Pinky Swear

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I usually don’t write in the first person, but I’ve been experimenting with it recently. I prefer playing in god mode, or third person, so I can tell the whole story, not just one characters perspective.

In this piece, a son comes home and discovers his mother in a compromising position. He decides to take advantage of the situation, but mom has other ideas…


I came home one afternoon, expecting to hear my mother’s cheery voice and the aroma of food cooking after a long day of classes, but was met by silence and the smell of something burned coming from the kitchen.

I knew mom was home, because her car was in the driveway, so I went into the kitchen and checked the stove, then the oven. Whatever she had been cooking was a shriveled, smoking, blackened mass in it’s pan, so I grabbed a potholder and took it out, then turned off the oven. I opened the back door and sat the pan on the porch, then opened the windows to air out the kitchen.

I was a little worried, it wasn’t like mom to go out and leave something cooking unattended, besides, her car was in the driveway. We’d only been in the neighborhood a few months, and hadn’t gotten to know the neighbors yet, so I didn’t think she was visiting anyone.

I was starting to panic as I did a quick sweep of the first floor, my mind filled with images her laying injured, or even worse, dead, in one of the rooms. When I didn’t find her, I ran up the stairs, throwing open doors and looking in each room as I came to it.

I heard a muffled sound coming from mom’s room at the end of the hall, and I charged in, expecting the worst.

I came to a sudden stop when I saw her, skidding to a halt, staring in disbelief.

“Oh thank god you’re finally home.” Mom’s voice said from under the bed. “I’ve been stuck here for over an hour!”

She was on her knees beside her bed, which had an enormous, ornate frame that her king sized mattress sat in. Her shoulders rested on the floor, and her head was under the bed. The sides of the bed were made up of two by eights, and had slats that supported the mattress. The bottom of the frame was only three or four inches from the floor, but I knew that there as at least six inches of space on the inside, so her head wasn’t being crushed.

I burst out laughing when it became obvious that she wasn’t hurt, because her predicament was really funny. She was wearing a tight black sports bra and a pair of loose white shorts. The shorts were pulled tight around her ass and up between her legs. It didn’t look like she was wearing panties under them, because I couldn’t see any lines, and her pussy made a prominent camel toe in the crotch.

“Oh god, don’t laugh at me honey!’ She groaned, and it was obvious that she was trying not to laugh herself. “This is so embarrassing, and I feel so stupid! Can you get me out of here?”

“Yeah, but you’re gonna have to give me a minute to figure out how to it.” I said, my eyes wandering all over her.

At thirty-four, she was seriously hot, and no one believed that she had a nineteen year old son. Her C-cup tits stood up high and proud, and the few times I’d seen them uncovered, there had been only a hint of sag that made them look even better. The firm round globes curved under at the bottom, so they hung off her chest, capped with pinkish brown aureoles. Her nipples were thick half inch nubs that I was dying to see excited.

Her ass had a perfect peach shape, full and round, the swell of her hips making her look delicious in jeans, slacks, or a skirt. Her legs were smooth, firm and well muscled from miles of jogging and hours of working out.

“So, you want to tell me how you managed to get your head under there in the first place?” I asked, moving around behind her and staring at her ass.

“I uh…I dropped something, and uh…it bounced under the bed, and when I couldn’t reach it…” She paused, and she shifted slightly, moving her knees a little wider apart. “When I couldn’t reach it, I put a couple of books under the end there and…”

“And when you got down to reach under the bed, you what, knocked the books out from under the corner?”

“Yes.” She laughed, moving her knees back a little, making her ass shake right in my face. “I can’t believe I did something that stupid. Can you lift the corner of the bed so I can get out of here?”

“In a minute.” I said slowly, dropping to my knees behind her. “I think I need to check the situation out first. I mean, maybe I should check you out…you know, just to make sure you’re not hurt before I go trying to move the bed.”

“I’m fine honey.” she said, her voice muffled slightly from being under the bed. “Come on now, quit fooling around and get me out of here!”

“No, I think I want to check you out first, Mom.” I said, my voice taking on a husky tone as I moved closer. My hands slid up onto the soft, round cheeks of her ass, moving lightly over the tightly stretched skin. “You never know when I’ll get a chance like this again.”

“Wh…what do you…what are you…” She gasped when she felt gaziantep özbek escort my hands on her ass. “No! Goddammit Jimmy, you get your hands off my ass right this minute and get this fucking bed off of me! I’m not kidding. You get me out of here, NOW!”

