Poolside Surprise Pt. 01

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It was a muggy August Saturday as usual. My wife (Sara), her sister (Kate), and I (Jeff) were relaxing at our in-ground pool. My son is out of town for the weekend, and Kate’s kids are with their father for the weekend. Kate is recently divorced, after a few years in the making, so she’s around more frequently.

Sara and Kate are both relaxing on recliners taking in the sun, as I’m wading around the pool with a cocktail in my hand.

Sara and Kate are both beautiful women, while they are sisters, they don’t look all that much alike. Sara looks more like their father, while Kate looks like their mother.

Sara is about 5′ 7″ with an hourglass build, she has well rounded shoulders, fit arms and long toned legs. She has long light brown hair, greenish-blue almond shaped eyes, high cheekbones and a beautiful set of bright white teeth.

Kate is around 5′ 4″ with a curvier build, slightly rounder face with the same high cheekbones, a cute smile, and similarly almond shaped blue eyes. She has long dark brown hair that almost touches her well shaped ass.

For women in their mid forties Sara and Kate still look like 30 somethings. They have spent many years committed to high intensity training, and their bodies reflect it. They still turn heads of men half their ages. Sara is wearing a very skimpy black thong bikini today, and Kate has a bright white strapless bikini on. I’m enjoying watching the two of them sunbathe.

I climb out of the pool and offer to refresh the girls’ drinks. I run into the pool house and make a few more margaritas on the rocks. I turn on some classic rock music, and deliver the drinks to the ladies. The three of us spend the afternoon in the sun, cocktails flowing.

I enjoy it when I have Sara and Kate around with no other guests. I become the “default” man, and I selfishly love having them both to myself to shower my attention on. I’m always kind of a pervert, and I try not to be a creep. So it’s not uncommon for me to say sexually charged comments to Sara or Kate when the three of us are together.

When we drink together, Kate and I both have a tendency to push the pervert boundaries. Her and I flirt with each other often, and the drunken innuendos are always a turn on. We’ve always had some mutual attraction to one another, but we’ve never crossed any boundaries. Do I find her hotter because she’s my wife’s sister and she’s off limits? Does she find me attractive only because she want’s what her big sister has? I don’t know the answer to either question. But we have long had some sexual chemistry together.

This afternoon, our conversation turns a bit sexual in nature, as it normally does. Kate knows that Sara and I share videos and pictures of our sex life online. We have even shared a few intimate pictures with her before; and she’s always a little turned on even though she pretends to not be. She has long suspected that Sara and I have been into swinging; even though it’s been a pretty recent development in our relationship. So when the drinks start flowing these types of topics bubble up to the surface of our conversations. I think partly because Kate is curious, but she’s also turned on by the idea.

Kate’s curiosity gets the best of her today.

“Hey sister, have you had any new dick lately?” Kate blurts out, looking in Sara’s direction.

“Um, no actually.” Sara responds almost like she’s annoyed. “Have you?”

Kate laughs a bit obnoxiously “Me? I barely remember what a dick looks like. It has been so long.”

“I could refresh your memory Kate.” I say with a pervy grin. This is the type of flirty banter that is normal between us. Sara will typically just roll her eyes and ignore it.

Today was a bit different.

Sara eagerly says “Well whip it out Jeff, let her see it.” Her eyebrows raised inquisitively above her sunglasses.

I’m a bit shocked at this, I can’t tell if Sara is fucking arond or not. But my cock starts to swell a bit in my trunks.

“Yeah come on!” Kate chimes in. “I’m sure you’re not this shy when you two are swinging!” She says with an obnoxious undertone.

“It’s always about swinging with this one.” Sara mutters lightly, and looks in my direction. I assume she’s rolling her eyes under her shades.

“For real, you girls wanna see it?” I smile.

They both nod and grin. I stand up in the shallow end and untie my trunks. My dick is getting hard already so I pull them down slowly to try to make it seem bigger than it is. My semi hard cock flops out into view.

“There sister, that’s a dick.” Sara says matter of factly, but with a bit of a chuckle.

Kate’s eyes are fixed on it, it’s not the first time she’s seen it; but aside from drunken sharing of some of our online photos, it’s the first time she has seen it swelling. Especially up close and personal.

I aggressively sway back and forth letting my semi-hardon smack back and forth against my legs with a Whack, Whack, Whack sound.

“Cock Flapper!” I called out. Sara laughs at this, because she knows that’s what I call this part of my mating ritual. I succeed in keeping Çorum Escort the girls focused on it for a bit, and their attention turns me on more.

