Pizza Delivery

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Martin walked up to the door of the house and knocked hard as he could hear the music blaring out from the drive. He balanced the pizza he was delivering in his other hand. Two years experience as a delivery driver was shown in the ease with which he held the pizza. He waited for any sign of response from the house. This was his last drop of the night and he did not have to go back because it was so late the shop would be shut. Not that he minded like the other drivers he knew the address. It was the home of the nurse sluts as they had been named. The two women who lived at the house were both nurses, and both dressed in the skimpiest clothes they could get away with. Added to that was the fact that they were both stunners meant that there was always competition when the address came up as to who delivered it. Tonight Martin won and he was going to try and stretch out the visit as much as he could to get a good look.

After a minute he knocked again only louder. That time he got someone’s attention as he heard voices behind the door. When the door was opened it was not by either of the two nurses who lived there. Martin did not mind as the girl who opened it was just as stunning. She had long strawberry blonde hair that hung around a sweet face with the brightest blue eyes Martin had seen for a long time. She had a full figure not thin and stick like but with a bit of flesh on her just the way Martin liked it. Her tight red leather top covered a nice looked pair of breasts that Martin would have liked to get his hands on. Her black skirt was just as tight and very short. The legs that it did nothing to cover were long and shapely. All this Martin took in with a quick glance before pushing the pizza forwards towards the girl.

” Pizza,” he said to her just to confirm what he was delivering. The girl swayed a little obviously from the effects of alcohol. She nodded and looked at the pizza box for a second then took it off him. Behind her Martin could see one of the two women who lived at the house. He immediately saw the resemblance between her and the girl at the door. They were obviously sisters the new girl was a few years younger than her sister. The older sister spoke to him over her younger sisters shoulder.

“Great you better come in while we get the money for you.” Martin nodded eagerly not complaining about getting inside the house. The older sister turned to her younger sibling. “Take that into the kitchen Kerry and grab my purse from upstairs.” Kerry nodded and wandered off allowing Martin a good look at her from the back. A view that was almost as good as from the front. He followed Kerry’s sister into the back room.

The first thing he saw was a giant banner that read ‘Happy eighteenth birthday’. Second thing he saw was the large number of empty bottles on the floor and table. Obviously the girls had been partying hard for some time. Martin guessed that it was probably Kerry’s birthday as the other two women were definitely older than eighteen. Kerry’s sister went to the mantle place and picked up some money and quickly paid Martin. He looked a little surprise as she had told her sister the money was in the kitchen. Then she gestured for him to sit down.

“I sent Kerry to look for the money so I could chat to you first.” She told him, Martin began to get a little nervous. “I want to ask you what you think of my little sister, is she good looking?” Martin nodded slowly wondering what was going on. “Is she sexy?” The sister asked.

“Yes she is,” Martin, said slowly now even more nervous.

“Good,” the sister replied. “I’ve got something to ask you. Do you want to take her virginity for her?”

“You what?” Martin snapped shocked by the question.

“I asked if you wanted to take her virginity? It’s a simple question.” Martin looked at her to see if she was joking but it did not seem like it.

“Are you serious?” He asked she nodded in reply. “For a start I don’t believe a girl that hot is a virgin.” He said to her she grimaced before answering.

“She is trust me, all our mom’s fault. Mom has gone on to Kerry repeatedly about staying chaste and innocent. She’s told her that men want to bed a virgin on their wedding day. Come on you’re a bloke what would you prefer, a girl who has no idea what to do or a woman who you knows how to fuck on you’re wedding night?”

“Probably someone with a little experience.” Martin said while thinking that as he was only twenty marriage was a long way off for him.

“Exactly, I know that all guys want is to get a fuck but mom lives in the past too much. In her day may be guys wanted that but now they want to get their leg over and go for it, not pussy foot around teaching their girl how to fuck. I’ve done my best to counter mom’s claims but since kozyatağı escort I moved out it’s been hard. Luckily Kerry wants to move in with me here so I’ve got chance to educate her in the real modern world. You still haven’t answered my question, do want to take her virginity?”

