Peeping on Jennifer Ch. 03

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(It isn’t necessary to read Parts 1 and 2 before this installment, but reading them first will fill in a number of blanks which otherwise might confuse the reader.)

The truth be known, I firmly believe my sister is an exhibitionist. Not a raw, flash your tits at Mardi Gras, Girls Gone Wild kind of exhibitionist, but a girl who excited in knowing she might be caught in some sort of precarious position.

What else would explain this prim and proper girl fooling around in the basement with her boyfriend knowing full well that our mother — to say nothing of me, her brother — could be home at any moment?

If she wasn’t an exhibitionist, then she must have a death wish, cause our father would have killed her (or her boyfriend, maiming her) if he caught them screwing.

Yet even if my catching them in the act was an accident, the mere fact she agreed to perform in front of a secluded me as punishment for her getting me in a load of trouble on her behalf with my paddle toting father, had to be a signal she liked being observed doing naughty things.

In prior installments of this series young Jennifer, a college age girl of strict parents, escaped from her shell to be, shall we say, active sexually with several guys. Nothing strange there, I guess it happens. But when I caught her in the act and then saved her from strict punishment she felt she owed me something. Or maybe I convinced her she owed me something.

Oh, the photos of her in the act helped.

That “something owed” first was having a frank sexual talk with me, followed by her allowing me (from a secluded perch) watch her and her boyfriend-come-lately Colin orally satisfy each other. It was quite impressive, and my devious mind cried out for more. Using a little blackmail, a little begging and, well, my deduction that in fact Jennifer liked being a daring, walking the edge hussy somehow got her to agree to try and seduce the guy who took her virginity at the senior prom.

This guy, Tommy, hadn’t been her date, but they had a pre-planned agreement to meet during the night, and in the back seat of his Honda did the wild thing. More recently, Tommy was engaged to be married and I wanted to see Jennifer having sex with a guy.

Since Colin had never had that opportunity, nor did Jennifer for some reason want to go all the way with him, Tommy became the “victim”. That it was so wrong, hitting on a guy who soon would be married, made it even more erotic to my older sister. It was blackmail sex, plain and simple, and the guy had no idea how it came about.

The night before Tommy was to visit, I spoke with Jen and asked if she was nervous.

“A little, but not a lot, I think it’s a little bit exciting. I mean, after everything you’ve seen over the last few weeks this isn’t all that different,” teased my darling sister. “Besides, it reminds me of a night last semester at school…”

I couldn’t let that softball statement pass me by. I quizzed her on what she meant.

Jennifer waved me into her room, turned on a CD and patted the edge of her bed. She fluffed up a couple pillows and nestled back into them before starting her story, like a scoutmaster leading a talk around a campfire.

“Well, it was late on a Friday night and rooms and I (meaning her roommate Jessica) returned from the basketball game and dance at the student union,” she started, a glimmer in her eyes. “It was after kartal escort midnight and we got ready for bed. Suddenly we heard a sort of cry from below, and we looked out but didn’t see anything except a parked car.

“Ever few seconds that sound happened again, and it got my interest. I kept looking out and after a while I could swear I noticed a flash or glimmer or something through the car window. Jess and I had to get a better look, so we went downstairs a floor and into the corner TV room. From there we had a good few into the backseat of the car, and, you guessed it, there was a couple making love.

“We called a couple other girls in and we all watched the lovebirds making it. It was quite erotic. The guy had a big dick and was really giving it to her, and after they finished fucking she cleaned his cock with her mouth. Yes, it was very exciting. Not for them afterwards, because when they got out of the backseat we all clapped and whistled at them. I think they were quite embarrassed. She was a freshman named Lizzie and we began calling her EZ Lizzie.”

Jennifer did admit that she sometimes fantasized about being caught in the act, no so much that she’d get in trouble but more like those in the car who were caught and merely embarrassed.

“I guess that’s what has happened recently, right?” reminding her of my catching her and Colin being bad in the basement.

In any event Tommy was in for the afternoon of his dreams, because if anyone could wrap a guy around her finger it was Jennifer. I believe she didn’t look at this as blackmail, but a challenge. And it was a challenge she was up to.

The next afternoon I took my secluded voyeur position after hearing Tommy arrive. Minutes went by as the two were upstairs, but I didn’t dare leave my hiding place in fear of being observed and blowing the plan. After a bit I heard them coming down the stairs, laughing at something or another.

Jennifer asked if Tommy wanted to play some pool, and turned on a CD for some background music to cover any of my sounds from beyond the nearby wall. My vantage point gave me a good look at the two as long as they were on the right side of the pool table, which means sometimes they were out of view.

