Pleasing My Roommates

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The first morning I spent in my new apartment, something terrible happened.

Just out of college, I had moved to a place in the city for my new job and was living with two other guys my age. I didn’t know either of them when I moved in, but they knew each other.

‘We’ve been buddies since we were kids,’ the one called Nate said the evening before when I moved in.

He was built like a football player, with thick arms and legs. He was wearing jeans that stretched so far over his quads they looked like they could rip if he made the wrong move.

‘Our parents sent us to the same summer camp every year and we got to know each other there,’ his friend Chris said.

Chris was well built too, but slimmer than Nate. He looked more like a college wrestler and had longer, shaggier hair.

I’m in good shape myself, but I was tiny compared to these guys.

I was disappointed to hear they had years’ worth of friendship behind them. There would be an in-built comfort there that someone new would find it hard to break through.

Still, they made an effort to make me feel welcome. We ordered a takeout that first evening and got to know each other.

They both had girlfriends from college but they were all living far apart now because of work.

‘We haven’t figured out what we’re gonna do about the sex situation,’ Nate said, shaking his head.

‘Gonna be tough,’ Chris agreed. ‘But we promised them we wouldn’t mess around with other girls.’

‘Are they gonna come here and visit?’ I asked.

‘Oh yeah,’ Chris said. ‘But we don’t know when that’ll be. My girl Ashley is hoping to get here in a couple of weeks.’

‘Stacey still has no idea,’ Nate said.

‘Their bosses are working them like dogs.’ Chris sighed. ‘We’re not in college anymore, are we?’

Nate looked at me. ‘You got a girlfriend?’

‘No,’ I said, shaking my head. ‘I’m single.’

Single and gay.

I left the last part out. These guys seemed really macho. I would have to make sure telling them I’m into dudes wouldn’t set off any ‘no homo’ bullshit.

Better to test the waters for a while and see. Maybe they would be cool about it. I shouldn’t assume the worst.

‘Lucky you,’ Nate said. ‘At least you can fool around whenever you want.’

‘We’re both whipped, as you can see,’ Chris said.

‘Speak for yourself,’ Nate replied. They laughed.

We had a few beers and went to bed just before midnight.


And now we arrive to the morning it happened. Before I tell you about it, I should say one thing about my looks that I’ve neglected to mention so far — I have a pretty big butt.

OK, more than pretty — it’s huge. Finding pants that fit has always been a struggle and I’ve never needed to buy a belt in my life.

When I was in school, some of the jock guys would whistle and make lewd comments about it when I walked past them in the halls. I always dreaded the locker room during gym class. The guys saw nothing wrong with smacking and grabbing my ass and then laughing about it, not for one minute realising how embarrassing it was for me.

When I woke up that morning, I could hear that Nate and Chris were already in the kitchen. I sleep naked so I threw on a pair of plaid pyjama bottoms and a vest before going downstairs to grab something quick to eat.

‘Morning Mark,’ Chris said when I walked in.

They were sat at the table, two huge plates of eggs and bacon in front of them.

‘Morning,’ I replied.

I was overdressed. Both of them were shirtless and wearing nothing but their boxer shorts. Nate’s were black and Chris’ were white; neither of them leaving much to the imagination.

Their bodies really were incredible.

I looked away quickly, not wanting either of them to think I was checking them out.

I didn’t have time to fix myself something proper so cereal would have to do.

‘Guys, where are the bowls?’ I said, after finding nothing but cups and glasses in the cupboards next to the fridge.

‘Beside the sink,’ Nate said as he wolfed down a slice of bacon.

I bent down to open the cupboard and immediately heard something rip.

No. Please no. Please don’t let that be what I think it was.

I stood up and looked around. My pjs had ripped right across my butt. I didn’t put on any underwear before I came downstairs.

They could see everything.

‘Holy shit,’ Chris said.

Blood rushed to my face. How would I ever live this down?

‘Mark, your ass is huge,’ Nate said.

‘Sorry,’ I said, awkwardly putting my hands behind me in an attempt to cover myself, as if I hadn’t just given them a full view already. ‘I can’t believe that happened.’

‘Chris, did you see the size of that thing?’ Nate said, looking at his buddy. He turned back to me. ‘Come here.’

I walked awkwardly to the table, my hands over my butt.

Chris nodded. ‘It’s gotta be the biggest butt I’ve seen on a guy.’

My face must have been the colour of beetroot at this point, I was so humiliated. Why were they making me go through this? I wanted to go upstairs ofise gelen escort and never face them again. Screw making friends with my roommates. I’d avoid them both from now on if it meant never having to relive this moment ever again.

