Playing Nurse

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Big Dicks

Carol had enjoyed playing doctor with me. Enjoyed it? She’d gone ape at the end. And so had I. And then she’d suggested playing nurse. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind, but I was determined to find out.

I called her and made an appointment. “Will this be just the regular service?” she asked, “or do you need special treatment?”

“Special,” I said. She made an appointment for a week later. I wondered what she’d be doing with her evenings in the meantime. I knew what I’d be doing with mine. Going to bed early with a book—I was going to need all the stamina I could muster!

I hadn’t been to Carol’s place before. She’d evidently taken more trouble with the play-acting than I had. I wondered if she had a video camera mounted somewhere to spy on me the way I’d spied on her. There was a bed with neat white sheets, and a sort of trapeze arrangement hanging from the ceiling, the knd you see in hospitals. And she was dressed in the full nine yards, right down to the white stockings and shoes.

“You’ll have to get into bed first,” she said. “Take off your clothes.”

Just like that? Then I remembered. The only nurses I’d come across professionally weren’t particularly chummy. Dragons, mostly. Carol was playing the part perfectly.

I began to take off my shoes and socks, feeling foolish, even shy.

“Come along now!” Carol said. “I haven’t got all night. Get those clothes off.”

I peeled off my shirt. “Everything! Drop your pants!” And she stared at me as I unbuckled and let my pants fall to the floor.

“You shouldn’t wear those tight Y-fronts,” she said, staring at the bulge in my shorts. “They constrict the testicles, and that’s not good for the production of sperm. Or for an erection. Take them off.”

I slid them down to my ankles and stepped out, stark bollocks naked, and instead of flashing my weapon proudly as I usually would at a babe in a bedroom, I found her manner had destroyed any possibility of an erection and I stood there drooping.

“See what I mean,” she said. “You wear tight shorts and you can’t get an erection.”

She reached out and took my limp cock in the palm of her hand and examined it. “Legs apart!”

I stood with my feet apart.


I spread them wider, and she put her hand between my thighs and grabbed my balls. “They’re too hot,” she pronounced. “See how they hang down? If they were cooler they’d be a tight little bag.”

I wasn’t there for a physiology lesson, but it felt good having my balls in her hand. So good that my rod began to rise, and so did my self-esteem.

Carol let go my balls, and took my cock in the palm of her hand once more, stroking it gently with her thumb and watching it harden.

“No long term harm done. Get on the bed.”

This was more like it. Bed was what I’d come for. I hoped it was what I would cum for. I climbed onto the bed, and discovered it was covered with a sheet of plastic.

“A blanket bath first,” Carol said. “We can’t begin treatment till you’re thoroughly clean.”

She went to the door and called. “Will you bring the water, please, nurse,”

And in walked another girl in uniform. I didn’t know what her body would be like under all those white clothes, but she was a blonde, young, and pretty cute looking. I hadn’t reckoned on a combined operation. And I wasn’t sure how I felt about a complete stranger walking in and seeing me balls naked.

“This is nurse Jackson,” Carol said. “She’s learning.”

This was no play acting. This cookie couldn’t have been more than nineteen. I didn’t know what she was about to learn, but she was welcome to learn it on me.

And then the two of them gave me a blanket bath. It was a new experience. They started at my feet, and they soaped me and rinsed me and dried me, bit by bit, Jacckson holding me and Carol working on me. Jackson lifted my legs, and Carol washed them. Jackson spread my thighs and lifted them, and Carol washed them. Jackson rolled me over, and Carol washed my ass. And finally Jackson held my balls, and Carol washed them; and Jackson held a knob that felt as if it was about to burst, and Carol washed my weapon.

“I was telling him about the dangers of tight underwear,” Carol said to Jackson. “But as you can see, his erection is up to average.”

“I really don’t know what to expect as the average,” Jackson said.

Carol put her fingers round my shaft. “If you can join your thumb and third finger, that’s below average. If you can bend the shaft, that’s too soft. If it isn’t at least horizontal when he’s standing up, that’s not an erection. And the head should be larger than the shaft and the surface smooth and shiny.”

I’d never had my cock analyzed like this, but I’d always considered myself above average.

