Penny’s Beach Adventure

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9:00 am. The morning sunrise was beautiful – pink sky, no clouds. Obviously another hot sunny summer day. The water at the beach looked a bit choppy so it must be windy. That worried Penny. Her husband and two kids were going on an all-day trip to see the “treasure wrecks” on that small glass-bottom tour boat. She couldn’t go because when they bought the tickets there were only 3 seats left for today’s trip and their vacation would be over tomorrow so no second chance. Was that boat safe on rough water? Her husband, Dave, tubby Dave, assured her there was no danger, after all, the tour operator had years and years of experience.

9:30 am. Down at the dock the boat captain was in good cheer welcoming everyone aboard. Ten passengers. Surely the boat was too small for these waves? Some of the waves were at least a foot high!! After assuring her for the third time, she overheard the captain grumble to someone about overprotective mothers. Well!! She was just naturally concerned, as any mother would be. She watched with continued concern as the gently rocking boat slipped away from the dock and started pushing into the bay. She waved bye but the kids paid no attention, they were too busy trying to talk the captain into letting them dive at the wrecks. Teenagers!! No sense at all! And Dave seemed to be already nodding off! How can he be so calm?

10:00 am. Time for coffee. Penny listened to the waves roll onto the beach as she walked down the sand-swept sidewalk to the nearby “gourmet” coffee shop. It actually had good lattes. She passed the young ice cream vendor sitting on his bicycle cart as usual. As she walked past, her eyes, hidden behind her sunglasses, slid in his direction, as they often had the last few days. Nice tanned muscles. Athletic legs. Blue tank top and blue Speedos as usual. Sometimes when he got off the bike and stood up straight she found her eyes wandering down to those Speedos. Her eyes had caught a huge bulge yesterday that almost made her walk into a tree. Oh to be young again and not stuck with tubby Dave. Dave who wouldn’t notice if she was naked or dressed.

Penny, 40, was sure she was still attractive even if Dave didn’t notice. Dave hadn’t touched her in at least a year. He wouldn’t bother with her unless she stuck a chocolate donut on her boobs! She knew she was in decent shape because she had dropped two sizes in the past year. Just yesterday she discovered she could wear a bikini again. She had randomly dropped into a swimwear shop shortly after the near-incident with the tree. No connection with the ice cream guys’ bulge of course. She had bought a cute red bikini. According to the poster, the very thin red floral push up bra top had “a bust enhancing style”. The red bottom with the decorative white rope belt had a “tummy-tamer lining for the belly.” In other words it made her look very good. Penny had shoulder length brown hair that blew in the wind. Her 38C bust filled the bikini nicely and her bum no longer bounced. Those long walks on the beach had reduced the bounce to a gentle jiggle. Her tummy was not flat like that of a young model but the “tummy-tamer” worked wonders. She had put the bikini on to get Dave’s attention and then brought Dave a coffee. He asked for the paper and a donut!

10:30 am. Having etiler escort spilled the latte down her blouse she went back to the cottage to change. As usual Mr. Ice Cream Muscles was drifting in that direction. She might watch from behind the curtains again. He was tall, at least 5’10” to her short 5′.

11:00 am. Dave and the kids away – well maybe she would just go lie on the sand and get some sun. She put the bikini on and checked herself in the mirror before putting on the terry cover-up with the zip down front. It was light blue, sleeveless and reached down to mid-thigh. The brown woven basket contained her towel. She stopped to get an ice cream giving a shy smile as her sunglass hidden eyes took in the sweat rolling down his biceps and chest.

“You look hot. Why don’t you have one of your popsicles?” Now why did she say that? She had never spoken to him before. But he did look hot!

“Can’t. I only have one left then I have to go back for more. Somebody reported me once for eating one and I got in trouble with the boss. By the way, my name’s Tony.” Nice lady. Nice smile. Nice basket. Oh yeah, this is the one that walked into a tree yesterday!

“Thanks, I’m Penny. Well look, I’m just going to get a bit of sun. If you’re still here when I get back I’ll buy you a popsicle. OK?” Why did she say that? Well, just being friendly is ok.

