Plane Flight

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I would just like to firstly thank zipulips for editing my story.

“Let me get that for you sir,” Jane, the stewardess, said as she reached over my seat and grabbed a Coke can that the person sitting next to me left behind as they went to the bathroom.

“Oh, that’s fine I can get it for you.” I said, turning towards the seat to grab the can but she already had it and was getting up when all of a sudden turbulence hit.

When the turbulence hit, she wasn’t prepared for it. I was also not prepared for what she used to brace herself. She fell forward shooting her hands out to try and find something to grab a hold of, and the thing she found was my thighs. I was shocked, not only shocked from her grabbing a hold of my thighs, but more from the electricity that shot through my body from the feel of her hands holding onto my thighs only inches from my crotch. I could feel the blood start to flow to my cock and feel it start to swell.

I started to notice that she wasn’t moving her hands and the turbulence had stopped a minute ago. I was starting to get a tent in my pants, so I looked up and said to her, “Umm I think the turbulence stopped.”

“Oh sorry, I was just wanted to make sure the turbulence was over for sure before I got up.” She replied before she walked away, but I could have sworn she let her hand drag across my crotch on purpose. I could also have sworn I saw her smirk at me.

I wasn’t 100% sure that she really had done that, or whether I was just imagining it all. I mean I was a virgin, have always had a low self esteem, and been shy. I couldn’t believe that a woman as beautiful as Jane would do that to me. I had noticed Jane when I got on the plane and as she had been serving me. She was about 35 I would guess, standing at 5’5″ with long brown hair, green eyes, a nice full set of breasts and had long slender legs with an hourglass frame. She was wearing a blouse with a little cleavage, and her skirt was raised about 2 inches above the knee giving a great, enticing view of her silky smooth legs.

I stand at about 5’8″ with short brown hair, blue eyes, and an average build with a 6 inch cock when erect. I was a big kid when I was younger, and had only just started losing weight and getting in shape which I attribute my low self-esteem to. I had also always been shy never having too many friends and never having had any girlfriend or even kissed a girl.

I shook my head, clearing it of all of this, and turned back into my seat to continue watching the movie that was on the TV in the front of the plane.

I got so engrossed in the movie that I didn’t even notice that the person sitting next to me was back until she asked, “Excuse me, can I get through?”

I have to admit Jane was not the only beautiful woman on the plane, there was also the woman sitting next to me who seemed to be about my age. She seemed about my height with long blonde hair, beautiful deep blue eyes, with big beautiful breasts, a more curvaceous body than Jane, and thicker but just as silky smooth and sexy legs. She was wearing a blouse with a plunging neckline showing off her deep sexy cleavage, a miniskirt exposing her sexy thick legs and some sexy open toed heels.

“Oh, I am sorry.” I said as I sat back up into my seat.

“It’s ok.” She answered as she turned sideways with her ass facing me as she scooted into our aisle.

She was right in front of me just as it happened to Jane, turbulence hit and just as before with Jane neither of us was suspecting it. Unlike before though she had a place to hang onto, but her body was free to move around. She grabbed onto the head rest in front of me, but her body moved back and her back arched, her ass raised up exposing sexy g-string covered ass. The turbulence was getting bad. She lost her grip and fell back, which connected her pussy with my nose. Even though I am a virgin I had for years been watching porn and reading stories about sex, so I knew that the moisture I felt on my nose was pussy juice. I inhaled the scent and was getting entranced by it. I was enjoying the contact when all of a sudden the turbulence stopped.

She moved over to her seat and turned around, looked at me and said, “Oh my god, I am so sorry Ha ha. Um here, let me get that travesti porno for you.” As she reached up and wiped her pussy juices off of my nose.

“Ha ha, thanks, well that is one for the books.” I said as I looked over at her and just couldn’t believe what happened with me, especially with a woman as beautiful as her.

“Oh my, now what am I going to do with this?” She asked herself as she looked down at her juice covered finger, before she just shrugged her shoulders and moved her finger into her mouth and sucked off the juices.

I just stared at her with my mouth wide open in amazement because of what she just did before. She noticed I was staring, and with what I thought had a hint of a smirk behind it, apologized. “Sorry about that. I hope that didn’t gross you out or anything.”

“Oh, no of course not, I mean it was actually kind of hot. Oh my god! I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to say that,” I turned my head to hide my embarrassment and cherry red cheeks.

“That is completely fine, don’t be sorry. To be honest, it is actually flattering that you think that was hot.” She said as she reached over and touched my arm. “My name is Susan,” She took the hand from my arm and held it out for a shake. “But you can call me Susy.”

“Oh, ugh, my name is Scott,” I turned back around and shook her hand. “Sorry I am a little nervous.”

“Aww, that’s so cute! There is no need to by shy.” She said as she started to rub my arm.

