Primal Instinct Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Journey to Redemption.

The only other person I knew that was still alive was Greggory, the old Baja trainer that had taught Ilya and I. In a world gone mad, with Ilya dead and me just out of prison, not to mention this thing inside me that I still refused to believe, he was the only person I could turn to. His last letter, still in my jeans pocket, had given an inner city gym as his address.

I sighed as I looked at the huge grey building in front of me. The moon was hidden by the dark storm clouds that were racing across the sky, and the only light came by the streetlights lining the road. It was about ten, but Greggory had always trained his kids later, so there was a chance he’d still be in there.

I sighed as the memories of Ilya and I floated across my mind. Greggory had always warned me that Ilya would drag me into whatever hell he had opened. It didn’t matter that he was right, and when I thought about it, it didn’t matter that he knew I wasn’t the same laughing little Russian he had taken under his wing.

All that mattered was that he was still my friend. I spotted his massive frame leaning against the ropes intently watching the fight going on in front of him. Two Americans were fighting one another, and from my cynical eye, still had a long way to go. Greggory’s voice was hoarse with whiskey and old age as he scolded them. I suppressed a smile.

“You Americans won the west? With your guns, and your horses, not your brains! Stop thinking of gun fights with sticks, and start thinking like Bajani! With grace and skill, not force! If my little bears were here, they’d…” My laughter echoed through the gym, and he turned at the sound of my voice.

“Beat the shit out of you and teach you to duck or be belted!” Greggory’s eyes filled with tears, and I looked away as he blinked nearsightedly. I felt my chest constrict as the full realization of my old teacher’s true state crashed home. Time had not been kind.

“Piotr, my bear, how are you? When did you get out?”

I smiled as he threw his arms around me, and thumped him on the back. My smile broadened as I noted that there was still a great deal of strength left in those thick arms of his. “Greggory, good. It has been too long.” Greggory gave a bark of laughter.

“Ha! Six years, too long. Come, come, have you a place to stay?” I shook my head, and failed to duck the hand that cuffed me. “Idiot! Of course you do! Ilya’s old room remains up top.” My eyebrows shot up. Greggory’s smile fell and his expression grew sad. “Ah, well, when the big bear got into trouble, he came to me, as you both should. I gave him a room, and kept it for him. After he died…”

His voice fell. I cleared my throat. “Ilya was never one to think of such things as life or death. In this, if only in this, we should follow him.” Greggory nodded and jerked his chin towards the stairway behind the small office at the front of the gym.

“Ah, of course my little bear. A wiser head on your shoulders now, eh? Very well. Have you a job?” I nodded as I shouldered my pack.

“I go tomorrow. A bodyguard.” Greggory eyed me, but didn’t say anything. He led the way up the top to Ilya’s old room.

My brother kept a sparse place, but it had a huge comfortable looking bed, and a bookshelf. Under the single window was also a small box, filled with assorted trinkets. I moved to the bed and dropped my pack. Greggory watched me as I made my way around the room, and I smiled as I saw Ilya’s favourite book, and strangely, a bible.

I glanced up at Greggory, who shrugged. “I will let you get settled.” I nodded my thanks, and the old man clomped down the creaking stairs. On top of the bible was a set of car keys, and another key chain with a single key on it.

The chain had the word “gym” engraved onto a small metal band. I nodded to myself, and opened the bible, more out of idle curiosity than anything else. Ilya had never been religious. Inside was written, “To battle inner daemons, one must first know their nature. Your friend, Greggory.”

I leafed through the thin pages listlessly, and started when I turned a page to see pages cut out. Inside the hollow lay three packets of money. My shock turned to amazement as I realized they were fifty dollar notes. About three grand all up.

I tucked the money into my wallet and looked around. Ilya’s ghost was thick here, and for some reason, I needed to leave for a while. It just didn’t seem right at the moment. I went downstairs, where Greggory was back at the ring, watching his two young fighters. “I’m headed out, doveritch.” He nodded as I shook the keys at him.

“Is there some sort of bar around that I could get a drink at?” Greggory shook his head.

“I’m too old for such places, little bear. I don’t know.” One of the fighters stepped back from his crouch.

“There’s a nightclub about fifteen minutes walk down the road, man. Girls are a bit on the intense side, but the music’s good and the booze is cheap.” I nodded my thanks and turned to go. Greggory eryamanda yeni escortlar reached out and grabbed my shoulder.