‘Turn around for a sec, Mark,’ Nate said.

‘Guys, I really need to — ‘

‘Come on, it’s no big deal. What are you getting all shy for?’ he said, smiling at me.

I looked from Nate to Chris; both sitting there, waiting for me to turn so they could get a better look.

I guessed the sooner I agreed, the sooner I could get this over with.

Reluctantly, I turned and put my hands at my sides.

Nate whistled. ‘Damn.’

‘Not a bad view, first thing in the morning,’ Chris said.

Then, without warning, Chris leaned over and smacked my ass.

Nate laughed and put his hand on the other cheek, giving it a gentle squeeze.

‘This must get you a lot of attention, huh?’ Nate said.

‘Never as much as right now,’ I said.

‘I think we’re embarrassing him,’ Chris said.

Nate let go of my butt. ‘Sorry man, we were just playing.’

I nodded. ‘Uh, yeah, no problem.’ There was an awkward beat of silence. ‘Well, I better get ready for work.’

I left the kitchen without looking back, but I could feel their eyes on me until I disappeared up the stairs.


I took off what was left of my pjs and got in the shower.

Did that really just happen?

This could make things awkward. I mean, being friendly is one thing, but grabbing your new roommate’s ass like that when you barely know them is a whole other level.

My best bet was to pretend like it never happened. If they never mentioned it again, I’d never mention it again.

Even though it had been embarrassing in the moment, now that I had the opportunity to replay it in my head, it didn’t seem as bad.

In fact, in a weird way, it felt sort of good.

They both had strong, big hands and weren’t afraid to use them.

I looked down as I soaped up my body. I had a raging hard on.

I put my hand on my dick and started to gently stroke, thinking of Nate demanding me to turn around and show off my ass for him. There was something intensely erotic about it.

The way he had whistled when it was right there in his face. And the way Chris smacked it too; he didn’t let go right away.

I know they said they were just playing around, but was it possible I had turned them on?

Keeping my eyes closed, I imagined them both taking hold of each cheek, squeezing my glutes like they owned them. Nate putting a hand on my lower back and ordering me to bend over, telling me to spread my ass so they could get a look at my hole.

I was stroking faster now, my cock throbbing in my hand.

Nate standing up and pulling his boxers down so his dick sprang out. He would press it up against my ass, running it over my hole.

I was leaking precum. I kept stroking.

Chris standing in front of me, putting his hands on my chest and then running them slowly down my body until he got to my dick. He would grab it hard, holding me in place.

Both of them kissing my neck. Me, frozen in place, unable to move. They could do whatever they wanted with me.

I shot a stream of cum into the tub. My eyes rolled back, euphoria flowing through me. I shot some more, my hand against the wall, letting the water run down my back.

The bathroom was covered in steam by the time I turned the shower off. I looked like a shapeless lump in the condensation-covered mirror.

Man, that felt good.

I left the bathroom and quickly get dressed, putting on a white shirt and a pair of dark grey pants.

I heard Nate and Chris come upstairs. They both went into Nate’s room and turned on some music.

I stepped into the hallway. Unable to resist, I leaned close to the door and tried to listen. I could hear their voices, but the music was too loud to make out what they were saying.

Were they talking about me?

I shook my head.

Forget about it. It was just a weird moment that will never happen again.

I went downstairs and left for work.


Work was fine, but uneventful. I’m on a graduate scheme with seven other twenty-two-year-olds, all of them enthusiastic and desperate to please.

Truthfully, I found it hard to focus on anything. I couldn’t get the events of the morning out of my mind.

By the time the afternoon rolled around, I was horny again from thinking about it.

I went on Grindr on my lunch break but didn’t have much luck, just getting a few messages from a blank profile who refused to send any pictures of himself.

– You look really good man.

– Thanks, you got any pics?

– What sort of guys do you like?

– Tall, in shape.

– Jock types?

– Yeah, I guess.

– Nice.

– So, pics?

No response. I sighed.

Honestly, why do they even bother?


Some of the other newbies suggested we go for drinks after work. otele gelen escort It ended up lasting for a few hours so I didn’t get home until after nine.

I went straight to the kitchen to get a glass of water. I could hear the TV on low in the sitting room and the sound of Chris and Nate’s laughter.

I washed the glass and put it away and headed for the stairs, eager to get out of my work clothes. The sitting room door opened just as I passed it, Chris hovering in the doorway.

‘You’re back,’ he said.

He was shirtless, like earlier, but he was wearing a pair of tight white gym shorts.

‘Yeah, long day.’

