Personal Attendant Training: Gail

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As I suspected, I received a text from Jim that said “Bob wants to bring Gail over to meet Roselle, do you mind to share?”

I replied, “Roselle has new outfits ready for Gail.”

We agreed Friday night would be a great night for dinner, knowing the night would be late, as Bob wanted Gail to play with Roselle.

We planned a nice dinner, Roselle dressed in her new maid uniform and I carefully inspected that enough of her tits showed and inserted a set of anal beads in her ass. I wore a button down dress with a shelf bra. I wasn’t sure how much Gail would be into so I hid two harnesses with two cocks in the draw of the desk in front room.

Bob and Gail arrived, I had Roselle answer the door, I knew her skirt was short and at the right glance you could see the end of the anal beads sticking out. I saw as she turned towards us Gail’s eyes dropped and stared, so I suddenly dropped something forcing Roselle to bend over fully and give Gail the full view of her ass. Gail licked her lips and Bob winked at Jim.

Over dinner we discussed the arrangement with Roselle and the head mistress, Bob seemed very interested, but Gail seemed preoccupied by Roselle’s coming and goings. Jim explained to Bob that he had cameras all around the house and he could tune in and watch our every move and he recorded it to use later as entertainment. Jim suggested that we move to the front room and see what happened today. My pussy begin to tingle as I knew what happened today.

Roselle poured us wine and Jim turned on the recording of this afternoon. It was around 2pm when the mail usually arrived. I had a package of new toys for Roselle and the mail lady that is a known dyke came to the escort ataköy door. I sent Roselle to the door only wearing nipple clips and crotchless panties. She opened the door and invited the mail lady in to deliver our package. I was sitting on the couch fully nude with a set of beads hanging out of my pussy.

The mail lady asked if she could join us for a bit and I agreed, knowing she was probably packing a ten inch cock under her uniform.

I told Roselle to help the mail lady undress so she could get comfortable. As she did the mail lady tugged a bit on Roselle’s nipple clips and then flicked her clit. As Roselle undid her pants the cock I assumed that would be there sprung loose and Roselle asked “mine?” and I told her no “that cock will fuck me and you will have her ass with your tongue”. The mail lady approached me and I opened my legs farther to let her see my beads hanging out of my twat. She took her mouth to my pussy and pulled the beads out and then stuffed them back in and pulled the out again. My pussy was on fire. She slowly positioned her massive cock in my pussy and pounded me hard. She pinched and flicked my clit until it throbbed and was engorged. She summonsed Roselle to come up and suck on my nub while she fucked me. Roselle sat across my face giving me access to her wet pussy and her ass. I took my beads and shoved them in her ass and then tugged on her clips. She flooded my face with her juice as she roughly rubbed her teeth across my clit. I felt the large cock slam me again and she pulled out I squirted all over her and Roselle. The dyke mail lady eagerly drank my juice and then slapped my ass and got dressed and left. Roselle esenler escort and I laid there and recovered from my hard fucking.

Jim flipped the tape off and I could see Gail’s legs were spread and she needed some attention. I winked at Jim and told Roselle to come to me as I moved to be closer to Gail. I asked Roselle to bend over in front of me so I could examine her toy. Roselle bent straight over and I got a full view of her anal beads sticking out, I grabbed the loop and pulled them out and then in again, fucking her ass with the beads. I took Gail’s hand and put it on the beads and told her “you try” and she did. I took my hand and stuck my finger in Roselle’s pussy while Gail fucked her with the anal beads. Roselle was dripping from the pleasure. I pulled her anal beads out and laid them in Gail’s lap and told Gail that Roselle would like her pussy sucked on. Thinking Gail would be shy, but she wasn’t, she leaned in and begin to suck on every part of Roselle’s pussy.

I reached around and open the drawer that I had hid the two cocks in and got them out. I slide mine on and told Roselle to put the smaller one on. I leaned back on the couch and spread my legs so Gail could sit on my cock and positioned her so her asshole was available to Roselle. We alternated motions giving her that feeling of being double stuffed each pump. I reached up and pinched her tits and Gail exploded all over us.

I told Gail to move to the floor and I proceeded to sit on her face burying her nose in my ass and her lips in my pussy. I told Roselle to lay between Gail’s legs and eat her pussy like a good girl. I toyed with Gail’s nipples and rode her face until escort bayan I drenched her with my juice.

I moved down behind Roselle and begin fucking her from behind with my big cock. I told Roselle that Gail’s ass looked hungry and she should slide her cock in her. I then handed Roselle and shocking wand and had her put it in Gail’s pussy, but I held the remote. As Roselle pumped Gail’s ass I would send small shocks to Gail’s pussy. She would scream and whimper and Roselle would fuck harder. It was no time and Gail had squirted and juice was everywhere.

I pulled the shocking wand out of Gail’s pussy, had Roselle remove her harness so I could stick the shocking wand in Roselle. I told Gail to lay between Roselle’s legs and give her a proper licking while I positioned myself behind Gail and slowly slide my big cock in her pussy and then in her ass. I glanced up to see Jim and Bob both had their cocks in their hands watching us molest Gail. I wanted Roselle to spray all over Gail, so I started to shock Roselle lightly and steadily increased it. Roselle was raising to meet Gail’s tongue and begging for mercy. I turned the thing suddenly to high and Roselle let loose spraying Gail with her juice. I slapped Gail’s ass and stuck my big cock in her asshole while she sucked the juice running from Roselle.

I slipped my harness off and walked towards Jim and Bob. I straddled Bob and then leaned over Jim taking him in my mouth. As I rode Bob I told Gail to come lick my pussy while I fuck her husband. Roselle followed her and positioned herself behind Gail eating her ass. I rode Bob until he exploded and then told Gail to ride Jim while Roselle continued eating Gail’s ass. I grabbed my phone and snapped a few pictures that I could later send as reminders to them of how hot this night was. Jim soon exploded in Gail and they all collapsed to regain their strength.

When Gail revived, Bob asked how soon they could get their own trainee, and I told them we could make contact on Monday.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32