Pleasure Your Guests

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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

She kissed tom’s sweet lips as they held each other close. This was going to be a night neither of them would ever forget. Tom pulled Lynette closer to him. He was amazed that anything so wrong could feel so right. He touched her face and hair. She felt even more wonderful then her ever thought that she could. With every moment that passed they became more and more comfortable with what they were going to do. Tom reached around Lynette and unhooked her bra. His hands were shaking as he did. Lynette smiled. She was so happy her plan had worked. She kissed tom harder and slipped her hand down to his belt buckle. Slowly she unbuckled his belt and then his pants. They hit the floor. Lynette pulled away from tom so she could finish what she had started. She pushed tom onto the bed and finished taking his pants off. Tom just smiled in disbelief and laid back to enjoy the ride. She finished taking off his pants and to his surprise she started to touch and stroke tom’s engorged member. Tom let out a moan. Lynette smiled and continued what she had started. Slowly she moved her head towards tom’s fully erect manhood. Tom gasped. He had never had any kind of oral sex in his life, and to think the first time with a beautiful friend. Tom grabbed the bed sheets as he felt Lynette’s tongue run over the head of his penis. He felt himself getting closer and closer to orgasm. He sat strait up and held onto Lynette’s head. This felt too wonderful but he knew that if she didn’t stop it would be over too soon. He tried to pull her head away from his body but was unable to. Finally, he spoke up.

“Lynette, please stop. If you don’t, it will be over too soon. I don’t want to do that to you. And plus, I want to know what everything feels like.” Tom slightly blushed.

“Okay tom. This is your night so you do as you please.” Lynette smirked. She then stripped down and lay on the bed completely naked, spread eagle. Tom gasped for breath. He had never been with a woman before. He did what his instinct and his penis told him to do. He knelt down on the floor and started to lick the beautiful flower between Lynette’s legs. She was completely shaved so tom could see everything so well. This made him even more excited. Tom licked her engorged, throbbing clitoris. Lynette’s back arched as she moaned. Tom thought ‘I must be doing this okay.’ He then inserted his pointer finger into her tight, wet, clenching love canal. He could feel how much she really did enjoy every minute of what he was doing. He could taste all of the sweet juices running out of her body. He lapped up every last drop. Finally he couldn’t take the urges anymore. He jumped to his feet and placed his fully erect male member into Lynette’s swollen, wet, tight pussy. Tom shuddered with the first trust and Lynette squealed with anticipation. Tom held onto Lynette for dear life. He didn’t want this moment to end. He trust slowly at first and then began to pump faster and faster. He wrapped his arms around Lynette’s body and held fast to her shoulders. She threw her legs around tom’s waist and locked her legs. They were so in tune with each other. He felt her juices running down his legs and this made him start to cum. He held back and thrust into her deeper. Lynette let out a scream of joy. She hollered out for more and tom did as he was told. He slammed into her like he never thought he could. She moaned louder and louder until she yelled out….

“I’m going to cum. Keep going! I’m almost there. Oh god! You are wonderful. Keep going!” tom couldn’t hold back any longer. He was going to explode. They erupted together. Their screams filled the room. Lynette looked up at tom and smiled sweetly and kissed his lips. Tom rolled onto his bahis şirketleri back and swiftly fell asleep. Lynette went into the bathroom.


Tom sat up. He was alone in the bed. He got up off the bed and began searching the hotel room. He didn’t see Lynette so he checked the bathroom. The door was shut so he knocked. There was no answer. He pushed the door open slowly. There was no one there. He turned back to the bed area. He noticed on the table a note. He picked it up and read it…

My dearest tom,

I’m sorry, but I had to leave. You know this
Could never happen. I know I had said that this
Would be a forever thing but I can’t stay. I must
Back to my home. I can’t leave what I had started So long ago.
My family is too important to me to
Just up and leave them. I had a wonderful night and
Will never forget you or the night that we shared. Again tom, I am so very sorry for doing this to you.

Your secret lover,


Tom was taken aback. He had been, once again, let down by another woman. Tom sat down on the edge of the bed and just looked at the letter. How could he let this happen? Tom laid back down and went back to sleep.


When tom woke up he jumped in the shower and cleaned himself up. He was rinsing his body when the bathroom door flew open. Tom jumped backwards. There stood the housekeeper. She dropped the cleaning supplies she was holding. She hadn’t heard the shower because she was wearing a headset.

