Please Don’t…

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I would like to relate an odd but pleasant incident that happened to me a few years ago. There is of course a lovely lady involved. That is the best part of the story.

I met Joyce a few years before this happened and was immediately in lust with her. She was a chunky, beautiful woman. To those of you who don’t love big girl’s thank you, that leaves them to guys like me. There was something about her that absolutely turned me on. I guess it was her smile and impish attitude and her lush chunky body that screamed sex is what got to me. She wasn’t quite a BBW but very close. Strangely, her attitude toward me at first was reserved for some reason.

Joy’s husband James was a good friend and coworker. Messing with a married woman is a good way to wake up in the morning with a bullet hole in your forehead. However, I digress.

Joyce was two years younger than I was and her husband the same age. When James died from a heart attack, it was a total shock. Luckily or from good management, their house was paid off and both of their sons were plebes in armed forces Military Academies. James’s life insurance picked up all the incidentals with a fat sum left over.

Shortly after that, my wife and I split. It turned out she was fucking the owners of the business where she worked and several other guys for the fun of it I suppose. She had always been a cock hound. I didn’t realize how big a one she was.

Surprisingly the whole thing was amicable; Olivia got the house in the suburbs, the larger one of the two we owned. I got the slightly smaller one just outside of town, and the five acres around it. Her boy friend and his brother both must’ve been giving her lots of big meat. She liked big ones. I’m not bragging mind you but she liked mine.

She was happy enough to let me have the lion’s share of the bank account. Her boy friends were much better off than I was. They were shooting porn moves on the sly or so I heard. Olivia was reputed to be one of the stars. I can only imagine how much bread that brings in per film. I think that’s why they were decent about the whole thing.

James’s death and my divorce were with in three months of each other. During this time, my lust for Joyce was turning into love as well. The way things were I put my feelings away in the deep recesses of my mind. I was reminded of my feelings by Joyce in a most peculiar fashion.


The city owned considerable acreage right next to my place. A large section of it was converted to jogging and hiking trails. One of their hiking trails ran close to my back fence. I took advantage of that two or thee time a week I would take a couple of mile hike to a fishing pond I was fond of, usually just for the walk, the fish could wait. The trails wandered through several tight stands of oaks and pines. I found that there were several clearings hidden in the thickets. A few couples had also found them. That was evident by the used condoms and empty wrappers littering the clearings.

One day Saturday after lunch, I was walking along a trail near my house when I saw Joyce sitting on a bench resting. Deep in thought, she apparently didn’t see me when I came up to her.

“Dogs barking,” I asked stopping next to her.

She gave a little squeak and jumped up as if to run. “Oh, it’s you Alex.” She gasped, her face flushed. “I thought you might be the rapist who has been lurking around this area.

“Just little old me.” I said thinking her remark was a little odd. “They caught that bastard two days ago. It was in the paper yesterday.”

“Thank you Alex” She said leaning against me panting a little. Her lustrous brown hair tickled my nose. “You frightened me so much I thought I was going to jump out of my clothes.”

“Oh I wish.” I thought.

Joyce smelled of female sweat and perfume, it was an intoxicating mixture. What she was wearing didn’t help any. A flimsy tank top with spaghetti straps that did nothing to hid her lacy bra. Her tight walking shorts showing her other assets to perfection. Then I noted she had made some changes to her appearance as well. No wedding band, rings festooned some of her fingers. Her nails were panted a glossy pink and had designs on them. Her lips were colored with the same shade of pink. The eye shadow cried with the rest of her new accouterments, they shouted ‘fuck me’. Or was that just my wish?

“When did you start using the trials out here?” I asked.

“A few days ago. The house is so empty.” She sniffed. “After work sometimes I can’t stand it being there alone. I had to do something before I went crazy. Then I remembered the walking trails by your place.” Joy said. Batting her baby blues at me.

“I can understand that.” I remarked, thinking how nice it would be the get her in my bed. “Why didn’t you stop by the house? I’d buy you a cup of coffee.”

“I thought of that. I didn’t want to intrude with your divorce and all.” Joyce paused for a few seconds looking both ways up and down the trail. Nobody was in sight. She escort eryaman looked at me with a strange look in her eyes. Then she pressed her tits against my chest and started rubbing my crotch. “Please don’t take me in brush and make me take my clothes off.” She said rubbing my crotch looking me straight in the eye.