“Aw, come on, Mom.” I laughed, running my hands lightly over her ass, then down the back of her legs. I watched as goosebumps sprang up, and she shifted position again, her legs opening a little more. “Do you have any idea how many hours I’ve spent fantasizing about you, then I find you helpless like this, trapped, unable to get away, so I can do anything I want to you?”

She gasped, but didn’t say anything

My hands were on the insides of her thighs, caressing them gently. I heard her whimper as I moved them a little higher. She tensed up when my fingers got close to her pussy, then sighed as I dragged them lightly up over her ass again, moving closer so I could run my hands over her back.

“You’re seriously hot, Mom. We’re talking major league milf, and it’s hard…I mean really hard, being around you some times.” I said, moving my hands back down onto her ass.

“Wh…what’s a milf?” I heard her ask.

“A mother I’d love to fuck.” I laughed, letting my fingers slip under the waistband of her shorts. “And I’m not the only one that thinks so. I guarantee you star in the fantasies and wet dreams of every guy in the neighborhood, men and boys. I know you star in mine.”

“Oh god.” She moaned, but her ass pushed up a little higher toward my hand.

“I want to see it. I want to see this big beautiful ass.” I said, pulling her shorts down a little. “I want to see all of you, and this may be the only chance I’ll ever get, so…”

“Wait!” She said suddenly. “No…not like this! Please Jimmy…don’t do this to me. If…if you get me out of here, I’ll…I’ll let you…”

“You’ll let me what?” I asked.

“I…I’ll let you see me…” She said softly. “Naked.”

Now this was an interesting development. I wasn’t sure if she was just saying she’d let me see her naked so I’d free her, or if she really meant it. We were usually honest with each other, but I was already breaking the trust we had between us. She had no reason to do what she was saying she would do.

“I don’t know, Mom. I mean, right now, I can do anything I want to you, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.” I said. moving my fingers away from the waistband of her shorts, then running my hands slowly over her ass.

“I…I know…but…if you let me out, and I’ll do anything you want.” She said softly. “I promise.”

“I really want to believe you, Mom.” I said, moving up beside her. “But if I were you…”

“I…I won’t get mad honey. I, oh god…” She moaned. “I promise to do what I said. I’ll do anything you want me to do.”

“Pinky swear?” I asked, leaning down so I could look under the bed and see her face. She had made me pinky swear to every important thing she wanted me to do since I was five years old.

“Yes.” She whispered, her eyes looking into mine. Her hand moved away from her body, and she held her little finger out.

I hooked my pinky around hers, and she squeezed her closed, still looking at me.

“I want to know one thing before I get you out of here.” I said.

“Why?” She said, still looking at me. then she started to smile. “Because I want it too.”

My mouth must have dropped open, because she laughed at me.

“It’s your choice honey.” She laughed. “You can take me like this, and do whatever you want to me. Once. And after that, you can find somewhere else to live, because you won’t be living here.”

She paused, and a sly smile creased her lips

“Or you can let me out, and tell me some of those fantasies you mentioned.” She said slowly. “And I’ll tell you some of mine. Then we can see if we can make them come true.”

I just looked at her, then slid back, letting her hand slip from mine. I looked at her ass as I got to my feet, wondering if I was blowing a once in a life time opportunity.

I moved down to the end of the bed and got my hands under the side rails, looking down at her.

“Lift with your legs.” She said, dropping down onto her belly.

“Yes Mother.” I laughed, bending my knees. “Ready?”

“Yes.” Came her muffled reply.

“Go!” I grunted as I lifted the corner of the bed. The damn thing had to weigh two hundred pounds.

Mom scuttled out quickly, and I lowered the bed once she was clear. She rolled onto her back, then got to her feet.

“I should be mad at you.” She said, looking me in the eyes as she stepped closer.

“Yeah…but are you?” I asked.

“No…I meant what I said. You’re not the only one that has fantasies.”

I watched as she brought her hands up, gripping the bottom of her sports bra, drawing it slowly up over her head. Her tits slipped free, bouncing gently on her chest.

“Fuck me…” I muttered, staring at the spiky buds of her nipples jutting up from them.

“We’ll porno videolar get to that.” She said lightly. “Now you take something off.”

My t-shirt was off and at my feet in seconds.

