Prequel: I, Titman

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When I was 21 I had it pretty damn good. I was in my Junior Year at Penn State, making pretty good grades, had a hot girlfriend and a good crew of buddies. I was a pretty lucky guy, because on this Branch Campus of Penn State, there were like 5 guys per girl and most of the gals weren’t very pretty. My girlfriend was awesome. She made me awesome since I was one of the “lucky” guys who had a gal on campus.

We met early in Junior Year and we were pretty much a couple right away. We seemed perfect for each other. Both of us were part of the “nice college kids” stereotype where both our parents were proud of us and we had decent futures ahead. Kathy was medium height and lean with a hot ass, brown-black hair, a “to die for” face and practically no tits. I am a titman at heart, and Kathy always knew the word “boobs” would make me turn my head. I never cheated on her ever, but every now and then she got crazy for my eye wanderring.

This particular night we were watching TV and I was rubbing her back and neck. We were both drinking and I was really giving her a good backrub. She had gotten a bit pissed at me earlier today because I couldn’t keep my eyes off some cleavage while I was talking to a girl I work with. So I was relaxin her a bit in anticipation of pounding her pussy later.

As is typical with Kathy, that wasn’t too long. She was really wanting my dick bad that night. By five o’clock I was watching her suck my cock with her normal enthusiasm. Kathy is still, in my history, the most eager cocksucker I’ve ever met. She really didn’t give me a lot of opportunity to eat her out and get good at eating her pussy. She didn’t expect me to eat her, and she didn’t want me to eat her. She just loved to suck my cock. I was spoiled. She loved for me to feed her my cock, and when she was drunk enough, I could easily fuck the hell outta her mouth and she’d just dig it. She’s the only girl who could regularly swallow my whole cock, and she loved it.

She told me to lie down and she grabbed my ass in the way that I knew what was gonna happen next. As Kathy started to hug my ass and force my whole cock down her throat, I tweaked her nipples a bit and really drove her wild. She may not have had size to her tits, but damn were they sensitive. I started to guide her up and down my cock for long slow strokes by tugging her nipples down for a 5 second “suck it in” move. Then I’d grab her hair and pull her offa my cock in a 10 second upstroke. It was so fucking incredible. Once she got to where there was only 4-5″ left in her mouth, she’d “look up” into my eyes so sexy I’d be in heaven thinking she’s mine. Then my head would hitting that smooth part of the back of the roof of her mouth before her throat. She’d work and twirl my head in that soft spot, all the while giving me loving goo goo eyes. She was sucking so hard that she made it seem like a fight to pull it out. And to her it was. She really wanted my cock in her, but she knew how to make me into an animal. She learned that it is best to get herself worked up so when I finally enter her she is a maximum juiciness. It seemed if I ate her out or fingerred her she’d just want kaçak iddaa my cock sooner, but if she snacked on my cock a bit we’d last a while longer and have a better, longer lasting fun time.

So with a gal like that, you can see how easy it is for a titman to stay hooked on a girl with no boobs. And even tho she doesn’t have boobs, she has extremely sensitive nipples. I told her I was about to come and she gave me a little of a break as she just went up and down on my whole cock like some ditzoid robotic porn queen. I got to the classic standing blowjob position with her on her knees. Since my cock is a little wide and sort of oval shaped, when she’s got her mouth stretched around it her mouth is shaped in a big smile. It’s so pretty just reaming her mouth with her smiling, and I told her.

I grabbed her hair and started to stroke her slow but firm. She loved it when I made my own pace. It’s like she enjoyed the challenge to not be in control of my dick. I told her that I want to really fuck her mouth so I put her on her back on her bed with her neck at the edge. She got all wild eyed as she knew what was coming. Her head was thrown back over the edge so I could feed her my cock at my pace and she could just enjoy getting her mouth stroked. Each time I stroked in, she’d do whatever she could with her tongue, but when I stroked it out she sucked really hard like she was starving to keep it in her mouth.

I squatted over her head and dropped my balls to her mouth and she started to suck them and roll them as I rolled her nipples in my hands. Man, I was loving life. I told her I was gonna cum and she just wrapped her hands around my waist and ass and REALLY started to work my balls. By the time I came my nuts almost hurt from Kathy letting me almost come then not bring me off. She was swirling my sack around in her mouth. I was impressed, since when I pack a super hard on like this my nuts sack is usualy stretched so tight my balls are firmly on each side of my dick and NOT hanging. Finally, I swear I shot like some dude in a porno movie, and dropped a stringy gob from nipple to bush.

So hear I am, just shot my load, knees quaking, barely able to stand, and Kathy grabs the base of my cock both hands and puts the head in her mouth. Remember, she’s lying on her back, so the angle is just right to fuck her throat all the way down with long slow strokes. But I just came about the strongest I ever did in my life and my knees were jelly. My hand dropped to support me on bed, and my dick is still in her mouth. My cock ain’t limp, but it ain’t hard either. She just start’s swirling the end it in her mouth and milks another separate orgasm out. Man she is good. But she just kept on sucking and my now smaller, softer head is just sorta ticklin the back of her throat while part limp and all the way in her mouth. She sucked air in around my cock and it sorta popped over the airpipe and slides just a little in her throat while limp.

