Play with Fire

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*Play with fire, you’ll get burned.*

I was paged over the intercom to go meet Craig, my handler outside The Boss’s office, Lawrence is the director and boss of the The Agency he gives everyone there orders and missions. I arrived and Craig was already there pacing back and forth nervously. He looked up at me, put his hands on my shoulders and told me I would be fine, then opened the door ushering me inside.

I walked in and the door behind me closed as I stood in front of his desk, my hands clasped in front of me nervously. Wearing my exercise outfit and looking scruffy, I felt so intimidated.

‘Well Niki, looks like your turning out to be a great asset to us, you’ve learned everything in the quickest amount of time i have ever experianced….’ he paused

‘I think you are ready.’ he sighed

‘Ready sir? for what?’ I asked unsure

‘For The Test, Niki.’ he said bluntly

All the blood drained from my body at that very moment.

‘I didn’t think that was what I got called down here for. I thought I’d done something wrong or was being retracted from training, Sir.’ I blurted out

‘Go see Olivia, she will brief you and give you your assignment.’ he nodded towards the door

I could not speak. All I could do was nod to everything he was saying.

‘NOW Niki!’ he shouted

I ran to the door, pulling it open to see Craig on the other side still pacing. I hurried out closing the door behind me, leant back against it and took a breath, just as Craig grabbed my arm and pulled me along the corridor to Olivia’s office.

‘Good luck, she’s gonna test you.’ He kissed my cheek as he whispered that in my ear.

I knocked on the door as I watched Craig go back to Lawrence’s office. I knew it was forbidden for two agents to have relations but I really liked Craig. He was in his early thirties, about six foot tall with a six pack to die for, light brown hair, light tan and chocolate brown eyes.

‘Come in Niki.’ her cheery voice called so sweetly.

I opened the door to find a tall redheaded woman in her early thirties standing in front of a huge selection of designer clothes and accessories with a wide smile to greet me, she was wearing a black pencil skirt with a tight white shirt tucked in to it and five inch black patent heels. She was so beautiful standing before me, she wouldn’t be so hard on me, I thought.

‘Come sit here, Niki.’ she placed her well manicured hands on a barbers chair.

I sat down for her, she spun me around to face the mirror and stared at my reflection from behind me with her hands on my shoulders reassuringly.

‘Well I can see why Craig picked you for this mission.’ she smirked. I looked at her as she said that and I furrowed my brow.

‘What is that supposed to mean?’ I asked quizzically

‘Oh nothing.’ she laughed

She started by putting my long luscious chocolate brown hair in rollers then moved on to my make-up matching it against my pale skin and emerald eyes whilst the rollers were in curling my hair. She then went over to the racks of clothing and pulled out a little black dress and said “yes, yes this will do it”. I turned to her to see what she was talking about and gasped at the tiny dress she had picked.

‘That is never going to fit my body!’ I said, shocked that she would pick something so short and tight for a mission.

‘Oh my dear Niki you have much still to learn’ she said patronizingly.

She hung it up and came back over to take the rollers out. She turned me back around to face the mirror Esenyurt Escort to let me see, I looked so different, so mature considering I’m eighteen but I have a baby face.

‘Today you have been assigned your first proper mission, so to speak. If you are successful you will graduate and become a full agent able to live out in the real world with your cover story of course.’ she smiled.

‘Get dressed and I will brief you on the mission.’ she said cheerfully and left me to get dressed.

I took my tank top off folding it up neatly as I placed it on the chair. Next my workout pants also sat folded onto the chair, I stood in front of the mirror looking at myself in my black bra and panties with my hair and make-up done. I realised all this was real. I was about to become an agent, all had to do was pass the test.

I called on Olivia to let her know I was ready and in came Craig, Lawrence and Olivia. I stood facing them in the little black dress which looked as if it was painted on. It had a plunging neck line and extremely short hem just covering my ass.

I got to pick the accessories so I chose diamond hoop earrings with a matching necklace which emphasized my 36C breasts as it fell between my cleavage, the same five inch black patent shoes as Olivia had on made me over six feet tall as I am five eight normally and a gray full length fur coat, since it was the middle of November.