“Hey, little bear. Pick up a girl while you’re out. Six years is a long time.” A smile came and went on my face.

“You’re telling me.”

The Hunter’s Moon was already full and jumping by the time I got there. There was a little trouble at the door as the huge bouncer was feeling belligerent. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you whether it was my cold smile or the other bouncer’s cautioning murmur that forestalled the fight. I didn’t really care which.

I made my way to the bar and called for a beer. Just because I’m Russian doesn’t mean I have to only drink vodka. The girl behind the bar eyed me carefully as I downed it in one go and waved the empty bottle at her for another.

She leaned in so I could hear her over the music. “If you wanna drown your sorrows, that’s fine honey. Just don’t join in on anything, and don’t cause anything.” I smiled at her and inclined my head.

“My sorrows aren’t drowning. They’re just in the back seat while I celebrate freedom.” She nodded in understanding and pulled out another beer. I felt a touch at my arm and turned into a pair of crossed arms. The bouncer from before.

“You crack onto Kaitlin again, and it’ll be your ass, boy.” I shook my head.

“Just because I just got out of prison doesn’t mean I like that. Boy.” His eyes narrowed and he looked away, obviously feigning nonchalance. His fist came forwards, aimed somewhere near my jaw, and slammed into my open hand. I set the beer on the bar as he looked at me in disbelief, then reared back to kick the stool out from under me.

I snaked my other arm around his elbow, and wrenched down. I felt it pop as it dislocated, and he gasped as his head lay on my knee. I snorted and patted his bald head, and leant in close.

“Don’t bite off more than you can chew here, pal. And don’t ruin my night.” I wrenched back up and his elbow cracked back into place. His face was a mask of pain as he met my cold smile and colder eyes. As the bouncer nodded and whimpered, I let him go and swivelled back around. I heard his retreating footsteps as I took another slug from my beer.

As I lowered the rapidly emptying bottle, I met Kaitlin’s eyes. There was something there that wasn’t quite anger and wasn’t quite impressed. “Never seem someone so confidant that they could take a whole security team before.” I shrugged and the beast inside me stirred as my eyes roamed over her.

The black shirt was tight against her top, and her platinum blonde hair shone like a spotlight in the darkness. She wore skin tight moleskins, and they clung to her like silk. My cock stirred and I smiled at her. “Like I said, I just want to celebrate my freedom. Care to join me?” She looked at me with one raised eyebrow.

“Yeah, right. I met you five seconds ago, and besides that, I’m still working.” I shrugged and tilted my empty bottle towards her. She smiled slowly and reached for another. “At least you’re not asking for Cougar and a slice of lemon. That gets old.”

My confusion must have read on my face, because a shy smile came to hers. “Don’t tell me you’re a gentleman in a place like this, coming from where you sound like you just got out of.” I showed my teeth.

“Don’t believe in rehabilitation?”

Her tilted head spoke volumes in sarcasm as she took the lid of my beer. “If you keep drinking like this all night, I’ll be a very busy girl.” My cock stirred again, and a wolfish smile laced my features.

“Hmmm. I suppose this is the part where I try to be gentlemanly and not mention the lovely images that statement evokes.” She laughed.

“At least you have a realistic sense of humour. I’m Kaitlin.” I made a mock bow.

“Piotr. It is a pleasure.” Her eyes darted down back to the door, and the retreating figure of the bouncer.

“It could be.”

The beast in me reared again and I gave an easy laugh. “Ah, the enticement without the availability. The trademark of a skilled bar mistress, or so I’ve been told.” She returned my mock bow and headed down the bar to serve someone else. The club was very busy, and I felt a wave of remorse at having missed six years of parties and playtime during my twenties.

At least I stayed out of trouble in prison. Not that there was too much to worry about. But I did stay out of it. Here? Trouble beckoned me like a man dying of thirst sees a clear blue pond.

I saw a girl dancing on the floor, and her heated look in my direction. I looked back at the bar and saw Kaitlin laughing at something one of the other bar attendants said, and finished my beer. I headed for the dance floor, and was met by the girl with naughty eyes.

Her braided hair swung about her in its own dance as she twisted sinuously to the music. She locked eyes with me, and my cock hardened in her glance. A smile matching her eyes lit her lips as she held out her arms to me. Her lips locked onto my ear as my arms tightened around her waist.

She sincan escort bayan moved her knee between mine and met my eyes. She was wearing contacts, or her eyes were somehow bright yellow, like a cat’s. She rolled her tongue out of her mouth and wiggled the tip towards me suggestively. I leant in close. “Can I help you somehow?”

