Preggo at the Party Pt. 02

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Preggo at the Party, Pt. II: Creating a Home

It’s Mark here, back to detail some more expectant exploits. After our hook-up in the quad, Jenny did indeed move in with me, three days ago now. Just two days after our first night together, as a matter of fact: she was fairly desperate to get out of the sorority house, and I could hardly blame her. It was so noisy and crowded there, and she felt alienated from everyone else due to her pregnancy. She needed a more relaxed, affirming atmosphere, and I’m thrilled to be able to provide it.

So, through the semester’s final exams in a bit over a month, Jenny will be staying with me prior to going to stay with her parents in preparation for the birth. I’ll get to experience her pregnancy from about 7 1/2 months to 8 1/2 months; I am beyond delighted. Given the privacy we’ll have and the fact that she’s explicitly told me she wants my cock in her as much as humanly possible, I’m guessing we’ll have many more sexual exploits like our first dalliance in the quad.

Jenny likes to hang around the apartment fully nude, pretty much all the time. I can’t think of anything about which I’d be less likely to complain. It’s sort of the opposite of having felt stuck in her sorority house bedroom for the last 5 months or so, now showing herself off constantly rather than hiding herself constantly. She prefers I stay naked, too, partially to feel like we’re staying nude together, partially to make sure she knows when my dick’s ready for entry.

As she assured me on our first night together, she wants my dick in her pretty much constantly. I get my refractory periods as breaks between sessions of fucking. More often than not, she doesn’t really want to take advantage of the breaks: I use my hands, mouth, and/or toys (when nothing but penetration will do) to satisfy her needs in these situations.

Her Body

I hadn’t had too much of a chance to take in her pregnant glory during our largely dark first sexual encounter; her near-constant nakedness more than makes up for that. Jenny’s a petite young woman, 5’2″ and thin all over, even when approaching month 8 of her pregnancy. She shows off the new “thickness” (her words) of her hips and ass with obvious pride, even happily pointing out the handful of stretch marks pocking her waist. I never would’ve guessed these parts of her body were pregnancy-assisted, as they still look so thin and delicate to me. Apparently, they’d been even thinner before. Her ankles and feet, though, are very clearly swollen, in puffily stark contrast to the rest of her slight features.

Her breasts have “doubled” during the pregnancy, another fact that surprises me. They’re quite modest in size, even would be for a non-preggo. They have that perky, doesn’t-require-a-bra look some smaller-chested ladies possess. Her nipples sort of curve and point upward, surprising to see in milk-producing breasts, usually heavier and starting to droop somewhat. She loves to squirt her milk all over the place, just for kicks. Her nipples, unlike her breasts as a whole, do look like they belong on a pregnant girl: they’re puffy and a very dark shade of brown.

Untended and unkempt like that of so many heavily pregnant folks, her pubic hair is a significantly lighter shade of brown than her other hair. It’s pleasantly soft to the touch. Maybe I can help trim down there, really get intimate with that area, if she trusts me enough to let me help tend her cute bush? I’d be honored.

Jenny is very classically “all belly” in her maternal physique, at the moment looking as if she swallowed a basketball. She hardly registers as pregnant beyond the belly, and is definitely not evidently expecting from behind. The bump has a faint linea nigra running from top to bottom; we’re both hoping it darkens more, as it’s a really fun little preggo detail we both find sexy. Visible only from a very close perspective is a central line of light (nearly blonde), soft fuzzy hair, a little wider than the linea. Her navel is just starting to be an outie, registering to the touch as little more than a large pimple.

The skin of her bump is super soft, but it’s extremely firm if you press into it even the slightest bit. It’s a truly fascinating thing to explore. Different parts are firmer or softer below the surface, largely due to wherever the baby happens to be hanging out at the moment. I love tapping the baby-occupied spaces to feel the baby move in response. Patting the belly with my palm is fun, too, the soft slapping sound turning both of us on for whatever reason. Squeezing is fun, though it’s hard to get much of a handful of her lean midsection. Massaging and rubbing are probably my favorite actions to perform on the bump: they feel respectful, deferential to the miracle of her baby bump.

I love pushing in on the bump, testing the amount of give to it despite its divine firmness. Consistently, I chicken out in my exploration well before Jenny has any sort of complaint about possible discomfort. She’ll then push much, much further into her belly than I ever would, clearly without a hint of pain or anything like it. I find iskenderun seks hikayeleri this sexy as all hell; she’s definitely noticed how much it turns me on when she manhandles herself, as she’s used it to convince me to fuck her (on the exceedingly rare occasions I need any convincing) more than once now.


