Pete’s inheritance (chapter 3-4)

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Chapter 3

Pete was a hard worker, and he could already handle the physical end of the ranch. He could, for the most part, handle the mental aspects of running the ranch as well. People that dealt with him would actually forget that he was just 15, because of his mature attitude and the way he carried himself. There was a few things that being 15 would cause him some difficulties. He fixed up his Dad’s old Indian chief so he could drive legally. Not actually being legal to drive the truck made some things difficult. There was also a good bit of legal paperwork, and some accounting that Pete had to ask Sara to sign or give consent. This was always a fight! She would yell and scream at him when he would tell her what he needed her help with. Pete was finally able to get a judge to sign off on a motion he filed. This allowed Pete to handle most everything he needed too. He could now sign paperwork and handle the banking end of the ranch without Sara. Sara hit the roof when she found out about the emancipation. Pete came to a conclusion, there was nothing he could ever do that would please her.

Pete was a typical 15 year old teenage boy in the fact of hormones. He would jack his dick at least 5 times a day. He was horny all the time, and his cock would jump up at the worst times. His Mom and sisters didn’t help! He would see them in there night clothes around the house then not be able to get release until he got out and away from the house!

Tim had died in September, Pete took over then. He had done as good as his Dad could have, and by Christmas things were, for the most part, back to normal. Pete made sure everyone had a good Christmas.

Sara was still horrible towards him. Pete started to realize she resented him, but couldn’t understand why. Pete pushed himself, mostly because he didn’t want to be around Sara.

January was Amy’s birthday. She got a car like Dad would have done. It was just an old beater, but Pete fixed it up to were it was

Trustworthy enough.

Chapter 4

By the end of February it all came to a head. Pete had really stepped up, and run the ranch on his own with out Sara’s involvement. Sara’s attitude towards him was wearing on Pete’s last nerve. He knew there was more going on than him quitting school. She acted like she resented him for trying his level best to take care of her and his sisters! He battled with his hormones after the work was done for the day. He would watch Sara and his sisters around the house as they did their evening rituals. Sara had a home gym she worked out daily on recently, before Tim’s death she had used it only two or three times a week.

Pete didn’t have any privacy in the house, the twins had the basement, Amy had the small upstairs bedroom, and Sara had the master bedroom. Pete had what was once the parlor.(in the old days it was the fancy room to receive guests) He had no door on his room and anyone walking by could look in and see everything. There was one bathroom, and with a house of 4 women, he rarely got time in the bathroom.

A late winter storm had rolled in, the girls got to stay home because school closed due to the weather. The storm kept Pete in the house around all the females, and after 4 days he was about to lose his mind! He was stressing over the stock and ranch, because he couldn’t tend to anything outside due to weather. Pete badly needed to jack his dick after 4 day of sexual arousal. He was no perv, but his sisters and Sara were hot! They had been a source of sexually frustration for him over the past 4 days. Sara had been a holy terror to him for everything he had done in the past 4 days. She had caught him smoking, he had bought his smokes from the small allotment he allowed himself for personal expenses. That got Sara to bitch again about him having a small expense allotment to buy gas for his motorcycle, personal items he needs, and have a little for emergencies, in his wallet.

At supper on the fourth day it all blew sky high.

Sara was being exceptionally confrontational. She obviously was spoiling for a fight. Sara snapped and yelled at Pete over the smallest things. She bordered on hateful.

“Pete you are going back to school! I’m not going to allow you to keep this up!” Sara stated with authority. The three girls knew it was going to be another one of those nights, and they felt sorry for their brother. The way Sara treated him was terrible and all his sisters felt he was being wronged. Sara would go off yelling at Pete for hours on anything and everything. The bayan escort gaziantep girls didn’t understand why their Mom acted like this towards Pete. “Pete are you listening to me!”

