Prime Real Estate

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Jill waited patiently for the client to show up. She had only talked to him on the phone and did not know what he looked like. With only a few cars in the coffee shop lot she felt comfortable that she would be able to pick him out when he arrived. She was hopeful and then pleased when a nice looking man pulled up in a convertible. His graying hair and distinguished look made him look like a professor or something. She caught herself appraising his body and was startled to be caught “checking him out” as he approached and said “Are you Jill?”.

“I’m Ben”, he continued to her nodding.

Finally she found her voice and began to direct him to her car as she described the property she had found for him. She caught a whiff of his cologne as he opened the car door for her then let himself in the passenger seat. They chatted about the weather and real estate on the way to the property. She was sure she saw him looking at her legs when she turned quickly to check for cars at a turn. But if he did he recovered himself so expertly she could not be sure.

Soon they had arrived at a modern looking nice home in a typical neighborhood. They spoke about the landscaping and since Ben was not turned off by the outside they agreed to tour the home. Jill admitted that she had not seen the inside other than the seller photos but she had confirmed with the sellers that it was OK and they were, in fact out of town so there was no hurry. The home was immaculately clean with rich leather and had obviously been professionally decorated.

Looking around with the prospect Jill began to notice that there were many pieces of expensive artwork (paintings and sculptures) that were tasteful yet borderline erotic. There were nudes of both males and females scattered throughout the home. Some were classic reproductions of Michelangelo and Davinci while others were more contemporary. She found herself drawn to a contemporary painting in watercolor of a woman nude lounging beside a hot tub in the sunlight. What drew her attention was the resemblance between the woman and herself. As she marveled at the painting and wondered about the woman. Ben approached and looked at it too. Jill felt herself blush standing beside this attractive man looking at a nude painting with a strong resemblance to her.

“Maybe he does not see the resemblance” she though.

Ben turned to her looked at her appraisingly and said with a smile “Did you pose for this? It’s very nice.”

“No” she answered blushing all the more, “It’s not me.”

“Pity” John said, “it would be something to be very proud of.” “Well”, he continued “whoever she is, she is quite striking in that pose.”

“Shall we look downstairs?” Jill asked quickly changing the subject and trying to recover her composure.

They continued downstairs and noticed that it was decorated a bit darker with lots of black leather and subdued lighting. A large erotic painting provided the backdrop for the bar. It was an orgy scene with all manner of sexual activities going on. In spite of herself Jill found herself staring at the painting and becoming even somewhat aroused by it.

“Wow” whispered Ben who she suddenly realized was standing beside her once again. She briefly wondered if the painting had the same effect on him then glanced down and saw that it was. His arousal was evident by the bulge in his pants.

It was Ben’s turn to blush as he caught her glance and quickly turned away mumbling something about measuring the dimensions of the room. He began to pace off the room and got a puzzled look on his face. Then he paced it off a second time.

“That’s strange” he said, “Did you say bakırköy escort this was a full basement?”

“Yes”Jill replied it is.

“Well it’s about 5 yards too short down here to be full”. Ben Answered.

Jill looked at her records and watched him step off the room. Then they went upstairs and paced off the area up there. They soon realized that the downstairs was missing some space. Looking around they found themselves back behind the bar standing very close to the erotic painting. It was enormous and reached floor to ceiling in height and about as wide as two doorways. Ben reached out and touched the painting’s frame.

It slid sideways slightly at his touch. He pushed a little harder and the whole painting slid sideways on hidden tracks to reveal a dark doorway into another room. Curious, Ben glanced at Jill and walked into the dark. He saw a light switch by the doorway and flicked it on. They both gasped in shock at the same time.

The room was completely covered in black soundproof panels. There were chains and costumes on one wall, an assortment of sex toys and lubricants on another with whips and various paddles on the third. The middle of the room had what looked like a modified birthing chair with leather restraints on it and what may have been a gymnastic pommel horse with an enormous dildo pointing up in the middle occupied a space near it.