Olivia smiled like the cat who had got the cream, I guess she was proud of me for choosing so well. Lawrence laughed and looked at Olivia both nodding to one another and Craig, well his jaw almost hit the floor.

‘You are ready’ Olivia and Lawrence both said at the same time. Craig still in shock was told to show me where to get provisions.

‘Come with me, Niki…’ he stammered

He took my hand and pulled me with him down the corridor into the service elevator to the basement, I had never been to the basement before it was authorised persons only.

The elevator opened to a storage room full of weaponry, guns, blades, grenades, FBI uniforms, police uniforms everything you needed to get into anywhere.

‘Take you pick Niki, what’s you poison?’ he asked sounding pissed off.

‘What is wrong with you?’ I asked concerned.

‘Nothing!’ he snapped at me.

I looked at him and shook my head and walked over to the blade section. I chose a samurai sword and a small dagger from the selection. I also took an automatic machine gun and a pistol with a silencer. I placed them in a duffel bag and put it on the floor next to the metal table.

‘I’m just worried about you Niki.’ he said as he grabbed my hands.

I’ll be fine don’t worry, if I’m in trouble you’ll come and rescue me I’m sure’ I smiled.

He sighed deeply and kissed me hard pushing me against the steel table in the middle of the room with my provisions underneath. He took my by such a surprise I grabbed his arm, twisting him and flipping him onto the concrete floor. I didn’t realise what I had done till it was over with and he was on laying on the concrete floor winded.

I rushed and kneeling down beside him, I kissed him to try and make up for throwing in down. He pulled me on top of him and let his hands roam my body, finally stopping at my ass. His fingertips touching the hem of the dress where it tucks under my ass cheeks. I straddled him and took a break for air.

‘I am soo sorry, Craig….I didn’t mean to…..’ I was saying sincerely until he put his finger to my lips.

‘At least you wont Esenyurt Escort bayan be taking unawares’ he smiled.

‘Well I guess not.’ I smiled and returned to kiss him before we were interrupted by Lawrence who had watched the whole thing on CCTV cameras.

‘Enough Agents! You know the rules’ he shouted

I looked up and jumped up off of Craig and he stood beside me trying to be as professional as possible.

‘Sorry Sir’ we both said together.

‘Craig, leave us.’ he demanded.

Craig following orders left me with Lawrence in the basement.

‘Well done Niki, you passed the test. Craig was your test. I knew you two had/have feelings for each other and wanted to see if that would compromise you in anyway.’ he said smugly.

‘You are now an agent, I have a gift for you.’ he handed me keys.

‘Your new apartment and car.’ he smiled.

‘Oh one last thing, you can only be together once so make the most of it Agent.’ he laughed

‘Wait! This is all so much to take in. An apartment, car, agent, not being able to have a relationship.’ I tried to say without crying.

‘I never said you couldn’t have a relationship, just not with Craig. It would compromise you two.’ he said with sadness.

‘Just once?’ I said with a single tear falling from my eye.

Lawrence placed his hand on my cheek wiping away the tear, ‘yes my dearest Niki, just once.’

I picked up my duffel bag and went into the elevator to start my life as an agent, as a Female for Hire, for assassination that is.


I met Craig at my new car, he had to show me where my apartment was. We arrived outside a very swanky apartment block, he took my duffel bag and my hand as we walked to the door. I put my key in the lock and I felt like I was lost, all I have known for the past two years is The Agency.

I walked inside and squeezed his hand, ‘I’m scared, Craig’. I let go of his hand and put the bag on the kitchen table.

‘Come with me’ he said. As he walked into another room, I followed behind him into what I realised was the bedroom.

He reached out to me and took my hand pulling me close to him, he leaned down and kissed me so softly on the lips just touching and no more. Moving slowly down I could smell his musky aftershave as he kissed and nibbled on my neck and ear lobes. His hands roamed across my shoulders as he pushed my coat to the floor, making their way down my back to my bubble butt.

