Privacy Room

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“I need to get changed soon,” Kaitlynn remembered. She looked the time on her computer – 4pm, and she needed to be gone from work by 5pm if she was to make it on time.

Though she worked in an office, they kept a casual dress code for this location since clients rarely visited. Instead clients tended to visit the main office downtown. This meant that Kaitlynn could wear what she preferred: t-shirt and jeans. She looked presentable in the office and didn’t really make any effort to stand out when it comes to her appearance.

“Why don’t you wear makeup?” some of her coworkers have commented. “You should wear your hair up,” others have said.

She preferred to keep her long, straight but slightly wavy black hair down, sometimes pulled back in a tail, and never wore makeup unless it was a certain occasion, such as the interview that landed her the job to begin with. On that day, it was full business professional dress for her, and she didn’t skimp on anything — $500 business suit with pants, not a skirt, and she had her hair and makeup done professionally that morning as well.

And while she preferred the casual appearance with her typical t-shirt and jeans, she didn’t mind getting dressed up periodically, and practically every court has a dress code requiring at least business casual.

“Court at 7pm” was the alert she had configured on her computer to go off at 5pm, when she knew she needed to be out of work to make it on time to plead her case on the red light ticket she received by mail. “Just remember, the roads were slick, couldn’t stop in time” she muttered to herself whenever the thought of her court date came to mind.

Kaitlynn found a stopping point in her work and made sure to save everything before locking her desktop. She took her change of clothes and found one of the privacy rooms on her floor. Unlike the offices, these rooms had no windows and seemed well insulated for sound, and many other associates have used the rooms for everything from private phone calls, prayer sessions, and, as Kaitlynn would be this afternoon, changing attire.

Ducking into the privacy room, she turned on the light and locked the door behind her. There was a recliner and a small table in the room along with a whiteboard. Previous times she’s been in there, she’s imagined some of the “Einsteins” of the company using the whiteboards to talk out complicated problems in the hopes they might make the “next big discovery of the universe”, or at least land a huge bonus or big promotion.

Unfortunately there aren’t any mirrors in these privacy rooms, so any adjustments to be made to her hair or, if she desired, any makeup to be applied would have to occur in the women’s restroom.

Kaitlynn put her change of clothes on the chair and kicked her shoes off before emptying her jeans pockets onto the small table. She lifted her t-shirt up and over her head, taking a moment to undo any tangling it may have done to her hair, then tossing it aside toward the small table. She would be wearing a white blouse to court that night, meaning the blue Escort Beylikdüzü bra she chose that morning to wear to work wouldn’t be entirely appropriate, though she likes it more than the white bra she remembered to bring for her court attire.

She reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, sliding the shoulder straps from her shoulders and letting it slide down her arms to her hands. She tossed it aside to her shirt and stood momentarily, looking over her body in the limited fashion available in that room.

Her breasts were not big, but “big enough” as she would say it, as she seemingly without thought cupped her breasts from underneath in her hands, seeing that they fill her hand about like one of the ripe larger oranges that she started seeing at the grocery store. Just “big enough”.

A thought entered her mind, “I’ve never been completely naked at work.” She looked down and unbuttoned her jeans and slid them off her waist, letting them fall to her ankles. “Good thing I brought panties with me, too,” she whispered in the quiet room. To complete her nude ensemble, she held herself steady against the chair while she slipped her socks from her feet.

“This definitely feels interesting,” she thought to herself. Knowing she still had to make court that night, she decided to not remain nude for long. She moved to her clothes and moved aside her blouse and pants to get to her panties and bra below them when something shifted and hit the floor.

She set down her clothes and looked near the foot of the chair where she saw her silver vibrator laying at her feet. “How the hell?” she asked herself. After taking a moment to ponder why she would have brought her vibrator to work, and realizing she hasn’t a clue on that, she set it down with her t-shirt and jeans before locating her panties below her blouse and pants.

Putting both legs through her panties, Kaitlynn began to pull them up past her knees when the vibrator again caught her eye. “Why stop at being nude at work?” she questioned herself, dropping her panties and tossing them to her other court clothes and grabbing the vibrator. Turning the dial at its base, she kept it at the lowest speed possible so as to hopefully not draw any unwelcome attention.

She took her jeans and set them on the floor and sat up against the wall, her legs spread out. Kaitlynn touched her pussy, feeling it already warm and becoming swollen, her clit poking itself slightly from beneath its hood. She slid her hand around her pussy, encouraging it to become more swollen as the thought of getting off completely nude at work caused her heart to pick up its pace.

Kaitlynn touched the vibrator to her clit, almost jumping at the immediate rush and sensation it provided, even at its lowest speed. She slid her hand across her pussy again, feeling the tingling of a penned-up bull of pleasure waiting for its gate to be sprung, egged on and energized in this new situation. She turned the vibrator off and touched it to her clit, the slight chill of its cold, hard form causing Beyoğlu escort her a slight and momentary jolt.

She moved the vibe across her clit and between her lips, the juices coating the silver form. She leaned back into the wall, letting the sensations pass over her body.

Kaitlynn has masturbated at work before, but only in the restroom when she knew no one else was in there. But this was the first time she’d tried this fully nude at work, in a room frequented by other members of the company. She sank back further into the moment lost, letting the vibrator’s hard form slide between the lips of her pussy and into the warm depths of her sex.