Open mouthed they stood there in amazement. Neither had ever seen anything like this and were simply shocked. Ben forgot himself and had to get a closer look at the chair contraption. He tried to imaging a woman sitting on it being strapped in but it seemed too low for any benefit. She could not be adequately serviced by anyone from that angle even on their knees. Then he looked at the gymnastic looking contraption. He noticed a mat under it with indentions where knees must have been. Looking at it he realized that someone must kneel down on it. When in that position their face would be right at even level with the seat on the chair… “oh, I see…” he said.

“What?” said Jill from behind him. “I don’t get what is supposed to happen here. I mean aside from something pretty kinky.”

“Well” he said” I think the guy sits in the chair and the girl rides this contraption while, um, helping him.”

Jill just looked at it with a puzzled look and shook her head trying to picture it. “I’m not seeing it.” she said.

Ben walked over to the chair and sat in it then said “Imagine someone sitting on that thing” he said pointing. “See where their head would be?”

As he said that his hand hit a switch on the chair and the dildo on the contraption began to sway back and forth, then shoot up and down as a buzzing sound came from it. First shocked then curious, Ben found he could control the motion with switches on the arm. He became engrossed with working the direction, speed and apparently vibration all with a small joy stick easily reached from his hand without the need to move his arm.

While he looked at the device and played with the joy stick, Jill stepped behind the chair and saw the several interesting parts there. One appeared to be a solid metal strap that snapped together in the front. She touched it and it sprang forward and snapped together around ben’s chest. she pushed the other two and they snapped into place holding his upper arms in place.

“Hey!” he exclaimed “What are you doing?”

Jill giggled and pushed the two pieces that snapped quickly around his ankles. Ben was soon unable to get up or really move all that much. He struggled against the bonds but found they avcılar escort were securely in place.

Sitting back he just smiled at her and said “Now what?”

Jill began to enjoy the situation and walked around in front of him admiring the position he was in. Ben did not say anything but looked at her looking at him. He could not explain it but the situation and perhaps the room itself was beginning to arouse him. The chair only had support under his thighs so there was no real way to hide his growing excitement. Jill looked at his crotch and watched him grow. She became excited too and then realized he was watching her watching him.

Taking control now she said “I don’t think that chair was designed for all that clothing.”

Ben said nothing as she walked to him. Inside though, in spite of himself, he wanted her to do it. Jill slowly reached down and unbuckled his belt then pulled it out of his pants. Throwing it aside with a dramatic pose she turned back and undid the snap on his pants. She slowly unzipped him, careful of the growing mound. Smiling at the package she found there she grabbed his pants and underwear and began to pull on them. Ben lifted up just enough to allow her to slide them down his legs. Releasing one leg at a time with the catch on the back, Jill quickly removed his pants and underwear.

Then she stepped back to admire her work. Ben sat there in the chair bound to the chair, his balls hung between his legs since there was no seat and his cock jutted out obscenely, half erect. It was time to do something about that, Jill decided.

Jill stood directly in front of Ben and stared down at them. Then slowly she reached behind her back and unzipped the sundress she wore. It fell slowly off of her shoulders then hung for a long moment held up by her, now erect, nipples, then slid slowly down to cling again on her hips before falling of revealing a satin thong already showing signs of dampness. Teasingly Jill pulled out the waistband of the thong and slowly pulled it down to her ankles. She heard Ben gasp as she stood up and bared herself to him. She was happy she had jus shaved today and Ben appeared to be as well. The effect of this display was visible on Ben. His cock pulsed with his heartbeat as it made a climb to nearly three fourths erect.

Jill walked past him to the wall with all the toys, picked up a bottle of flavored oil and walked back to him. All the while Ben’s eyes stayed hungrily on her. Once again she stood in front of him. She uncorked the bottle. Slowly she poured the glistening sweet smelling oil across her breasts. Ben watched as it slowly formed a river down her stomach and between her legs before working down her thigh. Then Jill stepped forward and poured the rest of the bottle on Ben’s throbbing cock. She watched the liquid slide down his cock onto his balls.

