Phone Call

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The phone rang and she felt a thrill run through her body. She had been fidgety most of the day anticipating his call. She felt all warm and flushed as his voice filled her ear across the miles and unconsciously she clenched her legs together. Pressing tight the hot swelling nub that lay between. It was if he had reached out his and pressed his fingers directly on her clit. Did he have any idea of the effect the mere sound of his voice had on her body?

He began to talk, tell her of his day, make teasing remarks and she began to pace, clutching the phone close to her ear so she wouldn’t miss a word. The day had been record breaking high temperature wise for May and her house was stuffy and warm. Earlier she had begun to divest herself of clothing that seemed to cling to her overly heated flesh and now wore simply a white tee shirt and silky white panties. Still the house seemed stifling and as he continued to speak she stepped out onto her back porch. Trusting the night to shield her nakedness she pulled the tee from her body and slithered out of her panties. The cool breeze caressing her body like a lover, she laid down on the smooth wooden planks of her deck.

She sighed with pleasure as she felt the wind tease at the peaks of her breasts, they tightened and tingled as if he was there touching them himself. She murmured periodically as he continued to speak completely distracted by the physical response he evoked. One hand began to stray as if by it’s own will.

Feather light her hand ran over the soft curves of her body, gently she plucked one nipple into taunt hardness, she gasped as she increased pressure there imagining his mouth sucking insistently. He paused and she quickly thought up some question to ask… anything to get him talking again! Her hips moved restlessly as she felt the night air blowing against the damp flesh that lay between her thighs.

With each word and touch it seemed her pussy opened, her clit almost bulging between her nether lips. Each caress becoming more like some form of erotic torture, and he talked on. She held firm and didn’t touch herself there, instead her hands roamed bahçelievler escort down over her thighs, teasing at the soft flesh where they curved in, just below where they joined. She shifted and sighed again, realizing he had once again stopped speaking.

“What are you doing over there?” he asked curiously. His voice seeming to drop to some huskier, deeper tone, and for a moment she wondered if he knew just exactly what she was doing and getting turned on himself.

“Actually I am being very bad here” she responded with a laugh. She realized there was no way she was going to get through the phone call without satisfying the desire that had been building inside her all day, and really there was no reason not to tell him just what she was up to. “He may even enjoy hearing,” she thought with a grin.

“You? Bad? Never think it,” he laughed back eager to hear just what mischief she was up to now.

“Well…” she drawled “I am out her on the back deck buck naked” she said softly, waiting to hear if she had finally shocked him.

“And?” he persisted, realizing the sounds he had been hearing were good hints that she was doing more than just exposing herself to the neighbors.

She blushed, shy for a moment until he pushed a bit more “Tell me what you are doing” he insisted. “Make it like one of those stories you write on-line, make me see it, make me feel it,” he whispered sexily in her ear and she was no longer shy.

“Listen” she told him pulling the phone from her ear and moving it down close to her pussy. She had been daydreaming about him all day and by the time he called she was more than ready; she was drenched in her own juices! She took two fingers and effortlessly pushed them inside her, her lips parting easily to welcome them. Slowly she moved them around in their tight, warm nest then began to pull them out. Knowing he could hear the sticky, wet, slurping sounds as her cunt clung to her fingers. Her hips pushing forward as she raised them wanting more.

“Did you hear that babe? That is how wet you make me!” she said her bahçeşehir escort voice now low and throaty.

For a moment there was silence across the miles as he slowly digested the idea that she was outside, naked and touching herself while talking to him. He drew in a ragged breath and that was all the encouragement she needed.

She pressed her two fingers back inside her, describing in detail each move, each exquisite stroke and her own response to it all. “Talk!” she demanded needing to know he was there with her as she continued her sensuous play.

“I am rolling over” she told him, loving the feel of the still sun warm wood under her stomach.

Lifting a bit with her knees she had her ass in the air, legs spread wide as she began drawing the slick lubricant her desire had created up and over her engorged clit. Her breath shaky and quick, she told him how she was positioned.

“Picture me, my ass up high and proud. Waiting for you to take me, to ride me, my pussy so wet it is gleaming in the moonlight” she purred as she leaned forward.

Her breasts felt heavy, full and ripe. So sensitive! She moved, pressing her nipples against the smooth wood under her. Her cunt was so ready and desperate to feel of the thrust of his hard cock.

Her breath was coming faster as she continued to talk. “Your close already, aren’t you?” he asked, his own breathing a bit rapid.

She plunged two fingers back inside her glistening cunt, planting the knuckle of her thumb between her lips, pressing against her swollen clit. Her hips bucked wildly and she could feel the ring she wore lightly scraping the engorged nub and she bit back a cry!

“Yes!” she hissed, her body writhing lewdly against the wooden planks.

“Are you hard for me?” She demanded, “Can you see my hands wrapping around your nice hard prick? They are still so slippery from being inside of me, making it so easy to slide them up and down your nice, strong shaft.”

Her words were coming faster and she knew she needed to wait or she would be done before he even started. ataşehir escort Pulling her fingers from her cunt, her hips rocking, searching for fulfillment she growled into the phone “This is what you do to me, I think of you and get hot! If those myths were true I would be blind by now I have had to touch myself so often. Some days it is all I can do not to escape to the bathroom midday at work just to take care of the fire you started.”

One hand moved behind her, griping the soft flesh of her ass, kneading and pulling she continued to rock as she talked. “I want you to cum for me!” she commanded “Think about your cock slamming into me hard and fast. My cunt is so wet for you. Imagine my pussy closing tight around you, pulsing as I get ready to cum… because that is about all it will take to get me there… you, inside me!”

Moaning between sentences, sometimes between words, she squeaked loudly as she followed his directive of taking her clit between her fingers and pinching. Her pussy lips glossy and shining she waited for him, rubbing her swollen, pouting clit over and over she felt herself getting closer to the edge.

She pulled her hand away with a cry, enjoying the wait as she hovered there just before orgasm. “Tell me!” she demanded breathlessly and the harsh intake of his breath and a satisfied moan were her only response. “Yes” she smiled secretly to herself, returning her hand to play and push herself over the boundary of sanity.

Her orgasm was shattering, like a firecracker exploding she felt the heat roaring over her body. The blast centered on her pulsing wet pussy but extending as if each and every cell were joining into the fray of pleasure, tingling all over she cried out.

A comfortable silence stretched between the miles as they each caught their breath. “She makes enough noise to wake the dead!” he thought with a smile, wondering how close her neighbors were, if they had their windows open this evening and wishing desperately that he could have witnessed the show she had put on out there tonight.

They talked a few more minutes, sighing and smiling into the phone, knowing it was time to say goodbye. He teased her a bit commenting about how lucky a random telemarketer would have been if they had called her first and then they began to whisper their goodbyes.

Just before hanging up she purred in a satisfied voice “Call me anytime babe”

He closed his cell and wondered if he could wait until tomorrow to dial.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32