“Can I check for myself, please?” Jackson said. Carol’s firm grip let my cock go and I felt Jackson’s cool hand take hold. She circled the shaft with her fingers and squeezed, and ran the fingers of her other hand round my knob and kıbrıs escort explored the sensitive vee underneath. My cock jerked in her hand, and she squeezed tighter, moving her hand slowly up and down the shaft.

“When I pull it down the head gets shinier,” she said. “And I think it’s grown thicker and longer, and the head is certainly larger. Would that make it above average?’

“Probably,” Carol said. “But it should be bigger than this by the time we finish the treatment. Pass me the tape, and we’ll measure the length and the diameter.”

I didn’t care what they did, so long as the fingers continued to hold my prick, to fondle it, to masturbate it.

Then, “Help me with this,” Carol said.

“This” was apparently the trapeze thing that hung from the ceiling. The first I knew was that my ankles were shackled to the thing, and my feet were being raised into the air, spread wide apart. I’d never stopped to think how a girl felt in a porn movie with her legs spread wide and her cunt opened for inspection. Now I knew.

“Fetch me the shaver,” Carol said. “Hair carries bacteria. Hold his penis up out of the way while I shave him.”

And Jackson’s gentle fingers held my prick, and the vibrating shaver caressed every part of me between the thighs and over the cheeks of my ass and round my anus, and over my scrotum and my belly, until I was more naked than I had ever been since I was born. Every private, secret part of me, every detail of my genitalia, was exposed to the eyes and the fingers of my two nurses. And I was in effect their prisoner, shackled by my ankles, my thighs spread wide, at their mercy for whatever treatment Carol was going to dream up.

And suddenly I discovered what the next treatment was to be. “The grease is to make it slide in easily,” said Carol’s voice, and something hard was being pushed slowly into my anus. I felt my erection collapse in a hurry. So this was what anal sex felt like. Not good. And yet when I thought about who was doing it and why, it wasn’t so bad either.

Then my limp cock was taken in several hands, and what felt like a cock ring was slid over the head and down the shaft as far as it would go.

“This enlarges the erection,” Carol said. “It holds the blood in the penis. And this one maintains the erection longer.”

Something was fastened tightly over my cock and under my scrotum, and I felt like a turkey trussed up for Christmas. None of it felt particularly pleasant, not like having Jackson’s fingers exploring me. And yet having my genitalia trussed up by two beautiful girls was exciting in itself. I wondered what else they had in store for me, and I could feel my cock hardening.

Suddenly I knew what else they had in store for me. I felt as if my ass had caught fire. Every part of it began to vibrate, and something deep inside me was flaming hot. I realized that what they’d stuck up inside me was a vibrator, and I hoped it was already on full, and there wasn’t worse to come. It wasn’t exactly unpleasant. It was different. In fact it began to be quite pleasant, and I wondered why I’d never discovered this sensation before. The vibration seemed to extend all over my ass and out into my prick as well. I could feel myself getting harder, and as my erection increased I began to enjoy the sensation in my anus more.

“Feel it now, Jackson, and tell me if you think the treatment is having any effect.” Carol was leaning over me, fumbling with some equipment. Jackson’s fingers took hold of my prick, and felt it all over. If she hadn’t been dressed like a nurse I would have thought she was gently masturbating me. In fact, why should that have anything to do with it? She’d probably masturbated herself often enough. She WAS masturbating me. And the very fact that she might really be learning how to do it made it even more exquisite.

At that moment Carol began running her fingers round and round my nipples, not quite touching them. My torso tensed up, and I wanted desperately for her to touch them, to pinch them, to take them in her mouth and suck them. At last she was rubbing them, and then pinching them between her fingers, pulling them, and the sensations in my cock became more intense. And once again I realised what a woman felt when she longed to have her nipples sucked. But Carol didn’t suck mine.

Jackson was still working on my prick. “It’s oozing,” she said. “Is this sperm?”

“There may be some sperm in it,” Carol said. “But it’s not a proper ejaculation. It’s just some preliminary discharge.”

I’d never heard pre-cum juice called a preliminary discharge. Carol was having fun.

“Your massage should have brought it back to average by now,” Carol said. “But the other treatments should have enhanced it more. Fetch the tape. We’ll take another measurement.”

They could have wrapped it in packing tape so long as they kept on playing with it as far as I was concerned. It must have been above average. My nipples were bursting, my anus was in orbit, konya escort my prick was held prisoner by the cock ring and I felt as if I was going to come at any moment.