Chris opened the door wider. Nate was sat on the couch behind him with his feet up. He lifted his drink in the air and nodded.

‘You wanna join us for a beer?’

I didn’t think that was such a good idea. Truthfully, I was still humiliated by the events of the morning and would’ve been far more comfortable retreating to my room for the rest of the night.

But I was the new roommate, and I didn’t want to get a reputation for being a wet blanket.

‘Sure,’ I said.

I stepped into the sitting room, dropping my bag at the door. Walking around the couch, I could see that Nate was also only wearing shorts. I was feeling seriously overdressed. Chris sat down on the couch also.

I was about to take one of the armchairs when Nate stopped me.

‘Don’t be silly bro,’ he said, patting the middle seat on the couch and giving it a gentle rub. ‘There’s plenty of room here.’

I hesitated, doing an awkward hover over the armchair.

Nate smiled. ‘What, do we smell?’

I shook my head. ‘No, course not.’

They both sat up as I awkwardly scooted between them, all the while wishing the suit pants I had on weren’t so tight.

Nate passed me a cold beer from an ice bucket at his feet. ‘How was work?’

‘Pretty good. Still finding my bearings. What did you guys do for the day?’

‘I had the day off,’ Chris said, taking a gulp of beer. ‘And you were working from home, weren’t you Nate?’

‘There’s not enough money in the world to make me go back to the office,’ Nate said.

They were both sat with their legs apart, so we were all touching. Even through my pants, I could feel the heat of their skin.

I glanced down and admired the muscle definition on their legs. Nate’s were huge and covered in dark, coarse hair. He clearly did his fair share of squats and deadlifts.

Chris’ were also well developed and muscular, with less hair and more sinewy definition. I could make out the soft lines of veins on his inner thigh.

Stop looking. Neither of these guys plays for your team. There’s no point teasing yourself. Keep your thoughts for the shower, where they belong.

I took a sip of beer and looked at the TV. They had a football game on.

‘Ashley called today,’ Chris said. ‘Did I tell you that?’

‘No,’ Nate said. ‘What’d she say?’

Chris sighed. ‘The usual. She’s completely swamped with work. Doesn’t think we’ll be able to see each other until next month, at least.’ He put his left hand on his crotch and readjusted himself. ‘How am I supposed to last that long?’

‘Right there with ya,’ Nate said. ‘What’s the point of having a girlfriend if you can’t get laid regularly?’

I took another sip of beer, feeling it wise to keep my mouth shut. These guys sure were frustrated. There was going to be a lot of jerking off in this house.

‘So Mark,’ Nate said, ‘you’re gay, right?’

‘Huh?’ I said.

‘You’re into dudes?’

‘Uh, yeah.’

He nodded. ‘That’s cool, man.’

‘How did you know?’

He gestured to Chris.

‘My brother’s best friend is gay,’ Chris said. ‘I’ve got a sixth sense for these things.’

I nodded, not saying anything.

‘So you must get laid all the time then, right?’ Nate said. ‘Can’t gay guys get it whenever they want, pretty much?’

I laughed. ‘Sort of, I guess. But that’s kind of a stereotype too. I probably don’t have any more sex than you guys.’

‘With an ass like yours, I find that hard to believe,’ Nate said.

I looked down at my drink, feeling the blood rush to my face again.

Nate laughed and gave me a playful punch on the shoulder. ‘C’mon, I’m just kidding, bro. Relax.’

He yawned and stretched, resting his arm across the back of the couch so it was right behind my head.

It was starting to get pretty hot, with all three of us sat so close. I discreetly wiped the sweat from my brow and hoped there wouldn’t be sweat stains on the back of my shirt when I eventually got up.

‘I hope we didn’t make you too uncomfortable earlier, by the way,’ Chris said. ‘But when you’re as frustrated as we’ve been lately, it’s hard not to look at something that’s been offered up on a plate.’

‘It’s cool,’ I said, trying to act nonplussed. ‘I get it.’

‘You can take your shirt off if you want dude,’ Chris said, laughing. ‘You’re looking a little hot under the collar there.’

I laughed awkwardly and took three large gulps of beer.

Jesus, rus escort get a grip. Stop acting so awkward and just fucking relax.

I took my shirt off and tossed it onto the armchair, salivating in the coolness on my skin.

‘So, is it true that gay guys are better at giving head?’ Chris asked. He leaned over. ‘You’ve heard that, right Nate?’

Nate nodded. ‘Sure have.’

I shrugged. ‘I don’t know.’

Chris raised an eyebrow. ‘C’mon, I don’t believe that.’

