Pleasure Flight Ch. 03

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The room was filled with light as Francesca opened her eyes. She took a moment to remember the night before. She couldn’t believe how things had turned out. Michael was lying facing her sleeping softly. She nuzzled close to him and kissed his chest, letting her hand softly stroke his body. Feeling naughty she pulled the covers back and kissed down his chest and stomach, pausing briefly as Michael stirred and rolled onto his back. Perfect Francesca thought. His cock lay flaccid between his legs. She hadn’t seen it soft before, but it wouldn’t be for long. She gently used her soft lips to guide his cock into her mouth, using her tongue to help push all of it in. It felt so warm as she crammed it all into her mouth. Feeling it start to harden she held the base and started to suck up and down. Soon Michael was throbbing and could barely believe his eyes as he woke. This hot girl couldn’t get enough of his dick. He moaned and Francesca paused and looked up, her sexy mouth poised over his head.

‘Well don’t stop! I’m enjoying this!’ Michael smiled, gripping her hair and encouraging her to suck. She looked wonderful with his throbbing cock jammed into her young mouth and it felt even better as her tongue licked up the precum he oozed.

She cupped his balls and gripped his arse, allowing her fingers to tease his arsehole. He moaned loudly and Francesca pressed harder, the effect of her finger giving him so much pleasure making him scream and shudder. Knowing she had him where she wanted him Francesca pushed Michael’s legs up and proceeded to lick his arse, pushing her tongue into his tight hole. She wanked him hard and as she felt him get close to cumming she swapped hands and mouth just in time to feel his hot cum spraying into her mouth. Again she didn’t stop until she had every drop, but this time she showed him her cum filled mouth. He normally liked his load to be swallowed straight away but the way Francesca flicked his cum over her lips and mouth drove him wild. She swallowed in three lots, eryamanda yeni escortlar and couldn’t believe what a slut she was being. She exhaled and cuddled up to Michael again as he stroked her body.

Lying still for a few moments, Francesca broke the silence.

‘You couldn’t go and get my suitcase could you? I could do with really freshening up and changing my clothes.’

Michael grinned. They had left Francesca’s huge suitcase in the car overnight, but Michael had brought his overnight bag with him.

He nodded and pulled on his jeans and a t shirt and slipped on his shoes. Francesca lay still before heading to the bathroom, she may as well start to shower off. Michael returned minutes later and walked into the bathroom. Despite having known each other less than 24 hours the pair seemed comfortable with each other. Francesca peered out from the shower shyly, her long black hair wet.

‘Could you get my washbag out? It’s black, you can’t miss it. My shampoo is in there too.’

As Michael went to get Francesca’s shampoo he laughed to himself. She was treating him like her slave. She was a good fuck though. He spied her various items of lingerie and clothes as he pulled out her washbag, briefly stroking her soft lace knickers.

Well what have we here! He exclaimed to himself. Under the shampoo and conditioner was a realistic cock dildo. Black and around 8 inches long and very wide, it wasn’t a dildo for the faint hearted. His cock throbbed as he imagined her using it. He quickly took it out and hid it in the bed before stripping and walking into the bathroom, joining Francesca in the shower.

Francesca kissed Michael’s lips as the water cascaded down their naked bodies. Soaping each other up felt so sexy, their hands tenderly exploring each other.

Michael was out of the shower first and towelled himself in the room, leaving Francesca to dry her hair. She emerged minutes later, looking fresh and sweet. She sat on the bed and Michael sat beside her, his sincan escort bayan naked skin close to hers. Stroking her body with his fingertips he gently pushed her onto her back, kissing her neck before mounting her, his semi hard cock pushing against her inner thigh.

Playing hard to get Francesca playfully shuffled up the bed and giggled loudly, pulling the covers back and diving under the covers.

‘Come here you bad girl.’ Michael cried, mock menace in his voice. He let Francesca lie still on her back before gently stroking her pussy with his fingers. After the hard fucking Michael had given her, his soft touches were a welcome change. She relaxed and moaned softly at each stroke of her clit, her pussy soaking again.

Michael was so relaxed playing with her pussy like this. He could sit and stroke it all day. But he knew he needed the element of surprise for what he had in store.

He told Francesca to lie still as he stroked her body, kissing her breasts and shoulders before moving to her thighs. He could see she was loving his tenderness and was totally relaxed. Her body moved however he wanted and he gently pushed her legs apart wide and massaged her pussy. She looked so sweet with her eyes closed he thought as he gripped the base of the heavy, veiny dildo. He couldn’t believe how thick it was. He wondered if she’d even had it in her tight cunt before. Well she was going to now! He pushed her lips apart and lined the shiny black head against her tiny opening. Fuck there was no way it’d go in there he thought. He took Francesca’s hands and positioned himself so he held her hands down above her head with one hand and had the dildo lined with her cunt with the other. Now she was ready and with one hard push he rammed the rubber toy deep up her juicy hole.

‘Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhh ooooowwweeeeeee!!!’ Francesca screamed as her pussy was fucked hard. She suddenly realised Michael was using her dildo on her. He kissed her to muffle her moans and held her ankara escort still. She had never managed to get so much inside her before, managing just the head before finding it too painful and pulling it out. But Michael showed no signs of relenting as the sound of Francesca’s pussy being pounded filled the room. With deep fast thrusts Francesca could hardly control herself and wrapped her legs around Michael, screaming as her orgasm overcame her. Her pussy flooded with juices and he continued to push the dildo deeply as he thumbed her clit.

‘Noooo stop I can’t take anymore!’ Francesca cried. Michael laughed and pulled the dildo, admiring her slippery cunt’s tight grip on the toy. He pulled hard and she groaned as her pussy released it. It almost looked like she’d given birth to it as it fired out onto the bed. Francesca lay breathless, panting as she relaxed her legs on the bed, still open and revealing her swollen cunt lips. Her pussy was soaking and her juices trickled onto the bed. This girl was a dream Michael thought to himself as he kissed Francesca on the lips. He stroked her hair and closed his eyes as she gently caressed his back. Lying still for a few minutes she eventually walked into the bathroom to shower again. She emerged with her dry hair now roughly tied up and her body still damp. She dried herself as Michael showered and the pair dressed in silence. Finally as Francesca slipped on her boots Michael broke the silence.

‘I’d better get you home then!’ He smiled.

‘Oh you don’t have to…’

‘It’s okay I insist.’

Francesca nodded and followed him to his car, a dim winter sun lighting the icy ground.

They said little as Michael drove her home. As they finally arrived Michael leaned over to kiss her again. Francesca closed her eyes and savoured the taste of him for the last time. She made a move for the door before they got carried away again.

‘Hey, aren’t you forgetting something? There’s no way I’m not seeing you again! Number now!!’

Francesca laughed and they swapped numbers. She watched Michael drive away as she turned to walk home. She felt her phone vibrate and grinned as she read.

‘See you soon hot pussy! X’.

She felt her aching clit throb again and smiled. She couldn’t wait to fuck Michael again.

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