Phone Call

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This story is based on an event that really happened to me and the fantasy was finished in an online role play. When I was 19, I was home from college and was having phone sex with a girl I role play with regularly. I thought my mom was at work. We were doing a mom/son role play over the phone. My real mom came home, and walked in on me, phone in one hand, hard cock in the other. She just said, “sorry” turned and walked out. Ever since then I’ve fantasized about the many possibilities of that encounter. Here is one of them in a story format. Of course the names have been changed. Enjoy!

I love to role play. It’s an incredibly fun way to live out your fantasies with people who share similar fantasies in a safe and respectful way. I have some regular role play partners and Karen is one of them. We enjoy online when we can, but really enjoy phone when we get the chance. I was home on a college break and my mom was at work. I hopped online and she was on as well so we started our normal mom/son role plays online and she decided to call me. I knew that I couldn’t do it in the kitchen where the computer was so I took the phone and moved it upstairs into my bedroom.

Once in my room the phone rang.


Hey baby, are you ready for mommy’s pussy?

Oh yeah mommy, let me pull my pants down for you.

That’s a good boy. Mommy is taking her panties off for you. I’m so wet for my little boy.

Mmmm, I’m really hard for you mommy.

Mmm, good baby. I’m going to take your cock in my mouth, okay?

Okay *I moaned*

I’m sucking on your cock baby *slurp slurp slurp, she really made slurping sounds*

Oh god mommy that feels so good *I moaned as I began stroking my already hard cock*

I’m going to lick your balls and your ass hole baby, do you like it when mommy licks your balls and ass hole?

Yes I do mommy, it feels so good.

I straddle your face with my pussy and lower it down so we are in a 69. Lick my pussy baby, lick your mommy’s wet cunt.

At this point I was hard as hell and I was stroking my cock hard, I was so horny I knew I wouldn’t last. As she moans I begin to tell her how much I love her pussy.

You taste so good mommy. I love the way your pussy tastes and feels on my tongue. So fucking soft and wet. I slide my tongue into your pussy and begin to move it in and out, tongue fucking you.

Mmmm, oh yeah baby, keep going, you’re going to make your mommy cum. Do you want to taste my cum baby?

Yes mommy I wanna taste your cum, I…

Went silent as the door opened in my room “Aaron, do you have the pho…” my mom came in to see me with the phone in one hand and my hard cock in the other. We stared at each other for what seemed like forever, but I know it was a only a couple seconds. Meanwhile, on the other end Karen was in the throws of cumming and you could hear it. The volume didn’t have to be turned up to hear her screaming, “Yessss baby! I’m fucking cumming all over your tongue. Lick your mommy, eat your mommy’s pussy, I’m fucking cumming all over my baby”

I was scared that mom would flip out, but she did just the opposite, she actually just stood there and watched. She never said a word except she reach over and pushed the door shut. Obviously she wasn’t mad. She wasn’t overtly okay with it I’m sure, but she just stood there and looked at me. Glancing back and forth between her eyes and my cock. Karen was screaming and creaming herself on the other end and frankly, I didn’t care if my mom was watching, it actually made me hotter. So I decided to test the waters a bit and I began to stroke my cock again. Slowly at first to see if mom would do anything and she didn’t, she just kept watching, but I noticed that her nipples were hard and poking thought her blouse. I smiled at her as I began to stroke my cock again. I started talking to Karen again too as I looked into my mother’s eyes.

“Yes mommy, I’ve wanted to feel your pussy since I was little. I always loved the way your panties smelled and tasted when I jacked off. Are you ready to cum again mom? I wanna feel your pussy explode all over your baby boy’s cock” I said.

My mom was beginning to run her hands over her breasts a bit. Not really clutching them or anything, but lightly running her finger tips over her breasts and slightly opening up her blouse and running her fingers over the top of her cleavage. I flipped on the speaker phone and listened to Karen, “That’s it Aaron, I’m gonna cum again! I’m gonna cum on your cock baby! Feel your mommy’s pussy cum!!!! Ahhhhhh…eeee”

My mom reached over and grabbed the bottle of lotion and warmed it in her hands, rubbing the lotion on her hands. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind, but I certainly wanted to find out. Karen started talking even dirtier after she came.

“I have the dildo that you made me. You know, the one that’s a model of your cock. Baby, I love it so much. I wish you were my real son. If you were my real son I’d let you fuck gaziantep sahibe escort your mommy any time you wanted in any hole you wanted. Right now, I want you to fuck my ass. I’m holding the dildo against the ground pointing it up and the tip of your head is against my ass. Think about your mom baby. I know how much you want to fuck her. Tell me what you would do if she was there right now with you.”