“Yes, the treatment is working,” Carol said. “But this is only physical stimulation. The male erection can be triggered by visual stimulation or even mental stimulation. And to get an above average erection he needs a combination of all three. I want you to hold the tape and check the effect of visual stimulation.”

Carol stood beside the bed, undid the buttons of her nurse’s uniform, and dropped it to the floor. The bed was in the way, so I could only guess what she wore below the waist, and I remembered so clearly the G-string that had cut between her ass cheeks the last time I had seen her. But above the waist, her breasts bulged over the top of a tightly cinched brassiere, and the nipples I remembered as the most protruberent I’d ever seen made two dark cones pressing through the material. As the blood pounded harder into my cock, and I lusted to take those nipples into my mouth, I realized quite suddenly that I had been so concerned with the delights coursing through my own genitals that I had forgotten what being able to do whatever she liked with my body must be doing to Carol. No wonder her nipples were threatening to burst her bra.

And then there was Jackson. She was just as likely to be affected by what she was seeing and doing. I hoped. I hoped she was getting as horny as Carol. If Carol’s tits hadn’t been on exhibition in front of me I would have liked to spend some time thinking about what was happening inside Jackson’s litle cunt. Presumably it was a little cunt. It would be nice to find out.

“It’s increased,” Jackson said. “I didn’t realize visual stimulation could do that.”

“Keep watching that tape.” Carol reached behind her back and unfastened the bra, and slipped it off her shoulders. She leaned forward over my face. I had seen her breasts before, massaged them, sucked them, but the sudden sight of those pointed beauties hanging above my eyes had my prick pounding harder than ever.

“It’s increased another half inch,” Jackson said excitedly. “And it’s bulging out over the penis ring so much now. Is that alright?”

Alright? The sensation was so fantastic it could go on swelling for ever as far as I was concerned.

“Is that the effect breasts have on a man?”

“Would you like to see what effect yours have?” Carol asked. “Your breasts’ll probably put another half inch on him.”

“I don’t know.” Jackson let go of my cock. Yes, yes, I was silently shouting. Show me what your tits are like. I’ll manage another half inch for you.

“I’ve never done that before.”

“You’ve never done any of this before.”

“Alright.” Jackson was doubtful. I wasn’t. I wanted to see those tits.

Jackson moved to the head of the bed, and shyly unbuttoned her dress. As Carol took it from her, I was wishing she’d step back so that I could see all of her. A nineteen year old’s tits weren’t likely to be spectacular, but the whole of her would be. But as soon as I saw the adolescent cones thrusting out toward me I forgot about everything but what was confined inside that nylon covering. I felt Carol take hold of my cock to measure it, and I knew if I didn’t explode in her hand she’d be able to measure another inch.

Jackson paused, and looked at Carol. Then she reached behind her back and undid the fastening and slowly removed her brassiere. Her tits were not large, but they were firm and upstanding, the nipples pointing upward from their tips. Her nipples were like little nuts, not thick across but sticking right out from small aureoles. If Carol was excited by what she was doing to my body, Jackson must have been doubly so. One look at the tumescence of her nipples told me that. And one look at those tumescent nipples was giving Carol an extra surge to measure in the prick she held in her hand.

“You’ve done it Jackson,” she said. “Your breasts excited him even more than mine. Come and look at this. It’s a real above average erection. You won’t see many like this.”

Jackson moved to the side of the bed and took my prick in her hand. “I can’t even get my hand round it,” she exclaimed. “It’s enormous. How can any woman get that inside her?”

“A woman’s vagina is bigger than you’d think. I’ll show you.” Carol climbed up onto the bed and stood astride me. I was disappointed not to see the sexy G-string she’d worn the week before, but even the sight of ordinary panties being slid down two long slender legs was exciting. So was the view from below of her shaved crotch, and the drooling cunt hole that opened wider as she took hold of the trapeze and lowered herself down, knees apart, to sit over the great pole that stood straight up from my wide-spread thighs.

Carol positioned her open cunt over my prick. Down a little, to pause briefly as the knob slipped inside. Then, as if she could wait no longer, she let her whole body kuşadası escort drop to impale herself on my shaft, till her ass came to rest in the hollow between my thighs.