Sara sees my cock flex a bit more as it’s continuing to swell. “Alright, put that thing away Jeff.” she says after 30 seconds or so; her eyes are fixed on Kate now as she’s still intently staring at my cock.

“You like that sissy?” Sara boldy asks Kate, Sara must be feeling a bit frisky herself.

Her face a bit flushed, Kate nods with a smile. “Mmm hmm.” and lets out a bit of sigh.

I pull my trunks back up and shove my hardon into the netting. It takes a little bit for it to calm down again. Kate and Sara both glance at it as it recedes.

The atmosphere immediately turns sexual, you can feel it. Kate starts pressing us about our sex life, she’s convinced we are swingers. Sara and I never really acknowledge this; it’s just Kate’s curiosity fueling the topic. We don’t advertise to people around us what we are into, but obviously there are some tells. I also wouldn’t classify us as “swingers” per say, I would say we are more of “dabblers”. We’ve had some hot experiences in the past, but it’s not like we are hooking up with other people all of the time. It’s more of an on occasion thing that spices up our sex life.

Kate begins talking about her dry spell as she’s recently single. She’s seen a guy named Ace a few times that she thinks is hot, but he’s being overly cautious. She’s kind of into him, but not like she’s looking to settle down with him. He’s recently out of a relationship and is playing things slower than she wants him to. It’s that, or he’s maybe seeing someone else at the same time. She’s getting a little drunk and thinking about messaging him to come over.

“I just want to get my pussy eaten, is that too much to ask?” Kate says to Sara, “It’s not like I’m trying to shack up or anything.”

I’m heading out of the pool to refresh our drinks, and in my usual pervy way I say something like “I’m sure I could help with that!” as I head into the pool house.

I make a few more drinks, use the restroom, and change the music. I head back out to the poolside. The girls are still talking about this new guy Ace that Kate is into. They’re sitting next to one another on the edge of the pool. I climb back in the pool and walk over and hand them their fresh drinks.

Their conversation continues for a few more minutes, until Sara looks me dead in the eyes and says. “Do you think you could help Kate?”

“With what?” I ask, not making the connection.

“Help my sister get her pussy eaten.” Sara says.

“OMG sister!” Kate exclaims, she’s as shocked as I am. “You guys ARE fucking swingers!”

My face lights up and I start to blush a bit. “You can’t be serious babe?” I look at both of them, trying to see if this was an orchestrated joke of some sort.

Without another word, Sara leans back on the edge of the pool and pulls her black thong to the side to expose her perfect pussy. Her bush is tightly trimmed and her lips are parted every so lightly.

“Come over here and show her how you do it Jeff.” she says to me.

The vision of Sara leaned back next to the edge of the pool with her trunks pulled to the side is something I’ve imagined many times. We’ve had the pool for a long time, and surprisingly I’ve never fulfilled this fantasy before. My cock goes from zero to a hundred in my trunks; my hardon pressed uncomfortably into the trunk meshing. I pull them off and let them fall to the bottom of the pool.

“Oh my God you guys! What is happening?” Kate cries out, she buries her head in her hands for a second, she can’t process what she’s seeing at the moment. “Is this really happening?” She asks.

I swim up to the pool edge and spread Sara’s legs. Her clit is already a bit swollen. I run my tongue up and down her slit a few times, she’s wet already, she tastes salty from the pool water. I look up at her and she’s watching me lick her; but glancing occasionally at Kate to judge her interest.

“Fuck that feels good Jeff.” Sara says, leaning back and squeezing her right breast in her hand as she pulls it from her top.

I look at Kate, she’s now watching intently as I eat her sisters’ pussy. She makes eye contact with me and bites her lip a little. My cock flexes in the pool, I squeeze it with my left hand.

“This is so weird you guys.” Kate says, but she doesn’t turn away. “It’s weird, but it’s hot.” I see her hand slide down to her bikini and she begins slowly caressing her clit through her bottoms. My cock flexes harder at this response, my mind is racing; this feels like a dream.

I continue on sucking and twisting Sara’s clit in my mouth, I reach up and slide a finger in her pussy. She’s getting close to cumming. I insert another finger and curl them upwards to the backside of her clit, she moans. “Mmmmmm, fuck yeah.” I keep at it for another 30 seconds or so, she’s breathing quickly now; she shuts her eyes and closes her legs around my head, squeezing it as she has her first orgasm. When Sara finishes Çorum Escort Bayan cumming she releases my head from her thighs. I lick her slit up and down a few times to taste her nectar.

Sara looks at Kate and says “See that’s how he does it sissy… ready to give it a try?”