“Oh hell yeah I’d be stupid not to. A fit girl like that just turned eighteen and a virgin. But we’ve never met how can she want to do it with me?” Martin replied quickly.

“She doesn’t yet.”

“Whoa hold on I’m not doing it if she ain’t willing. I’m not into that.” She shook her head.

“She’ll be willing trust me. Look it’s sort of a bet we made last year. I said she could move in with me when she was eighteen but if she hadn’t fucked someone by then she’d have to let me pick the guy to take her virginity. I picked you, well actually which ever of you drivers turned up and was willing. You got lucky. I’m sort of glad it’s you the other guy is a little bit old for her, almost like fucking her dad.” Martin laughed and nodded.

“As long as she is willing then I ain’t gonna say no to a free fuck being a modern guy.” He said still laughing softly then he thought of something. “One problem I’ve got no condoms.”

“Don’t worry,” She told him. “She’s been on the pill for the last six months.” Martin laughed again at idea of a virgin being on the pill. Just then Kerry walked into the room looking worried.

“I can’t find your purse Helen,” she said as she came in. Helen smiled at her.

“I found it in here sorry,” she told her. “Sit down I want you to meet someone.” Kerry sat down on the sofa next to Martin. “Say hello to Martin he’s the guy I’ve chosen for you to fuck.” Kerry looked at her shocked then looked over to Martin who did his best to look friendly and innocent.

“What now?” Kerry asked her sister. “Don’t we get time to chat or anything?” Helen shook her head.

“Nope think of it as an extra birthday present from me. If you want to talk you can afterwards.” Kerry looked at back at Martin scrutinizing him with her eyes. Then she turned back to Helen.

“I take it I’m using your bed then?” Again Helen shook her head.

“Nope right here right now. You take him upstairs and you’ll persuade him not to.” Kerry started to respond but Helen put her hand up to stop her. “I know you little sis, you’ll bottle out and persuade him to say you’d done it when you hadn’t. You know the deal: want to stay here then I want to know you’ve fucked someone. And that it was a guy you’d never seen before. I have to know that you can be as big a slut as I can.” Kerry started to say something then stopped and shrugged her shoulders.

“Well can’t have you being the only slut in this family can we. But mom’ll freak if she finds out.” She finished with a giggle then turned to look at Martin. “So you just going to sit there or what?”

It took a second for Martin to react but then he shifted over to beside her and reached up to pull her lips down onto his. He kissed her softly at first then harder pushing his tongue between her lips and into her mouth. Very quickly he felt her sinking into the kiss her arms sliding round his neck holding him. He ran his hands along her spine pulling her closer to him as they kissed. Then he moved his hand down to run it over the soft skin of her thigh feeling it’s shape under his fingers. His hand moved back up to her top at first squeezing her breast through the leather then he quickly undid the zip that ran down the front of the top. His hand slid under to cup her exposed naked breast. Martin had suspected that she was not wearing a bra; the straps would have been visible through the tight top. The breast was firm and filled his hand nicely as he squeezed and rubbed it. He could feel how hard her nipple was against his palm and gently began to rub it with his fingers. She gave a soft hiss as he manipulated her sensitive nipple.

Martin moved to kiss her neck planting soft kisses just above her shoulders and around to the small hollow below her chin. She lifted her neck back so he could kiss it better. He used the arched shape of her body to ease her top off then began to kiss down towards her breasts. His hands cupped each breast holding them as he kissed and licked them in turn. He heard her soft moan of pleasure and knew he was having an effect on her. He focused on the firm nipples sucking them into his mouth and flicking his tongue over them. She gasped and her hands slid round his neck holding him to her breasts. He didn’t mind, as they were firm succulent breasts that just asked to be kissed and licked. For a couple of minutes that was just what he did kiss, lick and suck on them enjoying their feel and taste. Then he moved küçükyalı escort his hands down to the small skirt she had on.

