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Female Ejaculation

She sat on the blanket with him. She looked out over the lake in this cool sunny day. She leaned closer to him as she felt his hand stroking her hair.

She glanced at the sky.

“We should get going soon.” she said, “It’s getting late. Not that I didn’t enjoy your surprise picnic.”

“We’ve got some time.” he replied.

She looked at him and leaned over. She placed her lips on his, kissing him softly.

He returned the kiss, freely enjoying. He ran his hand through her hair and let it rest on her cheek. He held her face carefully as he kissed her harder.

She felt his kiss becoming more intense. She pulled away from his lips.

He looked at her questioningly.

She glanced around. No one was around, but then again no one should be. She shifted and straddled his legs. She placed both her hands on his shoulders and leaned forward. Her lips resumed their position on his. She felt herself opening her mouth.

He smiled as she straddled his legs. He felt her mouth open over his. He ran his hands up her legs to her hips as he felt her tongue slide into his mouth. He closed his lips around her tongue and sucked gently on her.

She leaned in closer to him as a wave of pleasure ran through. She loved the way his mouth sucked on her tongue. In fact, she loved the way he sucked anywhere on her.

She shivered slightly as she felt his hands ran up her sides and towards her breasts. She felt herself move her mouth closer to him, her tongue deeper into his mouth.

His hands carefully cupped her breasts as his mouth allowed her tongue deeper into his mouth. He felt the stirring of arousal by the way she moved. Especially by the way she pressed her body against his. He released her tongue and kissed the side of her mouth.

His hands gently massaged her breasts. He moved his thumbs lightly over and over her nipples through her shirt and bra.

She sighed at his touch. She tilted her head back slightly as his kissing lips moved down from the side of her mouth to her neck.

His kissing turned to sucking. Lightly sucking the side of her neck, one of his hands reluctantly released her breast. His hand moved down her side to her hip.

A breeze passed between them. Making the warmth between them more pronounced.

She felt the growth of his arousal under her as her body responded to his sucking of her neck and the teasing of her nipple. Her body shook slightly at the movement of his other hand from her hip to her behind. She felt his hand gently squeeze her buttock.

His lips moved up to below her ear. His hot breath brushed her skin, making the coolness of the wet trail of his sucking cold.

She shivered at the feeling. She let a moan escape her lips as she heard him whisper.

“I want to taste you.” he whispered into her ear.

She found herself moving her hips slightly against his hardened cock.

“Right now. Here.” he continued to whipser, “Let me taste you and your juices.”

Her body tingled, waiting for his touch. His lips to touch her.

He shifted and she felt herself moving off her. She stared at his face, breathless anticipation running down and through her body.

He looked into her eyes as he moved her onto her back. He knelt down by her feet. He looked at her then, taking in all of her. He leaned forward and kissed her for another minute.

One of his hands touched the side of her leg. She responded to the touch by moving her leg against his hand. She kissed him back, hard. She tried to kiss him some more as he moved his kisses down. Slowly, his lips moved down her neck. Kissing, sucking gently.

His hand moved up her leg slowly, carefully trailing his fingertips up. He felt her leg moving up against his fingers. His lips moved down from her neck, slowly over her shirt and down towards her breast.

She arched her back slightly at his approach to her breast. She felt his hot breath against her skin through her shirt. She spread her legs slightly as his fingers moved up her leg towards her inner thigh.

She reached up with her hands, grabbing his head as his lips reached her nipple. She felt the wetness of his mouth soak through her shirt and bra. She pulled him harder against her breast as his mouth enveloped her nipple and part of her breast. She felt a pleasurable shock run through her as he pulled her nipple into his mouth. The squeezing walls of his lips touched, surrounded her nipple. It pulled her into his mouth, she heard herself moan.

He heard her moan as his hand reached her upper inner thigh. He squeezed her thigh gently as he sucked her nipple once more. He let his hand glide over the front of her pants. Her hips rose to meet his hand as he brushed his fingers over her vagina.

She felt his hands pass over her pussy and wanted to feel him touch her. She moved herself to let him have more access, but his fingers slid frustratingly close but he didn’t stop.

