?Politics is a bitch? – Part 1

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Double Penetration

“Politics is a bitch” – Part 1


This is a four part series that recounts the story of a Belgium agent at the end of his career. The events take place in
Part 1 – Belgium
Part 2-4 – Minnesota, USA

I strongly advise that you read the story from the star, because it will be hard for you to understand the characters in later parts of the stories. This is not a quick fix story and not intended to be. It is already broken up in parts for ease of read.


Mark was well aware of what was to follow the conversation he was having with Mireille. She could have chosen to give him his orders via secured electronic messages just like she did all other information and disinformation agents. But instead just like many times before Mireille had insisted on having him present.
“As always, you will have to be discrete,” continued Mireille in her impeccable French. ”This cannot be traced back to our Belgium office or a diplomatic catastrophe will ensue.”

“Yes, I know, “ replied Marc in a slightly annoyed voice. He remembered his training and was quick to hide his feelings. “Yes, I understand.”

“A video would be ideal, but if you can’t get that then we can work with an audio recording.” Mirelle was now trying gaziantep swinger to sound bossy again.

“I will make sure the quality is good enough to have a deterministic voice print,” said Marc. “Usually I try to avoid escorts. It makes it more believable.”

“How are you going to manage that without a paid girl?”

“I have a couple of ideas. I have been studying the governor’s entourage for a while now. I will let you know once it is confirmed.”

Mark’s tone was now more assertive. He may have been 38 and in the last years in his job, but he was still one of the best. He had been trying to prolong the “action” phase of his career for a little over five years now. But he knew it was soon time to end it. He could tell by the type of assignments he was receiving. Last month it was a low risk diplomatic security assignment and today it was bringing down the Belgium ambassador to the US.
Soon, he would have to sit behind a desk and give people orders just like Mireille did. He had already received multiple propositions by various agencies in Belgium and abroad that he had turned down. For now he was going to enjoy his last years as long as Mireille allowed him.

It was Mireille that had come up with the lewd proposition to help him in his dilemma. She was gravely in need of a potent man outside of her marriage and he was getting to old and too important to be sent on dangerous physically demanding missions.

He still hadn’t been able to conclude weather Mireille was abusing him or if he was a willing party. He knew one thing though, that once she started, the feelings of resentment he had were quickly pushed aside by the warmth of her twat and sphincter pushing against his erect head poking out from his abs toned body. Never had he had the courage to tell his boss what he really felt of her. That he tought very little of this married old bitch who got her fix by forcing her employee to sodomize her and who sucked his ass defiled cock to make sure it stayed hard until she fell down winded from her multiple orgasms.

May be he had never told her because somewhere, deep inside his twisted conflicted mind he liked it. He liked the fact that such a successful intelligent man as himself would get used in such a degrading way by this agonizingly beautiful aging figure of authority. Or maybe it was that he liked his job so much that he was ready to use his years of training to resist the incessant sexual torture and convince himself that he didn’t like it.

Marc was pulled out of his thoughtful state by the strange familiar feelings that the combination of tongue, lips, pallets and saliva brought to his already erect shaft. He thought he heard her say something as his penis was being repeatedly drowned and resurrected from the hellish heat and humidity of his boss’s mouth. He could make out some of the few gray hair Mireille’s head, like wavy rivers progressively pouring the effects of time in an unwilling body.

“Aller vient. Prends moi bien dur. (Come here. Take me hard).” Said Mireille as she lifted up her short skirt and pulled aside an already wet panty.

Something happened. Mark blacked out again. But when he awoke, his hips were jerking forward the last few trusts that sent Mireille over the edge. He watched reluctantly as his manwhood which had a mind of its own started pulsating a couple of shots of his essence inside her ass. She was slow today he thought to himself. As if she heard him thinking, his boss quickly got to her knees and started her religious milking of his cumming cock, sipping and gobbling all the blessing she could, making sure that no other whore would come to pray to this now defiled temple.

“Fait attention a toi la bas. (Be careful over there),” he thought he heard her say as he was leaving through the ornate office door.

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