Needless to say, it startled me. My pulse went up just a tad.

I reached down cupped her soft ass and pulled her lush body tighter to me. “Which way don’t you want to go?” I asked surmising what was going on, that was still a guess. I was determined to play along. If she had in mind, what I hoped, I was in for the kill.

I think she was a little surprised at the size of my root as she rubbed my stiffing cock.

Joyce nodded toward an almost indistinct gap in the brush. She turned and pressed her soft ass against me. Then put her hands behind her back. “Please don’t Hold my arms and make me go that way.”

I picked up her sweatshirt and large fanny pack before gripping her wrists with one of my hands. I guided her off the path into the brush. I guessed correctly, she wanted me to hold them there in a parody of being forced. In no more than a few steps into the brush, the walking trail vanished from view. We were on a barely defined narrow trail. I knew were it headed. If we stayed on it for about two hundred yards, we would find a small clearing I discovered a few weeks ago. There was a large smooth log there perfect for sitting and contemplating the Whichness of the Why.

After we were out of sight down the trail, she stopped and rubbed her ass against me. “Please don’t use the cuffs in my pack.” She panted. A flush was on her face and neck.

I found a pair of nylon cuffs with Velcro fasters in the pack. And of all things a leash, a collar, some rope, and other odds and ends. She kept her arms behind her back while I put the restraints on her wrists then hooked them together. The restraints surprised me, still I was game. By now, my cock was so hard it was almost painful. We continued down the narrow trail with me leading her by the leash.

We walked for a while until Joyce stopped and stood in the middle of the trail trembling. Her voice shaky when she said. “Please don’t pull my top over my head and let it dangle on my arms…My bra too.” She added. With a small twitch of her shoulders.

Shortly in the dappled shade of the trees surrounding us, I beheld her twin treasures for the first time. Joyce’s flush now spread to the tops her shoulders and her incredible breasts. They were perfect for her body type. I all but salivated when they came in to view. Her areoles were light brown centered with large very hard pinkish nipples.

I kissed each magnificent mound in turn. A sheen of perspiration formed on her trembling body and tits. Joyce whimpered and thrust them against my mouth. “Please don’t do that. Oh! Oh!” Slightly out of character, she gasped. “Oh, Alex bite my nipples! Pinch them…slap my tits!”

I didn’t want to damage her orbs of perfection in any way I bit her nipples lightly…then a little harder causing her to squeak a little. I sensed that wasn’t enough. So I slapped her hard enough to leave a handprint on one of her tits.

“Please don’t hit me harder…please Alex don’t hurt me!” Then I slapped them hard enough to bring tears to her eyes. Both my hands stung. Unbelievably she smiled and pressed her breasts to my chest and offered her lip for a kiss. I did tongue and all.

When we came to a wider place on the trail about half way to the small clearing Joyce stopped again. I looked back taking in the beauty of her swaying breasts. By now, I was almost convinced I would end up with the ultimate prize before this was over. I also remembered that nothing is a sure thing.

Things happen; I knew the game Joyce was playing could turn out a total bust. The chance that I could get my wick wet made me determined to play her game for all it was worth. What a man will do for a woman still amazes me.

She looked at me her wide mouth in a little moue. “Please Alex.” She said in a firm voice. “Don’t take my shorts and panties off…please don’t.”

For drama, I tied the leash to a low hanging branch. Then slowly peeled her shorts over her wide hips and down until she could step out of them. I folded them and stuffed them into the fanny pack that I carried over my shoulder. Before I pulled Joyce’s panties off I paused to enjoy the view.

Her belly pouched out just enough to overhang the tight waistband of her panties. Her panties were a pure delight to behold. Nearly transparent, the low cut wisp of pink nylon lace clung to her hips like they were painted on. A dark patch of pussy hair beckoned me to take a closer look.

Joyce looked at me with trepidation in her eyes. I was about to gaze upon her most secret treasure. I knelt in front of her and began rolling her wispy panties down. Her belly trembled when the first wisp of her pubic hair appeared. When the panties were at the middle of her thighs, I paused ankara escort to admire the prize. Her labium was shaved. She had retained a thick dark patch in the shape of a triangle above her gorgeous clit. I immediately shoved my nose into it savoring the total female scent. Joyce moaned in pleasure, I hoped, and then she began humping my face. I shoved as much of my tongue into her pussy as I could. Then stopped to pull her panties to her ankles, her legs shook as she stepped out of them.

