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Your face, if it could be so, is even more beautiful, more handsome now.

I continue into the room, careful to be silent. I set my things down, and shrug out of my light jacket, letting it fall soundlessly across the back of the chair.

Unzipping the dress I’m wearing, slowly, ever mindful of not waking you, I let it slide down, til it pools at my feet. Stepping out of it, now wearing only my bra and panties, I kneel beside the bed.

Carefully, slowly, I pull back the light blanket and sheet covering you, watching your face, gauging the expression. Hoping you stay sleeping long enough for what I would like to experience. Pleased that you are naked beneath, I smile as I see exactly what I wanted to: Your cock; soft, hooded within the silken foreskin, lies between your thighs, nestled in the surrounding, golden pubic hair. It’s not often that I see it this way, so I just look a while, partly loathe to disturb your slumber, but mostly because I find it fascinating, arousing, this way. I love to think of ways to explore, to experience you, and this is still so new to me. I stifle a nervous chuckle, knowing the exact expression I would encounter were you awake: A fond, amused smile, your eyes bright and sharp with desire even so.

I can see the bulbous shape of your cockhead within its sheath. I change the angle of my view, trying to see inside the opening at the tip, realizing how much I want to push the tip of my tongue within that cloak of soft flesh to taste, to coax it out to play. I find myself swallowing, aware now that I am salivating. I lean over you, hovering close, my lips mere millimeters from the shrouded tip, parted, a barest hint of warm breath might be all that you feel.

My eyes flick to your face, reading no sign of wakefulness, yet. Smiling to myself, secretively, I inhale through my nose, catching your scent. An inward, unheard growl of hungry desire is felt throughout my being. My upper teeth scrape at my lower lip, catching it softly there as I nuzzle the tenderest flesh of you, not touching, merely taking the heat from your outer covering, my breath, my own warmth the only contact, just yet, and caressing every bit of you with it, from the root where it disappears amidst the tangle of hairs, out over the tip, and beneath to your balls.

Barely, I contain the urge to go at you with all the enthusiasm now rising, clamoring within me. No, now is a gaziantep escort bayan time for patience, a time to savor this. My eyes drink you in, my lips absorb the heat of you, my nostrils bring your scent to my soul, my ears attuned to your unique breath patterns. I deny my sense of taste, just now, though I run my tongue over the surfaces of my mouth in anticipation. My fingers long to stroke you, my lips to kiss the silk-robed cock I crave so.

I lift my head for a time, content to watch your face, your chest rising and falling evenly, your head turned to one side, snoring quietly. Smiling, again, finding myself quelling a desire to move right up and kiss you awake, I look at your hands. One lying alongside your hip, the other tucked up beneath the pillow under your head. I love your hands.

I’ve always had a “thing” about arms and hands. Something about them implies the veined strength of manhood normally kept clothed. My panties are dampening, clinging to my pussy. Cupping myself much as you do, absorbing the heat, there, then bringing that palm to my face, fingers splayed over nose and below my eyes, inhaling my scent.

I hold that hand then below your nose and mouth, letting you draw in that same scent, hoping to sweeten your dreams just before I wake you.

I also know I’d better move to the enjoy my explorations before you waken, knowing how swiftly your cock fills and forsakes its covering. I kneel again, beside you, hovering over you, my mouth again open, my tongue waiting just behind parted lips.

My lips surround the tapered tip, my tongue slips into the opening. I suckle so gently at the folded flesh, my tongue alive with the intense taste found inside and around the tip of your cock. I stifle a heated moan, my eyes lidded, watching you as you rouse, my senses now completely awash with you.

Even now your cock fills, stiffening, thickening, the space inside growing smaller, my tongue greedily, hastily probing every part of it, then flicking foreward and back swiftly at the bit of connective tissue just beneath the head as it pushes forth to meet me. I taste your precum as it drizzles out, the moans of pleasure mingled with happy gasps of breath taken through my nostrils, so intent my mouth upon devouring you as to forego breathing.

I let my hand encircle the shaft at its base, with soft, downward stroking motions, smiling around you as I feel the smoothness of your recently shaven shaft, knowing why you did this. So aroused by that thought, as in everything you do for me, with me…to me.