Kate is still rubbing herself over her bottoms, she nods and lets out a quiet “Yes.”

“For real babe?” I say as I look up at Sara, still in disbelief.

“Do it Jeff.” Sara says looking down at me, in a way that sounds more like an order than a request.

I pull away from Sara and slide over in front of Kate; I lean in and spread her legs wider. I look at Sara again, she nods reassuringly at me.

Sara says “You know you’ve always wanted to.” in an almost accusatory tone. I look at her with widened eyes and jump my eyebrows at her like I’m pondering that statement; but she knows she’s not wrong.

I pull Kate’s bottoms to the side, I take it all in. I’ve never seen her pussy before. A few years back we had a running joke about cheekbones, and since her and her sister had similar facial features they must have similar pussies. They are similar, but Kate is completely hairless. Her outer lips are a little smaller than Sara’s, and her clit is not as pronounced. However, she too has a beautiful pussy.

My eyes locked onto hers, I feel her shutter a little; I think she’s nervous with excitement. I push her legs wide open, and her pussy lips pull apart. I move in and put my nose on her clit and take a big breath in. She smells sweet and salty. I fan my tongue and drop it to her taint, I lick slowly up her slit to her clit. I do it again, then I drop my nose into her opening and slide it up ahead of my tongue and with pressure across her clit. She lets out a soft moan.

“Oh Fuck.” she mutters. Kate pulls her feet out of the pool and leans back more, her legs are spread wide now and her feet on the pool deck. She pulls her bikini top down to expose her breasts.

I look over to Sara. She’s got both breasts out of her bikini now and has fully removed her bottoms. She’s rubbing her pussy and taking it all in; I can hear she has another orgasm building.

Kate starts to moan as I keep at it. She responds similarly to Sara but seems to like the clit sucking more. I continue on, I slide two fingers in her tight pussy. She’s breathing heavily now and we are staring into one another’s eyes. She leans down and grabs the back of my head, driving me into her mound. She looks so fucking hot from my angle, holding onto my head, her tits out and her stomach muscles flexed as she’s pulling me in. My dick is aching to be touched.

“OH MY GOD JEFF!” Kate says loudly. “You’re REALLY good at this.”, “Fuck yes, eat my pussy.”

Sara says “That’s so fucking hot honey, make her cum.” as she’s rubbing her own pussy. “I love to watch you eat pussy!”

“I lub eabbin it.” I stupidly say, my response is muffled by Kate’s pussy.

Kate is close now, I thrash my head from side to side and whip my tongue across her clit as I bury my fingers deep into her. She lets out a high-pitched squeal.

“HOLY SHIT!, FUCK YES!”, she exclaims while peering into my eyes.

Her body quivers and she too closes her legs on my head and straightens out her toes. I taste her juices flowing, and I lap them up. She’s got a sweet taste to her, just like her sister.

Sara is still feverishly rubbing her pussy chasing a second orgasm, she’s leaned back with her legs spread wide on the poolside, both tits hanging out of her top. She looks like a sexual goddess from my point of view, the afternoon sun behind her and her silhouette accentuated. I hear her squeal with a “mmmmmm!!” as she let’s go. Fuck that sound drives me wild, I can’t help to stroke my cock under the water at the sight.

“Oh my God, you two are so fucking hot!” I say as I push away from Kate back into the pool. “Fuck I love you two!”

My face is red and cock is so swollen. I float onto my back and stick it out of the water like a mast on a ship. “Look at this thing.” I draw attention to my engorged dick. I stroke it eagerly with the girls watching me; I could cum with little effort because I’m so turned on.

“I’m so fucking hard.” I declare.

Sara looks at me and says “Why don’t you come sit on the edge Jeff?”

I don’t hesitate, I hop out of the pool and sit down next Sara, she slinks down into the water and turns to me. I open my legs and she crawls in between.

Sara takes my hard cock in her hand, and starts stroking and licking it up and down. “Oh yeah baby.” I moan.

Kate is watching, rubbing her clit again. Sara looks up at her and says “Come here Kate.” with authority.

Kate doesn’t make a sound, she just slides into the pool and comes over next to Sara.

“Start rubbing Jeff’s balls” Sara says, and then begins licking my shaft up and down again.

“Holy shit” I think, “Am I dreaming?” I’ve long fantasized of my wife sucking my cock with someone else. I never expected that the first time it would happen would be with her sister. I’m Escort Çorum so fucking turned on right now.

I spread my legs open wide, Kate moves in next to Sara and begins caressing my balls. They are both eye locked with me, just seeing them in this position is enough to make me want to blow.

“Now lick it with me.” Sara demands.