Once or twice daily, Jenny tells me it’s time to “tend to the bump.” She provides six or seven different products, and I apply each of them in turn. The ingredients of the various formulated-specially-for-pregnancy lotions/ointments/etc. tend to be in the arena of cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, baby oil; things like that. The Burt’s Bees belly butter is her favorite, and always functions as the closer of the routine.

She’s very specific about the technique I use, as she doesn’t want me to miss a square inch of the flesh she wants moisturized. I massage firmly starting at her navel and tightly spiraling out, all the way to the sides of her waist; down to her pubic hair; and all the way up to completely cover her breasts, with special attention always paid to her engorged nipples. I love every fucking minute of this exquisitely-involved ritual.

After two days of this routine, I broach the subject of another moisturizer I might offer her before I start with the usual products. I’ve always fantasized about bumpjobs (rubbing my dick against a pregnant belly until I cum, FYI), especially about completing them by shooting my load onto the bump. I want my cum to be added to the regular rotation of belly moisturizers. She balks at my suggestion. “You want to rub your cock all over my baby bump then drip your gross sperm all over this miracle?!” She’s pissed; I’m instantly regretful. Then she smiles. “That’s hot as fuck, Mark. Let’s do this.” She genuinely got me.

As she’s already laying down awaiting moisturization, it’s easy enough for me to sidle up next to her, my crotch adjacent to her bump. I’m hard within a few seconds of her starting to play with my dick, anticipation of what’s to come driving me wild. She holds my erection down into herself as she strokes, her bump pushed in by the pressure she applies by at least a half inch. As turned-on as I’ve ever been, I shoot my load all over her belly within about 45 seconds. Exaggeratedly (but much to my appreciation), she moans as she rubs the pearls around, coating her entire midsection in shiny white stickiness.

A playful look crosses her eyes. “I think I can add one more thing to the mix, if you don’t mind,” she says, already aiming and squeezing her right breast. Milk shoots out and onto the already-messy bump. I start rubbing the milk in right away, her stickiness increasing exponentially. She rubs her clit as I do so, grabbing a bit of the sticky solution with her fingers periodically (not a great lubricant, but hot nonetheless). After cumming exceptionally loudly, she stands up and heads to the bathroom, translucent white mess dripping an arousingly disgusting path to the shower.


Jenny’s 8 months along now, and her belly has definitively dropped. It’s low enough to cover two-thirds of her mons pubis, and I absolutely love it. It’s heavier, wider, rounder, protrudes more: all-around fantastic progress over the past few weeks. The linea nigra has even darkened considerably, just as we’d hoped. I can’t keep my hands off her (or dick out of her), but there are still these dang finals to study for, and neither of us can afford to fuck up on our tests…

She had an idea for a system we could use. If she rode me cowgirl-style, we could conceivably both have our hands free to hold study materials. We could quiz each other mid-coitus. “But all that bouncing won’t help anything…” she mumbles mid-explanation, clearly still working some of the details out in her head. “Oh!” she exclaims after a few moments: “Viagra!” We order some cheap knock-off Viagra online (after safety research, of course) and, out of sheer impatience, pay the outrageous overnight shipping fee. It arrives, and she hands me a pill and a glass of water after furiously tearing open the packaging. I pop and drink obligingly.

In 15 minutes and with no external stimulation, I’m almost painfully erect. We’re both naked already, so she knows when the time’s come and gestures toward the bed with her head. I lay down, cock sticking up at the straightest possible angle. Heaving her heavy self up with an audible groan, Jenny mounts my rock-hard dick slowly, her hands lifting her belly out of the way as she maneuvers herself downwards. I’m fully ensconced in her beautifully wet and tight pussy, and she’s sitting motionless on my crotch, bump now released and resting on my lower abdomen.

She grabs my study materials to test me, and vice versa. With her limiting her movements to a few centimeters back and forth every minute or so, she’s able to keep my hard cock inside her for 40 minutes on our first try. She comes four times in this period: once every 10 minutes or so will become standard for her. We continue this practice three or four times a day as our exams approach. Two days in, I’m lasting 90 minutes, then exploding with the most powerful orgasms I’ve had in my life. Studying has never been this fun. She gets all A’s; I get 4 A’s and a C (not even preggo sex was able to increase my interest in Microeconomics).

