Personal Ad Pt. 02

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It was about a month later before I got an opportunity to see Natalie again. We talked almost everyday though, whenever her husband and kids were gone to work and school. My husband and I had taken our kids to their grandma’s for the weekend and were waiting around our house impatiently. Natalie, as promised last time, was going to come to our house so my husband could enjoy as well. I was nervous about them meeting and hoping they hit it off. I truly love my husband and if he had a problem with this at all then I would have to end it. I was starting to get attached to this new wildly sexual woman I had just met as well and the thought of ending it depressed me. I was determined to make this work. Then the door bell rang, Natalie had arrived. I shared a deep kiss with her and then I introduced her to my husband. We decided to go grab some dinner and talk.

The three of us sat in a corner of the restaurant, it was noisy enough in there that no one would hear our conversation. For the next two hours we sat talking about everything from where we grew up to our kinks in the bedroom. We left the restaurant full and turned on. It was record time that we made it home, my better half driving and the two of us in the backseat feeling each other up.

We moved directly into the bedroom when we reached the house, pulling each others clothes off between kisses. My husband sat down on the bed and got comfortable to watch. Natalie and I were stripped down and had fallen onto the bed tangled in each others arms. Our lips had barely come apart since leaving the restaurant. We moved our bodies against each other to feel the skin on skin contact as our hands gripped each other tightly. Our tongues danced together wildly. Her hand reached down between my legs and stroked my wet pussy. I groaned loudly and spread my legs farther apart for her. My fingers raked down her back as I pushed my hips forward into her hand more. She brought her finger up and tasted it then kissed me again to share the taste. She told me she had something much better to push inside of me, then got up and went to her bag. She strapped on a large dildo and stood next to the bed. I scooted up to the edge and wrapped my legs and arms around her as she pushed the hard cock into my aching pussy.

We moved together, her enjoying the control over me and giving me pleasure, me enjoying how her strap on was pounding me senseless. Soon we fell back onto the bed but kept fucking like bunnies, nothing else registering but that action. My husband sat stroking himself just trying not to cum too quickly while he enjoyed the whole show. His dick escort was dripping with pre cum though. Natalie was on top of me, riding me hard and thrusting deep. My hands were guiding her hips and I was bucking up to meet her each time she came forward. Our breasts bounced about with the effort we were making and our hair was everywhere at this point. This time was all about getting laid hard for each of us, the nicer stuff could come later. We rolled over so I was on top of her and I moved as if I were possessed, my orgasm was building at an amazing rate and I could tell it was going to be mind blowing. I yelled out when my climax came and rode her hard till every last wave of pleasure was gone.

Natalie pushed me back without much resistance and started to eat me out like it was an ice cream sundae. My legs shook and I gripped the sheets tightly as her beautiful mouth brought on orgasm number two very quickly. She didn’t move away from me till I had completely finished, then we shared a long sweet kiss. I had gotten mine and felt amazing, now I wanted her to get what she needed. We traded places ,me now wearing the strap on that was still wet from my juices. I positioned myself between her legs as she knelt on all fours doggy style. I sat up on my knees, placed my hands on her back and let her guide the dildo into her hot waiting pussy.

I moved slow but pushed in hard as she let out a long deep moan of satisfaction. I let my motion speed up ever so slowly as I watched her body react. I fucked her like there was no tomorrow, by the end slamming into her as she screamed for me to go deeper and fuck harder. Then she became incoherent as she exploded with pleasure. I decided to do to her exactly what she had done to me since it had felt so good. I slipped out of her and moved my body so I was lying under her, my head below her dripping pussy lips. I pulled her hips down, lowering her to my mouth and I sucked on her as her moaning grew louder.

Louder and louder she got again as I ate her pussy with all I had, my tongue and lips working as hard as they could. She came then and my husband let himself cum as well, pumping his cock while watching the two women right next to him. Natalie and I kissed again, and didn’t let our lips seperate for a while. Then I crawled up to my man and kissed him deeply. I lowered myself to his sticky cock and started to lick it clean. Natalie lay there watching me lick it up as he stroked my hair gently and closed his eyes enjoying the moment. We all showered up and called it a night at that point. Natalie went to the guest room since three in our bursa eve gelen escort queen bed would have been a bit much and she wanted us to be able to talk freely about what had happened. We discussed it plently but with no regrets, both of us went to bed happy.