“Oh my!” she yelled. She covered her face. “Mister, I am so sorry! I didn’t realize someone was still in this room. The woman checked out this morning.”

“It’s alright,” tom said reaching for a towel. “I did know that anyone was going to clean the room this soon. I have the room for another night yet.” Tom got out of the shower and wrapped the towel around his waist. “I’m decent.” He smiled at the girl when she uncovered her face.

“I feel awful. I usually don’t wear this thing but I am working by myself today. But, if you don’t mind me saying, I really enjoyed what I saw.” She smiled and blushed slightly. “My name’s Jesse. What’s yours?”

“Tom. Nice to meet you, Jesse. What time do you get off work today? I wouldn’t mind having a drink with you this evening.” He smiled at the girl.

“This was my last assigned room so I will be done as soon as I take my things back to the office.” She replied.

“Well, do what you have to and come back up to the room.” He smiled and walked Jesse to the door. Tom finished getting dressed and tidied up the room a bit. Then there was a knock at the door. He opened the door and smiled at the beautiful young lady standing there.

“Come on in Jesse.” Tom ushered her into the room. Jesse smiled sweetly at tom. “So, what would you like to do tonight?”

“Oh, I don’t know. What would you like to do?” Jesse was very shy. She felt slightly uncomfortable being in the same room where she had walked in on him in the shower.

“Well, I know what I would like to do but I don’t think you would go along with it.” He winked at Jesse. “What I’d like to do is strip you down and do all sorts of nasty things to you. You kinda got me excited when you walked in on me.” Tom laughed. There was a gleam in Jesse’s eyes. She wanted that more than anything but would never say it. Tom saw her look and decided that would be the time to act. He walked over to Jesse and touched her smooth skin and kissed her tender lips. “How was that?” tom stroked her cheek. Jesse sighed. She knew he knew what she wanted. Tom then laid Jesse down on the bed and kissed her gently. Tom ran his fingers through bahis firmaları Jesse’s long black hair and pulled her shirt off to reveal her milky white breasts. Tom leaned down and kissed and caressed every inch. They were perfect. Jesse moaned when he kissed her nipples through her bra. He then reached around and very skillfully unhooked her bra and threw it to the side. Her breasts were fabulous! Tom buried his face between them and held them lovingly against his face. He then stood up from the bed and took his shirt off. Then knelt at the edge of the bed and took Jesse’s shoes off one at a time. He kissed her toes and up her leg till he got to her stomach. He stopped and unbuttoned her pants and slid them off. To his surprise, Jesse wasn’t wearing any panties and her pussy was waiting for his tender touch. Tom stood back to admire her beautifully sculpted body. She was perfect. As fast as he could he pulled his pants off to show Jesse how excited seeing her made him.

“Come here.” Tom demanded. “I want you to suck my cock. I want you to swallow every inch of it in your sweet agile mouth.” Jesse stood up and walked over to where tom was standing. Then like a 100-pound sack hit her, she went to her knees. She grabbed a hold of tom’s fully engorged cock and held it firmly while she tasted the tip. She could taste his excitement with the first mouthful. She moaned when she pushed her mouth down hard onto his cock. Tom groaned in delight. “Good girl! Suck my cock. How does that taste? Do you like the taste of my cock baby?” tom was enjoying her mouth so very much. Tom pulled his cock out of her mouth and pushed her towards the bed. He rolled her onto her hands and knees and licked her slit from her clit to her virgin ass. Tom grabbed her hips and plunged his rock hard cock deep inside of Jesse aroused pussy. Jesse jerked when he first inserted his cock. He stroked her with long gentle strokes. He could feel all of the excitement in Jesse. Jesse clenched her teeth so that she didn’t scream out.

“How’s that? You like my dick deep inside of your tight hole?” tom asked with an evil grin on his face.

“Yes!” Jesse peeped. She was breathing hard. She was on the brink of an orgasm. She tried to hold back but she was going to explode. Tom smacked Jesse’s ass and she squealed. He smacked her again and again. He started to pound Jesse harder and harder with every penetration. Jesse gripped the bed sheets and pushed her face into a pillow to muffle her screams. And then, just as suddenly as tom started he stopped. Jesse relaxed her body. Tom put his arms around Jesse’s torso and held her tight. Jesse purred from his loving touch. He slowly slid back up and rubbed the head of his fully engorge member. As slyly as he could tom grabbed something from his bag and opened it up. It made a loud popping sound. Jesse jerked to see what it was but tom pushed her face back into the pillow. The next thing that Jesse knew was a cold sensation running down the crack of her ass. It made her squirm and giggle. Then BAM!!!!! Tom pushed his entire length into Jesse’s tight virgin asshole. Jesse screamed in pain.