“No!” Pete snapped. He didn’t need this shit tonight! He had just sat down at the dining room table, and all 4 women looked sexy as hell! He had a raging hard-on that he could do nothing about, and Sara had been on his ass all day long. He wanted to get the meal over already. He realized he was looking at all four women now, not as sisters and Mom, but as sexy, beautiful women that he desired, and if the chance arose he’d definitely fuck them. Pete didn’t care! Incest was just a socially accepted thought to avoid serious birth defects in kids. It happened in nature regularly! The animals just got horny and fucked, never concerned about if it’s partner was related!

Sara wore a loose tee shirt that was thin enough that Pete could make out a dark area where her nipples where. Her shorts were light gray sweat pants material, and a little tight showing a suggestion of a camel toe. Her legs were toned and very sexy. Her ass begged to be grabbed and squeezed. Pete noticed her nipples starting to point up under her tee.

Bree wore a long tee and it was obvious she had no bra on, leaving the question if she had panties on or not. Her hair hung down to the middle of her back. She moved around the room setting the table like a dancer! God she was gorgeous.

Lee wore a similar tee as Bree, only it fit tighter. Her nipples pushed out from the fabric. Pete could see the difference in Bree and Lee dressed like this. Bree had all the desired curves. Lee on the other hand was slim and sleek with smaller breast. Lee was looking hot and desirable making Pete just know she’d be wild in bed!

Amy sat next to him she wore a pair of sleep pants and a button up silk like material pajama top again obviously no bra. Her small breasts pressed against the material showing an impression of her nipples. Her small frame showed the muscles she had built up from sports, basketball in general. Pete admired her, she was the smallest player on the team, but she was good and she played with determination. Pete almost groaned as the thought of her tight compact body locking onto his cock.

Pete’s hard on pushed up through the left front pocket of his jeans. His dick was solid steel you could drive nails with and it was hurting. His balls were literally tender and sore.

“WHAT THE HELL! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? I AM YOUR MOTHER! YOU MAY ACT LIKE AN ADULT, BUT I AM THE ONE YOU ANSWER TO! JUST WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!” Sara was yelling. She thought it had gone on far too long. He was acting like he was her equal now. Truth was she wanted to hold on to the past. Tim was gone, the girls would be in college soon, and she felt lost. Sara was horny as fucking hell and needed attention. Tim and Sara enjoyed an active sex life and Tim kept her took care of. Sara always had problems getting the release she wanted and needed from just her fingers. Sara had been working out more trying to drive away the sexual frustration she was feeling. Deep down, she knew that she was taking everything out on Pete. She should be proud of him. The way he stepped up and took control of the ranch was amazing. He had actually handled things better, in ways, than Tim did. He had made enough from harvest and the cattle to top out the twins college funds and also bought a car for Amy. He fixed it up for her 17 birthday. He had made a deal on some horses he and Tim broke, and he had finished them out. He had actually set up some money market funds that would increase their savings and Amy’s college when it matured. Sara couldn’t understand why, or even put it into words, but everything he said and did pissed her off!

“I AM FUCKING FEED UP WITH ALL YOUR SHIT SARA! I’m the one who has kept your ass going! I’ve covered the girls fucking school expenses, and has anyone of you lacked anything, other than Dad being here for you? Has it been any fucking different around here? Has anyone of you went fucking hungry? Has anyone of you fucking needed and not got? You all still have every fucking thing that Dad would have given you!” Pete was mad and horny, and doing his best for everyone, asking nothing of them! Now Sara wanted to start a bunch of shit, because he made the choice to do for them! He had taken a few freedoms for himself, like smoking, and fixing Dad’s old chief up. The motorcycle actually was a need, because he could get his motorcycle license at 15. His regular drivers license had to wait until his birthday in August. He had to get around so he could conduct the business at hand. He needed release, his swollen dick was poking out of his pocket and his balls ached like hell! He couldn’t think of anywhere in the house for a private moment alone! He’d go to the bathroom, but sure enough someone would be banging on the door within minutes! He couldn’t just go to his room because everyone could see in!