The feel of her soft skin touching my arm sent electricity throughout my body, and I could feel the blood from my body start to flow into my cock making it swell.

“So what do we have here?” She looked down at the tent forming in my pants.

“Oh, umm, oh shit, I am so sorry,” I started to say before she interrupted me.

“No don’t worry. I guess I can’t blame you for what I did in front of you, and to tell you the truth it is really hot and flattering that that was all because of me.”

“Well I mean you are such a beautiful woman and after all that just happened I can’t control myself.” I said to her as my cheeks turned beet red.

“Well, I am sure glad you can’t.” She said as she slid her hand down to my knee, ran it up to my crotch, and started to rub my cock through my pants.

“Whoa, whoa, I don’t think we should be doing this,” I said as I pushed her hand away from my crotch.

“Oh, you are right! Here let’s do this.” She reached under her seat and grabbed her blanket and laid it on top of both of our laps.

She slid her left hand under the blanket and placed it on my right knee. I could feel the electricity just from her light touch flow through my body, and it only increased as she started to slide farther up my leg closer to my crotch. I was about to tell her to stop but she brought her right index finger up to her lips to tell me to be quiet.

She leaned in really close to me and whispered into my ear, causing my body to tingle and blood start to flow to my cock. “Shh, just sit back, relax, and enjoy.” Just as her hand got to my crotch, she started rubbing my cock through my pants.

“Oh my, looks like you are already enjoying it.” She whispered into my ear, making more blood to flow to my cock, making it jump.

“I can’t help it you are getting me so turned on, and hard.” I said through groans as I let my head fall back into the seat. She continued to rub my cock through my pants.

Thankfully, we were both at the back of the flight on the right corner. The plane was full, but the other people in our row were all up walking around the plane so nobody was in the back to see what we were doing. The flight was a long one since we were on our way to Bermuda from Los Angeles.

I just sat back, enjoying her rubbing my cock. I didn’t even notice her unbuttoning my pants until she was halfway through unzipping them. I shot up and looked at her. “What are you doing? Is there anybody around?”

“Ha Ha, don’t worry, everyone else is up and about the plane. We have the back all to ourselves.” She said as she looked at me and smiled, as she reached into the hole in my boxers wrapping her warm hand around my cock.

I groaned as she pulled my cock out from my pants alt yazılı porno under the sheet. I was about to stop her, since at any moment someone could walk back to their seat or to the back of the plane and find us, but I was so turned on I was enjoying it, what I would say is a ‘sexual awakening’, so much that nothing was going to stop me now.

I was enjoying the new, exciting sensation of having a woman’s soft, silky smooth, warm hands slide up and down my cock slowly while I just lay back and enjoy it. I was almost in a trance from the pleasure she was giving me as she stroked, but was broken out of it when I felt her stop and grab my hand with hers and guide it under the blanket. I wasn’t sure what she was going to have me do until I felt her let go of my hand on her pants.

I looked at her with a confused face, but she just giggled and said, “I would like some pleasure too if you don’t mind.”

“Oh my god, I am so sorry, it is just I have never done anything like this before, and I just got lost in the sensation.” I said as I started to unbutton her pants and unzip them.

“You really have never done anything like this before?” She asked, looking at me with an honestly confused face.

“No I haven’t. I hope that is ok with you,” I said stopping halfway pulling her zipper down.

“Of course I don’t mind. I would be honored if you would allow me to teach you.” She replied smiling at me with a sort of hopeful look on her face.

“I would love it if you would teach me; I want to learn it all.” I said with a huge grin on my face.

“Good, glad to hear it. Now first I want you to slide your hand under my panties and just feel around and get to know the outside of my pussy first,” She reached back around and started to slowly stroke my cock like before.

I did not have to be asked twice. I slid my hand slowly down her open pants under her panties. I let my hands slide down starting to explore around her crotch, firstly noticing that she was shaved smooth which is what I always thought was hot. Then I felt a hard nub at the top which, thanks to my anatomy classes and guy talk, I knew was the clit. I knew that it was the most sensitive area on a woman’s body, so I rubbed it a little making her moan. She stopped stroking my cock for a few seconds before I moved making her start again. As I continued exploring I could start to feel heat radiating from her pussy just before my fingers met her slit, I could feel the moisture seeping out from her pussy.

She was so engrossed in stroking my cock and enjoying the sensation of my hand exploring her pussy, she didn’t tell me what to do next. So, I decided to explore the inside of her pussy. I slid my index finger deep in her pussy slowly. The soft, wet feel of her insides was like nothing I had ever experience before. I felt like I could explore down there forever!

“Mmm, are you sure you haven’t done this before?” She asked me as she turned and smiled at me.

“No I haven’t.” I looked at her as I continued to slowly finger fuck her pussy.

