Princess and the Perv

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I saw him first at the checkout where I worked. He was old, well old for me but hansom, rugged, rough looking with slightly grey hair but he notice me. For the first time someone notice me and the fact he might have just wanted sex with a young woman didn’t bother me because he noticed me. I smiled at him nervously as I scanned his products through the till and asked.

“Would you like me to pack for you Sir?” He looked at me with dark brown, sexy eyes and said quietly, “you can do anything for me gorgeous. I’d love to pack it for you.”

I felt me face blush immediately, it going redder than red but I didn’t mind. I could feel my nipples harden but I didn’t mind. I felt a tingle below but I didn’t mind.

“You’re not shy are you? A beautiful young girl like you! Are you a virgin?” He whispered the last bit to me and I felt every part of my body heat up.

“Yes.” I replied. He winked at me.

“What time do you finish?” I was cautious but willing and said, “Very soon.” He smiled a knee trembling smile and said, ‘black car far side of the car park, I’ll wait for you.”

I blushed again and said, “Ok, ten minutes.”

He parked in the remotest park of the car park well away from other cars and I could see him watching me walk towards. I had changed and was wearing an above the knee dress, grey coloured pantyhose and high heels. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. Barely 18 yet the fullness of youth made hurry to the car and made my ample breasts bounce freely.

I reached the car and without hesitation got in. As I did my short flimsy dress rode up my thigh and beyond. I saw him looking and knew he got a brief glimpse of gusset, leaving him wondering what was beneath. I straightened myself as I sat down but still left an ample amount of thigh showing.

“Hi” he said, “What’s your name?” I replied

“Willow but some people call me Princess.” Immediately he turned to me and kissed me hard and full on the mouth forcing his tongue deep inside my mouth probing me and sucking my tongue. As he continued he manoeuvred a large hand to my breast and began to squeeze it hard through my dress.

He massaged it with the palm of his hand, his fingers grasped the outer edges of my breast and we both felt my nipple harden as the squeezing motion excited it. He stop his kiss and pulled away looking me in the eye. I was somewhat breathless after the deep hard embrace, my deep breathing made my breasts heave up and down and it was clearly visible that the kissing and breast massage had had the desired effect on me as both nipples were hard and poking through the thin material.

As he glazed at me, my smudged red lipstick round my mouth and creases in my dress where his hands had fondled my breast, I smiled wickedly at him. I was enjoying it too. I looked down to see his cock growing in length within his trousers. I too was having the desired effect on him.

He placed his hands on my nylon covered thighs and parted my legs as far as he could in the confined space. I opened up for him slightly apprehensive due to where we were and said ‘not here’ which he half ignored and pushed one hand deep between my thighs and up to the gusset of my pantyhose.

As he got there his hand felt the heat coming from me and a wetness Bostancı Escort that had soaked into the nylon. I wasn’t wearing knickers. He rub me hard for several seconds which caused me to moan and bite my lip but then removed his hand and brought it to his mouth and sucked his fingers. I smiled again at him happy I had in some way satisfied him.

He said he knew somewhere quiet we could go, a spot near here covered from view by the tree. He asked if I wanted to go and I eagerly gestured yes by placing my hand on his groan and squeezing his cock hard then rubbing it up and down his length. My eyes lit up as I mapped out the full length of the bugle. ‘Wow!’ I grasped ‘hurry I want him’. He turned and started the car all the time I continued to rub his cock through his cotton joggers and it was straining to get out.

He drove as steadily as his position allowed. The wanking of his cock through his joggers soon got too much and he abruptly stopped and lifted himself off the seat and pulled down his pants. I grasped again at the sight that met my eyes. His cock was fully erect, thick and long. Veins bulged and the head of his cock throbbed. I grabbed it with one tiny hand that barely covered of it and stroking downward and exposing his purple swollen head and a dribble of precum that had begun to leak out. He sat back in his seat and began to drive again and now enjoying the motion of my stroking. I couldn’t take my eyes off it as my hand went up and down his entire shaft slowly. I felt myself physically dampen between my legs and my mouth became moist at the thought of taking his huge cock whichever way he wanted.

At last the reach the secluded place. It was quiet. No cars appeared to be in the general area. No walkers, just trees. As we got out of the car, he briefly hid his erection and grabbed my hand and pulled towards a clump of trees and the hid behind the back. He told me to squat down in front of him and lean against a large tree that was behind me, which I did. He then told me to pull my dress high up my thighs and as he stood between my legs, my gusset was visible to him. When I had done what he had said, he told me to get his cock out. I grabbed his joggers and pull them down. His huge cock sprang up into my face and only inches away it looked even bigger and thicker. He pushed his exposed head onto my lips and I opened my mouth.

As some as he entered my hot, moist mouth he forced inch after inch of his cock into me and placed his hands firmly on my head. Initially I had begun to suck on his head but as more and more entered my mouth I used my tongue to work over it and I opened my throat to take all I could. His balls hit my chin as he forced his entire length inside my mouth and down my throat. Tears formed in my eyes as he held my head. He loved that feeling of power and the head of his cock bulging my throat.

He eventually released his grip and I pushed him away grasping for air. The tears rolled down my cheeks and saliva covered his entire cock and dribbled from the covers of my mouth. Once I got my breath back I took the lead. I grabbed his wet cock and started wanking it furiously which made him moan with pleasure. Then I placed my mouth around his head and sucked harder and harder. The sensation Anadolu Yakası Escort for him was one of pleasure and pain but I continued to suck and wank for some time allowing him to fully enter my mouth now and again. Eventually I stopped and looked up at him and said ‘me’.