She was back 15 minutes later. Somehow, after a quick dip, sunbathing no longer interested her. She carried the robe in the basket so her red bikini could dry.

“Hi Tony. You still look hot. Let me buy you that popsicle?” As she said this, Penny just happened too lean forward giving Tony an inadvertent but ample view of her bosom.

“Can’t. Boss might see. I’d get in trouble even if you paid.” Nice lady. Nice bikini. Nice boobs. Be nice if she was 20 years younger.

“My cottage is just across the walk. Come over. Park your bike in the back and have a popsicle.” Come over?? Park in the back?? She’d had a naughty dream about Tony the other day but this wasn’t right. She looked down. Nice Speedos.

“OK. Thanks. I’ll be over in a few minutes.” A popsicle would be a welcome relief in this heat.

In the cottage Penny took the robe out to put it on but just tossed it in the corner when she heard the bike bell at the back.

11:30 am. “Tony, come on in. It’s too hot out there for you.” Oh my god. I’ve invited him in!

Tony’s beautiful muscles flexed as he got off the bike, stood up and came in. He had taken off his tank top earlier because of the heat. Washer board belly!! Penny felt a flush at the sight. Her eyes, behind the sunglasses strayed downward and she stifled the shriek the obvious bulge evoked. She could feel her cheeks flush pink.

“Have a seat on this stool. Enjoy the popsicle, it’ll cool you off.” I need to cool off too!! OH GOD. Sitting on that stool makes IT push out harder!! She couldn’t help smiling broadly. Her legs seem to wobble a bit. She took a deep breath.

“Thanks. Nice place you have.” Tony noticed the lady seemed a bit nervous and was having trouble breathing. Odd. Damn, the orange popsicle was dripping down his chest. Some dripped right onto his swimsuit.

“Here let me wipe that up.”

Tony eve gelen escort stood up as Penny approached with a damp washcloth. As she dabbed at his chest he could see right down her red bikini top. Wow! He could feel his cock hardening and straining at the stretchy swimsuit material. Hoped she wouldn’t notice. That would be very embarrassing.

“Do you go to school around here?” Penny breathed heavily again, her breath warm against his chest. She was worried. Maybe he was too young!

“Just finished high school. I hope to start college in the fall. But I have too much trouble with my memory. They probably won’t take me because I often can’t even remember what I did just a few hours ago. Doctor says it’s a real problem.”

Ok, he’s of age. Whew! She moved the washcloth lower to catch the last of the popsicle drips. Lower. Oops, she brushed his Speedo. The bulge was so much bigger! Tony almost jumped. He had never been touched there before. At least, he had no memory of it. His face reddened. What an accident!

“Let me wipe the sweat off your back too.”

Penny pressed her chest against him as she reached her arm around to his back pretending to wipe the sweat. Her already hard nipples jutted through the thin halter top. He was so much taller that she felt his hot, hard bulge touching the top of the “tummy-tamer lining” on her red bottoms. Her hot cheeks touched his sweaty chest as she almost collapsed against him. Her arms around this hot, young hunk she suddenly didn’t care about anything else. Pressing her tummy forward she enjoyed the feeling of his hard cock against her. Her tummy felt a bit of wetness where his cock pressed.

Tony was stunned. This woman, who could be his mother, was hugging him hard and he had a raging hard-on! What should he do? She was pushing against his cock! Oh what a feeling!

She pressed her hot lips on his right nipple, a lick, hot breath. A nip. Gawd those muscles! No tubby Dave! I shouldn’t do this. To hell with it. He’s here. I want that hard hot cock! I don’t care.

Noon. “Tony! I want you! I need you.” Her hands went to his front, took hold of the enormous lump at the front and pulled him toward the couch. One quick jerk pulled the Speedos down and his innocent young cock sprang forward. Yum! She pulled him to her forcing his cock up so it pressed from the top of her red bikini bottom to the bottom of her red bikini top. Hot. Hard. Long. Yum!

