Physical Exam Pt. 04 – The Call

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Kimberly had been doing some research on penis sizes in the privacy of her room for a few days. She found some interesting papers with nomographs of penis size distributions.

0cm was definitely quite small on these graphs, seemingly around the 5th to 10th percentile. But she also had found some web sites that rated 10cm as extremely small. She wondered which was true, though she figured it was probably the nomographs in the academic papers.

In her internet browsing, she also came across something that shocked her, the concept of small penis humiliation, or SPH. She couldn’t believe that there were guys who got excited by having women humiliate them for their small penises.

Some of the pictures were shocking to say the least. Yet she found that the idea, and the less extreme pictures, exciting. During those few days, she only used the toys that Jess had loaned her once, and it was the little one again.

One morning as she walked to class, Kimberley hatched a plan. She was very curious about he idea of a micropenis and what was involved in screening for this. İzmir Escort Did Jack have a micropenis?

When she got to work that afternoon, she looked back at the Doctor’s notes from the exam. They clearly said “Recommend evaluation for micropenis on a return visit.” She fidgeted nervously. One could interpret this as a directive from the doctor that the patient needed a follow up visit for a screening, right? She looked at the form again and then picked up the phone and dialed the number Jack listed on the form.

Jack has just gotten out of a physical chemistry lab class when his phone rang. He saw that it was the campus clinic and wondered what they wanted as he answered it.

Kimberley: Good afternoon, Jack? This is Kimberley from the clinic.

Jack: Um, yes, hi, this is Jack.

Kimberly: I’m calling to follow up on your recent physical. The doctor suggested an additional screening. When are you available for an appointment.

Jack blushed and started a sweat a bit despite how chilly it was while he walked down the

path. Was this about his İzmir Escort size?

Jack: Sc-screening? Um, yeah, ok, I guess. What do you have open?

Kimberley: Well, the next appointment with Dr. Sturgeon isn’t for two weeks. Dr. Lund has an opening though. There was a cancellation in thirty minutes actually. You’re lucky to get in so quickly. That doesn’t happen.

Jack groaned inwardly. Lucky. Right. Now another doctor would see him naked and probably measure him.

Jack sighed: Ok, I suppose I can be there in half an hour.

Jacked turned and headed towards the clinic, which was about a 20 minute walk away.

Kim squirmed a little, hoping she didn’t get fired for this as she entered the appointment in Dr Lund’s calendar, putting “evaluation for micropenis” in the reason for appointment field. She then kept herself busy entering doctor’s notes from other patient records.

Dr. Lund, Amy as her friends called her, was in her early 30s. She was fit and attractive with bright red hair. She had been a doctor at the clinic for about two years and Escort İzmir generally appreciated working with a younger, healthier set of patients.

Seeing that she had a notification of a new appointment during what she had hoped would be an unexpectedly open 30 minutes she could use to catch up on paperwork, she groaned to herself.

She opened the scheduler and looked puzzled as she saw the reason for the visit. Micropenis? She had only had one referral for this in her career so far, and none at the university clinic.

She pulled up the notes front the original visit and saw that Dr. Sturgeon had done the exam. She shrugged slightly and thought to herself “Well, if it was him, I better do the evaluation. He doesn’t order evaluations without good reason.”

She looked up the measurements from the exam. Not knowing that much about the details of penis size, she did a quick search of the literature, finding the same paper that Kimberly had found.

She checked the sizes on the nomograph and shrugged slightly. The patient seemed small, but based on the prior measurements he didn’t seem to meet the definition of micropenis. She looked back at the measurements. She saw only length measurements. She quickly went to find the a nurse and tell her she wanted the nurse present in the room for the next patient.

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