Private Lapdancer

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There’s something horny about what you can’t have isn’t there?

As a group of workmates and friends we quite often go out to pubs and clubs together and there was nothing out of the ordinary about this particular evening. My girlfriend, myself and a couple of others had gone to the local nightclub together, our excuse being that we hadn’t been for a while. The truth is we were regulars, but any excuse for a night out. I had been with my girl for over two years now and were madly in love, planning a house, marriage and the rest of our lives together. She was something else; prettier, sexier, funnier, hornier than anyone else I had ever known, but something inside of me fantasised about her friend Angela.

Angela was a really nice girl, really bubbly, always happy and your best mate, but when she danced, oh, she could dance. She had attended dance school since her younger years, but I don’t think they teach this kind of dancing anywhere. This was dirty dancing…

She would wear the shortest dresses, the lowest cut tops, but really anything she wore she would make heads turn. Angela would always be the first on the dance floor, pretty soon being surrounded by men like dogs on heat. She would dance around them, with them, virtually on top of them even! I was with my girl, Angela was just a friend and that was that. Or so I thought…

That particular night she seemed to have this angelic glow about her, she was so happy, but at the same time hungry for something more. She didn’t want any of these drooling, gibbering strays that were hounding her like hyenas. But alas, she would still tease them until they could stand no more. But it wasn’t just these that were being teased, but me too.

After a few drinks everyone was in the party spirit, and everyone danced with everyone else. To be honest, I could barely keep up with her supple body and gyrating hips, but with alcohol-numbed senses I did the best I could. As she pressed her chest against mine I would become aroused but had to suppress my wicked thoughts. I hoped she didn’t feel my excited state, but if she did then she didn’t say anything.

Angela was always up for a bit of fun too, and had snogging contest with her mate, each grabbing as many blokes as possible and giving them a full-on snog. As she approached me my heart leapt and sank in the same moment. How could she tease me like this?! When the moment of truth arrived I gave her a quick peck on the lips, to my girlfriends trusting approval. See, I CAN control myself.

As the evening progressed she kissed loads more blokes, but not in a tarty way, just enough to pick them up and then send them crashing back to earth. We all had a good time that evening, in our own separate ways. As the evening drew to a close, Angela was unable to get a lift home for another 3 hours, so we suggested she stay at ours overnight, she thanked us but asked if it would be alright to stay until her lift arrived. So the three of us walked up the hill from town to our place.

We arrived and decided to watch some TV and have some more beer while waiting. After a while everyone was really tired and Claire, my girlfriend, decided güvenilir bahis to go to bed. She wished us goodnight and left Angela asleep on the sofa next to me, innocently cuddled into me. There was nothing much interesting on TV so I just left it on MTV, waiting for another couple of hours. I must have dozed off, as I was woken by Angela shuffling in her sleep. She was now cuddled right into me, and I was cradling her almost like a baby.

With one arm behind her back, my other was near her pert ass, resting on her soft, smooth leg. Hmmm, I though to myself. I wondered how much I can get away with “accidentally”. Inch by inch my hand gently slid up her leg until I was cupping one of her cute ass cheeks. She groaned in her sleep. Pleasure, I hope. My hand gave a little squeeze of her silky smooth peach, at which point she moved my hand gently off, and back onto her leg.

My hand repeated it’s wandering, and gently cupped where it had been before, a small squeak of pleasure emerging from Angela’s sweet mouth. By now I was feeling brave, and slid my hand, oh so carefully, onto her inner thighs. You haven’t felt such luxurious feeling skin. As I gently stroked her there, her legs parted, not much, just enough to let my hand slide gently up and down her thighs in a relaxing motion. As I got braver, my hand neared the source of her heat, but what was I thinking, Claire was asleep literally 10 feet away, directly above us. But in this horny moment my hand wandered towards its goal, disregarding the consequences.

She stirred slightly, so I ceased movement of my hand and continued when she had settled. My hand was now feeling the heat from her crotch, and with one last gentle stroke I was there. She must have been horny all night and was ready for some action because when I touched her, she wasn’t wearing any knickers and was already damp around her neatly trimmed hair. As my index finger touched her outer lips she awoke… I froze and we stared at each other for a second, although it seemed like an age, as so many thoughts flashed through my mind. But Angela grabbed the back of my head, leaned in towards me and kissed me so passionately it was apparent she had wanted this as much as I had.

While my supporting arm was now holding her close to me, my other hand was now running the length of her vagina, feeling the dampness increase until one finger slipped in. Oh My God! She gasped under her breath, and her breathing started to accelerate. My erection was straining at my trousers and Angela quickly acknowledged this by undoing my belt and unpopping my button-fly. I returned the favour, moving my hand from her crotch to unbutton my shirt. She slid it off my shoulders and kissed my chest, stopping to tease from time to time. My hand returned to her inner thighs, stroking and gently squeezing its way up until she suddenly jumped off me, turning to face me. She was to give me a lap dance, the way only Angela knew how. As I reached forward to raise her dress over her nubile body, she raised a finger to say don’t touch.

