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Preface: I’m a tinkerer. After I write or publish a story, I often go back and add stuff to what I wrote. Sometimes it’s fixing a detail or adding clarification that the reader may never notice, but I did. Sometimes it’s adding whole sections which would’ve been wildly irrelevant to the original story and serves no value to the plot. These are all private (so far) and purely for my own amusement. This vignette emerged as post-publication noodlings I wrote for a throw-away character in the “Corax and Grum” series (in what some readers may consider a throw-away story). I also happened to be listening to a lot of Steely Dan lately and I love the album Aja.

This story has absolutely nothing to do with C they neither appear in it nor do they influence the story. The only thing relevant was that I reused certain traits of a background character and added my usual tendency towards the fantastic. The story is really a stroke story with no redeeming value other than to titillate. Is it realistic? Not at all. Does human anatomy and physiology work as I describe it? Ha! No. Is there sex? Oh yeah. My story, my rules.

Yup this is fetish. There is femdom with a young (but legal age) domme. She is coercive, not exploitative. There is humiliation. There is anal sex, some of it dirty (but not outright scat) and a2m. Some watersports are hinted at. And there’s a few ridiculously-sized penises. Yeah. Well, if that description doesn’t have you running off, and you’re bored beyond belief, here’s my newest little femdom heroine, and one I hope I can write more about later. If this ain’t your cuppa, well … I suppose you can leave a snarky comment about how kewl you are.

Everyone here is fictional and have no place in the real world. If you know someone like this in reality, call the police. Even though they’re fictional, all these folks engaging in acts like I describe here would all be of legal majority age if they were in the real world. For Lit Editors who cannot do basic math, this means EVERYONE IS OVER 18. Sheesh! I wrote this and reviewed it until I got sick of re-reading it. That’s not really how editing works, but it means that all the mistakes are mine. I also reused a small bit of one of my previous stories (see above) to open this one. Not a 100% copy, as I did add a bit more context. I got my own permission to do so.

Let me know what you think. Or don’t. The world is so messed up right now, I’m not about to tell anyone what they can or can’t do. I just hope you enjoy whatever it is that you do. If that includes reading this, then I’m extra happy. I hope to add more stories soon. Thanks!


Lee unlocked the door to his shared suite in the athletic dorm (a/k/a Jock U) and dropped his athletic gear bag by the couch before collapsing on to it. Swim practice had been a chore and he was exhausted. His ordeal with his would-be girlfriend had made things worse

Tate, his suite mate, was at his desk in the big open common space. Tate was a starting safety on the football team and a tremendous athlete of his own, besides being a handsome man. Unfortunately, he wasn’t too smart and was easily manipulated.

The two got along well enough but there was a problem. Well, more like it was Tate’s problem, but still. Lee had a big dick. Like, really big. Tate wasn’t gay, so it wasn’t like he was fascinated with getting into his suite mate’s pants. In fact, he was as hetero a guy as he knew. He also had no shortage of girls’ interest; jocks always being the Great Attractor for easy pussy on campus.

But, since rooming with Lee, or more accurately Lee’s monster cock, getting beyond the “interest” phase with many girls was the problem. The two suite mates, as Tate had begun to think of Lee’s cock as a whole second entity that he had to compete with, had effortlessly taken every girl Tate was interested in and had brought back to the dorm. He tried changing rooms, but the overcrowded dorms meant there was no place else to go. He couldn’t afford off campus housing on his scholarship and going to the girl’s room meant kicking out her roommate. Getting a hotel room for the night was too in-your-face for many girls, so that was out as well as also being too damned expensive. Logistically, he was stuck with bringing them back to his suite at the athletic dorm at some point.

Once they were settled in the suite, Lee carelessly exerted his dominance. Four to five nights a week, the sounds of Lee’s date for the night choking on, swallowing, struggling with and always submitting to his meat were impossible to ignore. If Tate’s girl heard this, he knew that would be their last night together. Not helping was that Lee left his room’s door open more often than not. A not-so-subtle dominant move, but Tate did believe in the best of people too much to call him on it.