The girl ground her hips into mine, and my hand caught her ass as she thrust herself against me. “Only if you wanna get out of here and make me scream.” My eyebrows lifted and my surprise was complete. There was something not right about her eyes, and she shot me a challenging look with smouldering eyes.

“You wanna crack the shits over me having a few cupids, or do you wanna crack a fat and slam in into me?” I narrowed my eyes, and gripped her ass. She smiled and held up a finger. On her fingertip was a small pink pill, with a white heart in the centre of it. “Wanna get really fucked up?”

I shrugged. It wouldn’t have been the first time, but I’d never fucked on drugs before. “Cupids?” She popped it in her mouth and swallowed.

“They make you horny, and when you come, oooh,” her tongue slipped out and darted into my ear as her hands reached down to cup my bulge.

“It’s a high like no other.” I nodded, and she gave me one of the small pills. I put it in my mouth and she smiled. As she led me out of the club, Kaitlin dashed up to me and caught my arm.

“Where you off to?” She had a couple of empty bottles in her hand. I leant down to her.

“I’m coming back as soon as I take her home. What time to you get off?” She stared at me for a moment, then her eyes darted to the girl in leather looking back at me. I cupped her jaw and kissed her. She was shocked, but didn’t resist, and after a second, her mouth opened.

I forced my tongue into her mouth, pushing the cupid into her mouth. She leant back and blinked, then swallowed. I felt a rush of heat, and my cock surged against her. She looked down at it, then up at me. I turned and left her there, standing in the middle of the floor.

Outside, the woman in leather pushed me against the back wall of the nightclub and kissed me hard. I bit her tongue, and crushed her breasts in my hands with bruising force. She leant back as I began to knead her breasts through the material of her shirt. Her nose was pierced, as were both her nipples, it seemed.

Her lips were covered in black lipstick, and her eyes were rimmed in black as well. She looked like a vampire, and eyed me lustily as I continued to twist her nipple rings. She shoved a hand down her pants and began to play with herself as I undid my fly.

She shook her head and shushed me, then took her hand out of her skirt and opened my belt. Her eyes went down to my thick meat, and she nodded. “Okay. You’ll do. My place is pretty far, how about yours?” I shook my head, and grabbed her, biting down deep into her shoulder as I undid the clasp holding her skirt up.

“That cupid says I ought to fuck you here and now.” She eyed me for a moment, then dropped to her knees.

“I’ll suck you off here, but you gotta return the favour back home.” I nodded as my cock surged out of my pants and trailed up her cheek.

Her black lined lips opened wide as she enveloped my cock. I grabbed her head and began force feeding her my length. She gagged and I felt something small and spiky drag across the head of my cock. She reached up and cupped my balls as I fucked her face, and one hand slid up the back towards my ass.

I gripped her hair hard as her fingertip tried to move inside me, and clenched my ass cheeks together. She wrenched her head off of my glistening cock, and glared up at me. “That’s all the ass play you’ll get. I don’t do that unless you let me fuck yours first. Fair?”

I shrugged and lifted her up. I reached under her leather skirt and ripped, feeling the lace give way. The girl protested for a moment, then I lifted her up and slammed her down onto my cock. Her eyes bulged and she gasped in a breath.

I turned around and pushed against the wall, sandwiching her between bricks and my thrusting cock. Her legs fell to either side as I pistoned in and out of her, and she began to moan. I leant back, keeping my legs bent to take our weight, and twisted her nipples. Her ecstatic scream echoed off the walls and I grunted as she clenched down onto me.

She wriggled up and down my shaft and began to pant. “Keep twisting, oh…oh my God…oh, you’re so…” I turned away from her exclamations as I twisted her piercings back and forth and fucked her. She melted against the wall as I felt her gush against me.

I looked down in surprise as a huge torrent of juice oozed out of her pussy. I growled as my pants became soaked in it and she passed out. I kept thrusting for a moment, then stopped, feeling like a necrophiliac. I snarled at her, but she was out to it. I took out Ilya’s mobile, and rang for a taxi as I did myself up.

Her panties were ruined, but I pulled down her skirt, ankara escort much to my throbbing cock’s chagrin. I searched in her purse, and found her licence. Carmen. A little girl’s name. I slung her over my shoulder and made for the alley entrance, where the taxi would be. The taxi driver glanced at my soaking crotch and smiled as I threw Carmen in the back seat.

