Play With It, Sis

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Big Tits

—Play With It, Sis—

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Author’s Note: This story is pretty soft and mild, but I think you’ll like it as long as you have no problem with younger sex stories. If you do it’s probably not for you and if this story isn’t nasty enough for your tastes, I have written a few others that you might find more invigorating. Just please do me the favor of letting me know what you really think of everything I write. Thanks!
— — —— — — —– — — —– — — —– — — —– — — —– — — —– — —

A few weeks back, I never could’ve imagined doing what I did last night. I wouldn’t have believed I would be the type of person to take my own 11 year old sister’s virginity, or worse, that I would’ve enjoyed it and done it two more times. But that’s exactly what happened and right now, I’ll tell you how.

I’m a pretty good guy. I’m 15, almost 16, years old and have been pretty sheltered most of my life, just like my two younger sisters, Samantha and Natalie. My mom and dad thought they were doing what was best by keeping us in the dark about sex, (You know, so it wouldn’t happen to us) but they didn’t understand that just not talking abut something doesn’t shut-down my hormones. It only made me more curious.
A few months ago, I very secretly started looking at porn and then started experimenting with chat rooms and pretty much caught myself up to par with how everything works. I started masturbating and thinking about sex all during the day and anything else I could do to fuel my sex drive.
Then one hot summer night, my family and I decided to rent some movies and watch ‘em together. The five of us all sat in different places around the room, my mom and dad on the couch, Natalie in a chair and Samantha and I shared the bean-bag. Now, that wasn’t the least bit unusual. My sisters and I are pretty close and there wasn’t the tiniest problem with us lying next to each other. Until the next morning…
I had the weirdest sensation when I first woke up. My dick felt warm and a nice tickling feeling was going all down it. A minute later I realized I was still on the bean-bag but someone had thrown a blanket on me and a second after that I caught on that my own little sister had her tiny fingers wrapped around my cock!
“Samantha!” I cried, quietly not wanting to wake Natalie. (It was a Wednesday so my parents were both at work and I had to take care of the girls all day.) I threw off the blanket and, sure enough, there sat my little sister with wide eyes and her hand on my hard dick that had fallen out the bottom of my loose nylon shorts. The sight really did arouse me and I felt my dick throb once in her hand, making a smile creep around the corners Ankara Yabancı Escort of her mouth. But I knew this was wrong and decided not to linger on it. “What are you doing?”
“What is this?” She said in naïve amazement, making me realize how truly sheltered my parents had kept us. How had my sister not known what a penis was? Didn’t they teach you that in school by now or something!?
“Well…that’s like…” I struggled for words. I didn’t want to just tell her everything right there, but I wouldn’t lie to her. “It’s like a toy…” I said, feeling ridiculous. By now my erection had started to calm down a bit, but I noticed it was still in her hand. Her eyes were fixed on my dick and her face was close enough that she could have stuck her tongue out and licked it had she wanted to. An evil thought crossed my mind, but I blinked and blocked it out, refusing to do what I was thinking.
“Can I play with it?” Samantha finally asked, starting to bring her other hand over towards my crotch.
“No!” I said quickly, trying to convince myself more than her that it was wrong.
“Why not?”
“You just can’t,” I said and jumped up and ran for my room. I pulled the facial cumshots I had hidden under my bed out and tried to get myself excited about them. It just didn’t work. Every picture I looked at turned into Samantha’s innocent little blonde-hair, blue-eyed face staring at my cock.
“Maybe the internet,” I thought and bounced my foot as I waited for the computer to turn on. I searched all my favorite categories (Ironically: handjobs, blowjobs and especially preteen stuff…) until I found an awesome 45 second video of a little brown haired girl sitting naked in a bathroom stall facing a hole in the side. Through the hole came a hard cock and she sucked it profusely and waited patiently while he squirted his load all over her face. Unfortunately, that too had the opposite effect. It made me want to do that to someone and right now. I pondered the thought. If no one ever found out and if Samantha really thought it’d be fun… would it be that bad? I watched the video one more time and decided I just couldn’t take it anymore.
“Samantha!” I called, stuffing my boner back into my boxers. It still pointed into the air, giving me an uncomfortable bulge. My heart pounded as she came through the door.
“Yea?” she asked.
“Do…do you wanna know what happens when you play with that toy?” I asked.
She smiled and said, “Yea!” I couldn’t believe I was doing this.
“Come sit in my lap,” I said. She came over and I sat her right on top of my cock. It felt so nice to have her little butt, even through all her clothes, pressing against it. “Here watch this,” I said and started the video. The girl, who couldn’t have been more than 13 or Bahçelievler Escort maybe 14, went to work. First she got it good and hard with her hand and then slid her tongue up and down it. I pictured my sister doing that to me and felt my boner begin to pulse. I looked at Samantha’s face in the reflection and noticed a stunned, yet eager, look come across her and knew what I’d have her doing for me soon. The girl on the screen finished her job and the movie ended with a picture of white jizz covering over her smiling face.