Martin was determined to make sure she was very aroused before he entered her. The next step was to go down on her and lick her out until she was ready for him. So he reached for the zip at the back of the skirt and with a skilled hand undid it and began to pull the skirt off. The entire time he was still kissing her firm breasts. She pushed herself up to let him pull her skirt off. He ran his fingers round towards her pussy knowing that she was wearing a thong from the feel of the panties. He slid the thong to one side and began to rub gently at the lips of her pussy. She gave a soft gasp as his fingers probed inside her lips rubbing against the walls of her pussy. He pushed into her and was surprised just how wet she all ready was. His fingers ran along the top wall of her pussy stretching it open. Martin continued to suck on her breasts as he gently fingered her. She gasped and moaned softly her body reacting to what he was doing to her.

Martin was getting just as aroused as Kerry seemed to be and he suddenly wanted to taste her. He pulled his fingers out of her and quickly took her thong off before kissing her thighs around her pussy. Then he pulled her lips apart to look down at the soft flesh of her pussy. Lowering his face down he happily buried his tongue into her open pussy. He licked deeply tasting her sweet young taste. Kerry groaned loudly as his tongue licked inside her. She lent back over the arm of the sofa lifting her hips up and exposing her pussy further. Martin pushed his face into the offered pussy licking it hard and at the same time he began to run his thumb over her clitoris. Kerry gasped and writhed at the touch of his thumb, which made Martin smile to himself. He rubbed harder against her clitoris licking as deep as he could into her. He could feel how wet she was and hear just how aroused she was by her moans and gasps. Martin knew he could make her cum this way but wanted to be in her first.

He stood up and quickly stripped his clothes off standing naked above her. Kerry looked up at him then down to his hard cock with a soft smile. He lay down on top of her and kissed her hard, she kissed him back just as hard. With a practiced skill Martin positioned his cock against her pussy and slowly slid it into her. She gave a hiss as she felt him entering her. She clung to him and chewed on her bottom lip as she let a man’s cock enter her for the first time. Martin was careful not to thrust to hard into her. Instead he slowly slid inside her letting her body accept him rather than being made to take him. Once he was fully in her he stopped and looked down at her. Her eyes were wide and her expression was mix of surprise and nervousness. She was breathing quickly almost gasping for breath.

“God that feels so hard inside me.” She gasped to him. “Well as you’re in me you better fuck me.” She said quickly, Martin nodded and pulled out then thrust back into her. She gasped and dug her nails into his arms. He pulled out and thrust in again and then again. She clung to him gasping her eyes squeezed shut as he began to gently fuck her. He waited for her to get used to the feel of him inside her. It took a few more thrusts but then she opened her eyes slightly and began to obviously enjoy the feel of him. Martin increased the power of his thrusts slowly getting harder and harder. She reacted to him groaning deeply at the sensations his hard cock was causing. He felt her legs moving to wrap around him and he slid one hand down to hold her thigh as he thrust deeper into her. She still clung to him but now it was with passion not nerves. Her nails no long dug into his arms instead she was running her hands up and down his back. She pulled him down to kiss him hard pushing her tongue into his mouth. Martin moved his hands up to grip the arm of the sofa using it to pull him deep into her. As aroused as she was her pussy was still tight around his cock. He wanted to cum in her but was fighting to hold off until she came. If his experience’s in the past was a guide that would not be long happening.

It was not; suddenly she began to gasp hard then her gasps turned into soft squeals as she came. Martin felt her body shake at the orgasm and rammed into her as hard and as fast as he could, wanting to add to her orgasm. Her squeals became louder as the orgasm swept over her. Martin gasped deeply as he felt his own orgasm starting. With a massive thrust into her he came shuddering as his sperm exploded into her. She gasped softly and kissed him hard on the lips as he came in her. Martin stayed in until his orgasm had ended then he slid mutlu kent escort out of her and sank onto the sofa gasping for breath. Kerry pushed herself up looking at Martin and Helen.

“Christ that was, good.” Kerry gasped, Helen laughed at the look on her face. “I want it again.” Kerry continued.