“Oh, please don’t put your fingers in to me…please!”

I have been blessed or cursed if you will, with large hands with thick fingers. I hadn’t needed any prompting when she said that. Two fingers were already exploring her moist cleft.

“Oh Alex, please don’t…oh, oh!” She trembled nearing an orgasm. Her body shook and twisted on my fingers when she came. Joyce protested when I removed my fingers. That stopped when I hooked a large thumb in her wet cunt and reached with a finger to massage her asshole.

I told her to lead the rest of the way. The tall the flowering weeds that all but blocked the trial bobbed their heads to us as we pushed through them. The flexing of her ass was a marvelous thing to behold. Watching it with awe, I noticed a small tattoo centered just above the crack of her ass. I would have asked her about it but. I had other things on my lecherous mind. As it was, I almost made her get on her hands and knees so I could fuck her then and there.

Something held me back. I tried to remember all the details of our destination. The Clearing was slightly oblong about fifty feet in diameter at the widest part. Short dense grasses covered of it especially near the massive fallen oak tree it had lain there long enough for the small pine trees to enclose it. All the bark has weathered off. The bare roots of the oak made a perfect lounger when you sat on the trunk. A small creek that abutted the clearing ran through the thickets bubbled on the far side. A very tight young pine thicket surrounded the whole shebang. The only entrance I knew of was the poor tail we were on.

Joyce paused then stepped out into the shade dappled grassy clearing. She lead me toward the oak were she carefully knelt. She looked at me wide eyes and said. “Please don’t make me suck your cock.”

In what seemed like moments I was sitting on the log naked but for my shoes. My erection had faded away back on the trail. It was back with a vengeance. Joyce knee walked forward until her knees touch the log between my legs. I scrunched my hips forward until the head of my dick bobbed just in front of her face. She covered my cock with kisses and licked it with enthusiasm. I was in turn mauling her tits and lightly pinching her nipples.

She looked in my eyes, winked at me, then expertly engulfed the head of my weapon. I cupped her breasts to hold her steady as she took half of my cock into her mouth. She rocked back and forth taking a little more each time. I soon realized that she was expert at what she was doing and she liked doing it.

Oh, shit Joy.” I groaned. “Can you take all of it?”

She mumbled something that sounded like “I don’t know.” Between gagging now and then as she bobbed up and down. Then she took so much cock I could feel her chin touching my balls. She paused for a few seconds gagged violently as tears ran down her flushed face. Then Joyce pulled back panting for breath. A thick string of saliva ran from her moist lips to the head of my cock.

She coughed a little to clear her throat. “Please don’t hold my head down.” She panted. “Please don’t make me swallow your cum.”

With that, she engulfed my cock again, gagging when her nose reached my pubic hair. She pulled back with half of my cock in her mouth. I had a handful of her hair as I tweaked her nipples with the other. Shortly we got a good rhythm going. With little urging and to my delight I was fucking her mouth.

Joyce was running with sweat as I was. Her sexual flush covered her back to her magnificent ass. After a few minutes, I could feel my balls tighten. My thrusts became a bit more urgent.

“Shit I’m gonna cum!” I groaned.

She pulled back sucking harder, then started taking a short quick bobbing motion on just the head of my dick. I was mauling both of her tits with my hands as she pressed them to them. The world stopped and shuttered as I pumped cum into her mouth. She gobbled it down like it as the last thing she was ever going to do. One or two drops of cum managed to escape tight lips and run down her chin.

“Oh, God Alex!” She mewled as she let my softening cock dropped out of her mouth. Licking the cum off her lips Joyce laid her head on one of my quivering thighs. Her tousled sweat stained hair hung limp on her forehead. It was a beautiful sight. One I will never forget. That memory stirs my cock to life even now, as it did then.

Joy noted that with a smile. She kissed it and looked at me with her big gorgeous eyes. Almost grinning she said. “That was better elvakent escort than I imagined….Please don’t fuck me…not with my hands cuffed to the log…please.”

Those words brought the world back into focus. I realized that I wasn’t at light speed after all. It was the breeze sighing through the trees. I was in the clearing; the birds sang in the brush, the little creek bubbled along in its rocky bed ignoring it all.

