Poor Little Cassie – Chap 10 – Master Returns

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I was on the beach again, now I was tied spread eagle on the beach on my back, totally naked and a native was between my legs and brutally fucking me. I looked around and saw a lot of natives standing around, most of them with their hands wrapped around erect cocks and slowly stroking. I felt the native pound into me really hard and then grunt. He moved away and another scrambled between my legs and sank into my sore pussy. I noticed the chief move to the side and swing his huge spear. It struck me across the stomach and I groaned.

The native now fucking me looked down and punched me hard in the face. I whimpered as I felt my nose and lips start to swell. I noticed movement to my left and another native punched me in the right eye. I tried to turn my head away and saw the chief swing his spear again. It hit me across the stomach again. I coughed and tried to talk.

“Please, no more.” I whimpered as the chief raised his spear again.

I saw the chief kneel down and grab my hair. He pulled my head up and then I felt my body flying up and then I realized I was landing on my bedroom floor. I looked up and Tony was standing over me. I saw his jeans and his boots.

“Get the fuck up.” He said and turned to walk away.

Across town the man rolled into his den, his wheelchair making no noise across the smooth carpet. He moved to his desk and picked up the phone. His fingers touched the buttons and he waited.

“Baby, I need you here.” The man spoke softly into the phone.

“Daddy, what’s wrong.” A young girl’s voice came through the earpiece.

“He has gone too far, we have to talk.” He said sadly.

“I will be there in 15 minutes.” The sweet voice responded.

“Thank you sweetie. Bring your cousin and I am so sorry.” He answered.

“Daddy, what’s wrong?” The sweet voice, now tinged with concern.

“I will explain baby, just get here.” The man whispered and hung up the phone.

I got up off my bedroom floor slowly, my poor body ached horribly now. I walked gingerly into the hall. I did not see Tony and I limped to the top of the stairs. He was in the living room, sitting on the couch eating a burger. He was watching the TV and I heard some sort of sports game coming out of the TV. I walked slowly down the stairs and eventually reached the bottom. He did not look at me. I walked over to him and stood to the side to try and not block the TV. He took another big bite and I saw a drop of mustard drop onto the couch cushion.

As Cassie stood watching Tony ignore her the front door of the man’s house opened, and two girls walked in. One blonde and one brunette, both pretty and both with a look of concern on their young faces. They walked across the huge parlor and opened a beautiful oak door. They saw the man behind his desk and he looked sad. The blonde scampered across the floor quickly and hugged him hard. He put his hands around her and felt the strength and power. He smiled through his sadness.

“Well slut, I see you have not followed my instructions. You look like shit.” Tony said as he looked up.

“I am sorry Tony, I am so sore. I fell asleep.” I whimpered.

Tony shook his head and took another bite of his burger. I felt my stomach rumble and realized I was hungry. I could not remember the last time I ate.

“You want some food, cunt?” Tony said.

“Yes, please.” I said in a soft voice.

“Yes, what?” Tony said and looked at me.

“Yes, Master.” I said and lowered my head.

“There is a burger and fries in the bag on the table. You can have them as soon as you bring me a beer.” He said.

I turned and walked towards the kitchen.

The blonde girl pulled away and looked down at the man.

“Daddy, what is going on?” She said.

The man lowered his head and turned his chair to move to the other side of his desk. He opened his laptop and hit a few keys. Two panels in the near wall started to slowly separate, revealing a huge screen.

“It is better if I show you.” The man said.

The blonde and brunette moved closer to the man. He hit a few more keys and a picture appeared on the wall. It showed the inside of a bar and there was a huge man looking down at a small blonde girl.

“Is that Cassie?” The brunette said.

“Yes, Mandy, this was from this morning. I just downloaded the feed. I should have checked earlier.” The man answered.

“Wait, I just saw them last night, everything seemed calm. What happened?” The blonde asked.

The picture started illegal bahis moving and the man threw a punch that caught the young girl in the middle of her face. She crumbled to the ground, blood pouring out of her nose and mouth.

“Fuck, that son of a bitch!” Mandy screamed.

“What time was this?” The blonde asked.

“It was around 9:00 this morning.” The man answered.

The blonde girl looked at the wall clock.

“Fuck, it is after 12, where is she now?” The blonde asked.

“I am not sure, we lost track after they left the bar. He put her in the trunk.” The man said.

The blonde shook her head and walked to the open door.

“Frankie, I need you.” She screamed out the open door.

I walked back from the kitchen and handed Tony his beer.

“Open it bitch.” He said.

I popped the top and handed it to him.

“Lose the robe, you are to stay naked unless I give you permission.” Tony said and took the beer.

I dropped the robe and turned to walk to the kitchen. I heard Tony chuckle behind me. I sat down and opened the bag. My stomach rumbled again.

The large Italian man hurried to the parlor. She was standing in the open doorway and he thought she looked pissed. He walked to her.

“Thank you, Frankie. I need you to find the girl. Mandy will give you all the information she has, my father may also be able to help. Find her and bring her here.” She said, her voice strong and unwavering in the command of the large man.

“Yes, Miss Beatrice.” Vito answered.