Kate moves in and starts sharing in the licking of my shaft. Sara is squeezing the base of my cock so hard that it’s overly swollen. It flexes on every sweep of their tongues; they are teasing me so bad at this point.

Finally Sara opens her mouth and pulls my cock in. It feels like heaven, her cheeks pull into her jaw as she sucks really deeply.

“Oh Fuck!”, I called out.

Sara pumps her head on my dick for about a minute. “I won’t last long like this.”, I think to myself. She finally pops her mouth off with a MUCK sound.

“You like that baby?” She asks in an overly sultry voice.

“MMM HMM.” I answer.

Sara, still holding the base of my cock points it in Kate’s direction. “Now you suck it Kate.”

There is some undertone of big-sister authority going on here. Sara is crazy turned on, but I think something else is playing out here. She’s never had this demeanor in past encounters. Maybe she’s always wanted to do something like this, or maybe she’s always suspected Kate would like to do this. Whatever it is, it is extremely hot, and Sara is in control.

Kate takes me in, just the top half at first. She’s rolling her tongue over the head of my cock repeatedly and it feels magical. She teases me like this for a bit, my eyes rolling in my head.

“Take it all.” Sara says to her sister, and places her hand on the back of Kate’s head.

Sara pushes Kate’s mouth all the way down my cock, just short of gagging. Kate pulls her head back, and Sara pushes her back down. Kate gags a little. Her mouth feels amazing. Sara lets go of her and Kate starts to pump up and down on my cock slowly.

“You like that don’t you?” Sara says. I’m not sure who she is asking.

“Oh yeah.” I whisper.

She repeats “You like it?”, I assume now the question is for Kate.

Kate lets out almost a whimpery “mmm hmm” muffled by the sounds of her slurping on my dick.

“Then suck it harder!” Sara says aggressively.

Kate begins to suck and pump on my cock harder, Sara is watching and again rubbing her pussy under the water. She occasionally glances up at my face to see my reactions. I’m getting close to cumming.

“Fuck that feels good.” I mutter. “I’m gonna cum soon.”

“You can’t yet.” Sara says to me, she is fully in control.

Sara leans towards Kate and says in almost a whisper:

“You want to fuck him, don’t you?”

“You want to feel his cock inside of you.”

“Just admit it, you’ve always wanted it.”

Her tone of voice is sultry and sexy, and her energy is aggressive and ridiculously hot.

I’m in shock because I have no idea where this is going. Does Sara want me to fuck her? This afternoon has already gone to places that are hard for me to imagine.

Kate pulls off my cock and starts aggressively stroking it, she turns to Sara “Yes, Ok!”, “Part of me has always wanted this!”

Sara looks at Kate matter-of-factly “I knew it. But you can’t have it today sister.”

My cock is so aggravated now, watching Kate and Sara interact like this is so confusing and so exciting at the same time. I am so close to cumming.

“I’m gonna cum.” I say again.

“No.” Sara says curtly, she pulls Kate away from me.

She climbs out of the pool pushing me down onto my back and she mounts me, with her back to me; looking down at Kate in the pool. She rubs the head of my cock against her dripping slit, and slides down on to it slowly, all the way to my balls. She starts pumping up and down on my cock, her pussy feels so fucking good; I can’t believe how wet she is. My breathing increases, I’m so close; I can’t keep this up very long.

“I’m gonna cum baby” I say to Sara, she keeps pumping away on my cock and she’s rubbing her own clit again.

“No.” She says to me again. There is absolutely no way I can hold out much longer.

Kate is in the pool just watching, and again back to rubbing herself, I hear her breathing escalating and she’s making some soft cooing noises; she’s about to come again.

Sara looking down at Kate says, with what I can only imagine to be a devilish grin, “You can have Jeff’s cock when you bring someone to share with me.” Her voice sounded deeper than normal. That may be the single hottest thing I have ever heard come out of her mouth.

I hear Kate let an orgasm go in the pool with a loud “mmmmmm”, but I can’t see her now.

“Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck, I can’t hold it!” I exclaim.

Sara pumps up and down a few more times and hops off my dick. Kate is directly in front of me at the poolside and I lock eyes with her as I stroke my cock a few more times and let loose. I blow an enormous load all over myself. It’s up my chest, under my chin, all over my stomach and my legs.

Sara stands over me and rubs her clit to one last climax. I love the view I have from where I lay. She leans back her left hand squeezing her tit, her chin pointed up, she’s on her tiptoes. Her pussy gushes a bit and drips on me as she releases with an “OH FUCK, mmm hmm, errrr mmmhmmm, oooohh!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32