On those other times, when Tate did have a girl in the suite, his roommate would parade around in shorts or those tight, “skinny” jeans which were illegal bahis little more than yoga pants for men and just highlighted his massive bulge. Or he would just ‘accidentally’ stand in his room naked with the door open, lean swimmer’s muscles rippling and that fat sausage, big enough to feed a family of four, hanging down.

After that, it was just a matter of time before his ‘girlfriend’ would give him the “I’m sorry, Tate, I’m just looking for something else” speech. Each time, the “something else” happened to be on the other side of the suite, hanging between his roommate’s legs.

Some of these women showed a modicum of shame and waited a day or so to experience big cock sex. The next morning, Lee would escort the newly-minted size-queen out from his bedroom after a night of screaming about how much they loved, no needed him to keep fucking them; their faces were always smug looking at Tate but they were clearly fully satisfied. At the door, there was often a ‘call me’ as he showed them out. Tate’s fury boiled hot.

“Trust me, man,” Lee would say afterwards to Tate. “She was all wrong for you.” Tate knew he was right; that a woman so easily swayed by a cock, even a freakish one like Lee’s would never stay true and was not one to make him happy. But every single girl? Every one of them was wrong?

Tate was no stranger to violence, but he knew Lee could defend himself. He had seen him in action during some nights out drinking together. Lee had stepped in and leveled one of the football team’s defensive linemen, a hulking brute who got into Tate’s face about some locker room beef. Lee was tall, rangy and quick. He was like a mongoose in a room of snakes. Tate trying to bully him just wouldn’t work. And what if it backfired? Tate getting injured in a stupid fight with his suite mate would cost him his scholarship. Over girls? Not gonna happen. The result was “just accept it” and hope for the some eventual leveling of the cosmic scales.

The answer to that hope came in an odd form.

One day, Tate and his date were cuddling on the couch watching TV when Lee walked into the suite towing a pale, skinny coed in her goth phase known on campus as Peg and the odd couple went directly into his room. Peg was a freshman but already had quite a reputation on campus, including one involving the starting center of the school’s nationally-rated basketball team whose locker room nickname was “The Telescope”, though these stories were conspicuously light on first-hand accounts or facts.

Tate waited for Peg to loudly announce how much she loved what he was doing to her but that moment never came, at least not how Tate would’ve expected. The only noise from Lee’s room in the first few minutes was a soft female whisper.


At some point, Lee and Peg had moved off the bed onto the floor, in full view from the couch through the open door. She was on all fours with her skinny butt pointed towards them. Lee squatted behind her while plunging deeply into her anus; her animalistic grunts indicated that this was more than pleasurable for her. Tate and his date had all but given up on the TV, and stared as Lee pounded the skinny girl’s ass vigorously with her not only accepting the thrusting but quietly encouraging a deeper exploration of her asshole and beyond.

Lee withdrew, leaving a huge gaping rectum. Standing in profile, his girthy member stood straight out and was clearly covered with dark smears and residues. The goth pixie rose to her knees and didn’t hesitate to take him in her mouth, keeping eye contact all while leaning forward to slowly inhale the soiled head. She paused for a moment, and her dainty pale fingers, each tipped with a long, spade-tipped black nail cradled, tickled and teased the heavy scrotum, gently coaxing and further stimulating its huge occupants to produce an even bigger load. Movement in her cheek indicated her tongue actively pleasured the mouthful.

She then opened just a bit wider (already a challenge from the sheer thickness of the meat in question) and her black painted lips appeared to nibble while continuing along his formidable length, like an inchworm, swallowing another inch. And then another, before stopping again. This pause-nibble-pause movement continued and soon, an impressive amount of the shaft had disappeared into her distended mouth and throat, uninterrupted by any gag reflex. Her only sounds were soft sighs of contentment around light suction and moist mouth noises. Lee’s eyes flared wide at his date’s skill.

When she reversed and withdrew, her eyes never left his. The contrast of the size of his endowment to Peg was clearly noticeable when the bloated head left her mouth. If anything, Lee appeared to be even bigger and harder as a result of her expertise. She whispered to him and Lee moaned with a visible tremble, then nodded vigorously. Her small fist twisted around his meat, stroking him as she spoke softly again. His response was almost illegal bahis siteleri immediate, but was too soft to hear. Another quick murmur from her and then she smiled.