With a little ingenuity and rope in Joy’s pack, I soon had her trussed in a very compromising position on the huge smooth log. Her arms were spread and cuffed up and over her head to knurly bare roots sticking in the air. Her lush smooth legs were tied around the knees and back to the same roots. Her legs bent at the knees were splayed wide. She was completely helpless.

As I placed a wad of our rolled up clothing under the small of her back I saw a little fear and pleading in her wide blue eyes. I had total access to both of her most secret treasures.

By now, I was rock hard again; my dick would have to wait. As an old time expert, I think, muff diver, nary a complaint in the past, I was going to practice my trade. I started on her lower thighs. Kissing and licking to the treasure. I did this with each lush thigh. Pausing only to kiss the juncture of her thigh and body.

Joyce had trimmed and shaven her pussy hair neatly. I noticed that her labium was a little red. Defiantly a sign of a recent shave. The small triangle I had seen before looked like it pointed to her prominent clit. That treasure peeking from under its hood was perfect size for sucking and nibbling.

I hope I won’t bore you with an excessive description of my open attack on her pussy. We’ll see how it turns out. In this type of situations, it doesn’t pay to be sneaky. So I dove right in.

The scent and taste of her nectar was heady ambrosia indeed. Joyce was secured tightly but her muff was still a moving target. The deeper I reached with my tongue the more she squirmed and whimpered. When I licked and nibbled on her button, she twitched and moaned. She gasped shuttering through several orgasms before I began my final assault. I buried my nose in her pussy. As I licked her asshole and tain’t, she screamed once then fainted. That scared the hell out of me.

Before I could get up, she was back among the living. Joyce smiled weakly at me and said. “I should have warned you. I do that sometimes.”

I grumbled about it a little until she cut me off. “Oh shut up Alex.” She said. “If you don’t fuck me right now I will die! Stick that thing in me now! I can’t wait any longer!”

“As My lady orders.” I said grandly winking at her. I started a trail of kisses up her soft sweaty stomach, pausing only to tongue her deep belly button. That made her giggle. I licked and sucked each nipple in turn. Kissed her neck. Then shoved my tongue in her mouth. She returned the favor. The kiss lasted for a minute or two.

When I pushed into her body, she gasped with pleasure. Joy’s pussy was still a moving target; she thrust it up eagerly engulfing my cock with her hot very wet cunt.

“Yes! Alex! Fuck me! Take me like a whore! Make me your woman!” She moaned as I sank deep in her velvet depths. I stopped when my balls met her wet mound. “Fuck Yessss!” She sighed. Her lush body trembling. “Fuck me, fuck me! Oh, God fuck hard!”

Her wish was truly my command. I started with deep hard strokes our pubic bones slapping together. Almost immediately, both of us were drenched with sweat. I know my face must have been beet red. Her sexual flush covered her whole upper body, arms, and face including her ears.

Not that I’ve had that many women in my life…Joy was the absolute best I have ever been with. The clearing was filled with the liquid slapping of flesh on flesh. Her body rattled with orgasm after orgasm I lost count after the first five. I was a bit too busy to keep an accurate count.

“Kiss me Alex!” Joy hissed between clenched teeth. “Kiss me now or I’m going to scream so loud the entire city will hear me.” I lip locked with her and held it as I fucked harder. I could feet my cum boiling in my balls.

“I’m going to cum!” I groaned into her mouth. “I am coming!” She screamed then. It was muffled but it rattled my teeth. That triggered me. I slammed deep in her body and stopped. It felt as if I were shooting the contents of my body including my brains her into her cunt. We held tight while she trembled and jerked. Then she fainted again. It didn’t scare me as much that time.

Later the shadows were longer and the wind had all but ceased we cuddled in the last of the warm afternoon sunshine reaching the clearing.

“You,” I said kissing her neck and running my hands over her sticky body “are a wonder. That was fabulous role-playing. You didn’t need to go so far. I’m not complaining mind you…”

“Oh shut up Alex.” She giggled you enjoyed it as much as I did you nasty man. You weren’t doing anything about us so I decided to get your attention. Don’t give me that look.” She chided me. “You’ve wanted in my pants from the day you first saw me. I know that look. You were too much of a gentleman to do anything. What you didn’t know is that I wanted you too. You forced me to take action on my own.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32