Pleasuring Virginia Pt. 04

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This story immediately follows Pleasuring Virginia (Part 3)

It was such a cozy moment. I had just pleasured Virginia’s clit with my lips and tongue. She had gently rubbed my head and told me how much she appreciated me and our erotic adventures together. Alice was nearby and was still enjoying the glow of her most recent orgasm.

After a while, Alice suggested that they freshen up and enjoy a wonderful meal together. Virginia nodded her agreement. Alice helped steady Virginia as she gradually stood up. They both made loud contented sighs. Alice looked down at me. She told me that while the ladies were getting ready, I was to move off of the bed and position myself by the bedroom door. I was to be kneeling facing the doorway with head down and ass up. She got a wicked smile on her face when she mentioned that I would have to figure out the best way to move with the humbler painfully capturing my cock and balls.

She was right. It was painful to even get to the floor. The damn humbler had no flexibility, and every movement pinched the hard wood against my cock and balls. I did what I was told and waited for the ladies. They eventually came from the master bathroom and walked past me into the kitchen. Alice told me as she passed that I was to crawl after them and position myself by the kitchen table.

It was a painful and humiliating shuffle as I could not crawl but had to pull with my arms to move my legs in tandem. All the while, the ladies seemed oblivious as they poured wine and prepared their dinner. Alice eventually brought the food to the table, while Virginia brought the white wine. I was positioned between the two of them, kneeling on the floor. They were happily talking, drinking and eating. The only recognition I got was when Alice would grab the small long handled paddle and place a few expertly applied strokes to my vulnerable cock and balls. I found being ignored was somehow both humiliating and stimulating, since I missed their attention.

After completing their meal and putting away their dishes, Alice once again smacked my cock and balls. She told me that the night was young and that she had much more planned for their pleasure and my misery. I was directed to crawl slowly back to the playroom bedroom. They marched ahead and closed the door. Alice had told me to wait kneeling before the closed door while they prepared themselves.

I was both nervous and excited while I waited. I was both surprised and aroused when the door finally opened. Alice was perhaps the most beautiful site I’d ever seen. Her tight body and long blond hair were perfectly captured in a sleek black leather mini skirt. casino siteleri Her legs were accentuated by long black leather boots tied with laces. She smiled as she witnessed my excited reaction. She told me that she appreciated my lust since she knew she was in complete control. I then noticed she had a strange looking metal device in her left hand.

She looked hard at me and told me it was time for a change. The humbler had done its job, and it was time for a new experience. She placed me face down over the edge of the bed and undid the screws holding my cock and balls prisoner. It was a relief to have the damn humbler off. However, that relief was only momentary. She ordered me to stand up and take a half step back while facing the bed. Alice positioned herself in front of me. She opened the device and all I could do was shudder and moan.

Alice did not say a word as she attached the cock and ball cage. Virginia watched intently. The device was opened. She painfully grabbed my balls and fed them through a metal ring. She then placed my balls in a metal cage and pulled my cock into a cylinder that had small spikes sticking out. She lined up a small metal tube at the tip of my cock and pushed the end of it into my urethra. I was mesmerized and passively watched her enslave my cock and balls. She folded the top half of the device over the rest of my cock and balls. She screwed it tightly together. She then lifted a necklace over her head and used the key to lock it all in place. The metal spikes began to cut into my cock. She grinned as she screwed the small metal tube fully into my urethra. She leaned back, smiled and told Virginia that this was exactly how a male sub should be prepared. I was completely under her control. I could not even pee unless Alice allowed me. I could not use my cock in any way unless she unlocked the entire device.

Alice admired her work for a little while and then told me to move to the end of the bed. I was told to position myself kneeling on the bed with my ass hanging off the end. Alice took some ties and looped them around my knees and tied one to each side at the bottom of the bed. She attached cuffs to my wrists and then used ropes to stretch my arms over my head. These ropes were tied to the top of the bed frame. Virginia assisted her, and I could tell she was aroused by my helpless and very vulnerable position.

The inflated butt plug had remained deep in my ass. I have gotten used to feeling very full. I’m not sure if I was happy or sad when Alice deflated the plug and removed it slowly from my previously tighter asshole. She commented how clean it was and güvenilir casino complimented me on following her directions on how to prepare myself. I heard Alice put on a rubber glove and soon felt a slippery liquid lubricating the outside and inside of my hole. It was not unpleasant.

