Private Hike Ch. 03

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Shannon stood in the center of the room, blindfolded with her hands tied securely behind her back. Although the room was fairly warm, her naked skin was covered in goose bumps as she waited in anticipation of the feel of Jake and Tina’s hands, lips, and tongues on her body… as well as the other things on and inside of her that would soon follow.

She had never done anything like this before, and was thrilled to be able to fulfill a long time fantasy. Her pussy had become moist as they talked in the bar where she worked, asking her if she would like to join them for a threesome. They had both admitted to having a fetish for redheads, and Shannon was an exquisite, natural example of their ideal fantasy.

She felt warm breath on her neck and then soft lips kissing gently. A pair of hands started at her hips and traced their way slowly up her body, caressing every inch of her soft skin. As those hands reached her large, firm tits, she felt the shaft of Jake’s erect cock brush her fingertips as he squeezed her ass cheeks and began kissing the other side of her neck. With the little bit of movement her hands were allowed, she ran her fingers along his shaft, imagining how good it was going to feel inside of her. He placed it into her hand and worked it up and down along her palm, letting her feel his impressive length and girth. Shannon moaned softly when he whispered, “After Tina fucks you, I’m going to put this in every hole you have before the night is over,” softly in her ear.

“I can’t wait,” she replied.

Suddenly she gasped as Tina took one of her sensitive nipples in her mouth and bit gently down on it. “I think you liked that,” she heard Tina say. She nodded and Tina nibbled again, the slight pain becoming pleasure as Jake fondled her other breast, pinching her small, hard nipple lightly between his thumb and finger.

Soon she felt them both slide a hand down to her smooth shaven pussy. They teased her swollen lips for a moment, gently rubbing them and barely sliding a finger between them. Finally she felt one slip a finger inside her wet pussy as the other began thumbing her clit. They began slowly, working together to heighten her arousal. She rocked her hips in rhythm with them, at the same time rubbing Jake’s cock along the groove between her cheeks. She felt him pull her into him, pushing himself more firmly against her grinding ass.

As they continued to work her wet pussy and swollen clit, it didn’t take long before Shannon felt a wave of pleasure building up inside of her. As she braced herself for it, Jake and Tina suddenly stopped, leaving her just short of release. She bit her lip and waited patiently as the feeling subsided, wanting them to continue. After a moment they did, quickly returning her to the edge and stopping as she neared an orgasm. Shannon recognized the game and wasn’t sure if she wanted to play. “Please don’t do this,” she said. “I want to cum… please don’t stop.”

“Already bursa escort getting desperate, are we?” Tina asked, amused. “Such a horny little thing, aren’t you? Well, I promise that you will get to cum as many times as you can handle tonight… you just have to wait.”

Shannon nodded, knowing she had agreed to be their toy tonight. She never realized that it would get her off this much! She had never been so ready to cum this quickly before…

Her thoughts were interrupted by the warmth of the other woman’s tongue between her lips as Tina slid her tongue into her hot hole, savoring the girl’s sweet taste.

She then teased her clit for a moment, getting her maddeningly close to cumming before standing up and kissing Jake deeply and passionately. “Doesn’t she taste good?” she asked. “I could enjoy that all night long,” she teased, whispering in Shannon’s ear. She then gently guided the girl to her knees, and Shannon felt/heard the two of them move around her. Expecting Jake to watch while she ate out Tina, she was surprised when she felt the head of his cock being brushed across and around her lips. He traced the edges of her mouth several times before running it up and down along her cheeks and back and forth across her chin. Shannon extended her tongue and swirled her tongue over his head several times, tasting the pre-cum at the tip. Wanting to please, she licked up and down the length of his shaft as far around as she could reach before sliding her lips over and taking him into her mouth. Knowing that she would gag if she took too much in (she was not nearly as talented as Tina in that respect), she bobbed her head up and down along as much of him as she was comfortable with. Occasionally she would lick her way back down to the base of his cock and take one of his balls into her mouth, sucking on it and teasing it with her tongue before making her way back up and resuming work on his cock. Jake was giving her pleasant moans and stroking her long red hair softly, seemingly pleased with her skills.

Just when she felt she must be doing pretty well (especially since she couldn’t use her hands) her heart suddenly jumped in terror when her grasped the back of her head and began pulling her towards him, forcing his cock deeper into the back of her throat. Fearing she would choke when he slammed his cock into her, she began to struggle and protest, but Jake paid no attention to her muffled words. He paused with his head at the start of her throat, allowing her to regain control of her panicked breathing. “It’s ok,” he reassured her, “I’m not going to hurt you. Just relax, and you’ll be fine.”

Shannon did, and tensed as he slid into her throat, fearing her gag reflex would kick in. She felt her throat tighten for a second, but then it relaxed as she grew used to the feel of his shaft filling her throat. Slowly he inched his length down her throat until she realized that his ball sack was pressed against çanakkale escort her lips and she hadn’t choked! Jake gave long, slow thrusts in and out of her throat, and she knew he was enjoying the way it gripped his cock. “That feels good, hun… does that feel good for you?” he asked her. Shannon moaned softly in response and felt his cock twitch in her throat. “Keep doing that,” he told her, and she did, the vibrations massaging his shaft as he fucked her throat.