‘Well, uh… I guess it’s probably true. We have the same equipment, so we instinctively know what to do with it.’

Chris nodded. ‘Right.’

‘Makes sense,’ Nate said. Our eyes met and he put a hand on his crotch. ‘What about hand jobs? You any better at those?’

I opened my mouth to respond and then froze. Nate wasn’t taking his eyes off me, and the bulge in his shorts was growing.

Glancing sideways, I saw Chris had his hand on his shorts too.

Was this really happening?

‘Why don’t we test it out and see?’ Nate said, his voice low. He looked over at Chris. ‘You’re cool with that, right?’

Chris nodded, smirking.

Without another word, Nate pulled down his shorts. His cock sprang out, hitting his stomach.

This is a dream. It has to be.

‘Come on,’ he said, gesturing to his dick. ‘Show us what you’ve got.’

I could get up right now, tell them to pull their shorts up and insist we never speak of this again.

But I didn’t.

Before I had time to really think about what I was doing, I reached over and wrapped my palm around the base of Nate’s cock.

Slowly, I worked my hand up and down the shaft, feeling the blood pumping beneath my skin.

His cock continued to grow in my hand as he put his hands behind his head and relaxed back on the couch.

On my other side, Chris pulled his shorts down.

I grabbed his dick with my free hand. It was slightly shorter than Nate’s, but thicker.

I jerked them both off, feeling my own cock growing hard in my pants at the sound of their breathing becoming deeper.

‘You know what you’re doing Mark,’ Chris said. His right arm was around my shoulder, his thumb gently rubbing my skin.

‘He sure does,’ Nate said. ‘Man, I needed this.’

‘Stroke me harder,’ Chris said.

Obeying his command, I quickened my pace on his shaft, doing the same for Nate. They both moaned in response.

I ran my fingers up Chris’ cock and began to gently massage the head, watching as drops of precum leaked from his slit.

‘Holy fuck,’ he said, closing his eyes. ‘Fuck, that feels good.’

I did the same on Nate’s cock, watching his eyes roll to the back of his head.

I turned back to Chris. The top of his cock was glistening now. I ran my thumb over the slit and then brought it to my lips, tasting his precum.

Nate leaned over. ‘I think Mark wants to suck your dick, Chris.’

Chris grinned. ‘I think he does too.’

They both looked at me.

‘What are you waiting for, Mark?’ Chris said. ‘Suck it.’

I stood up and immediately felt Nate’s hands on my waist.

‘And let’s get these off,’ he said, pulling my pants down to my ankles.

He smacked my ass as I got down on my knees between Chris’ muscular thighs.

I slowly put his cock in my mouth, licking the rest of the precum off the head, savouring the taste on my tongue.

Wrapping my lips around the top of his shaft, I worked my tongue up and down, all the while keeping my eyes locked on his face, hoping I was pleasing him.

He was breathing deeper now; his pecs went up and down as I continued to tease the head.

‘Come on Mark,’ Nate said, leaning over. ‘I think you can do better than that.’

He grabbed the back of my head and shoved me down on Chris’ cock.

I gagged as it filled my mouth, the tip brushing against the back of my throat.

Chris’ moaned louder. ‘Fuck yeah, that’s it.’

Nate’s hands gripped my hair as he forced my head up and down on his friend’s dick.

‘That’s it,’ Nate said. ‘Show us what a good cocksucker you are.’

I let Nate guide me up and down Chris’ cock, enjoying the feeling of his hand in my hair.

I placed my hands on Chris’ thick thighs, opening my mouth wide as he slapped his dick on my tongue.

‘Holy fuck,’ he said, breathless. ‘This is one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever had.’

‘OK,’ Nate said, standing up and grabbing his cock. ‘I want a turn.’ He held it tight, shaking it inches from my face. ‘You want this?’

‘Fuck yes,’ I said, eagerly taking it in my mouth.

Nate put one hand on my head and began to thrust his hips back and forth, aggressively fucking my mouth.

My hands travelled up his thighs and around his thick, muscular glutes.

I struggled to control my gag reflex as he thrusted in and out, making my mouth his fuck toy.

Keeping hold of my hair, he took his cock out, a trail of saliva running from my bottom lip to his head.

I put both his balls in my mouth, savouring the salty taste of his sweat.

Chris took a step closer so both their cocks were side by side. I put a hand on each and took turns on each one, desperate to show them how good I was at sucking cock; how much better I was than their girlfriends.

I rubbed both their cock heads together, slicking each one with the other’s precum before I took them both in my mouth at the same time.

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