Pornographic Eyes

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We met under unusual circumstances. I was out walking Fred, my Corgi, and had ventured fairly deep into the wild part of the city park when I saw her. She was sitting on a bench staring into space. She looked…disoriented.

“Hello, are you okay?” I asked, trying to sound as gentle and solicitous as I could. Fred jumped up on the bench and nuzzled some canine love on her. She gave a short cry of relief.

“Oh my God, thank you, yes, could you help?” she gushed. She was still staring into space. It took a moment for me to realize she was blind.

“You’ve come awfully far out here,” I ventured. “Are you lost?”

She was not lost. She’d walked this way with her brand new seeing eye dog but when she sat down and let his harness go, somebody had come along and, like, dog-napped him. That left her stranded.

Her name was Dionica. She was youngish, maybe twenty three, (I’m thirty) and quite striking. That is, even without makeup, somewhat dressed down, her hair a little messed up, she had a certain…presence…to her. Dark brunette and pale white skin, long neck, delicate fingers, and lips like two big flesh pillows, I mean, her lips were really full and naturally red. Except for those luscious lips, no one thing stood out about her appearance, but the overall effect was…striking. Some women have a stand offish extraordinary kind of beauty. Dionica’s was a more approachable, accessible, inviting kind.

I assured her Fred would lead us back out of the forest. We’d find a cop and report the crime.

So, we walked and talked, quite slowly, arm in arm, like some old married couple. She lived in the city, was employed at a school for the blind and she was devastated to have lost her new guide dog. She felt so vulnerable, helpless, lost, since the accident that had rendered her blind. A car crash three years ago left her sightless and she was still having a terrible time adjusting, wondered if she ever would.

That’s when I saw them, about thirty yards down the slope.

“Oh my god,” I exclaimed.

“What?!” she gasped, grabbing my arm tighter and clearly in a panic.

“Oh, it’s…it’s…” I struggled with how to tell her, but had to come up with something quick to reassure her it was nothing dangerous. She was frightened. “It’s a couple…they’re down in a little clearing. They’re, um, fuck…um, making love.”

“Oh!” she exclaimed and a hand went to her mouth. “My goodness!”

I chuckled. “Doesn’t look like goodness has anything to do with it, ma’am,” I said.

“It doesn’t?” she asked. “Well, why not?”

“They’re not, like, you know, really making love.”


“They’re kind of, like, really fucking each other, if you know what I mean.” This was embarrassing, escort eryaman and not a little awkward. “Shall we move along?”

“Well,” she wasn’t moving, “You have me at a disadvantage here, Brett. You have to describe what you see.”

I took a deep breath. She hugged my arm and pulled me closer. She was all ears.

“They’re young,” I began. “He’s wiry and muscular. She’s quite, well, pretty.”

“Are they completely naked?” Dionica asked in a breathless whisper.

“Jaybird,” I responded. “He’s supporting himself over her and stroking a, well, a very long dick into what looks like a blonde pussy.”

Dionica was hanging on my every word, and she was quivering slightly.

“They are really going at it,” I continued. “She’s got her hands on his ass. I can see his butt cheeks clenching as he pushes into her. Her legs are spread very wide and her large, white, perfectly conical breasts are jiggling with each thrust. Now they’re kissing as they fuck. Oh my, she’s, she’s cumming. He just sped up and I can see her legs going all stiff and her head is thrown back. He’s kissing her neck.”

Dionica was holding my arm really tight. Her legs were beginning to wobble. I looked around and saw a grassy spot just down the hill, off the path and still with a good view of the exhibitionist couple. A good spot for a couple of impromptu voyeurs.

“Come on,” I said, “There’s a place right up here where we can sit and watch.”

“You can watch,” she corrected me, “and narrate.”

And so I kept describing the lusty scene unfolding below us. It was not ending soon. After her orgasm, the young man turned his lover over, pulled up her ass and began fucking her from behind, with the same gusto and pace. Dionica leaned into me, and as she did, her hand, those delicate, sensitive fingers, bumped into my rising cock. She at first pulled away but then she placed her hand gently over the lump that had formed.

I had to do something to make myself more comfortable. I opened my fly, letting my engorged member free from the confines of my jeans, while keeping it inside my boxers. But I continued to describe the wild sex taking place below us. Dionica started petting my cock through my boxers.

When the couple switched around to where the girl sat astride the young man’s cock and ground her cunt against his hips we could actually here her gasping cries.

At that point Dionica reached inside my underwear and was really stroking me hard, squeezing my cock and sliding those slim fingers up and down it’s length in earnest.

She was wearing a skirt, so I pulled it up and found a pair of white panties, soaked through at the crotch, under which was a thick patch of brunette pubic hair, trimmed ankara escort but unshaved. When I began stroking her wet pussy, Dionica just rolled over, pulled down her panties, reached back and pulled my cock to the oozing entrance of her cunt.