My knob was no sooner enclosed by that soft, hot tunnel, than I began to cum. By the time my knob had reached the end of Carol’s vagina, I was pumping my sperm into her. And she sat motionless for a few moments, gasping as each jet of boiling cum filled the depths of her entrails. Then she, too, was cumming, held in place by her own weight and the penetration of my cock, but writhing in ecstasy, her tits surging from side to side as her body swayed.

It was a long cumming. There was no pumping in and out. Carol just sat there, cunt muscles clamped on my cock, and sucked me dry. And as she gyrated to feel my vibrating cock stimulating every part of her vagina she put one hand on her clitoris and masturbated madly.

At last she climbed off me. I had been so fascinated by her surging tits and her great swollen nipples that I’d forgotten about Jackson. But Jackson hadn’t forgotten us. She had been standing by the bed watching avidly. And her fingers were down inside her panties and still mashing at her clitoris as if she was about to cum.

“It’s not such a big erection now, Jackson,” Carol said. “Your vagina can easily take him. Take him while he’s still hard enough.” Carol unrolled a condom onto my prick.

There was no reticence this time. Jackson was too worked up and too nearly cumming to be able to refuse. Carol helped her onto the bed to kneel over me, and she lowered herself till she saw the condom covered head of my prick reaching up to what looked to me like a very shy little cunt. Then she stopped. Carol pressed on her thighs till she could be sure my prick was inside the entrance to the cunt hole, and then she forced the girl down. I don’t know whether Jackson was a virgin, but in spite of the little scream she gave, she slid straight down till her ass was sitting between my thighs and she was securely impaled on a stake that was getting harder and fatter by the moment.

Like Carol, she sat still for a moment, but this time I wasn’t pumping out any sperm. Jackson had obviously never experienced anything like this before. I could feel the muscles of her cunt twitching, and the sight of her tip-tilted breasts had me getting harder inside her. My cock could have been nowhere near as huge as it had been for Carol, but it must have been what Carol had called average. And although I had become used to the feel of the vibrator up my ass, the vibrations passing through my cock must have given Jackson a strange first fucking.

I reached up to hold her breasts, and rubbed her nipples with my rough fingers. Her breasts began to heave, and she was gasping. I took one hand away, and felt down the front of her belly till I found the slit where her clitoris hid. But it wasn’t hidden, it was a swollen button that I could rub with my finger as I’d rubbed her nipples. Jackson’s face began to contort, and her pelvis began to writhe over mine, imprisoned as it was by the seven inch rod that drove up deep into her belly.

“I’ve never been fucked,” she gasped. “It’s nice. It’s wonderful. I think I’m going to cum. Don’t stop diddling my clit, that’s the way I usually make myself cum. My cunt feels like it’s going to burst apart, you’re so far up inside me. I didn’t think my cunt was big enough to take that enormous cock. Diddle me faster. Keep squeezing my nipple.”

This may have been her first fuck, but she knew enough to press her belly against my hand to keep me masturbating her clitoris, and jerk her ass up and down to feel my cock reaming out her vagina.

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to cum again after the first explosion, but the tightness of Jackson’s cunt and her unskilled wriggling to get herself off were doing their best to get me there. And then I became aware of soft thighs on either side of my face, thighs that shuffled forward till they enclosed my chest. Two feet locked themselves under my arms, two naked ass cheeks descended over my face, and an eager cunt pressed itself to my mouth in a hot, wet kiss.

Kissing pussy had long been a favorite pastime, but I had never been the kissee, imprisoned by an orgasming chick at one end and a red hot crotch at the other, with a pair of swollen cunt lips forcing themselves into my mouth.

Carol wasn’t waiting for my reaction. As soon as she was sure she had my attention, she pressed down and swayed her crotch backward and forward, rubbing her wide open cunt over my face from my chin to my nose and back again. Not going to cum again? With a tight cunt round my prick and a wet cunt massaging my face, I was jerking my ass up and down, trying to get even more movement inside Jackson’s vagina.

Jackson was crying out. Carol was wailing. I would have wailed myself if I hadn’t been busy sucking on a mouthful of heaven. Instead, I started to cum . And Jackson started to yell.

” I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’ve never cum like this before. I’ve never felt anything like this before. Don’t stop what you’re doing. I don’t ever want to stop.”

It wasn’t such a violent cumming this time, but it was still a good one for me, and it must have made a great first for Jackson.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32