Penny – Friend Asked to Watch Ch. 03

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Please note, this is a true story. However, I’ve changed the names, ages, places and occupations to protect the other person’s privacy. I have no shame so enjoy, LOL.


Friend Asked to Watch Ch. 03

Leaving the shower feeling dirtier then when you went in.

After the second round of fun, I carried the ladies to the bedroom. I cleaned up the suite a bit. I cleaned my cock and all the sex toys. Laying the toys on a towel in the bathroom to dry. When I got back to the room the ladies were sleeping. I laid next to Penny holding her to sleep. I set an alarm as I had to work in the morning. Falling asleep, I thought to myself this went better than even I expected. What would tomorrow bring?

Well little did I know when I woke up, this day would shock me. It was 7am and as I got up to shower and prepare for my busy day, I looked at Penny. I was considering waking her by eating her out or maybe I should eat out Maddy. I came to my senses as although I wasn’t on a huge time deadline in the morning I still didn’t think it was a good idea. Penny was a heavy sleeper so I just let her sleep.

I walked to the living room and called up for some room service to be delivered at 8am. It gave me time to get ready slowly and not have to rush. I chugged down some water and headed for the bathroom. As I finished brushing my teeth the door opened. It was Maddy, looking at me with a devious smile. I greeted her with a “Good Morning Maddy.”

She walked over to me and whispered in my ear, “Call me Madison. My friends call me Maddy but the person who makes me feel like a woman should call me Madison. Or should I say, SLUT.” She pulls my face to meet hers in and our lips entwine. I wasn’t thinking would Penny approve or be upset. Although we haven’t officially declared ourselves as a couple and after the “spicy” activities we engaged in last night. I was still feeling a little hesitant. I didn’t want to hurt Penny. The 3-way dynamics and etiquette is always complicated.

We had stood there kissing and our hands roaming each other’s bodies. Her firm 32DD breasts, implants or not were again the center of my attention. Her hands were definitely working my shaft to a “firmer” state. My hands Gaziosmanpaşa Escort and mouth had been all over her breasts last night. And she noticed, “You know mine are much nicer then Penny’s.”

Oh hell, she said it. I was not going to admit it nor would I say something like degrading Penny in that way. Even though she did have a better rack and she knew it. She dropped to her knees and started sucking my cock. For some reason, I started thinking she might not be as conservative as she gives off but I also may have awakened something. Possibly the “slut” in her.

Maddy….I mean Madison was doing a really good job sucking my cock then pushed me down on the side of the bathtub. Sitting there she lifted up her rack and placed my cock in between them. I can tell this wasn’t her first time doing this. She started using her breasts to pleasure me. My cock was basically fucking her between her breasts.

The firmness of both her breasts squeezing my cock like it was another love tunnel. Her implants were the firmer kind and my preference for implants. This was more than just feeling really good. It was immensely visually appealing. The sight of her doing this while making pleasurable sounds was quite the combination of visual and physical stimulation.

I had wanted to cum on her sexy breasts but that would have to wait. Was she trying to do this to thank me for last night or really wanting to fuck. I decided turn to the tables on her. I stood up and grabbed the dildo and removed it from the strap on harness on the counter. It had a suction cup at the bottom. I stuck it on the side on the tub sticking up.

I lifted her legs over it. She had one leg in and out of the tub. I lowered her on that rubber cock. I instructed her to bounce on it and suck my cock at the same time. She smiled at me and hesitated. I knew what she wanted. I ordered her “Bounce on that cock and suck mine at the same time, “SLUT.”

I really had unleashed something in her. She started moving up and down that shaft and as soon as she got good momentum she grabbed my cock and started sucking it again. She looked up at me and said “Am I being a good little “slut.” I nodded Gölbaşı Escort with delightful approval. Later she would tell me she hated being called that. She was always scared she’d be slut shamed where she wouldn’t be able to marry a nice guy.

This is also another reason why she was more reserved with sex and her choices with men. But now with me, she’s fully embracing it. Within the last 24 hours, she had been anally violated and double penetrated. As well as kissing, getting fucked and eaten out by another woman. I might slightly have been a “naughty” on her influence after all.

I took control of the “oral” situation. While holding her head, I started to quicken my pace of face fucking her. Still bouncing on that toy cock and now with my real cock in her mouth. Then to her surprise I stopped and pulled out of her mouth all of a sudden. I lifted her off the dildo, took her hand a went into the standing shower.

In the shower, we started soaping each other up. She initiated us kissing and fondling. Our hands were all over each other. And of course her breasts was my main focus. She tilted back, stared into my eyes and said “I need you inside me now!” All this foreplay got her revved up to a point she needed it badly.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck your little slut.” “Yes, oh yes, oh my god, yes.” She was wailing like a mad woman. And why, maybe because I pushed her up against the wall and shoved my cock into her. Then began ramming my shaft that she got throbbing hard, in and out of her. I so enjoyed standing up sex positions.

The hot water hitting us in the back and amplifying the sensations. Her breasts were smashed against the wall. Her head tilted to the side yelling in pleasure. I asked already knowing the answer, “Are you my little slut?” Her body was loving the pleasure and her inner slut was taking over.

She said “YES, Taylor I’m your little slut, use me pleasure me fuck me. Taylor, do you love fucking your little slut? Is my pussy better the Penny’s? Do you like fucking me more than her?”

The words flowing from her mouth along with the look she’d given me was so devious. I didn’t know if she was just like this in the moment. Or could Grup Escort it be she was up to something. When I didn’t answer right away she asked a second time, “Taylor, do you love fucking your little slut? Is my pussy better the Penny’s? Do you like fucking me more than her?”

Again I didn’t/couldn’t answer. Was she testing me for Penny? Was she really just getting off on being better than her friend? This time she pushed it further. “I know you prefer my breasts and I can tell by the way you’ve been fucking me you also prefer being inside me.” I let out an angry moan but we both knew what she was saying is true.

“Your such a bad girl you know that.” I groaned.

She was loving it, saying “I am your little slut, aren’t I.” And right then I pulled her down to her knees below the stream of hot water and point my cock at her chest. Grabbing her hand and placing it on my cock. She knew what was about to happen. Madison with her hand wrapped around my cock jerk, tugged and pulled every ounce of my cum out of me. My cock shot so many loads onto her chest.

Then to her amazement, I lifted her up and pushed her against the side wall. I licked and sucked my juices off her firm chest. She knew I loved her rack better than Penny’s and there was no denying it. Now I was cleaning it with my tongue and lips despite all my cum on them. She told me later the sight of me doing that was so hot.

It was now her turn to experience a big climax. Now it was my turn to stare into her eyes. With her still up against the wall, I began finger fucking her. I wasn’t gentle about it. I brutal fingered her. But I didn’t stop there. “Does my slutty little bad girl want to cum?” I asked.

Her stare never left mine and moaned out, “Yes! Your slutty bad little slut wants to come. Please make your slut come Taylor. Please make me cum harder then you make Penny cum.” She could tell it stirred me up. Maybe that’s all she wanted; just to spice up our encounter more.

“You fucking slut, is this what you want, tell me is this what you want?” The whole time I was saying that I started smacking her throbbing clit.

“YESSS!” she screamed out as her orgasm splashed everywhere.

We were spent and rinsed off. We stepped out of the shower; I grabbed a towel to wrap around her to dry off. She pulled me in and kissed. When we broke the kiss she looked at me with her devious look again said, “You can enjoy my breasts whenever you want. I know how much you like them.” She leaned in closer “You can call me and I will be your slut even when Penny’s not here.”

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