“You’ll have to do something to keep his dick hard then because it’s all ready going down.” Helen told her pointing to Martins cock. Martin could only laugh softly at her.

“I know how to do that,” Kerry said in an almost delighted voice. She moved to lean over Martin and took his cock in her mouth. She sucked hard on the head of his cock.

“Oh fuck!” Martin gasped as her lips wrapped around the very sensitive glands of his cock. She sucked him into her mouth and started to slide her lips up and down him. Very quickly she had managed to get his cock fully hard again. Martin gasped as she sucked on him, she might have been a virgin but she had done that before a few times. Once she had got his cock as hard as she wanted it Kerry shifted to straddle his legs. He felt her pussy sliding down over his cock as she lowered herself onto him. Martin hissed as her warm body absorbed his hard cock.

Kerry began to move up and down on him riding him. She started off slowly getting her rhythm right. Once she was used to the motion she began to speed up sliding up and down on him. Each time she sank down his cock was buried right up to its base inside her. Very quickly she began to moan and gasp in pleasure. Her moans increased when Martin lent forwards and began to lick and suck at her hard nipples. His hands reached round to grip her buttocks as she move up and down on him. He kissed her breasts, neck and face. Their lips met in a hard passionate embrace tongues intertwining as they kissed. She was moaning louder now obviously enjoying the feel of his cock inside her. Martin was enjoying the feel of her pussy around him just as much. He moved his head back down to her breasts sucking each nipple into his mouth in turn and licking his tongue over and around them. She held his head to her breasts gasping and moaning hard.

Then suddenly she began to squeal loudly as she came for the second time with him in her. She whole body arched and it was only because Martin was holding her that she did not fall backwards. She squealed and gasped as her orgasm overtook her. Then once it finished she collapsed off him onto the sofa. Martin gave a soft gasp as she moved off him as he had been near to cumming himself. Kerry had sunk over the arm of the chair gasping for breath. Martin quickly moved to kneel behind her gripping her waist.

“You ain’t finished yet,” he gasped to her. “If you start something you got to finish it.” He finished as he thrust his cock into her from behind. She gasped and arched backwards as he rammed deep into her. He pulled out and rammed in again but this time she pushed back at him taking him right into her. Holding onto her waist he began to fuck her hard from behind. Kerry groaned and squealed softly as he thrust in and out of her. He moved one hand under her to grip her breast kneading it with his fingers. His other hand he wrapped in her long blonde hair pulling her back against him. Not that she need him to as she was doing that all ready. Martin was ramming in as hard and as deep as he could making her body shake with each thrust. Kerry’s gasps became moans and then squeals as his thrusting drew her nearer and nearer to another orgasm. Martin was gritting his teeth gasping hard as he rammed in again and again.

“Oh god,” Kerry gasped, “fuck me yes. I’m gonna cum again oh god your sooo hard.” Her voice grew high pitched and any more words were lost in a passionate squeal as she came. Martin felt her body shudder at her third orgasm from the night as he plunged his cock in and out of her.

“I want to cum in your mouth.” He gasped once she had cum fighting to hold off his own orgasm. Kerry smiled as she quickly pulled away from him and turned to take his cock in her mouth. She sucked hard on him drawing it deep into her throat and tickling the head with her tongue. That was enough to send Martin into orbit. He groaned as he felt his groin tighten then his sperm pumped into her mouth. She gave a soft squeal and tried to swallow it all but gagged. She pulled away letting the last spurts land on her face and neck. She ran her fingers through the sperm then licked them clean. Then she turned to look at her sister.

“Is that slutty enough sis to stay here?” Helen could only laugh as she nodded. Kerry smiled then turned back to Martin. “You better give me your phone number I guess.” She told him he looked at her quizzically.

“Why?” He asked, she laughed.

“So we can go out you think this is going to be the last time we fuck? And maybe next time I might even share you with my big sister.” She told him looking sideways as Helen.

“What do you mean might?!” Helen demanded, “from that display we are going to share.” Martin could only sprawl on the sofa and laugh in response. And look forwards to the next time he visited the house of the nurse sluts.

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