“Jesse relax. Once you get used to it, it will be the best thing you ever had. I promise.” Tom grabbed hold of her hips again and rode her slowly. He could hear Jesse’s whimpering through the pillow and this made him smile. He pushed his cock deeper into her tight brown eye. He reached down under Jesse and put three fingers deep into her pussy. Jesse jumped and let out another cry. “Jesse rub your clit. Once you start cumming you won’t be able to stop.” Jesse did as she was told. The pain was horrible but she believed tom. She rubbed her clit till it was very hard and very sensitive. She felt her self getting kaçak bahis siteleri ready to cum. Her body started quaking. Tom knew it was time for the show to begin. He pulled his fingers out of her pussy and slammed his cock hard into her backdoor. Jesse started cumming harder the instant that he pounded her ass. Tom could feel all of her cum running down his balls and legs. Tom pushed Jesse forward so that her face was flat on the bed and her ass was way in the air. He jumped on the bed and straddled her and pushed his cock back into her very open hole. He pushed in till his balls touched. He slammed her as she came. He reached around and smacked her pussy with his very wet hand. Jesse jumped because it stung. Tom did it again and again. He felt Jesse’s ass getting tighter. She was on the brink of another orgasm.

“cum for me Jesse. I wanna feel your ass cum. I want you to soak this bed with your sweet cum.” He smacked her pussy again. “I told you to cum. Now cum bitch!” he smacked her harder. He could feel his hand getting wetter and wetter with every smack and every stroke. Jesse started screaming in a huge orgasm. The cum was running down her legs. He pulled out of her ass and put his head under her pussy. He drank all the juices he could out of her hole. Tom decided that she hadn’t cum enough and put three fingers into her tight ass. She squirted cum all over tom’s face. He slid a fourth finger into her ass and she squirted again. Tom couldn’t believe how hot this was. He pushed his hand in her ass to his thumb. He hand fucked Jesse’s ass. She squirmed and screamed out tom’s name. Tom could feel all her juices running down his face. He needed to be inside her pussy. He was so close to an eruption. He jumped up behind her and thrust his cock into her pussy. She clenched her muscles and started to cum again. It was tom’s turn to cum. He screamed out her names.

“Jesse! Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum. Oh damn!” tom started breathing heavy as he filled her pussy with his bitter sweet cum. She slammed back against tom as he came. Jesse then collapsed on the bed and tom sat down. Jesse was breathing hard as if still in mid orgasm. They relaxed for a few minutes.

“Why don’t we get a shower Hun? We made quite a mess on the bed and ourselves.” Tom rubbed Jesse’s back. She rolled over and nodded. They got in the shower and cleaned off then got dressed. Jesse sat very still at the small desk. She didn’t know what to do or say after an event like that.

“Jesse, why don’t we go down to the bar and get a few drinks? I think that we deserve a night of drinking after that expedition!” tom laughed.

“That sounds like a plan tom!” Jesse got out of the chair and tom lead her to the door. They walked to the elevator and waited for it to arrive. Right before the elevator arrived two of Jesse’s coworkers walked over to her.

“Oh my god Jesse! You missed it! Room 382 was making so much noise! They must be newly weds or something! They had the whole floor looking out to see what was going on!” the first girl raved. Jesse’s face was bright red. “What is wrong with you? You are usually the one telling us about the rooms that are have some freaky sex!” Tom laughed.

“Jesse, the elevator is here. Let’s go get those drinks.” Tom put his hand out to Jesse. The girls just stopped. They knew who the man was and that he was from room 382 and he was calling for Jesse to go with him.

“Oh my god!” the first girl said once the elevator doors closed. “It was Jesse in the room. That is why she was so quiet and blushing!”

“When does she work again? Cause I have gotta know what happened!” the second girl said. They stood there in shock for a few minutes then went back to cleaning the rooms they were assigned to.

When they asked Jesse about it a few days later she denied the whole thing. Of course, she always had a date whenever she needed one from that night on. See it is always a good thing to please your guests!

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