I handed him the girl’s licence and forty dollars. As the car pulled away, I headed for home, to change. As a stepped up the stairway to my bedroom, my thoughts were on Janelle, and my minx lawyer, Karen.

Janelle, Karen’s sister; trophy wife in need of a body guard so she could have a life and feel normal. In my mind, I could see her just as the last time. Suited in white, with a pristine nature all about her, she had strolled into her sister’s office, only to be mentally assaulted by the raging beast that prison had created in me.

My hunger to utterly conquer her had led me to her eyes, whose vivid intensity still rocked me to the core. I remembered the taste of her perfume on my tongue as I breathed her in, and the powerful urges that forced me out of Karen’s office, and straight into Rachel, the secretary.

From there, barely finished, straight back to Karen to satiate my lust. My cock began to pulse again as I thought of my conquests, and the horror of a man that I had become behind the barred windows and stone walls.

I dressed again in my favourite outfit, my dark grey shirt with black outlines across my shoulders, and down my ribs, tucked into dark blue jeans and steel capped boots. I slid Ilya’s deer horn bowie knife into the sheath lying horizontally across the small of my back and rolled my shoulders.

I tried to readjust my cock as it bulged in my jeans, but my hardness wasn’t going to be persuaded. I walked back down to the club, and walked straight past the bouncer with a nod, though he wouldn’t meet my eyes.

Inside, Kaitlin strode up to me boldly as I walked through the crowd. Her chest was heaving as though she was panting. Her breathing made me ache as I leant in close to her. She stretched up on tip toes and her hand slid around my neck. “What the fuck did you give me, Russian?” My smile was predatory as I looked down at her.

“Please, little one, call me Piotr.” Her teeth clenched, and I noticed a thin sheen of sweat covered her brow.

“Fuck that, what did you give me? I just tried to slip my tongue into Giselle, and I’m straight!”

I pursed my lips as she pressed in close to me, moulding her body to mine. The beast in me stirred again, not at all satiated from the little encounter in the alley by a long shot. “Maybe you’re just repressed, kitten. What time do you knock off? I think it would be nice to spend the remainder of the evening with you, if you’re interested.”

She swallowed hard and nodded hastily. Just as we hit the bar, a barman stepped out. “Thanks, Kaitlin. You’re a treasure, baby doll.” His eyes roved over me for a moment, and then his grin widened.

“Hmm, what can I get you, big tall and thick?” My lip curled, and I nodded at Kaitlin.

“Whatever she wants.”

The barman pouted and handed Kaitlin’s bag over to me as she threw her apron over at him. I led the way out of the club as Kaitlin stuck to my arm like glue. She was shivering as we crossed the streets, and I offered her my jacket, but she shook her head vehemently. “Not what I need,” she said through clenched teeth.

My predatory grin flashed again, and she leant in close as we neared the gym. Her hands began to run over my ribs and ass as I unlocked the door and preceded her in, to turn on the lights. She turned as I shut the door, and smiled softly.

She really was quite beautiful, with curly red hair that framed an exquisite face. Her angelic eyes searched my face, and suddenly her eyes were downcast. “I’ve never done this before. Taken someone home from work, I mean.” I smiled at disarmingly, and gripped her hips gently, swaying her towards the stairs.

I reached over and flipped the light switch, then another, bathing my room in the soft glow of the bedside lamp. She followed me upstairs quietly, holding on to the hem of my shirt. I pulled her around in front of me, and her eyes were looking everywhere but at mine.

Her breathing was still rasping out of her throat. She reached down and trailed her fingernails across my waistband, and dipped a hand in to grip my shaft. I gave a low moan, and she smiled. “What did you give me, Piotr? I’ll play nice if you tell me.”

A frown crossed my forehead as I tried to think straight. She squeezed me again, and I kissed her smile. “Cupid. I think.” She nodded, and unbuttoned her moleskins, then slid them down her very silken thighs.

“So you’ve drugged me to date rape me?”

Her hands became a vice around me, and I leaned in to lift her up on to the bed, then lay down on top of her. Her kisses grew more frantic. “We can stop, if you want.” My breath felt like sandpaper over my throat, and my voice was dry. She smirked.

“I’m really in the mood to be fucked senseless at the moment. Why don’t we skip the accusations for the moment?” I nodded, and proceeded to nuzzle her neck. She let slip a giggle, then gasped as I slid my tongue up her jaw line to suckle at her ear.

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