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Nearly three years ago an angel showed up on my doorstep, seeking comfort for a broken heart and looking for a fresh start. A year before, our friendship had ceased on a mutual level, leaving the future open for us. So here she was, on a hot July afternoon, pulling into the drive and crawling in my arms.

It took me less than two minutes to initiate the first kiss, a night to lay her in my bed, and a month before she was officially mine again, to have and to hold. My heart was hers to bend or break, but to this day she cradles my heart with soft, nurturing hands and full, warm embraces.

We live together, sharing all of our space and air, our energy and moods, and sometimes even our monthly cycles. The type of friendship that comes with sharing every detail of life is incomparable. We’ve created a safe haven where, day to day, minute to minute, our hearts mesh and bind. The love unfolds.

On this particular day, I crawled out of bed at the sound of my alarm signifying it was time to leave the comfy depths of my plush pillow-top queen-sized bed and get ready for the day. I went about my morning routine and just before I was ready to leave, I stepped back into the bedroom to give my love a kiss. She lay there, soundly sleeping and I stood to watch the rise and fall of her chest and the soft whisper of her exhale. I bent down to press my lips to hers and to my surprise, her eyelashes fluttered until her chocolate eyes met mine. She whispered gravelly in my ear, “Have a great day, beautiful” and then kissed me slow, gently nibbling my lip.

With that send-off, my day was off to a good start. I arrived at work and went through the motions, being casino oyna energetically productive. Early afternoon rolled around and I was within a few hours of coming home. I decided to text my girlfriend and see what she was up to.

Me: “Hi babygirl, I miss you bunches.”

Her: “Miss you too lovebug, is it time for you to come home yet?”

Me: “Not quite, but soon enough baby. Naked time tonight?”

Her: “Please! I’ll be waiting.”

Ooooh, today is a good day and it’s about to get a whole lot better! The last part of my day was torture, thinking about what would be waiting for me when I got home. It was torture but I was surely enjoying the mental image my imagination was conjuring. When 5 o’clock struck, I was out the door and climbing aboard my homeward-bound local transit.

Coming up the walk I was so excited to be home. I opened the door and there was my beautiful girl waiting for me. She said, “Hey baby, how was work?” The only answer I had for her was to bend down just slightly, compensating for the two short inches difference in our height, wrap my arms around her waist and kiss her softly. Mmmmm, so soft and supple. I could kiss these lips until my dying day, with my very last breath.

I grabbed her hand and led her to the bathroom where I started the shower and stripped us both. I stepped in first and then pulled her in with me. Immediately she gravitated towards the warm stream, wetting her face and hair. I grabbed the shampoo and began lathering it in her short cut, Hershey-colored hair. I managed to get a couple kisses in the process, licking small drops of water from the corners of her mouth. Once I rinsed her hair I took special care in dousing her favorite loofa sponge with body wash and meticulously slot oyna scrubbed and buffed every inch of her beautiful body. The scent of warm vanilla, honey and Shea butter filled the steamy air. I soaped up fully with my handy 3-1 cleanser for body, face and hair, smelling sporty and slightly masculine. We rinsed together and shared soft caresses and a few more nibbling kisses. Deciding I wanted to further this intimate interaction I suggested we towel off and head to the bedroom.

I fixed the pillows and sheets, not taking so much care, knowing they’d be a mess in no time. I put on some music, one of the random mixed cd’s we’d made over the course of our relationship. I asked her to scoot up on the bed and get comfy. I hung our towels on the back of the door and crawled up the bed and settled between her thighs. My favorite place to be. I get shivers just thinking of it now!

I lick my lips and grin, leaning down to kiss and caress her thighs. Her skin is soft as a baby’s bottom and smells sweet, like cocoa. I lick my lips again, awaiting my first taste. I lick up slowly, my tongue flattened, making as much contact as possible. I hear a moan.

I wrap my arms around her thighs from underneath and pull her into me, taking another long, slow lick. I stick my tongue out, navigating her soft, slippery folds, spreading her lips apart and finding the honeypot. I cannot help but to literally dive in, digging my tongue deeper into her juicy cunt. I still smell the soft aroma of vanilla but now her arousal is heightened and I can smell her sweet musk. It’s like a magic elixir, a pungent and sexual perfume. I lick and suck on her lips, and thrust my tongue slowly in and out of her well lubricated love hole. She starts to shift canlı casino siteleri and shake, a sure sign I’m doing her well. I lick up and find that slick button of certain pleasure and wrap my lips around it, taking it in my mouth and sucking it like a very small, very sensitive cock. And from deep down, I hear a slight roar forming, she’s really enjoying this now.

I decide it’s time to stop the teasing and really get my hands dirty. I run my middle and pointer finger of my left hand up and over her slippery slit, teasing and caressing, eliciting excited moans on every downward stroke. I slide my fingers gently inside her and slowly pump them in and out. I love the feeling of a hot, wet, tight pussy gripping my fingers, muscles clenching to hold me where she wants me for just a moment or two longer. I sped up my rhythm and she opened up for me, relaxing her body but her breathing turned labored, coming in short huffs.

I hooked my fingers up and pushed them deep, searching for that oh-so-special spot. It never takes more than a few seconds, and a yelp of encouragement is released. I pulled myself up on my knees and used her right thigh for leverage. Quickening my pace with the additional pressure on the sweet spot was certainly rubbing her the right way.

Between short breaths and animalistic grunting came the sing-song screams of unabashed pleasure, the choir of my bedroom. With a final few thrusts, I felt those beautiful muscles clench my cramping fingers and squeeze the ever-loving life from them. Panting and thrashing, my baby was stuck in a white space of bliss, lungs on fire, heart beating nearly from her chest, a soft sheen of sweat covering every inch. Blindly grasping for my solid form, something to anchor herself to, I pulled her into my arms and rocked her back and forth to submission. There she was, my beautiful angel, seeking comfort from a heart so full, almost too full, of this love that we so abundantly share in our ever-changing fresh start.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32