After a while he pulled out and Shannon gave a sigh of relief, not sure her throat could take much more of that. Jake stood her up and kissed her deeply, one hand cupping her ass and the other on her tit, teasing and pinching her rock hard nipple between his fingers. She felt Tina’s body press against her from behind, her breasts and nipples pressing into her back as the other woman slid a hand between her legs and toyed with her wet, waiting pussy. Shannon whimpered softly, wanting so badly for them to make her cum. “Please,” she whispered. “I want to cum… please don’t make me wait.”

“Soon,” Tina whispered in her ear before kissing her neck. She removed her hand from the girl’s pussy and guided her to the bed, laying her on her back. Shannon bit her lip as the two untied her hands and then re-secured them to the headboard. She felt Tina’s lips on her skin, kissing and nibbling as she worked her way down and back up Shannon’s body, pausing briefly to give her pussy a drawn out, teasing lick that sent shivers all along her body. The whole time she heard Tina giggle and moan softly as Jake fingered her, the other hand stroking his cock.

Once she had finished teasing with her mouth, Shannon felt her get up and then straddle her face, the sweet scent of the other woman’s arousal filling her nose as she brought her pussy to Shannon’s mouth. Shannon went willingly to work, knowing that the better job she did, the better they would do for her. She licked and nibbled furiously at Tina’s clit, then went to work tongue-fucking her wet hole, humming constantly t heighten the pleasure. She must have done well, for Tina was soon moaning loudly and rocking her hips against her mouth, forcing her tongue deeper inside while her juices flowed out and over Shannon’s cheeks and chin. She had eaten out a number of women before, but never one who got this wet!

It didn’t take long before Tina’s gave a sharp cry and her legs clenched down on Shannon’s head while shudders wracked her body. After a moment, her breath in gasps, Tina shifted off of her and kissed her passionately, their tongues intertwining. “Oh, honey,” she said between kisses. “That was amazing. I think you’ve waited long enough!’ Without another word she flipped around and re-mounted Shannon’s face, this time in a 69 position. Shannon jumped as the other woman’s tongue invaded her pussy, her body exploding almost instantly in it’s pent up orgasmic fury. She found herself unable to do anything didim escort but give muffled screams of pleasure into Tina’s pussy as she licked, nibbled, and sucked Shannon to orgasm several times.

Although she never thought it would happen, Shannon found herself begging Tina to stop. The back to back orgasms were too much for her, and she desperately needed a break. She lay there, chest heaving and a floating sensation filling her whole body, for several minutes. She wasn’t even aware when they removed her blindfold until several minutes later when she opened her eyes and saw Jake and Tina sitting on the end of the bed smiling at her, his enormous cock in her hand while they watched her recover.

Shannon licked hr lips and smiled back, knowing exactly what she wanted now. “I want that inside of me,” she said. Jake’s grin widened and they undid her restraints and re-tied them behind her back. Tina lay back on the bed as she had been, her legs spread wide to accept Shannon’s eager tongue while Jake positioned her on her knees so he could fuck her from behind. Shannon began licking Tina’s pussy as Tina fingered her clit while Jake teased her hole with the head of his cock, making her anticipate when he would thrust it in.

Shannon licked greedily at Tina’s wet hole, then let out a loud moan as Jake slid his entire length into her tight pussy. She kept moaning as he fucked her relentlessly, slamming hard into her with each thrust and giving her ass frequent sharp smacks.

Tina moaned along with her as the girl’s face was buried in her snatch each time Jake slammed into her. Shannon’s moans vibrated her clit and soon she was practically screaming in pleasure as she pushed Shannon’s head down hard onto her pussy as she came, her juices squirting all over Shannon’s face.

Seeing Tina’s enjoyment, Jake fucked Shannon even harder. He loved how tight her pussy was and had to fight to keep from cumming. He knew he wasn’t going to last long, though, so he fucked her for all he was worth. He pulled his cock out to the tip each time and slammed it back into her as hard as he could, his hips slapping loudly against her ass cheeks.

Finally, he couldn’t stand it any longer and he slammed one last time into her and pulled her hips hard against his as his cock gushed spurt after spurt of cum deep inside her. The feel of his load emptying inside her was all Shannon needed for one last explosive orgasm. Her entire body shook until she finally collapsed on top of Tina. The other woman untied her as Jake crawled to the other side of her and the three lay cuddled, resting for some time. Tina and Shannon shared soft, passionate kisses and whispers while Jake drifted off to sleep.

“We need to do this again,” Shannon said. “I loved being tied up… that was such a thrill for me.”

“It is, isn’t it?” Tina replied. “Maybe next time we can have another man here. Does that sound fun?” Shannon nodded eagerly. “Good. I think I know just the young man for the job.”

Jake began snoring and both of them laughed. “Poor guy,” Tina said. “Oh, well. I guess that means me and you get to have some fun by ourselves.” Shannon grinned, knowing the night wasn’t even close to over for them.

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