I couldn’t have planned what she said better if I was reading a story on Literotica. “First I’d want her to replace my hand with hers and stroke my cock the way I’ve fantasized about for years.” To my amazement, she did. Without saying a word, she just looked at me, put some more lotion in her hand and wrapped her hand around mine. I got the hint and let go of my cock, sliding my hand out from under hers, my cock replacing it.

Karen said, “Mmmmm Oh God yes honey. If you were my son I’d milk your dick every day. I’d drain your balls in my hand, my pussy, my mouth, and even my ass. Wouldn’t you love that baby?”

Feeling my mom stroking my cock now, it was all I could do not to just blow my load right there, but this was my ultimate fantasy so I wanted this to last as long as possible. I replied to Karen, but looking directly at my mother as I said it, “Fuck yeah mom. I’d love to drain my cum into your mouth, your pussy, your ass. I’d do it every chance I’d get. I’ve wanted you for so long.”

Karen then moaned, “That’s it baby, stroke your cock thinking about your mom doing it. What else would you like your mom to do if she was there?”

Looking at my mom, “I’d want her to take her panties off and begin rubbing her pussy. I wanna see that I turn her on as much as she turns me on.”

My mom picked up her pace a bit jerking me off. She tightened her grip a bit, I could tell this was turning her on. Karen then said, “God baby, I love the model of your cock you gave me. I wish we lived closer so I could really ride that cock. You could sneak me into my room and you would have to gag me to keep me from screaming. I know you would make me cum so fucking hard!”
“I wish you lived closer too. Would it turn you one to watch me fuck my real mom Karen?” I asked as I moaned, feeling my mom continue to stroke my hard cock.

You could hear that Karen started picking up her pace fucking herself on the other end of the line. “God baby! I’m gonna fucking cum just thinking about it. Tell your mom she doesn’t know what she’s missing! If you were my son, I’d fuck you constantly. I’d let you cum every day in any hole you wanted. Think about your mom if she was there. Think about her sitting on your cock. Do you think she’d want to?”

I looked at mom and mouthed, ‘do you want to?’ My mom’s face flushed a little bit. I was a little worried that I might have gone too far with that. I mean, jerking me off is one thing. Very wrong, but it’s still one thing. Fucking is completely different. Apparently I hadn’t because she took her hand off my cock and reached up under her skirt, pulling off her white panties. She wrapped her silky panties around my cock and begin jerking me off again with her panties this time. She winked at me almost to say how naughty she knew this was.

That was it, I wanted her and I wanted her badly. “I want you to ride my cock mom” I say out loud and directly at my mom. Karen said, “I know you do baby, I will.”

I then said to Karen, “I really want my mom to ride my cock.”

“I know you do baby, I think it’s so hot.” she moaned.

“Karen, she’s actually here. She’s wrapped her panties around my cock and she’s jerking me off.”

Karen began screaming, “Holy Fuck! Are you kidding me?!?! That’s so hot! I’m fucking cuuummmiiinggg!!!!”

Both mom and I listened to Karen’s screaming orgasm from hearing my mom was actually there with me. I reach down and grab my mom’s arm and pulled her up toward me. She offered no resistance at this point. She climbed up and I positioned her to straddling me with her pussy directly above my raging hard cock.

“She’s going to fuck me Karen. She’s actually going to fuck me. Aren’t you mommy? Tell Karen that you’re going to ride my cock.” I said into the speaker phone.

Mom finally broke her silence and I knew just how hot I had gotten her. “Oh yes Karen…oh Aaron, darling, please…fuck. Can you feel how wet you’ve made me? Ooooo darling, yes. He’s right at my entrance. I feel him Karen, I feel him. He’s right at my entrance. Okay, fuck my pussy, cum back inside where you came from. Come back where you belong baby.”

Hearing my mom talking dirty, just made me even hotter and you could tell Karen was loving every minute of it. Over the speaker Karen moaned, “Sit on his cock mommy. Feel your little boy’s cock go back inside you. Ride your baby boy’s cock. I know you want to feel him in your wet cunt right now. Do it mommy. Sit down and take your son’s back inside your horny cunt.”