It was his turn to knee in front of me as I stood up and lifted my dress and exposed my wet nylon covered pussy to him. I spread my legs and gestured him to place his mouth to my wet gusset and as he did I grabbed his head and began to grind my pussy over his mouth.

I could tell he always the smell and taste of young wet pussy in nylons and I was no exception. In fact I was so wet I was probably the best so far and I was getting wetter by the second as he licked and sucked me through the material. I was constantly cumming.

All the time he was pleasuring me he was maintaining his own by wanking his cock. The saliva from my oral performance was lubricating him and from his own oral performance on me he knew that no matter how tight my young pussy was he would be able to force his huge cock inside me and give the pleasure back to me. He stood up and pulled the buttons of my dress open and freed my breasts from my flimsy bra.

Holding them he took it in turn to take a nipples in to his hot mouth and suck it erect and then nibble my teat, making me moan and gasp with uncontrollable pleasure. He then grabbed my waist and swung me around and told me to bend over, arms against the tree and stick my bum out. I did and felt his hot breath close to my bottom. He ran his tongue up and down the crack of my arse savouring the taste and smell. Another day maybe.

‘Just rip them and fuck me’ I shrieked but he wouldn’t do that. The cum soaked nylons would be his prize, his souvenir that he would enjoy again and again with all his others he had collected.

‘No’ he barked and grabbed the waist band of my pantyhose and pulled them down over my ass and stopped at my thighs, restricting my movement somewhat be he knew what he was doing.

He stood up behind me, his wet, thick, hard cock in front of him and he took it in his hand and nudged it towards my pussy. I grasped as him bulging head touched my tight wet lips and moaned as he began to part them, as he pushed it between them and it started its journey inside my tight wet pussy. As his thick hard cock opened me up, I began to moan and groan loudly.

Cursing the size of his ‘fucking cock’ as he pushed it deeper inside. It was so tight, it felt amazing. The inside of my vagina clung to his cock tightly as he slide in but the lubrication from my wet pussy made access possible though my constant ‘too fucking big’, ‘shit yes’ and ‘no you bastard’ made his slow journey all the way inside me more pleasurable for both of us.

Eventually his full length was totally embedded inside my tight pussy and held it there. He placed his hands round the front of my dress and with a well performed technique grabbed my large breasts as they swung loose and began to squeeze and screw them hard.

My nipples were already swollen and as he began to pluck at them he started to pull his long cock out of me until only head was left inside me then with one big thrust he forced his huge cock back deep inside Ataşehir Escort me making me moan and groan with pleasure. He had his rhythm now and he manipulated my breasts in time to his long hard thrusts.

He fucked me like a man possessed as each thrust lubricated me more and his cock slid in and out of me faster and faster. It was all a blur now to me. I was constantly in a state of orgasm and cumming endlessly. I thought I would pass out at any time. Then during this frantic fucking session we both realised my biggest orgasm was about to take over my entire body. He slow down and concentration on long hard deep thrusts and within a few seconds it had its desired effect.

I began to shake, my legs began to give way and I screamed ‘fuck’ as I came. He withdrew his cock with speed at precisely the right moment which intensified my orgasm and as I came to long squirts of cum ejaculated from my pussy hitting the gusset of my pantyhose, more followed as it drip from my pussy and trickled down my thighs.

He continued to grip my breasts in order to stop me from collapsing. I was panting frantically and moaning ‘stop’ and ‘no more’. He moved his right hand from my breast and placed it between my thighs and stuffed 3 fingers easily inside my dripping pussy.

He thrust them in and out several time before removing them and putting them in his mouth sucking all my juice off them. ‘Mmmmmm, you taste fucking dirty. I think you need to taste your own juices and mine at the same time.’

He moved his hands to my hips and grabbed them then with ease thrust his cock deep inside me again. Holding on to me, he fucked me hard and fast. He could feel his own orgasm building up in his heavy sac and knew he would soon be emptying them inside me but he wanted me to know how much cum he was about to shoot.

After 3 more long hard thrusts he pulled out and spun me round. He pushed down on my shoulders and soon I was squatting again before his long, cum covered cock. He wasted no time in pushing it into my mouth and began to thrust it in with long deep strokes until he felt the head of his cock at the back of my throat. With each deep thrust he felt his balls tighten and sensed the impending flow of cum. He pulled his cock out and grabbed it and started wanking it in the general direction of my face and mouth.

It didn’t take long for him to cum. It sprayed in all direction from his huge cock. Thick jets of hot salty cum landed on my face, in my mouth and over my tits. It didn’t stop. The more I stroked his cock the more squirted over me and I struggled to swallow it all but he made me by pushing his head into my mouth. Eventually his seed stopped flowing, he was spent. He looked at me covered in cum and wiped his dripping cock on my lips. I broke into a wicked smile and with my tongue cleaned any remaining cum from his cock then with my finger scooped what was left on my face and swallowed that too. I stood up and simply placed my cum covered tits back in my bra and back in my dress. Finally I pulled my pantyhose up tight so they cut into my pussy.

‘That’s it’ he said ‘rub it make sure all your cum is on them.’

‘Why don’t you push your fingers inside me, you’re going to have to take them off me if you want them’ I said. He looked at me and placed his hand between my legs and rubbed me.

‘And if your gunna take them off me you’ll have to do it here you dirty old fucker.’ He smiled at me and I smiled back watching his long cock twitch back to life.

‘Look who’s the dirty fucker now Willow’ he said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32