Penny – Friend Asked to Watch Ch. 01

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Kissing Penis

Please note, this is a true story. However, I’ve changed the names, ages, places and occupations to protect the other person’s privacy. I have no shame so enjoy, LOL. The series follows the events after Penny – The Bridal Suite and The Bridal Limo.


Friend Asked to Watch Ch. 01

They said they’d never do anal; guess they were wrong.

Do girlfriends tell each other everything, well it depends. Penny was more reserved and never used to talk about her sex life with her friends. That was until she met me and the events that happened at her friend Ashley ‘s wedding day. She’s become more confident and more comfortable talking about sex. My “naughty” influence so far has made some positive impacts.

They had known each other since college and were good friends. Madison or Maddy as she goes by stands 5’5 with a 32DD chest but not much of an ass either. She was more sexual experienced and had more boyfriends then Penny did. Maddy had just gotten out of a 4-year relationship pre-Ashley my right hand was on Maddy’s right shoulder. As I looked back and forth quickly from both of them getting their eye contact.

I moved my hands down their bodies quickly and slapped both their clits at the same time. A pleasurable and painful moan came from their lips. Then I slid a finger into both of them. I moved the first finger in and out of them with a few thrusts. Then a second with more thrusts. And not long after I found a perfect rhythm. As such I started to pump and vibrate both my hands and fingers.

There was a lot of “oh fuck, oh my god, oh Taylor’s” being thrown around. In a perfect world I would make them both cum at the same time, but it worked out better I didn’t. Penny came first and gushed everywhere. She collapsed down to her knees. With my left hand now free I pulled her face onto my cock. I looked deep into Maddy’s eyes and said, “Are you ready!” She knew what I meant was ready to cum but didn’t expect me to pull out my fingers and with a strong smack hitting her whole pussy. It caused her to shiver and release her fluids that went everywhere including onto Penny.

Maddy was barely able to stand, she leaned forward onto me. I raised my right hand up to her face. Our eyes meet, she looks at me with desire and rus escort I pull her in for a dynamic kiss. I wanted her to feel fireworks and I found out later she did. My goal wasn’t to make her fall for me. It was making her lust for me, in and for this moment.

If you put a thermometer on us the results would have been smoking hot. The kiss was so powerful from both of us I barely even felt Penny sucking my cock. I was careful not to hold our lips together for too long. I didn’t want love, I wanted lust. So I broke the lustful embrace then started it again, then again and again. Maddy’s eyes looking at me after the last time I broke the kiss said it all. I swear they said, I have to have you!

I pulled Penny to her feet then spun Maddy around this time placing her hands against the wall. My wet hard cock started to penetrate then ravage her pussy. As I focused on fucking Maddy, I told Penny to pull her hair with one hand and smack her ass with the other. This was so fucking hot! However, I was going to spice it up more. I told Penny to talk dirty to her friend while also giving her something she wanted. “Ask Maddy if she likes your man fucking her pussy.”

There I said it, I acknowledge to her and Maddy that I was Penny’s man. I know that made her very happy. Penny completely in awe, smiled lovingly at me. Her voice changed into a new demeanor. The sweet, shy and quiet Penny used the tone a dominatrix mistress would use. “Do you like my man fucking your pussy” she said while pulling her hair and spanking her ass.

Maddy let out a scream “Yes, I love it, I need it, fuck me more.”

Penny responded “You want more you little bitch.”

“Yes, please I want more” Maddy replied.

I was moving my cock in and out of Maddy at a furious rate. I took her hair from Penny and told Penny to suck on one of her nipples. I kept up my pace while Penny was hungerly sucking on her nipples. As if she was trying to get milk from them. Maddy’s moans and screams were music to my ears.