HOLY MOLY. I guess it was just one long cum blast with a 2 minute delay and another 1 minute delay cause there I went again. I popped a little load right there and I guess that since it was not a kaçak bahis cock of steel rammed down her gullet Kathy lost her composure and gagged a little when I came this time. Well, I was like 21 or 22, and in best shape of my life. I had a totally devoted girl who is a cock hungry beauty, so I guess it ain’t all that farfetched. But damn, was I spent. Kathy is up catching her composure, and that in and of itself is a hoot. She was making sure she looked OK and that she didn’t make a mess when she “slipped” and it’s funny to watch.

Of course, Kathy was still energetic, anxiously awaiting her chance to suck my cock back to glory and fuck the night away. She scored a coupla beers and we sat down in front of the TV. We alternated showers (it was a small shower) and got cleaned up for a lazy night with some studying and mostly fun. Her housemates weren’t here, so we had the whole house to ourselves, with the occasional stop overs by her friends, etc. I think we were watching MASH and I was giving her a rubdown just waiting for people traffic to die down when I grabbed a little vegetable oil from cabinet and took it out to the TV. I made the rubdown a little more therapeutic as opposed to sexy since there was so much people traffic. It was Thursday night, early evening, and a lot of people scheduled light Fridays.

Kathy was looking hot in denim cutoffs and a T Shirt and I was basically in same. The cutoffs were loose so I could reach under them nicely. I rubbed her all over, working her muscles thru whatever rerun sitcom we used to watch if we needed a study break. Finally the horniness overcame me and I began a very complete rubbing of the thigh and really worked her pussy with my fingers. She became ultra hot and I wanted real bad to eat her. I really wanted to. And, since I get laid all the time and never want for it, I can get my way. I just insisted I wanna eat her one percent as good as she sucks me every day. And I just want to do it once… It’s early evening, you know? What’s the rush?

Poor me. I had to settle for 69, and I was eating her out pretty hard, trying to gauge her reaction and basically learn how to do it. I really hadn’t eaten much pussy. It’s weird. So all I could really fathom is that if I got to the bottom of her pussy, or to her ass, she got extra loud and hot.


So Kathy is working my cock completely with her tongue and lips, out of her mouth, and telling me she wants me doggie style. She’s telling me again and again. Here I am on my side laying next to her trying to eat some pussy, learn a little something and she’s gotta have my cock. I tell her to just relax and it’ll come. We roll over to classic me on my back 69 and I grab her ass cheeks hard and hear a little whoop outta her as I jam my tongue into her asshole and a finger into her pussy. Everything goes in just fine and dandy as she’s so wet, but her asshole is a bit tight. She’s now less wild. She’s setting up her position and arching her back a little more.

Hmm. If this were Scooby Doo I’d say that’s a clue. I grabbed her asscheeks in “real man grab” mode as she begins to put my dick in her mouth and I tongue all up between illegal bahis her slit and her asshole as she is arching her back and exposing all for me to do as best I can. She is now honking down hard on my dick and is rooted and squirmin a bit on my cock, which is like totally stuffing her mouth and strokin like 3-4″ of throat. Thank god she could breath as I wouldn’t want to lose her. I stick a finger in her ass and my thumb in her pussy and I sorta brush ’em together thru the skin. Man my dick goes all the way in and her tongue is doing weird things I thought she couldn’t really do while her face is stuffed. Well, I think she’s ready.

I roll her over, and even though she wants it doggie style, I just get on top of her, root it till I think I got it in up to my knees, and get nose to nose all lovie dovie and kiss her good. I ain’t fucking her yet. I am just kissing her and letting her groove on my rod as I kiss her with my full weight on her. She’s getting all wild eyed and talking sweet and I begin some long slow strokes and just flip her over, arch her back and plant it in her doggie style in a slow groove.

Well, it’s no slow groove that we want, and I fall forward on my hands and get a little faster power and rhythm going. Man we screwed around for like 5 minutes, switching angles every now and again… It was sweaty and fun. I started grabbing her chest region (remember she has no tits) and massaging around there anyway, working her nipples and her flesh around there, little tho it is. She’s getting hotter than ever, really arching her back and we get to our more typical doggie style where I am slow jamming with two handfuls of ass cheeks. She is loving the slow jam, really talking to me now. She’s not talking dirty to me, but she is describing how I am fucking her. It’s really hot. She’s arching her back real wild and now her face is just flopped out on a cheek on the bed with her ass in the air. Her eyes are glazed over and she’s starting to get a little loud. I regrab her as with my thumbs near her asshole and she goes nuts. Her back bends a little more, her knees bend a little more, and her legs spread a bit more and I find that I am stroking her deeper than I ever had before.

Hmmm. Just at the point I am expecting to see a blue paw print on her ass hole and hear a bunch of voices saying “A clue!!! A clue!!! Fuck her asshole” I notice that Kathy starts saying something like “… some girls like it better because it’s tighter …” and that shit. Well. I always thought about it but never really was dying for a buttfuck. So I rammed her slit good from her new position to shut her up.

So now with each stroke the words “I’ll do anything you want” are forced out of her mouth and I am in heaven. I am hearing stuff like “Take me” and “Never Stop”. I’d been at this point with 2 other girls before and I knew this was going to be fun. This gal is at the point where she is my fuck machine, and she wants it even more. I fucking slam her with full body weight and she screams. I came like a wild man, deep in her as she starts to come back to the real world gasping “I love you baby”, “Anything you want…”, “Take my ass” and all that over and over.

I tell her I want her to drag her nipples over my body as she gives me her next blowjob. Simple request. Oddly enough, it leads to a fight.

To Be Continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32