They tumbled onto the couch. Penny on top, the weight of her causing his cock to push so hard on her tummy. Her tummy was getting damp. She struggled to shed herself of the halter top so her boobs could cascade down to Tony’s chest. Sitting up she looked greedily at Tony’s beet red face as she took his hands and placed them on each of her tits. His muscular hands instinctively squeezed. The squeezing was better than any she had known. His thumbs on her hot swollen hard pink nipples. Pushing them in. Squeezing them.

His hot cock was now standing straight up, vibrating as they pointed the way to her tits. She leaned over so they were between her mounds of flesh and pushed the mounds together to envelope that quivering hot rod. Up and down she pushed. Stickiness covered her boobs as she squeezed little fatih escort precum drops out. His cock was now absolutely purple.

Tony’s eyes alternated between very wide and squeezed shut. He couldn’t believe the pleasure. He hoped his memory wouldn’t fail him this time. Touching real boobs. His cock felt like it could take no more.

Penny sensing Tony’s cock was on the verge, released it. Climbed off Tony. Grinning at him she reached down and slowly lowered her tummy-tamer bikini bottoms. One inch at a time. Teasingly revealing her brown haired curly bush. She watched as Tony’s cock continued to point unwaveringly straight up, quivering, a drop or two oozing out the top. She knew she could not hold back. She had to have everything.

Her hips swayed as she stepped to Tony’s head and swung a leg over.

“Tony, eat me! Put your tongue in me! Suck my juices while I chew on your hot cock!!”

She lowered her pussy onto his lips, leaned down to 69 and took his eager meaty sausage into her moist lips. Her tongue hungrily licked around the tip to catch those oozing drops of young man fluid. She slid her tongue up and down while squeezing Tony’s balls in one hand and rubbing his cock with the other. Her lips slid along lathering the shaft. Each time she squeezed his balls his cock jerked in her mouth.

Tony could not recall ever seeing a pussy before, thought with his memory that didn’t mean much. As Penny’s pussy descended he obediently extended his tongue. The pussy was soft, hot, wet. His tongue had no trouble penetrating. He stuck it up and moved his tongue around, in and out. He felt the pussy juices wetting his face as he tasted the hot juices and sucked on a pink button he found. Everytime he sucked on it, the lady, (what was her name?) seemed to convulse. He sucked harder even when she tried to push his mouth away.

“Tony, you suck so good. I feel so hot. Stop!! I don’t want to cum yet!!”

He didn’t stop. Penny could not control her body. She shook. She ground her pussy into his face. She needed his tongue. She had feel her pussy sucked. Her lips closed over the throbbing hard cock again. It was so wet. So salty! So long. Fuck it was good! Not like tubby Dave at all.

At last, she forced herself up and turning around sat on Tony again. Reaching for his cock she guided it to the lips of her quivering wet pink mound. Slowly she slid down the shaft and felt it penetrate into the deepest reaches of her wanton soft body. She had to have cock. She had to have his juices. Nothing else would do. Must have. Need.

Tony felt his cock entering the unknown lady’s pussy (damn memory, who was she again?) So hot. Wet. His cock stuck so far in he felt tightness exciting his shaft. Her boobs bounced above his eyes and he watched as her eyes rolled back then closed. His balls felt ready to burst.

Penny rocked up and down. She clutched her own boobs squeezing to get the most pleasure. Up and down. Nothing else mattered. Must make this cock shoot. Need his juices. Rocking, rocking. Sliding up and down. The hot young rod remained ramrod stiff. In and out. Hot. Wet. She rocked up and down harder to force Tony’s cock to erupt.

At last, she watched his body convulse as she felt his rod jerking involuntarily. Juice, juice. Young man juice. OH GAWD!!!

10:00 am. Next morning as she and tubby Dave and the kids packed the car to go home, she saw Tony on his ice-cream cart.

“Hi Tony. Are you hot?” She asked mischievously with a big grin.

“Hi. How’d you know my name?” Who was this lady?

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