We ate breakfast in bed the next morning, the three of us sitting around completely nude and not thinking another thing of it. As we lay there watching some tv after eating, I had a hard time keeping my eyes on the screen. Natalie seemed to be having the same problem and we decided the show wasn’t that important as we moved right up next to each other. Our arms circled around each other and we kissed gently, enjoying the feel and letting ourselves take some time now that we had gotten our wild fuck out of the way.

I pushed her softly down, face first on the bed and sat on her as I massaged her deeply. My hands moved up and down her body, massaging every inch of skin they could. Each time I passed by her pussy, my hand brushed up against it and each time it got wetter. She rolled herself over so she was looking up at me and I continued my massage on her breasts now. I kneaded them firmly then using two fingers, I played with her nipples. Our lower bodies were moving together, pushing hard against the other one. She sat up and we arranged our legs so our vaginas were pressed firmly together and then we scissored, going slowly and letting the pleasure wash over us.

We kept at this action for well over an hour, just moving slow and hard. Our arms wrapped around each other, helping balance our bodies as they worked together. Natalie threw her head back and bit her lip as she came. We untangled ourselves and I climbed on top of my husband and his hard dick that needed some attention. Now Natalie watched as I rode him. We didn’t go gentle, we were both worked up and needed some release now. We came together panting hard and holding each other. Then the three of us collapsed down next to each other and enjoyed the afterglow. Throughout the day we would randomly play with each other, licking and rubbing and kissing and squeezing. It was evening before we actually had sex again though. We had wanted the sexual tension to build and used the day as foreplay.

Natalie had brought another toy for us to try. It was a long two sided dick. Big enough for each of us to have it inside of our pussies at the same time. And that is just what we did. With enough foreplay during the day, we were wet and ready to go as soon as she pulled out her friend. It slid inside of us easily and görükle escort the only noise was from how wet we were. We were in the same position as when we scissored but now held onto each other as we enjoyed this long cock between us. Our hips moved in deep thrusts and we rode hard. Working up a sweat and panting from the exertion didn’t slow us down, we kept pounding that dick, our hips slapping into each other as we got more enthusiastic in our screw.

My husband sat right next to us, not wanting to miss a thing, wishing that he was being ridden. Natalie and I came multiple times like this, we just kept going until we were so exhausted our bodies just couldn’t keep going anymore. As we each fell back in pure satisfaction, my husband gently pulled the long dick out of us and tossed in aside. He got on top of me and entered into my sopping wet cunt eagerly. I lay there enjoying but not being able to move much at this point. He rode me hard, letting himself cum inside me and surprising himself and me as well, he kept going. He pounded me hard for quite some time and then came once more.

That was all any of us had and we lay in a state of pure bliss together and fell asleep in our various positions on the bed. The next morning my husband woke to see Natalie and I in the 69 position. It was quite the welcome wake up and he watched as his cock became instantly rock hard. We enjoyed each others bodies quickly this morning, just needing that sweet release before we got going for the day. We had a few hours before Natalie had to get going and we would get the kids back. For our last bit of time together, we watched an erotic movie as we raided the fridge for some fuel to keep going.

As the movie progressed, I could tell it was having quite the effect on all of us. Halfway through the show, I reached over and started to finger Natalie. She came closer to me and we held each other as we furiously finger fucked each others pussies. Then wanting to end the weekend well and get my husband involved a little more as a thank you for mostly watching our action, I lay on the floor and Natalie sat on my face for me to eat her out. He pushed his throbbing dick inside my pussy and the three of us were lost in our own little worlds as we enjoyed this amazingly sensual experience.

My understanding husband never touched Natalie and for that I was so grateful, I loved that he understood me so well and we could share this experience together. After we had all cum that last time, then Natalie and I went and showered together to say goodbye. We washed each others bodies slowly and thoroughly. We spent extra time on the most sensitive areas and before we got out the water was absolutely freezing but we didn’t care. We said goodbye, Natalie giving me a long kiss goodbye as we hugged. We didn’t have plans for a next time, we would play it by ear, but it was definitely on each of our minds.

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