Slowly she knelt down in front of him and breathed on the oil which instantly warmed to her breath. The whole display and her breath had him as hard as he could be. His cocked throbbed in anticipation as her mouth poised in front of the tip. She licked her lips then flicked her tongue to touch it. He gasped at the contact and a drop of precum formed out of the slit.

Jill hungrily licked for the drop. As Ben gasped again it turned to a moan when she suddenly took him fully into her mouth. Then just as quickly she pulled her mouth away and stood up, leaving him nearly begging with his groan. His cock throbbed waiting for more.

Jill admired the view and noticed that the chair was positioned in such a way that his cheeks were pulled apart by the weight büyükmece escort of his body. The angle of the chair, the way his balls had pulled up in excitement made his cute little sphincter very visible.

Suddenly she got an idea and walked over to the toy wall. Looking around she found exactly the thing. It was some sort of narrow device with ridges and a joint in it that seemed to have a clamp of some sort above it. She switched the switch on the bottom and it began to move, looking like a finger making the “come here” movement. She suddenly understood exactly what it was for and looked for the lubricant. Finding lubricant she covered it liberally. Then she walked over to the contraption on the floor and covered the dildo in the middle of it with lubricant before putting it away.

Then, hiding the device behind her back, she approached Ben once more. She knelt once again in front of him. This time she straddled the contraption on the floor resting the well lubricated dildo against her shaved and very wet opening. Then she took him once more in her mouth. As he moaned with pleasure she stroked his anus with her thumb, rubbing the oils all around the opening. He was soon moaning in the pleasure of it.

Jill slowly brought the device from behind her back and substituted its tip for her thumb and continued probing his opening. She slipped just the tip of it into him which resulted in a moan once again. As soon as she felt him relax she pushed a little more. When he tightened up she redoubled her efforts sucking him until he relaxed then pushed a little more in. This way she soon had the full length in him without any real complaint. Then she strapped the clamp around his cock and balls holding it in place, all the while sucking him into oblivion. //

Once it was in place Jill pulled her mouth off of him. She lowered herself slowly onto the dildo until she was soon all the way on it. Ben, watching her, took his cue to push the switch on the arm of his chair and delighted in watching her expression as it began to pulse and vibrate inside her. Jill lost her ability to concentrate as the machine worked her into a frenzy and quickly over the top into an orgasm which brought a breathless scream from her lips. Ben slowed the device but loved having that much of his control back to do that to her. He smiled slyly until Jill quickly reached out and flipped the switch on the forgotten device embedded in his ass. The effect was amazing. Ben threw his head back in pleasure while precum poured from his cock.

Jill took her opportunity and leaned forward to take him into her mouth. Almost instantly she felt him tense up as the orgasm began to build deep within him. He began to moan and struggler against the bonds as it quickly took over his body until he cried out “I’m cummmiiinnnggg” and began to feel her mouth with his semen. She drank most of it but he came so hard and fast with so much that some spilled down her cheek and slid down her breasts while she struggled to keep him in her mouth.

Soon he was begging her to stop. Reluctantly she stopped but he kept squirming and begging even after her mouth was off of him. She soon realized the device was still working away inside him and flicked off the switch. Ben sighed in relief but immediately reached for the switch and turned on the dildo still inside Jill to its highest level. He worked the joy stick in all directions and even though he could not see what it was doing, knew it was having an effect on her.

Jill gasped at the first motion but soon was caught up in the passion. She began to cum almost immediately. She began to scream in pleasure. Then her screams turned to begs for him to stop it. At last he did stop.

Exhausted they cleaned up themselves and the room. Ben bought the house of course, contingent upon an inspection that he and she would need to make at some future time. The owners had balked some about including the play room but the cash for it more than made up for their objections.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32