Beatrice turned and walked back into the room, followed by the large man.

“Daddy, do we know anything about her?” Beatrice asked.

“We know Tony assaulted her at her home first.” He answered.

“Do we know that address?” Beatrice asked.

“We can find it.” The man answered and turned back to his laptop.

“Frankie, there will be information on the printer.” The man said to the large Italian man.

“Yes sir.” Frankie answered and left the room.

“Bitch, get over here.” Tony screamed.

I put down my half-eaten burger and got up slowly. I walked over, and Tony was standing next to the couch. He grabbed my hair and pushed me over the arm of the couch. My sore thighs hit the couch and I whimpered. I heard his zipper and I closed my eyes.

I felt Tony pause and I knew he was looking down at the sweet cunt in front of him. I figured even after all the abuse and all the sex my 16-year-old body still looked good. I heard him chuckle. He buried his cock and stopped. He was most likely thinking of how many cocks had been in this young pussy over the last few weeks. He chuckled again and started to fuck me brutally.

I felt Tony drive into my sore pussy. I groaned and then I felt him grab my hips. He started to hammer me, and my thighs hurt each time he drove me into the couch. I closed my eyes again and tried to clear my mind from the pain. He fucked me hard for at least three minutes and then filled me again. He pulled out and threw me onto the floor.

“Daddy, how long has this been going on?” Beatrice asked.

“He got to her about three or four weeks ago.” He answered.

“B, there is something else you should see.” Mandy said softly.

Beatrice turned and looked at her cousin. She could feel her anger rising, she took a deep breath to push it back for use later.

“Uncle Joe, we have to show her the bachelor party.” Mandy said.

The man turned back to his laptop. The screen changed to the great room of Tony’s house. Mandy and Cassie were standing in the middle of the room and Tony was talking to a large group of men.

“When did this happen?” Beatrice asked.

“Last weekend.” Mandy answered.

“Why didn’t you call me sooner?” Beatrice said, her voice rising.

“I made that decision baby. I wasn’t sure you were ready. Mandy eventually changed my mind and that is when we reached out to you. I am sorry if I waited too long but I will take that on me.” The man said.

Beatrice sat down on the soft chair. Her body was humming with anger, she could feel the power waiting, ready to explode. She took a long deep breath. Mister J worked with her on that so many times. He knew she would have to fight her anger as well as her opponents. He trained her to use it and focus it as she needed. She smiled as she realized this was more power than she had felt in a long time in her short life.

“Daddy, it is ok. You made the best call you could. Show me the rest.” Beatrice said.

I illegal bahis siteleri looked up from the floor and Tony was standing over me. His cock was hanging in front of my face, dripping cum onto my living room carpet. How did I get here? His right arm swung and caught the left side of my face. My cheek exploded with pain as I fell hard against the couch. He knelt down and grabbed my hair, pulling my face close to his.

“Cunt, you have disappointed me greatly. I had such high hopes for you. We were going to be a great team. Then you had to grow a spine. That is too bad.” He said and stood up, pulling me to my knees.

“Now suck this cock.” He said.

I moved forward and took the soft cock in my mouth. I sucked the whole thing as it was soft. I thought about how I got to this point. I was happy and carefree a few weeks ago, a sophomore in high school on Christmas break looking forward to spending time with my family for a few weeks and then going back to school to see what would happen with my new boyfriend. Now I was naked, bruised, with coarse words written all over my sore body, kneeling on my living room floor sucking a cock that just finished brutally fucking my young pussy. I was now either going to swallow yet another load of cum or he was going to fuck me in the ass again, or maybe both.

“You are such a good cock sucker. Maybe that will be your ticket, I can just have you in my office sucking off all the clients.” Tony said.

I looked up at him and realized that was probably the best offer I have had recently. The other two were me being in a small foreign country getting fucked constantly or at the bottom of the ocean as fish food. I licked his cock slowly, hoping to get the job as the blowjob girl in Tony’s company.

Beatrice sat and watched as the young girl and her cousin were manhandled by the large group of men. She watched them bend Mandy and Cassie over the card tables and fuck them non-stop. She counted 25 men, including Tony. She watched them turn the girls over on their backs and then fuck them hard, their legs flying in the air. She watched as the first cock entered the young blonde’s mouth, thus starting the simultaneous fucking.

Mandy shuddered as she watched herself being abused roughly by the men at the party. She wrapped her arms around her knees, pulling them close to her chest as she sat and watched. She felt her chest tighten and a tear run down her cheek.

“Oh Mandy, I am so sorry.” Beatrice said, now kneeling in front of her pretty cousin.

“It’s ok, I am a big girl. I will be fine, I am just worried about her. She is so young and innocent. He has done such horrible things.” Mandy said, her eyes watery.

“I know, I see.” Beatrice said.

“No B, you haven’t seen yet.” Mandy stuttered.

Beatrice turned to the screen.

Tony pulled his cock out of my mouth and grabbed my hair again. His cock was now hard as steel and throbbing. He threw me on the floor and flipped me on my stomach. He grabbed my hips and yanked them up. I felt his cock briefly on my skin and then it buried deep in my ass. I groaned as it still hurt even after having so many cocks in there I had lost count. He held me against his stomach, I could feel his cock throbbing deep in my young body. I heard him take a deep breath.