She positioned herself in front of me, and proceeded to gyrate her curved hips in such a manner it would have made me orgasm güvenilir bahis siteleri there and then had I not suppressed my thoughts. As I tried to hurriedly remove my pants and trousers, Angela stopped me and knelt down before me, slowly sliding these restraining articles over my knees and feet before discarding them to one side. She continued her erotic dance, touching me, kissing me and licking my eager body. How I longed for her naked body against mine, but she was still clothed. I could not bear the suspense any longer and tried to remove the flimsy red dress, only to be pushed back onto the sofa. Angela would now remove the dress herself, in the most erotic way imaginable. She lifted then lowered, twisted and turned, but still not removing the dress. She could see my raging erection, and I saw by the look in her eye she wanted it but still carried on the teasing.

I think by now even she couldn’t stand much more, and lifted her dress up over her pert breasts, soft shoulders and soft dark brown hair. Standing in front of me was the most beautiful sight ever seen by man, or possibly even woman, and she tantalisingly approached me, then knelt on the sofa, legs either side of mine.

I had waited so long for this forbidden moment, clasping her tight ass and drawing her towards my hardness. As her damp lips touched the inflamed tip of my penis, she rubbed the length of herself against it from vagina, across her taught stomach, onto her chest, stopping to rub each breast and now hardened nipple against it, and finally to her hot waiting mouth. She first flicked her tongue wantonly around the tip, tasting my pre-cum, before circling the head with her glistening lips. As she slowly took all of me inside her and proceeded to gently caress my scrotum, I found my hand drawn towards what was to be the ultimate source of my pleasure. Sliding carefully one finger inside her now wet vagina, she increased the speed of her sucking. All of a sudden she moved my hand away and replaced it with her own. I had never seen such an erotic sight before and a doubt I ever would again. She added one finger and then two to her already busy first, and her breathing became uncontrollable. I had to calm her breathing to save waking the rest of the house.

At this point she beckoned for me to lay on the floor, she stood over me and started to masturbate again, I joined in and started to give in to my own desires. Angela, shaking with excitement and anticipation, and three fingers still inside herself, turned around and crouched down over my face, leaning forward to provide me a fantastic view of her fingers pumping away. She could now notice that I was touching myself, and decided to take over. Using her own juiced up hand as lubricant she slid her cum over the length of my penis and worked it in with a mixture of slow gentle strokes and short, fast ones. Clearly, from this angle, I could see that her lips had become swollen and glistening with cum so I pulled her down on to my face and licked along the length of her sweet vagina. She visibly enjoyed this and sank her mouth over the whole of my penis, raising her head again to lick her own juices from iddaa siteleri her lips.

As my tongue darted around and caressed her vagina, she continued to lick, suck and kiss my raging penis. I flicked her clitoris with my tongue, watching her jump with pleasure, only to increase the pressure on my hard-on. I new that I was nearly ready to explode so pulling her hard down onto me, I licked, kissed and tasted Angela’s hot love canal for all I was worth, physically having to hold her down to stop her lifting off. The harder I drove my tongue, the harder she sucked until we both knew each other was going to climax. As we both reached the final strokes we froze before clamping down onto each other harder than ever, and then with muffled squeals, moans, and gasps for air we released our pent-up frustration and thirstily drank each other’s hot cum.

After a post-love making moments rest, spent kissing and cuddling, I was already hard again. Angela must have noticed this as she was to become hornier than ever now, sliding her slippery body over mine, writhing around before ensuring I was fully erect by giving me one more extra sensual blow job, releasing me before I climax.

In this position, facing away from me, she would now position herself crouching over my erection, the tip straining to enter her, and slowly lower her aching love tunnel down my entire erect length. The width of my excited penis was enough to stretch the walls of her vagina to capacity and had to rely on her own abundant cum to lubricate its path. Once down so our pubic hair become one entwined tangle Angela slowly eased herself up until my head almost popped out, before sliding down all the way, this time a little faster. This she did a couple more times, each getting faster than the previous attempt, to accustom herself to my fulfilling muscle. From this position I was able to reach round with both hands and cup her ample breasts, rolling her nipples between finger and thumb. Each squeeze caused a squeal of pleasure, and only encouraged Angela’s thrusting. One of my hands slid down her cum-covered body to meet with the top of her vagina. As I touched it, my finger slipped in with no resistance, to come in direct contact with her throbbing clit.

As I continued to gently squeeze and tease this extra sensitive spot, Angela was to thrust up and down almost uncontrollably. Somehow, I don’t know how, we managed to adjust our positions, with me still inside Angela, so that she was kneeling, resting on the sofa, with me thrusting into her hot vagina from behind. I could still tease her clitoris from this position, but she knew how to even things up and stop her own climaxing way before me.

Reaching round behind, Angela grabbed my seed-filled balls and began to gently tug and squeeze them until we both knew, as before, that we were to orgasm together. This time she wanted my hot semen pumped deep inside her, and who was I to disagree? As our joint climaxes rapidly approached, Angela forced her face into a cushion to muffle her orgasmic screams, and I bit my own finger trying to stifle my primal grunts.

Relaxing for a moment to catch up on much-needed breath we noticed the time and hurriedly dressed just in time to hear Angela’s lift pull up outside. We said our goodbyes and both realised that that shouldn’t have happened and never would again. But something in Angela’s eye told me different…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32