Pool Party

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It had been a beautiful day for sunbathing. Samantha, (Sam as her friends and kids knew her), was enjoying the weekend. Sam had a very busy work week so she cherished the time she was able to spend with her two children, if you could call them children at all. Sam had them at a very early age and since the father didn’t feel the need to do the right thing, she had raised them on her own. Sure her parents helped until she turned 18, then she was on her own. Regardless, she did a good job. Both had just finished with high school and were enjoying their summer before heading to college. Beth, her daughter, was a knockout. At just under 6′ she was a shoo in for the volleyball team, and helped them to win the state titles. Her athletic body drove the boys at school crazy. Firm legs and ass, long chestnut color hair, she was a knockout. She seemed not to show any interest in their advances though. In fact she went to the Senior Prom with her brother as chaperone.

Luke was the heart throb of the school. He broke many hearts taking his sister instead of the throngs of girls who wanted any chance to hold his tight body to theirs. Luke was on the track and Lacrosse teams. At over 6′ he was very easy to spot on the playing field. Girls at the school would attend the games he played in just to check him out in him team uniform. He filled it out rather well, in more ways than one.

Sam was pretty hot as well. She worked out and tanned as much as she could trying to get some of the men at work interested, but having 2 kids narrowed her prospects quite a bit. She had been on a handful of dates, but none worked out in the end.

So, there was her family, out by the pool on this perfect sunny day. Sam was lying on her favorite reclining chair, facing the pool as well as the sun. She had her darkest sunglasses on so she could open her eyes without squinting. When she did open them from time to time she was rewarded with the sight of the twins playing. Luke would splash Beth and grab her, dunking her in the warm pool. She would come up laughing and try to pinch him in return. Sam closed her eyes for a moment then opened them again. Luke had just picked up his sister and held her over his head for a moment. Beth looked beautiful, wet and glistening. She was wearing a thong and a top that barely held her large breasts in. Splash! Luke dunked her again. She came up grinning and laughing at his antics.

“You’re so strong.” She said mockingly, showing a wicked smile.

Sam closed her eyes and felt a little sleepy from the heat. She lay there for a while half awake. She heard a light splashing and heard the kids talking. It sounded like one of them got out of the pool and was sitting on the edge. She lay there for a bit longer a realized it had gotten quiet. She opened her shielded eyes and looked to the pool. There was Beth, sitting with her legs in the pool. Sam noticed her legs were spread pretty far apart and she couldn’t see Luke. The way her daughter was looking down he must be in front of her talking or something. She closed her eyes again. Drifting almost to sleep she heard a voice now.

“Umm, Oh yeah, like that. Oh, OH. Stop you brat, your going to make me wake up mom.”

Sam didn’t move. She had to be dreaming. Why else would her daughter be moaning to her brother?

“Oh, oh baby, your making me want that cock of yours. Oh yeah, show it to me. Uhhh, stroke your cock while you lick my pussy!”

Sam şanlıurfa escort was suddenly awake. She still didn’t move. For some reason she still pretended to be asleep and cautiously opened her eyes. Once they focused she couldn’t believe her eyes. There was her daughter with her legs spread all the way apart, out of the pool now. Her head was back and eyes were closed. Now Sam could see her son between Beth’s legs. It was clear he was licking her pussy and driving her crazy from the sound of it. Beth was grinding her hips forward. Then reached out with one hand and placed it on the top of his head, guiding him as he ate his sisters’ pussy.

Sam was in shock. What the hell should she do? Stop them now? Wait till they finished, then bring it up later? She was at a loss. Staring captivated as she watched her siblings pleasuring themselves. During the conflict in her mind something unexpected was happening. She was getting VERY aroused. More than she ever remembered being. Her nipples were like little pebbles standing on the top of her breasts. She was starting to feel flushed, and she could feel a wetness growing between her legs under her black bikini. She continued to watch and actually felt her hips move forward a bit, imagining it was her wet pussy being impaled by that tongue.