“Now, my little cunt. I will fuck this ass into the floor. I want you to remember this if you ever get the urge to go against me again.” I heard him scream.

He pulled out and then drove hard into me. It felt like my insides were being beaten. He was now drilling into me deep and hard, hitting me hard as he hit bottom. My sore face was rubbing against the carpet as he drove into me. I had been fucked in the butt many times over the last few weeks but this one felt different, it was focused and brutal. I could not distract myself, my sore little ass was getting destroyed by the huge cock. I felt my head hit the couch as I realized he had pushed me forward as he pummeled me.

Beatrice held her cousin’s hand as she turned to look at the screen. The large group of men were now fucking the girls two at a time. The girls were on the table on all fours with a man behind them and one in front. Beatrice could not tell if the men were in their pussies or asses. She thought they were probably doing both. She looked up at her cousin, admiring the strength and courage as she watched her own gangbang. How could she have not known? Why did her dad wait so long? Mandy knew this kind of thing was possible, canlı bahis siteleri but this was too much.

“Hey, let’s get a family picture.” Beatrice heard Tony’s voice and turned back to the screen.

She saw the young girl being carried and dropped on top of a man. Another man got behind her and sunk into her ass. They moved her, so the man below was in her pussy. Another man got in front of her and slid his cock into her young mouth.

“Look at that, a family portrait.” She heard Tony’s voice.

“Stop, what is he talking about?” Beatrice shouted.

The man looked at her and she heard Mandy’s soft voice.

“They are her family.” Mandy whispered.

“What?” Beatrice screamed.

“Her father is under her and her brothers are in front and behind. They did not know it was her.” Mandy said softly.

“But she knew?” Beatrice asked.

“Yes, I tried to help her, I tried to keep her from them but there was too many and it happened too fast and…..” Mandy said and trailed off into a sob.

Beatrice stood and hugged her cousin, absorbing the pain and hurt. She felt the power enter her, Mister J had taught her how to feed off deep emotion, especially the negative. She leaned back a little to look at her sweet cousin.

“There is more.” Mandy whispered.

Tony was now hammering my ass harder than I had ever felt. My head had slid under the couch and my shoulders were against the couch, taking the brunt of the abuse as he drilled me again and again. I was not sure I could take much more, could you really be fucked to death? I wondered and felt my mind drifting. I started to feel numb and I could see Tony from above. He was holding my hips so tight I could see his fingers making dents in my skin as he squeezed. His legs were strong and pushing him hard against me. I could see his cock pulling out and then drilling back in. He was sweating, and I felt a drop hit my back. This brought me back for a second and my shoulders hurt a lot.

“UNGHHG.” I heard Tony grunt and then drill into me hard.

I felt his cock throbbing and figured yet another load of cum in my bowels. He stayed in my ass for at least a minute. I felt more throbs and shivers from his cock and then he slid out and dropped my hips. I was on my stomach, my head stuck under the couch. I heard his zipper and then his footsteps and the door open.

“Have a good night sweetheart, say hi to your family for me in the morning. I will be calling.” I heard his voice and the door slam.

My mind wandered again, looking down at my body half under the couch. I could see the bruises on my shoulders and the cum making a puddle on the carpet as it leaked out of my butt. I did not know what to do, I was so sore, I just wanted to rest. My eyes fluttered and then everything went dark.

Beatrice turned around and looked at the screen. The poor girl was now laying across her father. She was a mess; her hair was wet and caked with cum. Her body was covered in cum. She lifted her head and looked down at her dad. Beatrice saw some commotion and her dad pushed her off. The girl fell to the floor, slipping as she hit the ground. She saw a man lean down and lift her to her feet. She thought this was the first act of kindness she had seen since this started. The girl looked up at the man with a look of gratitude. She saw her lips move as she spoke, and he got her to her feet. The girl turned, and Beatrice saw her from the front. Her heart froze.

“Stop!” Beatrice screamed.

The man sighed, and Mandy squeezed her hand.

“Oh B.” Mandy whispered.

“Daddy, enlarge that now!” Beatrice screamed.

The man reached slowly for his laptop and tapped the keys. The picture grew larger, staying in perfect focus. The entire screen now showed the young girl from the stomach to her thighs. Beatrice looked at the screen, her anger ripping through her body like lightning. She saw the green stem rising from the poor girl’s crotch and then winding up her thigh to end with a perfect red rose on her lower stomach. Beatrice felt her rage and she stood slowly, dropping her cousin’s hand. She turned to her father and he saw her eyes filled with deep anger for the first time.

Beatrice walked slowly to the open door and turned back.

“I will be in my room, call me when Frankie finds her.” Beatrice said and walked out.

Mandy looked at the man.

“Uncle Joe, I am so sorry.” She said.

“Mandy, you have nothing to be sorry for. You did your best, you may have saved her.” He responded and rolled over to her.

He took her hand and hugged her.

“Do you think she is ready?” Mandy whispered.

“I hope so baby, I hope so.” The man whispered.

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