“Open your pants.” She said, glancing down at the bulge my cock made in my jeans. “But don’t take them off.”

I opened the button on my jeans, then eased the zipper down.

“Tell me one of your fantasies.” She said, her hands moving to the waistband of her shorts. She started easing them down, stopping when they were halfway over her hips. I could see wisps of hair poking put where she stopped.

“My favorite is waking up one night, and you’re sitting on my bed beside me.” I said, letting my eyes move up and down over her incredible body. “You’re hand is on my cock, jerking me off with slow, gentle strokes, and you put your finger on my lips when I start to speak, then smile, and lean down, taking me into your mouth…”

“Mmmmmm, I have that one too.” She said huskily. “I’ve even come close to doing it. I’ve come into your room, and sat on your bed…I even played with your dick a few times. But I could never let myself do any more than that.”

“Push your pants down a little.” She said, taking a couple of steps back. “You’ve got a really nice body, honey. All that time at the gym has paid off.”

“Thanks, you’re seriously fucking hot yourself.” I grinned, kicking my shoes off, then pushing my pants down so they were just hanging on my hips. “Now you tell me one of your fantasies.”

“Oooooh, so he likes my little game.” She laughed, bringing her hands up to cup her breasts. Her fingers teased the nipples gently, and she started breathing harder. “I like to imagine that hear me playing with myself, and you watch me…”

“I do that sometimes.” I said, barely able to keep myself from just grabbing her and throwing her on the bed. My cock was hard as a rock, and I could feel it throbbing against my leg.

“I know. You don’t think the door is open by accident, do you?” She giggled.

“I…I wondered sometimes.” I said haltingly.

“My favorite part of the fantasy is, you come in…and you’re so quiet, I don’t hear you. I’m so into what I’m doing, I don’t notice when you climb up on the bed between my legs…and I start cumming as soon as you start eating me. It’s so gooooood…I…I just can’t make you stop. And after you make me cum five or six time, you slide up over me and…”

“Five or six times?” I laughed. “Greedy little slut, aren’t you?”

“You don’t know the half of it.” She said looking over at me. “I cum for real every time the fantasy you makes me cum with your mouth.”

Her eyes met mine as she moved her hands back to her shorts.

“Want to see more?” She asked, swinging her hips from side to side.


“So do I.” She said. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

“Same time?”

“Okay…but slow…” She said. “This is fun…make it last.”

I nodded and eased my pants down a couple of inches. I saw her smile as the close cropped hairs of my pubes and the shaft of my cock came into view.

“Has anyone ever told you that you have a nice dick?” She asked as she pushed her shorts a little lower. She took a step toward me. “It’s nice and long, but not too long, and it looks to be just thick enough so it stretches you, but not enough to make it hurt.”

“I have been told that, but don’t move…I want to be able to see you.” I said. I could see the neatly trimmed bush over her pussy, but that magic mound was still hidden from sight. “I tell me another fantasy.”

“I think you’ll like this one.” She said as she took a step back. Her fingers brushed through the short hairs of her pubes, then slipped down into her shorts. She sighed as she looked at me. “I’m asleep, and you sneak in. I’m naked of course…but you know I sleep like that. Anyway, you get some of my stockings from my drawer…I took a sleeping pill before I went to bed, so I don’t even feel it when you tie my hands to the headboard, then tie my feet to the bedposts. You have me down in the middle of the bed so my arms are over my head, and my legs are spread and my knees are raised…you have me at your mercy…kind of like you did a few minutes ago…”

I could see her hand moving under her shorts, and they slipped lower as she moved it up and down. She was playing with herself as she talked.

“So what do I do to you?” I asked, easing my hand into the front of my pants. I could feel my cock under my fingers, and I moaned softly.

“Everything.” She said in a husky voice, stepping close to me. Taking my free hand, she guided it to the top of her shorts, then pushed hers into my jeans. She took her own hand out of her shorts, dragging her wet fingertips over my lips.

“At first, I think I’m dreaming…everything has a surreal quality to it. Then I realize that it’s real…you have me tied down, and you’re using my body…doing anything you want to me…”

“Do you like it?” I asked, licking my gaziantep rus escort lips and pushing my hand into her shorts. The short hairs of her pubes tickle my fingers, and I can feel the heat of her pussy as I push them down slowly.

