliding a ways down until she let it go. “I figured he was hitting on you.” I scrunched my nose and vigorously shook my head. My brother was a creep often, but not that kind of creep and not towards me.

“I’m Kayla.” She said, breaking the ice as I feigned interest in the innards of my nearly empty cup. “And again, sorry for my presumptuous ass.” I looked up at Kayla, offering a cautious smile. “Lily. And your ass is fine.” My face flushed with heat as my attempt to sound chill only left me feeling more awkward. It was my turn to laugh uncomfortably and I did, anxiously tucking a lock of hair behind my ear. I forced myself to recover. “I mean–it’s fine. He’ll live.”

She nodded, smirking but being gracious enough to look down as she did. My stomach twisted again, but this time there was a warm sensation too. “Lily… I like that.” Gesturing to my blue cup without skipping a beat, she asked. “What are you drinking, Lily?” Turning my cup slightly so the teeth marks weren’t visible, I shrugged. “Just soda.” I didn’t drink liquor often and I figured the last place I should attempt to indulge was at a house party. Kayla smiled and nodded and I realized I liked it when she smiled at me. “Let me get you a fresh one.” It’s polite to refuse the offer, but I didn’t. “Okay. Thanks.” She took my cup, stepping back from the bench a few paces before turning to head inside. I watched as she slipped inside passed the sliding door to enter the kitchen and I exhaled a breath I didn’t know I’d been holding in. I’d never admitted this to anyone, not even my closest friends, but I harbored a definite attraction toward women as well as men. I didn’t encounter a woman that aroused me often, but when I did, the reaction was instant, visceral. I held myself differently. I felt nervous, like I was bound to say the wrong thing. I couldn’t sit or stand still or look the girl in the eyes without that twinge occuring in my belly.

I caught myself looking down at the front of my white shirt, wondering how my boobs looked. Had she looked at them? I sat back a little straighter and carded my fingers through my coffee-hued mane. I was curious about Kayla.

“Back.” I pulled my hands down into my lap, beaming at her when she offered a chilled can of soda to me. It was funny as I hadn’t even thought about the possible danger of putting a stranger in charge of my drink. “Did you miss me?” I giggled nervously in response, grateful that I had the soda can tab to pop to relieve some tension. The soft hiss of the pressure being released from inside, masked my own exhale. “Sort of. This party’s kind of lame,” I admitted, glancing vaguely in the direction of the house. When I turned back, Kayla was standing in front of me. She had a blue cup in her hand, which she held down at her side. “Yeah. It is pretty suck ass.” She agreed, laughing lightly. She looked at me, thoughtfully pressing her luscious lips together for a moment. Then she said it. “I could change that though, if you want.”

My stomach squeezed in on itself and I crossed my legs at the ankles to keep still, but that only served to bring to my attention that my panties had become damp. “What do you mean?” I asked, so softly I wasn’t certain I’d said anything. Kayla grinned. “C’mon.” I didn’t think twice about leaving my comfy perch on the patio. Kayla took my hand and led me inside, abandoning her cup on a nearby shelf as we approached a central staircase.

I was conscious of my heart thumping faster in my chest as I followed blindly behind Kayla, unsure where we were headed but growing more excited with each footstep forward. I must have put my soda can down because I realized then that it wasn’t in my hand anymore. The faces I encountered on the stairs and in the hall blurred together. We weren’t moving quickly, but I felt dizzy like I’d done a couple spins on the tilt-o-whirl. The corners of my eyes were fuzzy. My ears could barely register the sound of Kayla’s voice as she pushed to the head of a line that had formed outside of the upstairs bathroom. “Move. Period emergency.” I smiled weakly as the crowd dispersed, but Kayla drew me into the bathroom and locked the door behind us before I could question her tactics. “Nothing clears a line like the threat of period blood.” She smirked, supremely proud of herself. “You’re crazy,” I gasped, placing my hand on the bathroom counter behind me for support since my head was a bit heavy. My cheeks hurt from how hard I was suddenly smiling.

“Yeah?” Kayla clicked her tongue, taking a bold step toward me. I felt the counter edge poking into my backside, realizing then that she had me cornered. She was close to me, her hands moving to rest on either side of the counter behind me. I swallowed thickly as Kayla invaded my space. I felt fidgety, but I had no actual space to move. I could only nudge forward, brushing against her hips as I shuffled my sandal-clad feet. Kayla’s lips bore a mischievous grin as she grasped the side of my face, her fingertips threading into my hair behind my ear, keeping my squirming in check. “I get the feeling you like crazy,” she retorted, leaning in toward my lips.

“I’m–I’m not a lesbian,” I squeaked, feeling Kayla’s warm breath against my face. She chuckled knowingly, her slim shoulders bobbing at my declaration. Had she heard this before? Had she done this before? She slipped her hand behind my head, gently squeezing my flushed nape, sending an intoxicating warmth down the length of my spine. “But, you’re into me.” She pointed out simply, using her free hand to burrow into the front of my skirt, her fingers grazing my tensed stomach on their path toward the elastic of my panties. Kayla whispered against the shell of my rosy ear, making her way beneath the band. “Don’t make this complicated.”

Inhaling sharply as I felt her hand caress the soft mound between my thighs, I stammered as if it mattered. “H-How’d you know?” She was too close for me to see the expression on her pretty face, but I knew that she was smirking when she said, “you’re easy to read.”

I moaned despite myself at the gentle brush of her fingers between my legs, my pussy lips full and slick with excitement. I shivered as her front teeth nipped at the tip of my ear lobe, my fingers unsuccessfully seeking a firm hold anywhere on the smooth countertop I was pinned against. My dark lashes fluttered over my honeyed doe eyes as she began to stroke my tender folds back and forth. I bit my lip, setting my feet wider apart and giving her better access to my aching core. Her soft, hot mouth pressed to my jaw and a shaky sigh escaped me when she parted my cunt lips to rub at my swollen clit. Fumbling behind me, my fingers accidentally bumped one of the sink handles and started the faucet running. Kayla’s tongue flicked out against my mouth.

“Really easy.”

She held her fingers together inside of my wet panties and pressed against my warm entrance until it gave way, coaxing a wanton mewl from my body. She thrust inside of my slick pussy cautiously at first, responding to the encouraging grind of my hips and quickly working up in speed. I reached up then to cup her face in my hands, moaning into her open mouth, feeling her warm tongue snake against mine. Kayla was the first woman I’d ever kissed. The strangeness of a rough, hungry kiss from such soft lips made me giddy. She tunneled her fingers more deeply, causing my hot, syrupy arousal to drip down along her agile wrist.

An unanticipated knock at the bathroom door made me jump, my inner walls tensing up and squeezing together around Kayla’s diligent digits. “Fuck,” I gasped, both irritated by the intrusion and amazed by how good that extra tension felt as my cunt grew more snug around her glossed fingers. Kayla ignored the knock altogether, kissing me hotly, fingering fervently at my quivering sex. I gripped her shoulders, pulled at the hem of her shirt, slid my hands to her ass and groped, desperate to find something to latch onto as the delicious heat of orgasm bloomed deep inside of my belly.

My vision darkened as I closed my eyes, shutting out the light to bask in the sensation overtaking me. I heard myself panting, my dripping folds sloshing as Kayla’s fingers thrust relentlessly between them.

A soundless moan of ecstasy peeled past my lips.

My legs grew stiff and my toes ground down into my sandals.

I felt underwater, filling up, bursting, gasping as I surfaced.

When I opened my eyes, the solid ground re-forming beneath me, Kayla was licking her fingers and smugly grinning at me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32