Returning to the rather large issue at hand, her black painted lips kissed and nibbled along the shaft before picking up where she left off, licking the rest of him clean before ending her journey at the base of his meat and nuzzling his big sac. The contrast of her dainty, pale hand with its elegant, yet savage, black manicure against Lee’s meat was striking, as delicate fingers gently tickled his shaft before wrapping around it to resume sensuously jerking him off while slowly bathing his pendulous testicles with her surprisingly long, pink tongue.

Tate realized that tiny, waif-like Peg already had a Ph.D. in pleasuring well-hung men and was probably playing a different game than every other woman on campus, and it wasn’t even close. She was young, flat as a board and besides the goth affect, there was nothing remarkable about her. Pass her on the street and it would even register. But after seeing her skills in action, the comparison of her to other sorority chicks or campus girls in bed was like watching a vintage Jordan dunking on a Wednesday church league pick-up game. He knew that whatever the rumors about her were, not only were they likely true, but probably didn’t go far enough.

Once Lee was lubed with her spit, she whispered and he just nodded. She kissed the tip of his hog and swirled her tongue around the head, cleaning out any leftover residue hiding beneath the foreskin before she returned to her position on all fours. Lee resumed his deep anal pounding and they continued to alternate from backdoor to mouth for her thorough cleaning and fondling before going back again, clearly putting on a show for the rapt audience.

Tate had the feeling that she could’ve brought Lee to climax at any time since they were watching and only took as long as she did to because, well … because she could; this whole session seemed to be her sexually dominating Lee, all while earning the maximum amount of sperm she could coax from him. Tate had never seen anyone handle his roommate with such grace and control, but the quiet goth girl clearly held the hugely-endowed stud in the palm of her hand, choosing when and where Lee finally delivered his load.

Peg did her pause-nibble-pause deepthroat on his cock, and Lee was clearly on edge. Not quite begging for release but not far from it. Her lips worked on his shaft, teasing him further, as her little hand reached out to gently squeeze his balls. Lee shuddered and when he bucked, she expertly rode him, one of her clawed hands continuing to squeeze, milking him like a dairy farmer on a teat, while the other gently rested on his thigh as he drained helplessly into her stomach. Not a drop spilled. By the end, as she suctioned him dry, Lee was sweating profusely, while Peg looked much as she had when she walked in, except she was minus her clothing and had a huge erect penis in her mouth, of course.

Her noisy suck of the tip was the loudest she had gotten, despite Lee’s vigorous pounding, while ensuring he was temporarily drained. However, now her focus locked onto her prodigious meal and that long tongue snaked out, beginning a slow, lazy exploration of huge cock, accompanied with a gentle hand job. More of her iron fist in a velvet glove domination and all to keep him rock-hard. She was clearly signaling that after her decisive victory in round 1, the night was just getting started and with each load she wrung from him, she would only make it harder for him. Her eyes flashed in glee of the challenge, and Tate had an idea that she would make him beg for mercy before she was finished. The look on Lee’s face after was one of awe and respect. Lee picked up the skinny girl and put her back on the bed. And with that, the free show was over.

To say the romantic mood of Tate’s evening was ruined was an understatement. Of course, within thirty minutes, Lee had to salvage some pride by walking through the common area to get some water, his massive endowment swung heavily; the glaze of Peg’s juices coating it scented the whole room with her musky sex. Tate’s date gasped and from the corner of his eye he saw her subconsciously lick her lips. Peg’s scent made Tate uncomfortably hard and tried to subtly adjust his position on the couch to make some space for his erection to shift. While Tate wouldn’t be getting any that night, the one plus was the images of Peg in action seared into his brain.

His date left not long after; what more was there to say? Seeing her to the door, she turned and was about to say something but froze. Tate followed her line of sight. Lee and Peg were side-by-side, spooning on his bed, with her top leg extended straight up in the air, with toes curled, in what had to be a ballet-trained pose. Little black painted toenails were the only contrast against the pale slender canlı bahis siteleri leg. She held the position effortlessly, giving Lee direct access to the difficult brown. With a sly smile, she was the picture of calm, whispering encouragement over her shoulder. Lee was again sweating while going balls deep into her asshole. Tate’s date left wordlessly, and as he closed the door, his attention was drawn back to the vigorous coupling in Lee’s bed.