“Well, you sure seem to know what you are doing.” She moved her head against the head rest and let out a small moan.

“Um, I have something I would like to ask, but I hope it isn’t to forward.” I wearily said, as I let my finger linger in her pussy as I waited for a response.

“What would you like to ask me?” She asked me inquisitively. She came back to reality since I had stopped fingering her.

“I have read about it a lot, and have seen it done in a lot of movies. I was wondering if you would mind if I performed oral sex on you.” I asked very nervously, hoping I had not stepped over the line.

“You mean you would want to eat my pussy?” She asked me back an almost disgusted tone.

“Yes, I would really like to eat your pussy.” I said, cowering in fear of her possibly getting angry.

“Of course you can eat my pussy!” She replied quickly, changing her face from anger to excitement.

“Oh good, you scared me for a second, I thought you were going to get angry at me.” I said smiling at her.

“Ha ha, I am glad to hear you want to do it actually. Most guys don’t like to do it. Now since you are new at üvey baba porno it, I will let you explore a little and give you some pointers on the way. But first let’s get set up here in case someone walks by.”

“What do you want me to do?” I asked, mesmerized by finally seeing a woman undress in front of me.

“Go ahead and grab another one of the blankets for me.” She said as she was pulling her pants and panties down.

I turned just as she pulled her pants and panties down, so when I turned back after finding a blanket, I couldn’t take my eyes off the gorgeous, shaved, wet pussy I saw in front of me.

“Do you think it looks good?” She was smiling at my obvious memorization.

“Oh my god, it looks amazing. It looks really sexy, and um…” I started to say before I felt shy.

“It looks sexy and what?” She asked, loving my obvious desire for her pussy.

“It looks so tasty.” I finally was able to blurt out, after accepting that I needed to go with the flow, and it was now or never.

“Well how about you get down here and have a taste.” She spread her legs apart as she moved the armrest separating us up.

“Sure thing!” I snaked my tongue out as I lowered my head toward her pussy.

I could feel heat emanating from her pussy as I finally got close to her. I could feel her body shake a little as my tongue came into contact with her clit tasting her sweet juices.

“Did I do something wrong?” I asked, worried because she had started to shake.

“Mmm, no you didn’t, it just felt so good. Please keep doing it.” She placed her hand on my head and guided it back down to her pussy.

I let her guide me back down to her pussy and started to continue to lick her clit as I felt the blanket fall over my head.

“Don’t worry; I am just doing it just in case somebody walks by.” I heard her say in between moans.

I was so busy enjoying the taste and the satisfaction of making a woman moan for the first time that I didn’t even really take in what she was saying. I continued to lick her clit as I took a finger and slowly rubbed it up and down her slit, before I slid it in deep. I left my finger still in her pussy taking in the amazing feel of her wet pussy.

“Oh fuck, your finger feels so good in my pussy. Please start fucking me with it.” She begged in between low groans and grunts.

I was happy to oblige her request. I was amazed by the pleasure I was able to give her just from some simple licking. I continued to move my finger slowly, then going faster ’til I could hear squishing noises from her wet pussy.

I was so lost in my amazement of the pleasure I was giving her, and the sweet taste of her pussy, that I didn’t hear the flight attendant clearing her throat to get my attention, so she had to tap my head.

I slid my finger out of Susy’s pussy, and slid my head out from under the blanket. I almost had a heart attack when I saw the flight attendant. “I, um, oh god, um, I am so sorry. Oh god, this is so embarrassing.”

Susy, I think was so shocked at being caught that her mouth was open, but no words were coming out. Jane, the flight attendant that helped me before, was the one who interrupted us, but the weird thing was that she didn’t seem mad but she actually had a smile on her face.

“May I have a taste of those?” She asked as she pointed at my finger.

“Um, yeah sure, I guess.” I said as I raised my hand up to her face.

She took my hand and brought it to her face, slowly slid her tongue out and slid it all around my finger before she slowly slid it into her mouth. “Mmm, you sure taste good sweetie.” She said looking at Susy and then turned to me and looked down at my groin and said, “And you sure seem to be having fun as much as she appears to be.”

Neither Susy nor I could believe what we were hearing. Jane could see we were both in shock but she also seemed to be enjoying it. “I would love to join you guys for some fun, but I don’t get a break for another twenty minutes. The dinner service is about to start so people are going to be moving back and forth past you. Thankfully, the flight attendants have our own little sleeping quarters in the back of the room. You guys can go there and start having fun and I will be there soon.”

Susy didn’t need to be told twice. She threw the blanket on the seat next to her and pulled her pants back up. She grabbed my hand, almost yanking me in the direction of the spare room.

This is turning into a flight to remember…

Thanks for reading my story. I hope you all enjoyed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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