The sight of the 3 of us with Maddy’s sounds was a marvelous scene. With her mouth still attached to Maddy’s breast, I told Penny to reach down and pinch Maddy’s clit just like I did to her on our first date. She shot me a look like sıhhiye escort oh yeah I remember that “pinch”. As such she pinched and tugged her clit quickly and there it was. “OH FUCK, OH FUCK”, Maddy screamed as she trembled in ecstasy. Her legs were unsteady and barely able to stand. As I carried her to the chaise lounge sofa, she weakly said “I can’t feel my legs”.

While Maddy laid down to regain her breath, I moved back over to Penny. Pulling her to my face and kissing her intimately. My hands held her face as I warmly kissed her. She was taken aback by my switch from lust to tender kissing. And just as she settled into this embrace, I just had to switch it up on her again. Of course I did, typical me. This poor lady is living this whirlwind of unpredictability and constant roller coaster of emotions. But she wasn’t complaining and loving every moment of it.

I surprised her by picking her up in my arms and carrying her over to the chaise where Maddy was catching her breath. I set her down on her feet and grabbed Maddy’s legs pulling her to the edge of the chaise. I moved Penny on top of her. Penny was in a position knees bent squatting above Maddy in a variation of the missionary position. Maddy’s knees pushed back onto her sides, Penny’s thighs basically sitting against Maddy’s thighs. Penny’s legs off to both her sides.

I grab a strategically placed double head dildo from under a clean towel hidden under the chaise. They were both pretty wet already so I didn’t need any lube. I guided one end into Penny and the other into Maddy. Both women stunned and frozen in place. I smacked Penny on the rear. With that she jumps up a little and falls back down.

The dildo moves inside both of them causing both to let out moans. I lift Penny’s hips and push her down. I start doing this motion repeatedly. Basically I was using gravity to fuck both women with this toy. After a few moments they seemed to start enjoying and getting into it.

Penny started bouncing herself up and down. Both these women were speechless so to speak with everything that’s happening. They were just going with the flow. I loved women who could enjoy the moments in life and not always be in their head worried about others judgement. sincan escort As the bouncing continued, I spread Penny’s ass cheeks and started to tongue her hole. I paid extra attention to cleaning the area while we were in the shower.

I started licking delicately at first. Creating more of a sensual feeling. This was her first analingus! After initially being stunned she was certainly enjoying it. I grab 2 black disposable gloves and some lube again from under the chaise. I wet 3 fingers on each hand then put one at Penny’s asshole and one at Maddy’s asshole. Here we go!

I start to massage both rear openings on both women. They were not expecting any of this tonight let alone what was about to happen next. I slip 1 finger into each hole slowly. Both gasped and both stopped their movements. I told Penny to keep fucking Maddy. As she started bouncing again, I got my finger fully into each hole and left it there a moment for them to get used to. Then I pulled out and in with a slow pace to begin with. As they started to get used to the sensation a different moan escaped their lips. A moan I haven’t heard from either. It was a mix of pain and pleasure.

Not long that sound came off as more pleasure. I slip a second finger in both of them. Going slow again for them to get used to. Some “oh my god and this is unbelievable” were coming from their mouths. As my second finger started going in easier, I started moving it faster in and out of both of them.

More moans and sounds of delights filled the air. It encouraged me to go further. Now a third finger begins entering them. I wasn’t going to get my whole hand in there. However, I was planning to fill them with “something else”.

I kept my hand in Penny but pulled it out of Maddy. I grabbed a condom from under the chaise and ripped it open with my teeth. My left hand slid the lubricated condom onto my hard cock and with Maddy’s hole with some lube in it already, it was time. I place the tip of my cock at her anal entrance. Slowly the head pops in. An “oh fuck” escaped her lips. My right hand still pumping in Penny’s asshole but now just 2 fingers as it was easier to do 2 fingers then 3 while I was trying to put my cock into Maddy’s ass. This was not my first time doing this.

My hard cock slips past Maddy’s external anal sphincter and deeper into her asshole. The shocking sensation was not lost on her. Oh my god he’s really putting it in my ass, was what she told me she was thinking. As for now all that was coming from her mouth were sounds of pleasure. Once I finally got all in, I held it there for her to get used to.

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