“Oh so what you’re saying is, I should just let you be!? Oh you are the MAN of the house right? I should just submit to you?! You are the man in charge and I’m just a fucking little girl?” Sara snapped venomously as she stood up. Her nipples were hard as rocks sticking out from her shirt, and a wet spot had started to show on her shorts between her legs.

” I have been doing my fucking leave best to provide! What the fucking hell do you want from me huh? I don’t give a shit about school and I’m fucking happy working the ranch! Why the fuck can’t you just back off!” Pete bellowed slamming down his glass and throwing his fork. He pushed back from the table and stood almost turning over his chair. He had a raging hard on that he hadn’t been able to release in four days and he was stressed because he couldn’t get out and check the stock or do the necessary chores. Top it all off with this shit he thought. He was done with this stupid shit! He went to walk out, but Sara grabbing his arm. He could see her erect nipples and he had seen the wet spot in her shorts. He thought he could smell her arousal, which made his dick twitch and balls cramp and hurt.

“No you’re not going anywhere! You are not in charge here! You need to start obeying me! Do you hear me?” Pete snapped he had enough, he grabbed Sara in one quick move. He spun her around and shoved her forward, at the same time he pulled the string on her shorts and jerked them down taking her panties as well. He shoved her down on the dining room table and held her there. He lifted his foot and pushed her shorts to the floor. Pete was driven by a primal forces, all animals establish an order of dominance, and the primal instinct to breed. To him at that moment he was the stallion in the herd and this mare had challenged his authority and him in general. He must put her in her place and mate her!

Everything about Pete was large his fingers was no exception, they were long and big around. He drove two fingers into Sara’s pussy, which would be about like an average dick driving in. Pete noted she was not shaved, and had not even trimmed her bush in a long time. Her lips were swollen in arousal, and stretched around his two fingers that were in as far as they would go. His ring finger rest on her already swollen clit “what in the fuck are you doing!!! “

“Shut the fuck up!” Pete snarled sawing in and out of her pussy with his two fingers. His ring finger rub her clit. Her juices were flowing heavily causing a squishing sounds. Her fluids were trickle down Pete’s hand and wrist. Her body betrayed her as her hips thrust to met Pete’s fingers to get them deeper. His sisters were in shock, and they couldn’t process what was happening. They just sat open mouthed watching Pete finger fuck their mom. Sara’s anger was quickly dissipating, and she could not deny the stimulation going on between her legs. She felt her juices already starting to run down her inner thighs and hearing the squishing sounds as Pete invaded her pussy with his fingers had her on the brink of a good orgasm. Sara was bent over the dining room table, her nipples and face pressed on the hardwood. Her daughters watched her son shove his fingers inside her pussy. The whole situation was messed up, she should be pissed off and repulsed, but instead she was turned on wanting an orgasm. Pete had stopped holding her down. He undid his jeans gently and carefully fished out his rock hard manhood with his free hand. He was 11 inches long and had a large diameter, his dick was as big as Sara’s wrist. Sara felt the waves of orgasm hit and moaned involuntarily as she convulsed and shook. Pete pulled out his fingers and in one quick move his cock lined up to the opening. Sara felt the finger leave her pussy and had a moment of disappointments. Sara wanted his dick in her, and didn’t care it was her son! He was actually raping her in front of her daughters! So what kind of fucked up slut would want all this? Sara was that fucked up slut! She wanted him inside her filling her up and Pete obliged pushed in hard sinking about 3 to 4 inches in on the first thrust. Sara cried out, part in pain, part in pleasure, her son was huge and stretching her to her limits maybe past. Pete drew back a little and shoved in hard again sinking about 9 inches into Sara.

“Please hold still for just a fucking second! Holy Fuck your going to rip me into! You’re fucking huge!” Sara screamed as tears ran down her checks. Pete held what he had. He had read that a woman needed time to adjust so he obeyed. He had never had a woman and the feeling was amazing. He could feel how hot and wet Sara’s pussy was and how tight it gripped his dick. Her juices had stopped due to the shock and pain from his forceful entry. He loved the feeling of Sara’s pussy stretch over his cock.