Mom leaned down and şahinbey escort kissed my lips as she grabbed my cock and positioned it directly into her pussy. She sat backwards, sliding my cock deep into the pussy I came out of. Once she had sat down and my cock was completely inside her, she began to unbutton her blouse, taking the top of her bank suite off, unhooking her bra her tits finally falling out. She began kissing my neck, my face, my lips passionately. I reached up and ran my hands over her back, sliding them up and finding her nipples I began to massage her tits, finally feeling her flesh against mine. I reach back and pulled mom’s skirt up around her waist, reached behind her and grabbed her ass, squeezing her cheeks, pulling them apart feeling her pussy wrap around my cock and begin to slide slowly up and down on my hard cock. Her juices were all over her backside and it didn’t take long before my finger found her puckering ass hole slick and wet with her pussy juices.

“Oh Karen, he’s in me, he’s actually in me. He’s touching my ass hole with his finger too. Is that what you want baby? Do you want to finger my ass too?” Mom moaned. “I’ve never done that but I’m so fucking hot that you can do what you want with me. Go ahead and finger my ass baby, just be gentle.”

Karen replied, “Oooo yes Aaron, do what your mommy tells you. Push a finger into it, she’ll love the way it feels. I love it when the model of your cock is in my ass and so will she. Tell him again Janey, tell him to do it again. I wanna hear it again. It makes my pussy and ass so wet.”

My mom whimpered, “Oh Karen, could you really be as wet as I am? Ohhh, I’ve never had a finger…back…there…oh…God….Aaron baby, you’re making your mommy so crazy.”

My finger, now very wet with mom’s pussy juice, pushes forward and I felt mom’s ass open up and take my finger. My finger was so wet, it easily slides into her ass up to the knuckle. Karen then moaned, “I’m fingering my ass too Janey. I’m fingering my ass wishing it was your son’s finger that’s inside you now.”

“Oh Karen…oh my God!!!…It’s so amazing.” Mom moaned as she sank back down on my cock. Rising slowly all the way up and then sinking back down all the way. My finger working and wiggling around inside her ass. Feeling her sink down on my cock, my finger sunk deeper into her ass. I couldn’t stay silent anymore.

“Holy fuck Karen…she’s so fucking wet and tight. My God mom, I love your pussy on my cock. I’ve wanted this since I was little.” My hips push up, thrusting my cock to meet mom’s downward moves, sinking my entire cock deep into her pussy yet again. “My cock is so deep inside her pussy and my finger is in her ass” I call out, telling Karen what we’re doing.

Just then my mom began to moan very loudly and started to shake. I know what was happening. “God baby! I’m gonna do it! Karen, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum all over my boy’s cock!” My mom cried out as she began to bounce herself up and down on me hard and fast, yelling and panting and sounds I’ve never heard. “Fuuuuuuucckkk!” she screamed and the collapsed down onto my chest, breathing hard her face next to mine, my cock still hard in her pussy. I pulled my finger out of her ass to hold her.

I nearly forgot that Karen was on the other end listening to the whole thing until she said, “That was so hot. Oh my goodness, I wish I was there. Janey, have you ever had a man in your ass?”

“No, I never have.” Mom said panting hard.

“I think it’s time your baby boy took your virgin ass” Karen replied.

Mom looked at me a bit nervous and then looked back toward the phone. “I don’t know Karen. I’ve never done that. His finger felt like it was opening me up a lot, I don’t know if I could take his cock. Do you like anal Karen?”

Karen moaned, “Oh Janey you have no idea. I wish I had a son to fuck my ass. I’d let him every chance I got. One time my daughter was drunk and I gave her my strap on and she fucked my ass until I came so hard. Then I put it on and returned the favor. It never happened again, but I fantasize that she’d do that with me and if I had a son…god. I have the mold of your son’s cock in my hand and I’m working it into my ass as we speak. It feels so fucking good. Aaron, do you wanna cum in your mommy’s ass?”

Did I ever! “Yeah Karen, I’d love to cum in mom’s ass.”

“You heard your little boy. Slide off of him and get on all fours. Aaron, get the lube I gave you and you’re going to first get your mom nice and ready for you exactly how I say okay?” Karen instructed.

“Yes Karen” I replied as mom reluctantly pulled off my cock and let me run (and I do mean run) to my room to get the anal lube Karen had bought me. I came back to the bedroom to hear Karen telling mom to stick her ass in the air and lean down so I can have good access. I climb back up on the bed, looking at my mom with her face against the pillow on her knees with her ass şahinbey escort bayan in the air. I climbed up behind mom and didn’t need any instruction to move my face between her ass cheeks and slide my tongue up her pussy, and then begin to rim her ass. Mom jumped a little as my tongue began to slide over her ass

“Oooo baby, that feels really good. I’ve never had anybody do that to me” Mom moaned as she turned her head to look back at me. I just smiled and moved my tongue back to her ass and let a lot of saliva out of my mouth and begin to coat her puckering hole. Slobbering and licking mom’s ass hole she began to press her ass a bit more into me. My mom began telling Karen how good it felt to have me licking her ass. Karen was moaning as you could tell she was masturbating while listening. Karen then told me to put lots of lube on a finger and work it into mom’s ass.