She shivered as his hands moved up under her shirt. She pressed his head harder against her, hoping to feel his lips surround and pull at her nipple escort eryaman again.

He moved his mouth away from her nipple just as she pulled his head towards her. His lips landed between her breasts and continued to move down. His hand travelling up past her waist moved under her shirt, pulling part of it with him.

She almost moaned again at the touch of his lips on her bare skin. She felt the softness of it, the wetness of it and the sensual electrical shock of each lip touching her skin. She wanted to rip her shirt and pants off and push him to the spots where her body ached to be touched, sucked and licked.

She moaned thinking of it. She arched her back slightly again.

His mouth moved down, towards her belly button. His hand moved up, sliding over her breast under her shirt. Carefully, his fingers wrapped around her breast and gently squeezed. His mouth moved just below her belly button and his lips parted.

She felt his tongue then. So warm and hot. It touched her skin lightly, leaving a dot of wetness for the air to cool off. She shook slightly as his tongue tip started to move. First it moved to the left, then his tongue circled carefully around the outside of her belly button.

He tasted her then, her skin. Soft to his tongue. Smooth to his lips. He wanted to taste more. His fingers, still wrapped around her breast squeezed gently once. He then slowly slid his fingers so he could pull the bra cup aside.

He let his tongue circle around her belly button once more and stop just under her belly button. Carefully, he lowered his lips then. He touched her skin with his lips and opened his lips.

His fingers closed over her exposed breast under her shirt. He closed his fingers and slowly, ever so slowly let the top of her nipple touch his palm. He then started to move his flat, open palmed hand up and down. As if he was stroking the top of her nipple.

She almost cried out in shock as the electricity poured from his hand through her nipple. The movement, slow and sensual felt more like a moving train trying to catch up for time running towards the next stop.

She gasped again as his lips sucked a tiny portion of her skin into his mouth at the same time. The two sensations ran through her.

He took in her skin, just a little between his lips. Carefully his hand still moved, up and down, over the top of her nipple. Careful not to touch too much of her nipple against his palm. He moved his mouth then, letting go of her skin.

She felt his mouth let go of her but was pleased to discover that his tongue had taken it’s place on her skin. She felt his tongue tip flicking gently down from her belly button towards the top of her pants.

Yes, this is what she wanted. She wanted him to touch her down there. It was almost too frustrating feeling his touches on her nipple, on her breast and along her skin but not touch her there. There where she ached for release. There, where she wanted him in her.

His hand continued to move slowly up and down, stroking lightly along and over her nipple. His tongue worked it’s way down past the top of her pants and now approached her area.

She could feel his breathe still warming and cooling her skin through her clothes, her pants. She moved her hip forward, hoping to catch a pressured sensation about her clit.

She was sort of rewarded by the touch of his lip pressed against her. She moved her hip again, hoping to create a rubbing sensation.

He moved his mouth lower after her initial movement of her hips. He opened his mouth and gently pressed his lips over the top of her vagina. He estimated that his mouth surrounded her clit and the top portion of her vagina.

She gasped aloud as she felt his hot mouth against her pussy through her pants. She reached down with both her hands and gripped his head. She felt his tongue then and thrusted her hips up against him.

She closed her eyes, concentrating on the feeling of his mouth on her. She moved her hands hoping to get his head into a better position. She felt her breast being squeezed just then and her nipple being pressed between her and his palm.

He moved his tongue against her. He tried to create more friction for her to feel. His tongue rubbed hard against her pants.

He let go of her breast and moved his hand down. He shifted a little and ran his hand down past her stomach. He let go of her and he judge that the movement caused more pressure with his mouth and tongue at the right place.

He moved his hand down to the top of her pants as his other hand mysteriously appeard to help.

She was moving with him, against his mouth and tongue. She enjoyed the feeling but knew her body was too far gone and aroused to try to take control of the situation.

She felt her pants loosen a bit as she became aware of his hands unzipping her pants. She wiggled a bit to help him take off her pants as she opened her eyes.

She watched him as he stood there. She looked into his eyes as she saw his head start to lower again. She shivered as she saw his mouth open ankara escort as he neared her pussy again. The panties were cool, nearly cold by the outdoor air now.