The day after we receive our passing grades we fuck hard and fast, nudely spooning afterward with my arms cradling Jenny’s belly. “What’s the thing you most love about preggos?” she asks me coquettishly, her voice a bit more breezy than the substantial question at hand might call for. I think for a minute or so before I answer. “If I have to boil it down to one uniting concept, it’s probably the loss of bodily control.” She whips her head around to stare at me with a horrified look on her face. “Really?!?! You get off the most from watching me struggle?!” I shake my head and kiss her on the cheek before starting my response.

“No, sweetie, it’s really not like that. A little like that, I guess; but not as bad as it sounds. I mean, all of your body’s growing and swelling and such is out of your hands, right? Your body’s just doing it’s thing, it’s a natural process you don’t consciously control. It all basically flows from that idea, I think. The growth is hot, even when it gets so extreme that your belly knocks things over, you can’t stand up on your own, you waddle everywhere. And this lack of control brings all the exhaustion, aches, GI issues, constant peeing.

“So, yeah, those become a little attractive in the grand scheme, too. Your energy is stolen from you, the calories you personally take in through your mouth and throat go to building a new person that hijacks your body and grows within you before exiting your body when it damn well pleases. I don’t know, it’s all just part of the same out-of-control hotness. If the bump is sexy, at some level it kind of makes your swollen, achy ankles sexy, too. You fuck once and nature’s greatest miracle completely takes the wheel for 9 damn months. Am I totally nuts?”

She’s been looking away from me this whole time, and she rejects the eye contact I try to establish now that I’ve finished my monologue and sat up. Finally, she turns around and meets my gaze. “Wow,” she says after several silent moments. “Just…so fucking hot, Mark. So fucking hot. I know you weren’t talking long enough to get hard again yet, but…I may just keep your cock in my mouth so I know the moment I can use it again. You’re free to touch my cumbersome, exhausted pregnant ass to your perverted heart’s content.” I can’t get enough of this woman.

Jenny decides to stay with me at the apartment for another two weeks, cutting her prep time with her parents before the baby comes in half. We just really need a little bit more time together. It’s all bittersweet, now, knowing how soon our little nude preggo dream will end.

The Quad, Redux

Jenny’s 8.5 months pregnant, and it’s an amazing condition to see her in. The bump drops ever further, the power of gravity grasping my imagination substantially more sexually than it ever had before. Resting just an inch or so above the top of her vulva, the belly pretty much eclipses her unkempt pubic forest nowadays. Not wanting to miss out on any part of her anatomy, I frequently lift the bump out of the way to get a glimpse of that curly, light brown hair (made more voluminous by pregnancy…or so she says, as she continues to leave it completely untended).

As it stretches out in every direction, the bump now goes high enough to knock her modest (though less and less modest these days…) breasts to either side as they rest several inches down her belly. They’re heavier these days, filling increasingly with milk. Continuing to inflate everywhere, she’s pleasantly plump where, even at our initial meeting mere weeks ago, she’d still been petite and slight (besides the whole “engorged pregnant belly” aspect that she’d already been rocking pretty hard). I don’t think she retains the “all-belly” moniker I’d have applied to her even two weeks ago; it’s all just spectacularly curvy and sexy.

She’s rounder and rounder and sticks out further and further, of course. With the amount of physical examination of Jenny I indulge in, I truly can see the daily progress of her pregnancy, and it is truly magnificent. I feel privileged to bask in her nude glory through so much of her maternal majesty, not to mention all the things she likes me to do to her beyond passively basking in her glow. Penis-in-vagina intercourse has become more and more challenging given the maternal bulge, but I’ve become quite adept at eating her out while I hold the belly over my head with both hands. And as long as I can cum onto her glorious midsection, she needs to do little else to keep me giddily satisfied.

On one of our last nights together before she moves out, we decide to put on clothes for once and revisit the area of the quad at which we had our first sexy dalliance. “Full circle, I guess,” Jenny says of the plan, more than a hint of melancholy evident in her voice. She puts on a spaghetti-strapped black tank top from early in her maternity shopping, which stretches down only to an inch above her popped navel. Her lime green exercise skirt extends just an inch or two below her hanging belly, hugging her enhanced ass cheeks most alluringly in back. Black-and-white striped flip-flops round out the three articles of clothing she’s willing to don for our outing (no underwear whatsoever, of course). We’re not planning on running into anyone, obviously, but if we were I’d be pretty damned convinced of her preggo exhibitionist leanings. No judgement: I’d flaunt it if I had it, too.