I had an idea what was next, but I was still surprised when Alice come into my view wearing her rubber cock. She had a wicked grin. Alice playfully stroked her cock, which was firmly attached to her narrow hips by tight black rubber bands. She snapped the ties and let out a moan. Alice explained to Virginia that this cock was custom designed to her specifications. There was a second dildo which I could not see that was firmly inside her pussy. She told Alice that the most delightful part was a special nub which was perfectly placed to stimulate her clit. She then told Virginia that she was going to fuck me hard until she had as many orgasms as she could handle.

I felt so used, humiliated and aroused. Alice slowly entered my tight hole. She seemed to be more excited the more I moaned and the more I protested. Alice told me she liked to hear my discomfort and complaints. They only made her want to fuck me harder. I can’t quite describe what it felt like when she fully entered me. She paused when her pussy finally rested against my ass. I saw Virginia eyes light up as she watched me being roughly fucked. Alice began pumping her cock in and out of me. She would slowly pull back to only having the tip in me, and then forcefully began fucking me harder and harder and deeper and deeper. It hurt, but still she continued. I could not stop my poor cock from getting harder, which make it hurt more against the spikes in the cock cage. This triggered a cycle where my cock would hurt more, and I would get more and more aroused by my cock pressing harder against the spikes and by hearing Alice shout out with joy. The harder she fucked me, the more my cock hurt against the spikes. It was a delightful and horrible cycle.

Alice shouted out when she came. I felt her fucking slow down and then increase again as she neared another orgasm. I was completely under her control and could do nothing except accept whatever she decided to do. Finally, she shuddered to a stop and removed her cock from my now well-trained hole. I missed the fullness of her cock, but needed to pause to recover. Virginia helped guide a tired but very well pleasured Alice to a nearby lounge chair. She slowly removed her cock and let out a long, contented sigh. She told us how much she missed it and how much she appreciated having the opportunity to once again pursue canlı casino her passions.

Alice looked over at Virginia and saw that she was more than ready for her own pleasure. Alice asked Virginia if she was ready for her very special treat. Virginia said she is really curious since Alice has been taunting her with it for several weeks. Alice told her that it would rock her world. Alice untied my leg and arm constraints. She told me to lay on my back in the center of the bed, and then placed a pillow under my neck. She asked Virginia to get naked and straddle my face like she has done many times before. My enclosed cock got harder just looking at Virginia’s beautiful naked body and massive breasts. I let out a grunt of pain as the spike bit deeper into my cock. Virginia smiled. Alice told me to prepare Virginia. I began to lick Virginia’s pussy, as I have done many times before. I felt Virginia respond and glide her pussy over my mouth. I could not see that Alice had pulled something out from her bag of erotic toys.

Alice asked Virginia to pause and rest herself on my chest. I heard Virginia say Oh My God, Really! before I saw what she saw. I soon saw that it was a large pink dildo attached to a rubber strap with a chin rest. I was initially uncertain, but then it all made sense when Alice lifted it over my head and moved the dildo down to rest on my chin. Alice tightens the straps and positioned it on my chin. Alice told Virginia that the chin dildo will soon be her favorite thing in the whole wide world. Alice pointed out the now obvious fact that the dildo will have a cozy place in her pussy while my mouth and tongue are available to pleasure her elsewhere. I saw Virginia’s eyes light up when she thought it all over. Virginia immediately climbed up and grabbed the dildo with one hand. I saw close up how easily it slid into her excited pussy. I heard Virginia gasp. I then felt Virginia press down on my face.

I eagerly used my mouth and tongue to pleasure Virginia, as I had done many times before. It was an incredible feeling for both Virginia and me. I reached behind her ass to gently guide her as she pumped up and down on the dildo. I always kept my mouth and tongue on her clit. I captured her clit between my upper lip and tongue and gently but firmed sucked it. I sucked her clit harder as she fucked the dildo faster. Virginia made noises I never heard before as she rode the dildo and my mouth. She came frequently with huge amounts of liquid. She later described it as the best orgasm of her life. I just kept licking, sucking and swallowing as I fought through the pain caused by my hard cock pressing against the spikes in the metal cage. It was an absolutely magnificent moment that lasted and lasted.

Eventually, Virginia stopped and slowly removed herself from the dildo, with some help from Alice. She bent over me and kissed my forehead. She told me that I did well.

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