He heard her moan as his lips touched her vagina through her panties. He opened his mouth to take her in.

She felt his hands, then on her legs. Her body responded without her concious effort, her legs spread. She felt his electric fingers then. Her legs were being spread by both his hands under her calves. She felt more of her pussy exposed. She moved her hips up to his mouth.

He didn’t push her away, instead, he opened his mouth wider. It felt like he had a lot of her in his mouth. He could almost smell the wonder fragrance of her womanhood. He could almost lick the juices of her excitement.

She felt his tongue against her then. It moved out of his opened mouth and against her panties and pussy. She moaned as his tongue ran up and down the center of her panties.

He moved his hands up from her calves to her inner thighs. Carefully his tongue moved then, up and down along the center of her panties.

She responded by moving her hips faster.

He let go of her thighs and moved his fingers up. Carefully, he hooked one finger under her panties.

She moaned at the feel of his fingers moving across her naked pussy. She felt her panties being drawn aside. Just then his tongue had moved down on its downward stroke. She moaned louder as his tongue tip touched her pussy. She felt his tongue tip spread her pussy lips on his downward stroke.

He almost moaned aloud at the taste of her. He hadn’t intentionally ran his tongue over her naked vagina, but he did. And the fact that she had taste of her excitement trickling out sent a wave of pleasure down him and to his cock.

He took a deep breath as he moved his tongue up. His tongue tip spread her pussy lips as his tongue tip teasingly ran inbetween her slightly.

She felt his hands on her inner thighs once more. She felt her legs spread wider as more and more of his mouth seem to surround her pussy. She heard herself scream then.

He spread her wider so his mouth and tongue could have more access to her. He tasted her then, truly tasted her. Her excitement juices moved his mouth. Moved it faster.

She started to move with the rythm of his mouth and tongue. Every movement of his tongue up and out of her pussy, she moved her hips backward. Every stroke of his tongue tip down and into her pussy, she moved her hips forward.

She felt her face starting to get wet, but her skin was burning hot with their activity. She opened her eyes to find it raining on them. She continued to move, enjoying the sensation.

His mouth continued to work. He felt his back wet and his hands sliding along her skin. He opened his eyes, continuing to move with his tongue.

Stroking his tongue tip up and out of her.

He saw it was raining and saw her with her eyes opened.

Stroking his tongue tip down and back into her.

She moved and saw that he was now looking at her. She pressed her hips forward, harder against his mouth.

He started to slow his movements.

Her hands shot forward and grabbed his head.

“Don’t stop.” she moaned as she thrusted her hip against his mouth again.

He moved his mouth then. Starting to massage her vagina with his lips as his tongue stroked her pussy.

His hands held her inner thighs. He let his hands use the wetness of the rains on them to start stroking her thighs in time with his movements, against her movements.

She felt his hands sliding against her skin. She would thrust her hips forward, meeting his tongue. She let herself pull his tongue into her, spreading her pussy lips. She would feel his hands sliding up her inner thighs and somewhat holding her there until she moved her hips back.

Up and out, his tongue tip moved along and out her pussy.

His lips worked, massaging and mixing her juices with the cool rain.

Down and in, his tongue tip moved. Spreading her pussy lips and entering her.

She started to shake. She pushed his head harder against her as she thrusted her hips up.

Up and out, his tongue tip moved along and out of her pussy.

“Yes,” she shouted, “Give me more of your tongue!”

Down and in, he thrusted his tongue. Pushing her pussylips apart and forcing more of his tongue into her.

She ground her hips up, pressing her against his mouth.

His upper lip slid constantly against her clit now. Sliding over and under her clit.

His tongue moved so fast now.

She felt it growing in her as the rain came down heavier now. She felt it in the rain and she felt it in her. She was not going to stop.

His lips moved harder against her, applying more smooth wet friction over and under her clit. Faster and more thickly it felt against her.

She started to moan constantly now. She was burning with the sensation of raining slapping her skin, with his tongue moving in and out of her pussy, with his hands almost forcing her back and with elvakent escort his lip pressed and massaging her clit.

She raised her legs slightly and thrusted his head harder against her.