It’s a Sunday night and we arrive there at 1:30 in the morning (okay, a Monday morning, technically); it is every bit as silent, just as devoid of others as it had been the night we started this amazing relationship of ours. We sit on the same bench we did last time, her tank top hiking up 4 inches north of her belly button and skirt concealed entirely by the bump resting on her lap halfway to her knees: she’s so very modest in her delicate condition. She takes my hand and places it squarely on the firm top of the bump, right where the baby is located within her. I love that. She rubs both sides of the belly with her hands, groaning softly with the delights of touch on her tautly-stretched skin.

“Oh, Mark,” she begins. “It’s only been 6 damn weeks since we met!?!? How is that even possible?! It feels like it was last night and 5 years ago all at once. It’s probably been the best month and a half of my life, in all honesty. So great being with you. I’m just…I’m so, so grateful to you, Mark. Thank you. For everything. I feel like you saved me. From my oppressive room at the sorority, from embarrassment and shame, from my low self-esteem. And you shared your home with me so generously. You’re a really great person, Mark. I just want you to know that. Do you know that?”

Blushing, I nod my head hesitantly. “Sure, I know it.” It’s easier to give in to her excessive compliments than it is to fight her, I’ve learned, uncomfortable though it all still makes me. “I…well…I love you, Jenny, to put it concisely and bluntly. I really love you.” She’s beaming. “I love you, too, Mark. A lot.” A heavy pause ensues. “Now, mushy shit aside, I’m going to sit forward a bit on this bench, spread my legs, and get eaten out vigorously by you, my love.” Her crotch flush with the edge of the seat and short skirt lacking underwear beneath it, kneeling in front of her to eat her out is easy. And her swollen, sensitive pussy makes it no problem at all to bring her to climax three times in under five minutes. Penetrative sex may be difficult at this point in the pregnancy, but the oral is picking up the slack quite satisfactorily.

I finish and sit to her right again, my left hand joining her hands on the taut bump, still rising and falling heavily in her post-climax breathing. The quad is as silent as it was 6 weeks ago, a look around confirming just how alone we are there. She rests her head on my shoulder, her speech slow and near-slurred in the opiate-like afterglow of multiple orgasms. “I know it’s difficult, but this may be our last opportunity, so…can we fuck, please? Penis in vagina? Can we just get naked and do it on the grass?” I nod enthusiastically, already undoing my pants as she rips her tank top off.

I’m on my back on the grass, my cock hardening in Jenny’s mouth. Once I’m fully erect she heaves her massive belly up with both arms, carefully lowers herself onto the cock, and lets the bump fall. It currently protrudes so far that her outie is resting halfway between my nipples and chin. An amazing sight to behold, and easily the thing I like to touch most in the entire world. She barely has to bounce at all, bringing me to shoot inside her within 90 seconds, tops. She gets off riding me quickly before I go completely flaccid, then carefully dismounts and lays on her back next to me as she lazily plays with the cum dripping out of her. We spend several minutes laying there nude, heavily breathing in the pleasantly cool night air.

She’ll be leaving for her parents’ place in two days. This was a pretty great sexual sendoff, I think. Regardless, I’m quite sad considering her imminent departure.

The Future

It’s the evening before Jenny’s moving out. We’re both fully clothed, which is, as you know, very out of character for us. Jenny is packing her things up and I’m pretending to be busy on my laptop. I’m fucking miserable, and I think I’m reading similar vibes coming from her. I can’t stand it and finally feel compelled to break the apartment’s heavy silence.

“This is terrible, Jenny.” She stops packing and turns to me, heavily plopping her preggo form on the bed to give me her full attention. “Last night we said ‘I love you’ to each other, and now you’re leaving my life? I can’t deal with this coming to an end. It’s just not okay. I still have another year of school and didn’t expect to be a father at this moment, but…I really think we can make things work, sweetie. I mean, it’d be easy for us to get a two-bedroom if we pool our resources. You can stay at home with the baby while I work and finish school, right? Then I can take care of the baby while you finish school and work. It’ll be hard, but we can be together. Let’s keep this party going, Jen.”

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