“Oh for god sake,” she said to herself “This is crazy!” That was her son. How could she possibly be this turned on by her son? Without thinking she had brought her hand to her mons and began lightly rubbing the mound through the thin fabric of her suit. She didn’t notice the chair creak as she shifted her weight slightly, and since she had her eyes half closed she didn’t notice Beth looking at her.

Beth was at first shocked. She knew it was risky, what she was letting Luke do to her now. But there were about to be separated until the winter. She loved her brother and couldn’t bear to think of being without him or that wonderful cock for so long. She was enjoying his tongue on her pussy, feeling a nice orgasm building, made even better by the fact that they were doing it so close to their sleeping mother. She thought she heard her mom’s chair move and look over her shoulder quickly. She was not prepared to see her mom lying with her eyes closed. Rubbing her pussy through her suit. Beth sucked the air between her teeth. For some reason that sent her over the edge and she came. Grabbing Luke’s head she pulled him tighter to her as he focused on her clit. He had learned when and where to lick when she was starting to cum. Beth shook and tried to be quiet about it but her foot slipped and splashed into the water. Her mom’s eyes flew open.

Sam looked out at the pool and saw Beth staring at her. What was worse is she could tell her daughter was having an orgasm right then and there. Her cheeks were flushed, her hand was woven into her brother’s hair and she had her mouth open in a silent moan. Sam suddenly realized what her hand was doing. She had actually pulled the bottom aside and was rubbing one finger along the slick lips of her pussy. Feeling a sudden burning shame she pulled herself up and ran across the patio to the back door and entered by the kitchen. She padded across the cool stone floor and stopped. Emotion overtook her and she put her face into her hands and began to sob, trying not the think about the smell of her sex on her fingers.

A few moments later gaziantep sarışın escort Sam heard the sliding door close. Taking her hands from her face she turned to look. Luke was the first to have come in and was wearing a large beach towel. Regardless of the size of the towel she could still make out his rather large erection underneath. Beth followed still wearing her tiny suit. She was still flushed in the face and across the neck. What was odd was the look on her daughters face as they walked closer to their mom.

“Mom,” Beth started “I’m sorry. But you just don’t understand. I’m going to College in a few months. How can I possibly leave this behind without saying good bye properly?”

As Beth said “This” she pulled at Luke’s towel from behind and let it drop to the floor. Luke had removed his suit at some point and was now standing in front of his mother with the beginnings of a huge erection. Sam could not help but look down as the towel dropped. There, she stared at one of the nicest cocks she had ever laid eyes on. In a way it reminded her of Luke’s father, but his was much thicker than his dad’s. As she watched it began to grow on its own, getting fuller before her eyes. Then she saw Beth’s small hand reaching from behind and grasping his growing member at the base. Luke’s eyes fluttered for a second and his cock twitched in his sister’s hand. Sam stood mesmerized. She had to stop this didn’t she? She took two steps forward, now standing toe to toe with her son. She placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Please,” She pleaded. “This is all wrong!”

But her words sounded hollow to her. She looked down now at her son’s fully hard cock. Beth was starting to stroke his hard shaft, rubbing her thumb over the head of it. She could see a large clear drop of per-cum forming at the tip, and then quickly spread over the head by his sister’s hand. Sam just now noticed how close she was standing to her son. His cock was practically touching her bikini bottom as Beth stroked him. Sam bit her bottom lip, as she looked at his thick cock. She began to wonder what he tasted like, if she could take all of him in her mouth, in her pussy. Oh her pussy was on fire. She knew she was soaking wet. Her nipples could get no harder. Sam still had her hand on her son’s shoulder. She looked at him again and pleaded.

“Stop baby, don’t do this.”

“Its ok mom,” She heard Beth say. “Wait till you see what happens next.”