Peg giggled softly and encouraged Lee. His response was to speed up even more. She inspected her manicure intently while she just rode him and took all he gave her; her black painted lips curled into a condescending smirk as she cooed softly to keep him going. An oblivious Lee sawed away. Tate saw that if this was a competition, then it was already over. But he still would have loved the chance to compete, he thought as he headed for bed.

Tate knew it was done with his date but did see her the following week.

Well, he kind-of saw her.

Tate returned from class the Tuesday following and saw Peg had returned and was again on all fours on the floor in his room. Lee, once again, was almost balls-deep in her rectum, vigorously pistoning back and forth. Tate watched while they carried on as if they didn’t notice him.

Lee’s balls twitched and while spraying his seed inside Peg’s ass, he slowly pulled out until just the head was still buried. Once Lee had finished painting Peg’s lower colon, he pulled out with a wet “pop”. The huge dangling penis was soft but still so long and thick that Tate could see it from behind, hanging between strong legs almost to Lee’s knee. It was clearly filthy, as well.

There was some shifting on the floor, and Tate finally noticed his date from the previous week adjusting her position in the female 69 under Peg. The copious flow of Lee’s seed out of the gaping hole that was Peg’s rectum was eagerly caught in her mouth. Peg lowered her ass, grinding her hairless labia on the girl’s chin, while she drained into the eager new member of the threesome.

Lee waited for the flow to abate before squatting, lowering the soiled head of his cock into her very willing mouth. Seconds later, when it came back out, it was clean. The only word spoken between the three at that point was from the new girl. “More?”. Lee lowered again, dunking more of his monster meat into her mouth. In seconds, he was reinserting it back into Peg’s still-dripping bung, while Tate’s girl leaned up to lick at junction between cock and ass.

Tate silently went to his room, a little more broken, to masturbate. Just the idea of Peg looking up at him from her knees, a study in contrasts of pale skin, black makeup and whispering the most obscene things to him triggered a huge orgasm in seconds.

Peg was as close to regular dating as Lee got. But it seemed like she kept her options open.

Lee got drunk one night and confided to Tate about her, admitting he had fallen for the tiny girl.

Tate asked what she had said that first night, explaining what he and his date had seen from the couch.

“She asked if I wanted to be her boyfriend. She’d said if we were together, she’d stop sleeping with other men and be completely faithful. She’d fuck me senseless anytime and anywhere I wanted, however I wanted it. Groups, sex in public, fetish. There was nothing she wouldn’t do. But I’d have to prove I was worth it. Of course, I said yes. Who wouldn’t? So, she said she’d spend the night like it was an audition and I had to fuck her to her satisfaction and get her to agree to a facial.

“It was a set up, and she just used me. You saw her; she was ice. Honest-to-God nympho. There’s no one that could tire her out. She’d heard I had a big dick and wanted to compare against other guys. She says that ‘boyfriend’ stuff to get guys all excited and it works every time. But then, if she wins, she … uhhh. She…” Lee paused and grimaced.

Tate just waited.

“If she won, I had to facial myself.”

Tate’s jaw dropped. “How…?”

“She’s tiny but she knows, like judo or BJJ or something. Or she knows fucking Jedi mind tricks. Dude, she’s so hot. Every hole on her was like a Chinese finger trap. Just snug enough to give constant pleasure, but she can fit some seriously big dick in everywhere like it’s no problem. I rarely get anal, and she took me balls deep. That never happens! She’s got crazy muscle control or something. And if I could keep that kind of pussy on tap, any time I wanted? No brainer. I figured I could just bang her and keep her. I don’t know…”

“How…?” Tate repeated.

“Like I said, she practically sucked and fucked me unconscious. After she swallowed my, I dunno how many, seventh or eighth load? I was beat. She gives, hands down, the most phenomenal head. I’d nut and she just keeps suckin but it’s like I’m ready to go again. There’s no pain or anything. Just warm, gentle pressure in just the right spots. Every place she touched was just right and perfect and I stayed completely hard. Like she’s human Viagra or something. And I can feel the cum start building again. Each load was just as big. She’s a cum junkie on top of being a Grade A piece of ass.”

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