Pretty Daughter

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Big Tits

My parents and I sat in the kitchen awaiting for lunch to be finished. I had a simple life and family. They also placed high value on education. I was homeschooled and was rarely allowed out on my own. My brother, at 20 was going to a university 4 hours away. My mother had been dating Jesse for about 8 months now, and we might not have been close but he made her happy so I didn’t mind sharing the house to practically a stranger.

We were just about to dig into the grilled cheese and fries, when the phone rang. My mom picked it up. “Hello?…yes this is her… What!?… Oh that idiot!… Yes I’ll see if I can drive down tonight… Alright bye thanks.” She hung up and shook her head. “That was the police. Apparently Wilson was caught at a crazy party and they arrested him because some of the students were smoking pot. Sooo they want me to bail him out..and I may have to rent a hotel room…and come back in the morning.”

“Me and Jen will survive, don’t worry.” Jesse chuckled.

“Thanks babe.” They kissed sensually for a long period.

7 hours had passed and I was getting ready for bed. Jesse had left 2 hours earlier to have ang out with friends. Being home alone excited me. I threw on a risqué out fit my friend got me from Vegas a week ago for my 18th birthday. It was a pink and black lace bra with a matching bottom and fish net stockings. I put on some porn and played with my self as I watched on my iPad. I soon fell asleep while master bating off the edge of the bed. As I slept I dreamed that one of the men in one of the videos was pleasuring me. At first he kissed the inside of my thighs. He then gently danced his tongue over my sweet spot, slowly getting rougher and using teeth. I was getting so wet I woke my self. To my horror I looked forward and saw I was not dreaming. Instead of a hot actor, there stood Jesse. I froze, he was probably drunk. When my mom first married, my dad would force her to have sex when he was drunk and would beat her if she refused. I laid still careful to not let him know I was awake. I felt Tepecik Escort violated and extremely uncomfortable but it was just oral, I was a virgin but I’ve done oral before.

He pulled off the rest of my fish nets and lace bottom and he continued to eat me his tongue entered me and drank my fluids from being wet. He pushed me back by my neck until my head was on my pillow. He stood and began to undress. I knew he wasn’t finished, I contemplated running out the door but it was much closer to him, so I continued to act as a ragdoll. He climb onto the bed beside me and with one arm, he held my waist and pulled me against his warm sweating body. The other hand rubbed my clit roughly. I let out a moan on accident. Jesse whispered into my ear “That’s it baby girl.”

Suddenly one finger entered my pussy then 2. I gasped careful not to make a sound. I wanted to run but couldn’t so I clenched my teeth as his hand fingered me without mercy. He was so rough he was actually rocking my body.

Minutes later he got on top of me and bit my breast through my bra. I let out small moans. He then ripped of my bra and sucked them and played with them before placing a wet sloppy kiss on my soft lips. It was then that I realized he didn’t smell of alcohol; he wasn’t drunk, just horny.

I jumped up and ran towards the door. He caught me by the hair and pulled me towards the bed he shook my head aggressively until I was almost unconscious then he laid me over his lap and spanked me hard 18 times making my cheeks purple. I screamed each time. “Why!?!” I managed to yell.

“What you think I actually like your mom she’s psycho!” He pulled my hair back so our eyes can meet. No you, you’ve got a nice body and you’re a virgin.”

“I’m telling mom!”

“No you won’t!” He spanked twice more and I stopped squirming. “You won’t tell her because you know deep down that when you move out in a few months, I’ll be the only thing she has. And you know I make her happy.” I knew this had some truth to it and I didn’t Escort Tepecik want to be the reason my mother was depressed. “Now be a good girl, if you know what’s good for you.”

I listened and let him lay me back with my head against the head board. He spread my legs wide and he spit onto my twat a couple times and rubbed it in. He placed the tip of his rod into me and he stared me in the eyes. I somehow lost my self for a second and noticed besides being a jerk he was very handsome. With his hazel eyes and stubble on his chin.

Then suddenly, he rammed into me, breaking my hymen in one go. I screamed clenching the blanket under me. He then pounded me over and over and over. I could hardly breathe “Stop!…Stop!… Jesse.. please!” He began to choke me.

“That’s Daddy to you!” he released me.

“I’m.. Sorry… Daddy!!” I could feel myself cumming. He continued to ram me as he crushed my breast in his strong hands. Tears shot out of my face and I was hyperventilating.

“And as your punishment this loads going in you!” I could feel his juices filling me up. He waited till he finished and pulled out. He slapped my crying face. “Don’t talk!” Then he left, with me crying, in pain and still trying to catch my breath.

It was hard to fall asleep but somehow I did. I wanted to stay in bed all day but I noticed my moms car out on the drive way so I ran down to find her. The kitchen was empty until Jesse came out of no where. “Your mother is napping Hun.” He smirked. I made no eye contact and stayed silent. He went in back of me and fondled my ass and breasts. He led me to the couch and he sat. “Drop your shorts” he said stern.

“…ok daddy..” Reluctant I did as he said. I dropped my shorts and turned around. He pulled out his member and lowered my under wear. He placed me on his lap and entered my pussy. I was still soar but it didn’t hurt like last time. He humped me and snuck a hand under my shirt to fondle my swollen tits. I moaned quietly. He casually rocked me on his knee Tepecik Escort Bayan and I had to sit there and take it.

All of a sudden the door to his room opened. He rushed to turn on the tv and throw on a blanket over our waist down. My mother appeared. “Yawn.. Hey guys.”

“Hey Hun.” He continued to hump me under the blanket.

“Great to see you two bonding.” She smiled. I tried not to let out a moan and keep a serious face.

“Yeah we’ve been getting along great lately.” He pinched so I nodded to agree.

“Well that’s great!” She came over the couch. “Can I sit?” Me and Jesse look at each other.

“Sure Hun.” Jesse blurted.

“Thanks. Oh and can I have some of your blanket too?” I froze.

“Noo.. It’s kinda small.”

“Ha c’mon Jen!” She lifted the corner and it became a tug of war. My mom won. She pulled it off to expose or actions we both froze.

“Oh Jen why didn’t you just tell me.” She threw the blanket back on. And sat like nothing happened.

“What do you mean mom!? This is bad!”

“Incest? You and Jesse aren’t blood related and we’re not married, and your 18. Nothing’s wrong here.” She smiled and looked back at tv.

“Hear that Jen? We now have permission.” He laid me down with my head on her lap and he began ramming me as my mom paid no attention.

Since then I have had non stop intercourse with Jesse. He didn’t work so every chance he got he would fuck me. We took many showers and baths together, and he carried me around the house on his dick instead of walking. Every piece of furniture, counter or bed was an area for sex.

He had yet impaled me from behind. He said he wanted it to be special. So one night he called my brother to come over. I was told we were going skinny dipping so that’s what I did. I swam around naked. Finally I had a moment of no sex. Then my brother and father jumped in, nude too. My dad placed me over him and did his usual routine, then my brother came from behind and teased me before actually inserting me. I screamed like that first night. They both humped me together and then I realized I would never escape this. So I made out with my dad and moaned as loud as I could, “Yes daddy… More give me more daddy!” I placed my brothers hand on my tits and rotated my hips. The sex was way better when I let myself enjoy it.

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