The moment overcame her quickly, reaching a quick and unsatisfying climax, driven entirely by the novelty of the situation. She could see her cell phone nearby and noticed the time – only 4:15pm. Kaitlynn turned the vibrator to its lowest setting and moved away from the wall, laying flat on the hard carpet floor, her legs bent at the knees and spread, seeking her pussy with the vibrator.

It slid easily between her lips, down into her pussy. She closed her eyes and built up a slow rhythm with the vibrator, slipping into the depths of her ecstasy as her imagination placed her on the couch of her friend Cassie’s apartment the previous weekend, with Jim’s hard cock diving deep into her pussy as Cassie sucked at her nipples and massaged her breasts.

“Fuck her good and hard,” Cassie ordered Jim as he held her legs in the air and thrust his dick into Kaitlynn. Cassie dove her mouth to Kaitlynn’s nipple before stealing a kiss from her while Kaitlynn moaned with each thrust.

Cassie then positioned her pussy over Kaitlynn’s face while leaning down so she could reach Kaitlynn’s clit and see up close the kind of work Jim’s cock thrusts were managing with Kaitlynn’s pussy. “Hmm… I love the view down here,” she said before lifting herself up and kissing Jim.

Kaitlynn lifted her arms and pulled Cassie’s pussy down to her lips, extending her tongue and using it to draw a line around and through Cassie’s lips. With a flat tongue, she then licked around Cassie’s pussy, making it wet enough it was glistening even in the low light, before sucking Cassie’s clit into her lips and playing with it with her lips and tongue.

Cassie lowered her face back down to Kaitlynn’s pussy. She motioned Jim to pull out, then pulled his dick to her lips and sucked and licked Kaitlynn’s juices from his hard cock as if it were a sweating popsicle. She moved her lips down to Kaitlynn’s clit, licking and sucking at it while pumping Jim’s dick with her hand.

Jim slid his cock below Cassie’s face while she was licking at Kaitlynn’s clit, sliding deep into Kaitlynn’s sex, working the rhythm back up again. Kaitlynn felt compelled to take her lips from Cassie’s clit as she started moaning louder, more intently, the combination of Cassie sating her pussy hunger and Jim fucking her pussy proving to be too much as she let out a loud moan she tried desperately to contain.

She Bomonti escort bayan pulled Cassie’s pussy back down to her lips and sucked and licked at her clit with more fervor than she realized she had. Soon she started to hear Jim’s moans growing in volume, “Oh God, I’m about to cum”, he growled out.

Cassie pulled her face away from Kaitlynn’s clit, “Fill her pussy, Jim, cum deep inside her.” Kaitlynn pulled her lips from Cassie’s pussy, “Yes, please, cum deep inside me,” she roared.

Jim’s groans grew louder as his dick started to pulsate and Kaitlynn felt him shoot his load deep inside her pussy, causing her to let out one last moan as the warmth of Jim’s love juice pushed her over the edge.

Her orgasm washed over her body and snapped her back to reality. She moaned calmly, quietly as the pleasant feelings left her feeling relaxed, almost renewed.

Her pussy was sensitive to the touch, her clit swollen and also sensitive. Her body beaded with sweat like her car after a light rain, goose bumps swelling on her skin in the cool room. The vibrator slid from her pussy and vibrated gently against the floor. Her vision blurred a little as she blinked her eyes open in fluorescent lighting.

Her breathing was initially quick but began to slow as she regained consciousness of where she was. Realizing she was still in the privacy room at work, lying on the floor completely naked, she looked around and found her cell phone. She reached out for it and pressed the lock button on it – 4:28pm. Still have plenty of time, she thought.

She sat up and scooted herself across the floor toward the wall. Her vibrator still buzzing on the floor, she reached for it and turned it off. Her breathing still feeling a little labored, but more relaxed, suddenly she heard a knock on the door. Her breathing became instantly still, her pulse quickening.

“Finishing up a personal phone call,” she said, trying to think quickly. “I’ll be out in a couple minutes.”

“Everything all right in there,” a woman’s voice called back. “I thought I heard like a screaming growl a second ago.”

“Just arguing with family,” Kaitlynn replied.

Kaitlynn had herself dressed in under three minutes. A personal record, she thought to herself. She gathered her stuff together and opened the door, finding Cassie waiting on the other side. Kaitlynn stopped cold, her eyes widening as she felt almost her entire body go still.

“Arguing with family,” Cassie had that subtle, ‘I know what really happened’ kind of tone to her voice as she glanced up and down Kaitlynn’s body. “Your, uh, hair’s a little crooked.”

“I know.” She adjusted what she was carrying. “I’ll, uh, be taking care of that.”

Cassie walked behind her into the privacy room, taking a deep, audible inhale of the air around the room before turning and looking at Kaitlynn. “Hmm…”

“What?” Kaitlynn smiled and giggled slightly as she saw the playful look in Cassie’s eyes.

Cassie knelt to the floor and picked up Kaitlynn’s vibrator. Kaitlynn’s eyes immediately went wide.

Cassie held it to her nose and took a deep sniff, letting out a contented, almost satisfied moan before walking up to Kaitlynn and slipping it between the clothes she was carrying. “I wouldn’t forget this, if I were you,” she whispered before winking. “Now if you don’t mind, I have a phone call to make.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32