Peggy the Pegger Pt. 01

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This is a work of fiction.

No similarity to any real event is intended.

All characters are over the age of 18.


It was on a school trip – I was 18, and in my last year of school – that I first met Peggy. She went to a nearby girls’ school, where she spent her time surrounded purely by girls. I was taking part in the communal dance, in which people of all different schools came together, when I spotted Peggy. She was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen, but in a strange way; her head was shaved on one side and her thick golden hair was swept over to the other side. Her ears were pierced through and through with several rings and studs, as were her nose and tongue. She wore a black and red plaid shirt, knotted underneath her breasts to expose her tight, toned abdomen. Her shirt was unbuttoned enough to show off some good cleavage and her matching schoolgirl skirt was so short that her round ass was on show. A pair of leather boots covered her legs up to just below the knees, and I also noticed that her bellybutton was pierced. I decided I had to talk to her. She saw me approaching her as she chatted to a girlfriend of hers and, staring me in the eyes, grabbed her friend and kissed her hard on the mouth.

After the dance, I was sitting, glum, outside the hall. Just my luck that the most gorgeous girl I had ever seen happened to be a lesbian. Then, Peggy suddenly sat down next to me.

“Hi there,” she said. Despite her preppy, alternative look, her voice was beautiful and refined. She was obviously of a good background; the stereotype of a rebellious child.

“Hi,” I managed to stutter.

“Sorry about that in the hall,” she said, “I didn’t feel like talking to any boys.”

“Oh that’s fine,” I said, “I get you’re not into that.”

“Who said I’m not?” she demanded.

“Well…” I stammered, “you totally just kissed that girl.”

“Oh, so what?” she exclaimed. “Life is so much better if you don’t label yourself and limit your opportunities. If you’re just a simple straight gal then your scope of pleasure is pretty damn narrow, but me…? Well, I just prefer to do whatever the hell makes me happy.”

I was taken aback by her passionate outburst.

“So,” I said, “you’re bi?”

“Yeah, kinda,” she said. “Boys, girls, something in-between, I don’t care.”

I smiled despite myself. There was a chance!

“When did this start?” I asked. “I mean, when did you first get into girls as well?”

“Well,” she said, “I go to a girls’ school, and that really limits my chances of meeting guys. I mean, we get to go out on weekends but we just meet the kind of jackasses that hang out in town. So, I started getting it on with some of the more open girl at school to fulfill my desires.”

“And do you have a preference?” I asked.

“Oh yeah,” she said. “Girls are gaziantep escort bayan great. They really are. I love pussy, I love the feel of a girl’s tits in my hands, I love making a girl cum and squeal in pleasure.” This description was making me hard already. “But I’ve always had a soft spot for dick, and that’s why I always make my roommates strap one on and fuck me. I need to get my fix sometimes. It works the other way round too; I love fucking a girl with my own dick too.”

I saw the opportunity and I took it.

“You know,” I said meekly, “I can always help. And if you want, you can always reciprocate.”

“You’re serious?” she asked. “Are you sure you can take what I have to offer up your ass?

“Oh,” I said, “I’ve taken far bigger.”

And that, dear reader, is how I met Peggy the Pegger.

We were back in my dorm within minutes. I had been late booking, and had ended up having a room of four to myself. Peggy pressed me against the wall and kissed me as she thrust a hand down my pants and felt my hardening cock. I grabbed her soft butt as we kissed, and she started to kiss and nibble at my neck.

We broke apart suddenly, and Peggy pulled off her shirt. I buried my face into her cleavage, feeling her soft tits on my face. Meanwhile, I unhooked her bra so that I could get my mouth to her nipples, fluttering my tongue over them and sucking on her boobs.

Peggy demanded that I take off my shirt and trousers, and I was soon in just my boxers, which had risen into a huge tent. She felt my warm body with her hands, feeling my big chest and chiselled abs, kissing her way from my throat, over my right nipple, down my abdomen, over my navel and finally to the base of my cock. She briefly sucked and licked my cock through the fabric of my boxers, but then yanked them down and took the whole organ into her mouth.

God, she was beautiful as she sucked on my cock, her lovely grey eyes looking up at me in joy, her nimble hands playing with my balls and feeling my ass. She sucked me to within an inch of coming, then demanded that I eat her pussy.

“Get down on your knees and suck my cunt,” she ordered, pulling down her skirt and panties. Her pussy was beautiful and pink, crowned with a tiny wisp of golden hair. Her lips were juicy and wet as I pried then apart with my fingers, exposing the pink flesh beneath. I tentatively flickered my tongue over her pussy, arousing a moan of pleasure from Peggy. I ate her out for a while, sucking her cunt flaps, licking her clit and burrowing into her warm hole with my tongue and fingers. The taste of her pussy juice was delicious. She didn’t take long to cum, and when she did she let out a long, piercing cry as her body was shaken by an earth-shattering orgasm. A rivulet of juice flowed from her cunt, down onto her thighs. I licked up every last drop from her beautiful body, and she asked me to kiss her so that she could taste her own pussy.

