Pharaoh’s First

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The cushions were soft as silk as the young pharaoh lay to rest after the wedding. Tonight was special…tonight was the night that he would take his young love, his new wife; into the marriage bed and make love to her. Tonight he would pledge his love to her in flesh and blood.

He lounged lazily, sipping sweet wine, trying his best to calm his nerves as the Nubian slave girls readied their dear friend for slimmer. Through the swaying curtain he could just see a bit of her pale skin, like creamy milk, and with it a sliver of a firm breast before one of the girls shook out her fair. His manhood ached with the thought of her touch and his insides writhed in a sensual dance like the dancers at the wedding. Just then the curtains were drawn back and there she was.

“Oh” He murmured in disbelief, for he could scarcely contain his swelling heart, not to mention his manhood, that ached for her.

Her hands, clasped nervously behind her back, loosed to brush away a lock of golden hair out of her eyes. Color flushed her cheeks as she caught his eye. She wore but a nightshift, woven from imported cloth from the east, its sheerness emphasizing the winding curves, flats, and plains of her sleek body. Her perfectly tapered ankles leading up to supple thighs rounded with the muscles of a skilled warrior, the ripe firmness of her round hips and buttocks gave way to her slender waist. Her breasts hung below the silk, emphasized by the light from the oil lamps in the corner, her nipples proud and rosy. A smile curved her lips as she spoke to calm the fear and wonder emanating from him.

“Do not be afraid, my love, ’tis only me.”

“My goddess…” he spoke, holding out a tentative hand to her. “Come to me my love.” She came to him then, slowly, softly, like a waft of silk. His arms drew her close, his fingers laced in her silken hair as he clutched her to his chest. Her heart nearly exploded with love for him and she could escort mecidiyeköy feel her loins melting with an aching need she had never felt before. It was so powerful that she cried out slightly, before she could stop herself. He pulled away slowly to study her at arm’s length. His eyes roaming over her with a need that, at first she was ashamed of, but when she met his eyes that same need flared inside her again. He gently stroked her cheek and his fingers pulled through her hair and to her neck as she pulled him to her. His mouth landed on hers and where it landed his tongue traced a delicious, nearly scalding, line of fire through her mouth. She inhaled his scent like the sweet odor of a fine perfume; the mere scent of him sent waves of emotion and need throughout her body so that she shook slightly. He clutched her closer, one hand in her hair, the other tracing down her spine sending chills down her body. Gently, and as if it caused him a great deal of pain, he broke the kiss, holding her at arm’s length again he slid away the silk that covered her to expose her goddess-like form. She hissed softly when his fingers touched her bare flesh, not in pain, but in agonizing pleasure. Together they sank down into the deep cushions, sinking deeper and deeper inside themselves.

He broke the kiss and she moaned into his throat nearly crying out. His lips instead moved to the flesh of her neck and further down to her chest; she knew instinctively what he wanted. Her breast felt hot and heavy in her hand as she gently brought his head to her breast. His lips gently brushed her already swollen nipple and she moaned deeply as sensation shot through her, not just in her bosom but throughout her entire body. His tongue traced the outline of her nipple and she shuddered against him as his touch grew slightly rougher, more urgent, but never ceasing to be gentle.

“I love you,” he murmured, speaking to her chest as mecidiyeköy escort bayan his hands trailed down her smooth skin to the small triangle of her womanhood.

“And I, you.”

He drew her closer, his fingers tracing down her spine down into the cleft of her buttocks.

“Yes!” She cried, arching her back against him. “Like that! Touch me, hold me, love me, I cannot bear it any longer.” His hand slid away from her buttock to her chest and down to her womanhood, cupping her in his hand. He gently slid a finger inside of her and she gasped, thrusting her hips onto his hand. He dug his fingers deep into her, moaning slightly as he did so. Her gasps grew louder as his fingers worked her, stretching her slightly, readying her for what was to come. After a few minutes she gasped and writhed hard in his arms as he felt her warm juices spill over his hands. She fell silent in his arms as he brought his hand to him mouth to clean it. He moaned at her taste as she ran her hands over his body.

Her hands followed the line of hair from his chest to his belly and down to his massive erection, pulsing beneath her fingers. She marveled at the texture of him. “So strong and smooth,” she said running her hands over it, eliciting moans of pleasure from him as he felt his manhood throb painfully with pleasure.

She drew back slightly to observe him more closely, smiling at the movement of his hardness under her small hand. She bent down slowly, her pink tongue poking out to taste him. He groaned loudly and throbbed beneath her as her tongue hit his flesh.

His gasps grew louder, as did hers, as she explored him with her fingers and lips and tongue. Her movements sinuous, almost snake-likely seductive. He could bear it no longer, he was nearly finished.

But before he exploded, he took her then, bore her down upon the silky pillows, pressing himself against her before he spoke.

“I mecidiyeköy eskort love you…my goddess…my love.” His eyes boring deep into hers. “So beautiful you are.”

“As I love you…my king.” She watched his eyes, they were almost fearful; he didn’t want to hurt her. “I am not afraid.” She murmured pressing a tender kiss to his throat. “Love me.”

And with that she grasped his hips, drawing his length into her, crying out at the abrupt piercing of her untouched womanhood. They melted together; their movement’s fluid, sensual. She soared high above, outside herself with sensation before the carnal instinct of humanity drew her deep within herself. She felt nothing but him within her, wanting nothing else but to become intoxicated from his…the feel of him…within her…so strong, as if she would be split apart by the sensation of it, so wonderful. He thrust harder and harder, brushing her sweetest spot so she screamed loudly begging him not to stop.

Suddenly, her body contracted inside itself, her muscles squeezing him. Her sudden contraction had sent him into the spiral of ecstasy, he cried out above her and she felt the white hot beautiful burn as he spilled his seed into her.

He rolled her over on top of him. She had pushed him to the limit and beyond. He gaped at her above him and smiled as her hips began to move with ease. She rode him with sinuous fluid movements, working him into a state of drunken frenzy, he grasped at her hips pulling her harder and she moaned loudly. Then it was his turn to cry out, screaming her name, and sink deeper into the cushions as if the earth itself had cracked open wide to swallow him in all his pleasure. His second climax came quick and he moaned deeply as he pulled her to his chest, cradling her, both of them shuddering with pleasure.

Then at last as his manhood grew soft, he drew away, still shuddering slightly, they looked up at the skies above them.

“Look, my love. The gods are dancing for you.” He smiled and pointed into the sky where they could see the stars shinning high above in their celestial dance.

“Beautiful,” she murmured back in awe.

“Not nearly as beautiful as you.” He said as he drew her down for slumber.

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