Playing with my Stepmother

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(Just to avoid confusion, the woman in this story is named Emily. She was my stepmother and I called her “mom.”)

It was a little past nine when I finished my shift and walked out of the restaurant’s back door. My stepmother’s car was parked in the first row, facing the door.. She flashed the headlights and I waved as I walked to the car.

Normally, I drove myself to and from work in my stepmother’s car but my father had left on a ten day fishing trip that morning, taking his car. My stepmother needed her car for errands so she drove me to work that day.

I got in the passenger’s side and closed the door behind me. Mom’s dark, shoulder length hair was pinned up at the back of her head.. She was wearing a plain, white blouse, that buttoned up the front, green shorts and flip-flops.

“Did your boss agree to give you next week off?” she asked.

“Uh-huh,” I answered, “I told you he would,” I leaned over to kiss her cheek and at the same time, I put my right hand high up on her thigh so that side of my forefinger touched the cloth that covered her pussy. I could feel the heat of her through the material that covered her crotch.

“Matthew,” she said, turning her face to look at me, “what are you…”

Before she could finish, I moved my head forward and covered her mouth with mine. She groaned softly and lightly gripped my arm. I turned my hand and pushed it between her thighs so I could cup her warm pussy. At the same time, our tongues touched.

“Don’t gaziantep suriyeli escort do that,” she said, as I rubbed her pussy, but she did not move to stop me, “you know that makes me crazy.”

“I know,” I said, pressing my fingers against her crotch, “I’ve been thinking about it all day. Let me touch your pussy.”

“No, Matthew,’ she protested, “what if someone sees us.”

“There’s no one around,” I told her, rubbing harder, “Please, just unzip your shorts so I can put my hand inside your panties.”

“Can’t you wait until we get home?” mom asked, “you can fuck me as soon as we get there.”

“I’m going to fuck you as soon as we get there, anyway,” I told her, “but I want to finger fuck you as we drive home.”

Mom unbuttoned and unzipped the front of her shorts. Then she leaned back, raised her ass off the seat and pushed her shorts down below her hips.

“I’m not wearing panties,” she told me.

I put my hand between her thighs and felt the hair that covered her pubic mound against the palm of my hand. I moved my fingers through her hot, wet slit and slid two fingers deep into her cunt. “Let me fuck you now,” I said, moving my fingers in and out of her.

“No,” my stepmother said, breathing deeply, “We’ll be…more…comfortable in bed…or on the couch.”

I pushed and twisted my fingers inside her. “Oh, Jesus,” she moaned, “I can’t drive with your fingers in my pussy.”

She gaziantep türbanlı escort pushed my hand away and pulled her shorts back up. She zipped and buttoned them then started the car. Before we pulled away, mom unbuttoned the three top buttons of her blouse. “If you want to, you can play with my tits on the way home,” she said, smiling, “I’m not wearing a bra, either.”

By the time we got home, mom’s blouse was completely open and I had her shorts open, too. I couldn’t get my hand between her legs to touch her slit, but I rubbed her bare stomach and the hair that covered her mound.

Mom parked the car in the garage and closed the overhead door. I got out on my side as mom got out on her’s. She closed the car door and took off her blouse, dropping it on the floor, then she pushed down her shorts and pulled her feet free of the cloth.

“I’ll get them,” I said as I bent to pick up the shorts and blouse. Wearing just the flip-flops on her feet, mom casually walked into the house, naked. Watching the cheeks of her ass flex as she walked, I followed her, with the crotch of her shorts pressed against my face. The material was moist from her juices and it smelled like her pussy.

My cock was rock hard and straining against the front of my pants. Playing with her large, firm, heavy tits, as we drove home, sucking the nipples at red lights and touching her bare belly had made my cock very hard and extremely sensitive. gaziantep ücreti elden alan escort The movement of my pants against my erection, as I walked into the house, was enough to make me cum. “Do you want to go upstairs?” my stepmother asked.

“No,” I said, unzipping my pants and pulling out my hard-on. “I can’t wait anymore. I’m going to cum!”

Mom dropped to her knees in front of me and raised her hand to my cock, As soon as she touched me, cum shot out of my cock, landing on her face. A thick line of white jizm fell across bridge of her nose and forehead. She squealed in surprise, then pleasure as streams of cum shot onto face and hair. She pumped my cock as she slid the tip over her skin. More cum flowed out, covering her cheeks and lips and dripping from her chin. “Oh, honey,” my stepmother said, smiling widely as she looked up at me and smeared the white goo over her face and into her mouth with the head of my cock, “that’s a lot of cum. I hope there’s some left so you can fuck me.”

“Don’t worry, mom,” I said, placing my hands on the sides of her face and pushing my cock into the warmth of her mouth, “if you want me to, I’ll fuck you all night long.”


Emily’s face was covered with cum as she lead me up the stairs. We went into the bathroom and Emily washed her face as I peed. “Do you want to take a shower?” Emily asked.

“In the morning,” I told her, as I removed my clothes.

When I was naked, Emily took my cock in her hand and slowly rubbed it. “Are you going to be able to fuck me?” she asked, looking down at my growing member.

“I told you I would,” I said, slipping my hand between her legs and fingering her hot, wet pussy.

“Lets go to your room,” she said, “I feel funny about having sex with you in your father’s bed.”

I followed my stepmother down the hall and into my room.

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