Opening my eyes, knowing you’ve wakened, I find your gaze, the expression there somewhere between euphoria and spontaneous combustion. I hold that gaze, letting the meeting of our eyes flare with intensity unmatched, feeling its heat throughout eternity, knowing there is no more suited mate for my passions.

Climbing onto the bed, I kneel between your thighs, my hands now at either side of your hips on the bed to support the weight of my upper body, and crouch down, my mouth the only contact on you, holding your shaft erect as I mouthfuck you. My lips tight around you, they slip past the crown with a pop, making me think of how your cock sinks into my tight ass ring, how that grip, that clenching is felt throughout me, and the filling pressure behind, the way your heat slides along my inner walls, the way your thrusts bring that pressure to repeated crescendos. How hard I cum when you fuck my ass.

I lift a hand again to encircle the shaft, letting you see, sweeping my hair aside with the other hand so you can watch as I lick at your cock like an ice cream, but with infinitely more pleasure. I kiss the head, then, my lips round, working apart and then closed, suckling softly then pushing it from my mouth, imitating the way my mouth works when we kiss. Slurping gently, with more enthusiasm, letting my lips ride down your shaft, loosely at first, then tightening, maintaining suction, alternating it, my moans vibrating the shaft, the breath from my nostrils blowing on the wet skin of your fucktool.

I can’t help but push my free hand into my panties, my middle finger delving instantly into the needy opening, coated now with my slick juices. The pressure, the friction of my hand over my clit force me beyond the edge. I cum around my finger, my lips now paused around your shaft, my cries of ecstasy muffled by its presence in my mouth. Every muscle in my body heaves with pleasure. I withdraw my hand, and show you my slick fingers, drawing them beneath your nose, but not letting you have but just a taste, loving the groan that elicits, the subsequent tightening of your shaft in my mouth.

My hand now moves down beneath your balls, I spread my knees to push your thighs apart. My slick fingers push over your tight sphincter, coating you with my wetness, driven wild by thoughts of you doing this to me, knowing how good this is, knowing your response will inflame me further, even on the heels of orgasm. My fingertip rests there, where the opening will be as you relax to me, a slight wiggling urging it so, my eyes watch your expression as I increase the pressure, the combination of lubrication and pressure, the sensations of near release relaxing the grip of your ass.

Your cock spreads, lifting, the increase in size and girth noticeable, also the reaction as I push my finger further in and curve it gently, wiggling it within your opening, being tender and yet knowing these smallest of motions translate hugely there. My eyes watch you with the sheer satisfaction and wild heat of a jungle cat at a bloodfeast.

Your grunts of pleasure build fires in me, that quickly devour my self control. I let my finger push into you to the second knuckle. Curving that finger forward, stroking, thrusting, twisting slowly inside you. The first spurt of your cum floods my mouth and I swallow reflexively, then back my lips from your cock to let your cream fly in ropes over my face, my mouth open to catch the spray, arching my back to catch some along the tops of my breasts.

Bending my head to place my mouth over your cock again, sealing around the crown, I drink the rest, my eyes never leaving yours. I let my finger work out of you in thrusts, each one a little shallower than the last, in sync with your convulsing muscles, listening still to the strangled gasps and groans of your orgasm, knowing then that I can’t possibly rest until I cum again, and knowing exactly what I want in that regard.

I lift my lips from you, my face still covered with your cum, whispering, “Ohhh, baby….that was goooood…so good. Thank you for cumming for me so I could drink it, so I could wear it…I love to fuck you while I suck your cock….love to watch you cum. You are beautiful….to me….Mmm.” I lick at my lips, reaching as much of your cum as I can, trailing my fingertip through it and letting my tonguetip clean it much as it does your cock.

I moan wantonly and then crawl up your body to kneel over your shoulders, spreading my thighs to display the sodden panties to you, to tease your senses, hoping….whispering to you, “I want you to eat my pussy, lover….fuck me with your tongue, suck my clit….kiss my hole….god, baby….just saying it….so….horny…..” My hips slide up, forward and back over your mouth and nose. Your expression, your response exactly as I hoped….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32