“Come on then,” she said, “I bet you’re pretty eager to cum already. Get that cock between my tits and fuck them.”

She lay on my bed on her back and I knelt over her. I slid my rock-hard cock between her two mountains of flesh, which easily enveloped the whole organ. I started fucking Peggy’s tits, and she stuck out her tongue so that my cock touched it with every thrust. I was soon on the verge of cumming, and I shot my load all over her big, round boobs, lathering them in my sticky, white cum.

“Bravo!” Peggy exclaimed, grabbing her boobs and licking my cum from them. “That was quite a cumshot there.”

I bowed mockingly and she giggled. In an instant I was back on top of her, kissing her, feeling her, enjoying her warmth and energy, her smell and taste, her wetness. She looked back at me with joy and passion in her eyes.

Before I knew what was happening, Peggy was guiding my hard cock through the opening of her cunt, and I sank down slowly into her tight hole. It was so warm and wet that it aroused me further, causing my cock to grown harder inside of her. I gave a few tentative thrusts, making Peggy purr in arousal.

“That’s right, my big, naughty boy. Fuck me just like that. Fuck my nasty little pussy. Make me cum for you.” she hissed into my ear as I screwed her. In response, I started thrusting harder and sucked on her nipples.

“Ooooooh,” she cooed, “I’m gonna cum again.”

I fucked her harder to bring her over the brink, and she was suddenly convulsing on the bed, a low moan rising from deep inside her and going on interminably.

“Oh, yeah,” she gasped, “now there’s a guy who can give me a proper orgasm! Now keep fucking me, and let’s see if you can make me squirt!”

I kept thrusting into the beautiful girl, kissing her as she rubbed her own clit. She begged me to take her from behind so I did, fucking her hard and fast doggy-style. With each powerful thrust, my balls collided with her dripping pussy, making a wet slapping noise.

“Oh fuck yes, champ!” she yelled, taking my powerful blows expertly. “Fuck me just like that. Fuck my cock-hungry pussy!”

I kept laying into her, rocking her entire body with each stroke, until she announced that she was coming and I flipped her onto her back.

As I banged her, Peggy let out a long moan that crescendoed with each thrust until she was screaming at the top of her lungs, a glistening arch of ejaculate spurting into the air from her pussy. The liquid doused me, and I licked it from my lips, hungry for her delicious flavour. I descended on her ravenously, sucking on her tits, feeling her body, passionately kissing her as she quivered with the aftershocks of a mind-blowing orgasm.

She took my cock into her mouth and hungrily sucked it until I was pumping my hot cum into her mouth, an exhilarating orgasm coursing through my body.

“Now,” said Peggy, “I seem to remember promising you a little something back.”

“You did,” I said, licking my lips at the thought of Peggy fucking my ass.

“Well, who am I to neglect my end of the deal?” she said, producing a strap on dildo from her suitcase. It was bright pink and about 10″ in length. She put it on, and the very sight of her beautiful, feminine body sporting such a big cock was incredibly arousing.

“Alright then,” Peggy exclaimed, “bend over and submit to my cock.”

Complying, I buried my face into a pillow so that my ass was proudly presented to Peggy. I pulled apart my ass cheeks to give her access to my hole, and she spat on it to lube it up nicely. Then, I felt her enter me with the big dildo, slowly sinking into my deep, warm tunnel of flesh.

I let out a long moan as Peggy sank into me and started thrusting the dildo into my soft insides. Intense sparks of pleasure coursed up and down my anal canal as Peggy stimulated it, pumping into me faster and faster until she had reached a good, steady pace. She ploughed into me like this for a while, sending me into a world of unimaginable bliss.

“Turn over,” she said, lightly spanking my ass cheeks to emphasize her point.

I turned onto my back to that I was staring into Peggy’s eyes as she banged me. She now augmented her pace, pummelling into me with considerable force, stretching my ass, making my insides burn with pleasure.

“Oh, yes,” she hummed, “you like that, don’t you. You like having your tight little hole filled by a girl, don’t you, you slut.”

I growled in reply, as the pleasure had completely overwhelmed my ability to speak.

I soon announced my imminent cumming, and Peggy pounced onto me so that her face was right by mine as she pounded me to orgasm. I squirted a line of cum across Peggy’s tits and stomach and she fucked me for a while longer, getting slower and slower until she was lying on me, fully buried inside my ass as we made out and caressed each other’s bodies.

We eventually rolled off of each other and Peggy congratulated me on me cock-giving and taking abilities. She seemed to like me, and she stayed with me for several hours instead of leaving. She produced a bottle of vodka and we drank together, taking shots from each other’s navels. At times, Peggy would pour vodka onto her tits, ass or pussy flaps and I would lick up the strong liquid. We got pretty wasted before collapsing in bed together.

We lay naked and intertwined in silence, thinking and reflecting. My cock lay limp against Peggy’s thigh; he pussy was ground against my abdomen. I thought about how this was probably the last time I would ever see Peggy in my life. Tomorrow we would part ways forever, our night of passion just a dream.

As a matter of fact, I did meet Peggy again, just a year later. But that, dear reader, is a story for another time.

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