She was rewarded with more of his tongue in her and more pressure against her clit.

She came then, hard.

He felt it coming. He wasn’t sure how he felt it, but he knew the moment she came. He pushed his mouth forward and made sure his tongue didn’t stop moving. He wanted to scoop as much of her juices out as he could get.

She slowed her movements gradually. She continued to enjoy the sensation of the rain and her after climax relaxation.

She opened her eyes to see him pulling away from between her legs. She smiled at him.

“We should get back up to the house.” he said

She nodded and got up. She was about to reach for their stuff when she felt his hand on her shoulder.

“Don’t worry about it.” he said, “We’ll get it tomorrow.”

She turned to see him smiling. She followed him up to the house.

They entered the house and stripped off their clothes. She saw that he was still excited and reach a hand towards his cock.

He laughed as his teeth chattered from being cold.

“No, go in and take a shower.” he said as he gently pulled her hand away from his hard throbbing cock.

“You sure?” she asked.

He nodded.

“I’ll start a fire.” he said.

“Go on, I don’t want you to catch yourself a cold!” he continued when he saw her hessitate.

She nodded and smiled at him and entered the bathroom.

She turned on the water and made sure the water was nice and hot. She stepped into the shower and let the hot water run down her body.

She closed her eyes and enjoyed the warmth.

She felt him then. The closeness and warmth of his body behind her. She felt him before their skins even made contact.

He heard her sigh as he leaned forward to touch his lips on her shoulder. He placed his hands on her hips as she leaned her head back against his shoulder. With her neck exposed, he was happy to oblige. He started to kiss up from her shoulder.

His lips moved to the side of her neck.

She felt his lips move up the side of her exposed neck. She enjoyed the sensation of his lips and the closeness of his body. She enjoyed the way the shower water felt flowing down around her breasts and over her stomach then down her legs.

His hands slid from her hips moving to the front, towards her stomach. He continued to kiss her neck, starting to bite softly, teasingly. His hands moved down to her lap.

It felt to her the hot water was more cool than the feel of his body and lips against her body. She let his hands slide down her leg and then back up. She felt his hands move between her legs, touching her inner thigh in each hand.

His teeth raked along her neck as her head pushed against his shoulder. He felt her spread her legs a little as his hands seem to pull at her thighs.

She moans slightly, feeling the hot water now run down your body between her legs. The rekindling of excitement made her pussy hot. Hotter than the hot water. She could feel her excitement grow again, this time it flared faster and hotter than by the lake.

His hands gently squeezes her thighs as he continued to bite her neck. He slid his hands up a little more, moving closer to her hot wet pussy.

She pushed her hips out, trying to get his hands to touch her pussy. A moan escaped her lips as the hot water seem to run directly over her pussy.

His hands stop just at the sides of her pussy. He heard her groan of frustration.

He moved closer to her. He heard her groan turn to a moan as his throbbing hardness touched her skin. He let it throb against her bottom. The water flowed between their skin every time it throbbed away from her.

She felt his cock throbbing hard against her bottom. She felt it electrifying her skin the way his hand electrified her body through her nipple. She moved her hips back, pushing her body against his. She did this to try to feel more of his hardness against her.

She gasped then as she felt suddenly his fingers touching her clit. She moaned too and tried to push her hips forwards. Trying to get his fingers to brush harder against her clit.

His fingers stroked along her clit. First, moving with the water. Feeling the smoothness, he sighed. Silky touch along his fingers against her clit, he felt the electrical effects of the movement.

She felt his fingers moving, stroking her clit. She also felt the water moving down her body and over her clit and pussy. She felt the electricity of his touch and the movement of the water along with the silkiness of their moving parts. It felt as if there was an extra, erotically charged pressure against her clit. She tried to push her hips forward again to get more pleasurable pressure against her pussy.

As her hips pressed back against him at every thrust towards his stroking fingers, his hard cock presses against her bottom.

His mouth gently takes an earlobe of hers and starts to gently suck on it.

She felt him shift again and suddenly his cock throbs lower. She moved one of her hands to the wall to support herself. She attempted to move her hips faster then, to get his fingers to move faster over her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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