“I love it. But I can’t tell you that. You’re raping me, and you can’t tell a rapist that you’re enjoying it.” She whispered, closing her eyes and spreading her legs as my fingertips brushed over the lips of her pussy. “I pretend to struggle, begging you…pleading with you not to do all the nasty things you want to do…but you do them…ever single thing that I ask you not to do. And you do them all soooooo good too…”

Her fingers closed around the shaft of my cock, squeezing it gently. She moved it up and down in one or two inch strokes, then I felt her other hand on my ass, working my jeans down.

Okay, two can play at that game, I thought, and put my hand on her hip, pushing her shorts lower. The fingers of my other hand were buried between the juice slickened lips of her pussy.

“Put a finger in me.” She groaned as she pushed my pants lower, making them fall around my knees. “Can you feel how wet I am? Your dick is really hard. Does it make you hot knowing that you got your horny old mom all turned on…that she wants you to do all the nasty, naughty things you dream about to her…for real?”

Her hand was moving slowly up and down on my cock, and I pumped my hips back and forth in rhythm with her. Her shorts slid off as I pushed them down, dropping down her legs to puddle at her feet. She kicked them off and stepped closer to me.

“Fuck my fist honey.” She whispered in my ear. I could feel her spreading her legs wider as my finger slipped up inside her, and she started humping up and down on it. “Put another finger in. Let’s cum like this the first time. We’ve both been jerking and jilling off thinking about each other, let’s get each other off like this the first time…how’s that sound to you?”

“Sounds like a plan.” I panted, moving my hips faster. “But I’m not gonna last long if you keep touching me like that…”

“Me too.” She gasped, raising and lowering herself on my fingers, fucking herself on them. “Rub my clit with your thumb, or push your hand against it…touch it…”

She shuddered as the heel of my hand pressed against her clit, and her free hand slid around my back, pulling me tight against her. The head of my cock rubbed over her tummy as her hand flew up and down over it. I groaned, feeling the delicious burn as the first sizzling jets of jizz surged up my cockshaft.

“Oh god, it’s so hot!” She whimpered in my ear as my cum shot out, splashing across her stomach. The second spurt coated the undersides of her tits, and I lost track of what was happening after that.

I felt her pussy flutter and clench around my fingers, then my hand was soaked as a flood of her juices spurted from her. She moved my cock down, and I groaned as the sensitive skin on the head dragged though her pubes, then it was enveloped by the warm wet heat between her legs.

She hadn’t put me in her, she’d guided me between her legs as she pulled my arm away, forcing my fingers from her spasming hole.

“Ru…rub my clit.” She panted, wrapping her arms around me as her legs closed around my cock. I humped back and forth between her legs, my fingertips flying over the stiff little bud of her clit as we came together.

“Oh god, this so good honey.” She panted in my ear. “Your cock feels so good against my pussy…I can’t wait to feel it inside me…”

“Why wait?” I asked, bending my knees as I put my hands on the cheeks of her ass, trying to lift her.

“Because we’re not done playing yet!” She said in a half laugh, half gasp. Squeezing her legs tighter around my cock, she kept me tight against her with her arms. “Tell me how you want to fuck me the first time.”

“I…I want you on your back so I can lay out on you, and I can see your face.” I gasped as I felt her warm, sticky juices dripping onto my cock. “I want to be able to watch your face when you come, knowing that it’s my cock that’s taking you there…”

Her hips rocked back and forth, making my cock slip through the puffy lips of her pussy. She purred as she put her hands on the cheeks of my ass, pulling at me in time with her own movements.

“Do you like to eat pussy? Oh god, I hope so!” She giggled. “I plan on keeping your face between my legs for hours, licking and sucking my hot, juicy little cunt. I’m going to feed you a steady diet of hot, creamy girl cum…that may be all you get to eat some days…”

“As long as you’re sucking my cock at the same time, I’ll eat your pussy as long as you want.” I laughed back. “We can sixty-nine, so we can both have fun.”

“Oh no! I want to lay back with your head between my legs so I can guide you, and tell you what I want. I don’t care if it’s on a bed, or in a chair…but when you eat this pussy, it’s going to be the only thing you’re thinking about. You’re going to worship and serve my cunt if you want to stick that big dick in it.”

“Yeah, what about you? I like kicking back for a long, slow, sloppy wet blowjob, the kind that makes your eyes roll up in your head and makes it feel like your head is going to explode when you cum. I want to have you kneeling in front of me so I can fuck your mouth, shoving my cock down your throat, making you choke and gag on it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32