At this she looked down as Beth pumped her brother’s cock in her hand. Luke was moving his hips to her rhythm. Up to this point his arms had stayed to his side. Suddenly he thrust them forward and placed them on his mother’s hips. Sam jumped as he did this, surprised by the sudden feel and heat of her son’s hands on her body. Then, without warning and before her eyes, she saw the head of his cock begin to swell. She heard him breathing through his mouth and watched as the first large, long, thick white strand of cum shot from the head of his cock. The thread landed right on her bare stomach, followed by another bigger one. This on landed between her heaving breasts, thanks to his sister who was still stroking and aiming his cock at his mothers belly. He continued to cum. Rope after rope of his cream shot from the tip and landed on his mother. From her belly to the bikini bottom, now wet with both her juices and his cum.

Sam şehitkamil escort could feel his cum slipping down her belly, dripping toward the waistband of her suit. She could feel in seeping in and running down her smooth mound toward her pussy. Though she knew it was wrong she took the hand that was on his shoulder and brought her fingers to her suit. She touched his silky cum on the black material and took in the warmth and slick feel on her hand. She could smell it rising from between them, heightened by their combined body heat. She looked up now at the same time as her son. They locked eyes with one another. Sam slid her sticky hand into her suit bottom, collecting the large amount of his cum as she did. She moved her hands eagerly to her steaming pussy. As soon as she felt her fingers on her snatch she gasped, then quickly slid two well lubed fingers into her pussy. Her eyes rolled back and she swooned as she felt a strong orgasm building inside her. This was all too much. She had given in. She needed to cum and cum now.

Suddenly she felt two hands on her shoulders from behind. She opened her eyes to discover that Luke had moved behind her and held her for support. Beth was standing in front of her mom now. Beth brought her face to her mothers. Her lips were inches away from Sam’s. She moved her mouth past her lips, throat, and breasts, never actually making contact with her hot flesh. She knelt down in from of her mom, looking at her mothers hand buried in her own bikini. Suddenly Beth Licked the outside of Sam’s cum soaked bottoms. Moaning as she did. Without warning she pulled the suit to the side exposing her mother’s well trimmed pussy. She pulled her mom’s hand away and thrust her tongue into her pussy. Sam cried out as her daughter lapped at her hungry cunt. There was no stopping the orgasm building inside her now. She reached down and took Beth’s hair in her hand and ground her pussy against her daughter’s mouth.

At the same time she could feel her son’s still hard cock behind her, rubbing against her ass as her held her in place. With her other hand she reached behind her and wrapped it around his shaft. “God he’s hung!” She thought to herself. Her attention was suddenly brought back to her daughter kneeling between her legs. Beth had found her mothers clit and was determined to make her cum. Sam arched her back, letting the feeling build in her belly. She was stroking Luke’s slippery shaft now, feeling him thrust into her hand as she did. She moved her hand so her palm has holding his shaft against the crack of her ass. As he thrust he moved up and down that space, threatening to penetrate her without getting close to her soaked pussy. Sam started moaning louder now. The orgasm that had been building was almost here and it looked to be the most intense she had ever felt. Her knees were weak as she ground her pussy on Beth’s tongue, while stroking her son’s massive cock behind her. Suddenly she felt the waves begin to crash over her as the pending orgasm hit her. Sam thrust her head back as shouted as she came. She saw sparks and light in her eyes as she came. Juices flooded Beth’s tongue as her mom came. She could feel it trickling down her chin to her neck as she held her mom’s hips for leverage. Sam never stopped stroking Luke’s cock. She felt it swell again and heard him grunt behind her as she felt warm liquid landing on her lower back. Luke was cumming again, shooting more slick cum into his moms palm and down the crack of her ass. Sam could feel his cum running down and dripping off of her just before reaching her pussy.

She looked down at her daughter. Beth looked back. See could see her juices on her daughters chin as a smile played across her lips. Sam caught her breath and asked,

“What is that look for? “You’ll see.” Beth grinned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32