I pushed his suit jacket off onto the floor behind him as I wrapped my arms around his neck so I could kiss him. We bumped heads as I tried to kiss him, this only made us want each other more.

We broke from our embrace to help each other undress, I turned and pulled my hair to the front so he could unzip my dress at the back for me. I slipped it off and stood in front of him in my matching black bra and panties with stockings and my five inch black shoes.

I walked back over to him and pulled on his tie, loosening it and then pulling it free. I wrapped it around my neck as I continued to undo the buttons on his shirt. I reached his trousers and placed my hand on his belt as he pulled me close, I could see the nervousness in his eyes. I put my lips only millimeters from his teasing him before I kissed him with a burst of passion.

I could taste the minty coolness of his breath as our tongues danced in each other mouths, I pushed him back making him fall onto the bed pulling me with him. I straddled him still kissing as we landed on the king-size Escort esenyurt bed together.

He broke for breath and stared deeply into my emerald eyes, i kissed down his neck to his chest, down his six pack to his trousers where I stopped, looking up at him. I undid his belt and unzipped his trousers when he grabbed my hands and pulled me up onto the bed.

‘Niki, I know. You don’t have to if you don’t want to, you know that right?’ he said sincerely as he looked at me.

‘What are you talking about Craig’ I said frustrated.

‘I know this is your first time’ he looked down as he said.

‘I want to, with you that is.’ I placed my hand on his.

He smiled and laid me down getting on top of me he kissed me hard working his way down to my bra, which he quickly undid and slowly removed. He stared at my breasts, slowly moved his mouth to one of my rose coloured nipples and was gently licking it. I thought to myself ‘oh my god that what this feels like!’.

He then started to suck on my nipples going back and afore between them, his hand always worked the one not being pleasured with his mouth. I was in heaven or so I thought.

I pushed his trousers off realising he had no underwear on, Craig stopped and looked at me asking if I was ok. I nodded even though I was so scared. He moved down my flat stomach to the top of my panties and hooked his fingers on the sides pulling them down slowly to reveal my smooth pink pussy, already glinting with dew, awaiting his cock.

He pushed my legs up onto his shoulders he stared up at me in-between looking at my dewy slit, ready to be plucked. He started by breathing deeply, inhaling my scent then he licked in long strokes over my sex and clit, making my shiver every time before working on my rosebud clit.

He placed his hand on my stomach as he continued to lick and suck on my clit, I could feel him rubbing his fingers along my slit and around my sex. He slid one finger inside me, it felt so tight but good at the same time until he hit my hymen. I gasped which made him jump, he stopped and pulled his finger out making his way back up to kiss me.

‘How do you want to do this Niki?’ he asked cautiously

‘I don’t know Craig, you’ll know better what’s best.’ I sighed

He laid me down on the bed gently and got between my legs, positioned himself so the swollen head of his seven inch cock was sitting just on my slit. I took a deep breath and nodded for him to enter me, the sear of pain surged through my body. I pushed my hands against his chest saying ‘Stop, stop, stop!’. He stopped inside me, letting me get used to the feeling of a cock inside me as tears fell from my eyes. Craig kissed my head and looked at me, waiting on me to let him know whether to continue or not.

I kissed him and told him to go slow. He pulled out slowly and entered me again, lubricated with my blood and dew. He began to get faster, the pain subsided and was replaced with a new feeling, a feeling a pleasure.

For the first time ever I was feeling the pleasures of sex. I got on top and started to ride Craig, I had never felt such lust as I craved for more of his cock to be inside me. He began to pound me hard. As our thrusts met each others hips it was like an explosion inside me as we climaxed together.

I fell on to the bed next to Craig. Exhausted and covered in each others sweat, he wrapped his arms around me and we drifted off together.

As we lay together sleeping my phone rang. It was The Agency and it went onto the answering machine, it was my first official job as ‘a female for hire’ on the books and it was going to be a tough one.


That night was the night I lost my virginity to the only person I had ever truly loved, Craig. It felt like we were the Romeo and Juliet of The Agency, star crossed lovers, never to be.

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