“Do you still wanna play with it?” I asked enticingly. She simply nodded and went for my crotch again. “Wait, you gotta get in your underwear first.” I said and she willingly stripped down to her training bra, with two little circles underneath and some white underwear with a nice shaped curve to it. I feasted my eyes on her body as she stood there with her hands clasped behind her back. I slid my pants and boxers off and again she put a hand out to my dick. I let her just barely feel it, and then stopped her again.
“Now, you have to get totally naked,” I told her and slid her underwear off her bottom. She seemed hesitant to take off her bra at first but I put a finger to her vagina and tickled it lightly and she consented and pulled her top off. For a second I wanted to grab her and pound the shit out of her little body, but controlled myself and gazed at her tiny nipples while she came over to my cock again.
“Now can I?” she asked sweetly.
“What are you gonna do with it?”
“Put it in my mouth?” She asked.
I nodded and she opened her mouth and her warm breath covered my dick. I moved my hand to her butt and slapped it hard, causing her to pull her mouth off and look at me. I really liked the feeling of spanking her.
“Did I do something wrong?” She asked.
“No,” I laughed. “Here spread your legs apart and lay on your back.”
She did like I told her and I spanked her twat and butt-cheeks several times, once even making her moan a little.
“Did that feel good?” I asked.
“Mmm-hhhmmm…” She said and I helped her up, a bit against her will.
“Finish what you were doing and I’ll do that plenty more of it,” I said.
Samantha put her lips back around my cock and started licking it with her tongue. I couldn’t help it. My hand went right on top of her curly, blonde head and I started rocking her up and down on my dick. I heard slurping noises every time I almost pulled her off, which excited me even more, and in no time I’d worked her into a good rhythm of pleasure. I kept slapping her butt, not caring that it was turning red and I could feel myself getting ready to cum.
“Quick,” I shouted. “Sam get on your knees!” and I stood up with my dick still in her mouth. I felt my sperm blast through Balgat Escort her lips and watched it leak out between them. I held tight to her hair and squirted a good amount of it all over her face. When I was finally finished I collapsed into the computer chair.
“So did you like that?” I asked.
“I suppose.” Samantha shrugged. “I feel real sticky now, though, and I couldn’t breathe most of the time. Did I do a good job? I thought you liked it.”
“Yea, I loved it Sammy,” I said with a sigh. “Go take a shower, ok?”
I waited there a long time, thinking about what I‘d just done. What really surprised me is that I didn’t feel the least bit bad about it. In fact, the more I thought about it the more I wanted it again. I thought about going and making Natalie do the same thing to me, but she couldn’t understand not to tell me parents. No, I needed Samantha again and as bad as ever.
I pulled on just my boxers and crept quietly into the steamy bathroom. I listened to Samantha humming in the shower and took off my shirt and boxers, then reached in silently and felt for her flower. She let out a quick scream, but it was replaced by a relaxed sigh once she realized what I was doing and leaned back against the wall of the shower. I then reached in and, using both hands, pulled her out and laid her across the floor. I massaged her body, from the clit up. At one point I had my knee in her crotch and both hands working her undeveloped boobs, causing her to close her eyes and moan like the little sluts I’d watched on-line. I bent down and kissed her small vagina and, realizing it was actually wet, decided to pick her up and move back to the toilet. I sat on the toilet seat, leaned back, and lowered her onto my cock slowly. I heard a few winces of pain but more moans of pleasure as I carefully let myself fully slide inside her. When I was almost there, I felt a barrier. So this must be what they meant by a cherry, I thought to myself and quickly pulled her all the way down on my dick. If it bled I never noticed because we quickly worked ourselves into a good, sensual rhythm and I slid my hands up around her little nipples, which I’d noticed had plenty of feeling in them.
In turn, Samantha, as if she knew what she was doing, reached down and wrapped a hand around my balls and started rubbing them tenderly. I pulled her up and down faster and faster until we both sighed and I felt a stream of cum fill her belly. I reached for her crotch and finished her off with another quick orgasm and we laid there for at least ten minutes, recovering from our passion.
After that day I realized there was only one hole on my sister that my cock hadn’t been in and two days later, with some Vaseline, I sweetly plundered that one too. It’s been a week since I first fell into a world of fun and desire with my not-so-innocent little sister and it’s been the best week of my life. I’ve bought her secret thongs and tiny vibrators and even found her some man porn to look at and in return she promised me that tonight would be better than anything I’ve gotten from her yet…

—The End—
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