“Pete stop! I’m calling the cops! You’re hurting and raping our Mom!” Bree had finally overcome the shock and was the first to respond

“She don’t want me stop fucking her” Pete spat as he drew back and slammed into Sara’s pussy.

“Just take it easy baby, please! You’re going to split me open!” Sara all but whispered. She wanted it needed it! She felt so full! The pleasure had already overtaken the pain.

Pete got angry, because Sara tried to tell him what to do again! He grabbed her hair and pulled her head up off the table. He drew back until just the head of his dick was in her then drove in with enough force to rattle the dishes and move the table. Sara squealed “DO YOU WANT ME TO FUCKING STOP?” Pete bellowed

“Ohhh……”Sara was having trouble thinking, speaking or making sense. She had only the pleasure of a huge dick filling her completely. She tried again to speak as she spasmed in orgasm. “OHHH FUCK YES! FUCK! GOD DAMN IT PETE FUCK ME! FUCK ME HOW EVER YOU WANT! JUST FUCKING DO IT! MOTHER FUCKER USE THAT FUCKING DICK! YOUR FUCKING SEX DOLL JUST NEEDS A FUCK! TAKE ME HOWEVER YOU WANT! IT’S ALL YOURS!” Pete looked at Bree and without another word he started hammering away at Sara’s pussy. He could feel his dick head crash into Sara’s cervix with every entry stroke. He also could feel her walls squeeze his cock rhythmically.

Sara felt his cock hitting bottom with every stroke. Tim was good size, but he never got this deep. Pete was thick as well, much thicker than Tim, so she was stretched to her limit. Sara loved it! Pete had been rough from starting, but it was really feeling good now! She felt another orgasm about to hit her and didn’t resist. She allowed it to take her.

Pete wasn’t all the way in Sara, but he pounded away liking the feel of intense pleasure her pussy gave. As Sara came hard again, Pete slammed in her depths as hard as he could. Sara thrashed under him as her orgasm washed over her. Pete rammed in hard again, felt something give letting him all the way inside. His balls, still tender from not being relieved properly for 4 days, slapped against Sara hitting her engorged clit. She screamed, jerked, thrashed, and shook as Pete drove in her cervix. Sara’s pussy began releasing large amounts of her girl cum. He reached around putting his index finger on her clit, and rubbed while he used short jabs staying in her womb. Her juices ran down Pete’s ball sack and puddled on the floor.

Sara felt Pete breech her cervix and enter her womb. The pain was intense, but the pleasure started to cut through it till she went into a continuous loop of orgasms. Sara was out of her mind as she had one mind blowing orgasm after another. Pete touched her clit with his finger and she lost all concept of reality. She shook trashed and squirted as she came.

Pete had enjoyed the feel of Sara before he got all the way in. Now she was about to cut the tip of his dick off, and he loved it. Sara was flopping and shaking, her pussy was squeezing like a vice and it was like she was peeing herself as she came. He felt his dick swell his balls draw up and then he released 4 days of pent up cum deep inside Sara. He shot hard, rope after rope coated her insides. His legs and back muscles shook and convulsed as he kept shooting ropes of cum deep inside her pussy. He thought it lasted hours but, really it was only moments. He was finally done cumming, his head spun and blackness took him.

How long he was out he didn’t know. Amy was speaking but he couldn’t make sense of it. He managed to lift himself up off of Sara. He was still dizzy and felt real weak. His legs were wobble. His cock was still in Sara’s pussy. Pete drew back his cock, he was still half hard. As his cock slid out of Sara, the feeling was so intense he almost couldn’t stand it. The feeling was good, but he was super sensitive at the moment. He managed to tuck his cock in his pants and fastened them. He stumbled from the room with the guilt and shame starting to set in.

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