I didn’t need to be told twice. I popped open the bottle and poured some lube on both my finger and mom’s ass hole. I then slowly eased my finger back into her ass where it had been while I was fucking her. Mom tightened her ass hole for a minute and then relaxed again.

“You okay mom?” I asked.

“Mmmm, yeah honey, it feels good, keep going, it’s okay.” She replied.

I pushed my entire finger inside her ass and she moaned as I did. Karen then told me to put another finger in her ass to open her ass up more for my cock. I wasn’t a porn star, but I was big enough to feel. I made sure there was enough lube on her ass and my fingers before I started working a second finger into her ass. Slowly opening her tight hole up as two fingers moved a half inch at a time until my pointer and middle finger were in my mom’s ass.

“Oh my god baby…that feels…fucking amazing. God Karen you were right. He’s got two fingers inside me and it feels so good.” My mom moaned.

I could hear the smile on Karen’s face through the phone. “I told you he would Janey. Think you’re ready for his cock?”

Mom signed hard, “Yeah…yeah I am.” She told her.

“You heard your mom Aaron, she’s ready for you baby. Take your mommy’s virgin ass.” Karen said.

That was fine with me, as I brought my hard cock up to her ass hole. I put some lube on my cock and poured a little extra into her ass for good measure. I bring the head of my cock to her now opened hole and put it at the entrance. I paused, waiting for my mom’s approval. She gathered herself for a second and then said, “Go ahead baby, I’m ready”.

With that, I pushed forward and sunk just the head of my cock into her puckering hole. “Oh God!” my mom exclaimed. I immediately froze, afraid I had hurt her. “I’m good baby, keep going.” I pushed my hips forward a bit more, sinking my cock slowly, ever so slowly inch by inch into my mother’s ass. I couldn’t fucking believe this. An hour ago I was having phone sex with someone I was calling ‘mommy’ and now I’m actually inside my real mom’s ass. How the hell could sex get better than this? I would find that out later, but that’s another story.

Finally my cock was completely inside her ass. My moaned as she felt me fill her up. I heard Karen ask, “Is he inside you Janey? Is your son actually inside your ass?”

“Mother fucker!” My mom yelled, as if she broke out of her shell. “Fuck he’s inside my ass Karen, he’s fucking inside my ass. My own son is fucking my ass. What the fuck am I doing?”

I was almost afraid that she would back out and decide that this was wrong. It was wrong, but fuck it was so right at the same time. It was the exact opposite though, she broke the other way and all of a sudden I see her ass pull forward and then thrust back, pull forward, then thrust back. I couldn’t believe it, my mom as actually fucking me. She looked back at me and there was lust in her eyes that I’d never seen before.

“Isn’t this what you want baby? Do you want to fill your mother’s ass with your cum. Do it baby, I wanna feel you fill my shit hole with your incestuous cum. Cum for mommy…fucking cum for me…I’m cuuummiiiingggg!!!” My mom screamed as she convulsed, I could feel her ass and pussy spasm as she came which, after everything that had happened that day, I was more than ready to let loose.

“Me too mom…I’m gonna do it…I’m cumming too!” I moaned as my cock started spasming and shooting wad after wad of cum into her ass. My cock just kept shooting, load after load after load. It felt like the orgasm had come from my ass and just shot out like a rocket. While I was cumming mom was screaming, “Yeah baby! Fill mommy’s ass with you cum! Give it to me! Give it to me! Fuck yeah!” Her ass was slamming back on my cock until finally I had nothing left and my cock was limp enough that she pulled forward and my cock ‘popped’ out of her. She fell forward, flat on the bed on her stomach, breathing hard and her body shaking. I was looking down, my cock dripping with the remainder of my cum, breathing just as hard as mom.

We then heard Karen say, “Oh my goodness, that was the hottest thing I’ve ever heard. Janey, Aaron and I have talked about a meeting for real. Would that be okay with you? I mean, for all three of us to get together?”

My mom was still breathing hard but she managed to choke out, “That would be more than fine with me.”

Karen replied, “Then I’ll book a flight this weekend.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32