“Ohhh,” she breathed, “Ohh fuck, it’s been so, so, so verry long.”

And I entered her channel, so wet, so buttery that I effortlessly inserted myself balls deep in one thrust.

And so, I fucked her right there on that grassy hillside, all the while describing the fucking couple in the clearing below.

“She’s got his cock in her mouth now, lavishing it with her tongue, sucking her cheeks in as she moves her head up and down on it. He’s holding her head and now he’s kind of fucking her face.”

“Do you hear it, too?” Dionica whispered. “The slobbering noise?” Of course, her hearing was attuned far better than mine.

“Oh god, he’s cumming in her mouth, his cock is deep in her throat. I can see the jizz, all soft white like soap suds, pushing out her lips as she holds on.” This time I could hear the girl’s choking, gagging sounds. Dionica began trembling, then a powerful orgasm ripped through her body, sending a gush of liquid out her pussy as I continued to hump myself deep inside her.

“Wow. He’s not done. He just rolled her face down and he’s got his long, still hard cock up against her anus. She’s reached back and opened it for him. He took his hand and smeared some of their cum over it and now he’s inserting it, slowly, gradually, inside her ass.”

Dionica came again, and would continue to do so as I kept up my narrative.

“He’s really pounding into her. I can see her ass bounce with the impact of his thrusts.” We could both hear her grunting in time to his pummeling, uh, uh, uh, uh. I kept time, as best I could, with my own thrusts. When I began stroking her clit, Dionica let out a little high pitched squeal and her hips began to convulsively quiver, then her torso began shaking uncontrollably. Her legs were twitching, her arms grabbing at me behind her, and I brought a cum soaked finger up to slip it between those beautiful, big red lips. She sucked on it, while cumming a series of powerful orgasms that sent shudders through her.

That lit my fuse. I rolled her over onto her stomach and pistoned myself into her erupting pussy until I came so hard I lost muscle control and my hips were on automatic, madly thrusting deep inside her as each jet of hot, sticky semen spurted out the tip of my cock as far up her cunt as I could inject it.

When I rolled over, I saw the couple looking up at us. The young woman clapped an appreciative, though quiet, applause. It was at that very moment that Dionica’s guide elvakent escort dog came running up, chased by Fred, and began licking her face.

So began a new chapter in my life. Despite having fucked her within a half hour of meeting her, I dated Dionica. It was fucking fascinating, being the eyes for her. Especially when it came to porn. She never lost her enthusiasm for having sexual acts narrated to her. She had me log on to a porn vid and then describe it to her in every detail. She wanted me to read erotica. And, since the quality was so varied, I began writing my own stories. You’ll see them here under my nom de porn.

A typical session would go something like this. Dionica and I would be on the bed. She would be between my legs, working on my cock as I narrated.

“It’s a vid of a young woman,” I’d start, “she looks about nineteen or so, and she has an ohmibod inserted inside her cunt.”

We’d stop while I told her what that was. She immediately wanted one for herself.

“This girl has amazing breasts, world class tits, fully thirty six inches of fine female flesh that look firm and solid enough to knock a guy unconscious. She’s fiddling with her web cam now. Ok, now she’s settled back and that thing inside her, it’s just a small bulb about the size of a lemon, but it has an antennae which sticks out her pussy lips. Now she’s getting signals to it and oh my god she’s twitching around on her bed like she’s a puppet on some perverted puppet master’s strings. She’s obviously cumming almost continuously, and spewing copious amounts of creamy cum all over her cunt and thighs and the bed. She’s convulsing and writhing around and her eyes look lost and almost like she’s out of control, like she’s being forced to cum, over and over. She’s got a dildo now and she inserts it easily inside her soggy soggy cunny and fucking herself as she sort of spasmodically twitches through her orgasms.”

As I speak Dionica lavishes her fat lips, tongue and mouth over my cock and balls. At the same time she has her own dildo, a short, clear glass probe, inserted into her pussy and is stroking it in and out of her vagina, which I have trimmed very neatly. Her eyes stare out at the room, but she is seeing through my eyes now. I will narrate several more porn vids – she likes the solo girl stuff – then I’ll read her a few stories. By then she is so aroused she just wants to be fucked, and hard. She prefers prone position, with her head in a pillow, her ass propped up from beneath, because, she says, she’s blind anyway and doesn’t want me looking at her face if she can’t see mine. She cums a few times then wants me to cum on her backside. The feel of my sperm splashing on her upturned ass cheeks is exquisite, she says. Then, if it’s not too late and I stay hard, we use my cum to lube her ass and I fuck her anus while she strokes her clit to another powerful orgasm.

It’s a new and different world for me now. Or, at least, I see it in a whole new way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32