They made small talk while playing a couple games, talking about the upcoming wedding and college. Nothing really special.

I did notice Jennifer, in a very short skirt, bending over the right side of the table to make a shot. Her posture gave Tommy a bird’s eye view up her pleated skirt and beyond, and I thought his eyes would pop out. Of course, my sister was no dummy, she knew what she was doing. After one particularly long look Jen turned and asked Tommy if he liked the view. The boy stammered something, blushing with embarrassment.

One thing led to another and before long they were involved in a game of strip pool. While Jennifer was probably the best player in our household she began missing simple shots. Soon she was playing topless and sans panties, with only her skirt as coverage of what I knew was a shapely, soft ass.

Tommy slithered behind her on one of those long shots and put his arms around her, turning my sister around. The two embraced, and they began passionately kissing. He had clearly fallen into her trap, and forgot all about his fiancée and pending wedding. It was clear he was thinking about nothing but my sister and her charms.

“Oh, kartal otele gelen escort Tommy, what are you doing?” exclaimed my sister as if she didn’t know.

“I want you, Jen, come on,” he groaned, planting kisses on her neck while caressing her cute ass in his hands.

All of a sudden my sister began to play hard to get, if that was possible given she was wearing only her short black skirt. She made a half-hearted attempt at pushing him away, but he continued to hold and kiss her.

“I need you Jennifer, you feel so very wonderful.”

“What about your fiancée, what about your wedding?” asked Jennifer. “We shouldn’t’ be doing this.”

The groping continued, right or wrong.

“Oh Jennifer, I love her, but I adore your wonderful body. I need you, I need to make love with you again. Come on, for old time’s sake.”

“Well…I don’t know,” stammered my sister, but that was a lame statement, as her hands were around Tommy’s head and she was grinding her mid-section against the boy. The two began kissing once again, swaying in a lover’s embrace. Soon their hands were roaming all over each other’s body.

I watched as Tommy continued to caress her ass while moving his other hand to Jen’s front…soon he was fingering her hot, wet pussy. He slowly stroked her mound, then alternated that action with a slow fingering of her wetness. Jennifer’s head moved away from the boy as she moaned how good it felt while he moved his lips to her neck once again.

At this point I knew Jennifer was putty in his hands. The boy forgot all about his girlfriend and was concentrating solely on my sister’s sexy attributes. They made out for a while, with the guy spending a great deal of time fingering my sister’s sloppy wet pussy. Soon his pants were down around his knees and he was holding his dick in his hand.

Jennifer moaned as the boy rubbed his dick up and down her moist slit. “Oh, you feel so hard, so good. Give it to me.”

Suddenly Tommy began to change. Nothing much at first, but he began teasing Jennifer. “Tell me you want my cock, Jennifer, tell me you need it.”

Actually, I think she did, as she was writhing on the pool table waiting for Tommy to slip his dick into the fold of her pussy. But Tommy kept teasing which made Jennifer started begging.

“Fuck me, Tommy, I need your dick, please give it to me.”

“Suck it,” said the boy, pulling away from my sister’s wet hole.

Jennifer slipped down onto her knees and assaulted Tommy’s slimy dick, alternating fast licks with slow sucking. She mouthed the boy’s erect cock, gagging when he grabbed her head and roughly pulled it tightly against his midsection. “You like my dick? Suck it all down your throat.”

Tommy wasn’t huge, but Jennifer clearly couldn’t deep throat him. She choked on the hard log, bringing laughter from the boy. “Too much, huh? Well, I guess it should all fit in your cunt, bitch.”

I didn’t like the way this was heading. The boy had changed from a sweet lover into a bastard in minutes. He lifted Jennifer onto the pool table, spread her legs wide, then moved up and pushed his bulging dick into her slimy wet pussy.

“Slow down,” asked my sister as the boy fired his man meat into her cunt. He banged my sister hard, pausing only every once in a while to lift her up a little and spank her ass. Then he’d get back to humping her kartal eve gelen escort while mauling her breasts.

“Ouch, Tommy, don’t be so rough!” she begged. “You are hurting me.”

I watched as he continued to fuck my sister like she was a whore. He humped, not with passion, but almost like he wanted to hurt her. He rolled over and fucked Jennifer from below, all the while smacking her reddening ass. “Stop Tommy. That really hurts…..HELP ME!”

Watching the two I realized things were getting out of hand. Tommy was smacking my sister, hurting her.

I decided I better break in, but before I could get up and out of my hiding place I heard the boy exclaim that he was cumming and decided to wait it out. Tommy let out a grunt and shot his load, calling Jennifer a whore.

He slowed his action as Jennifer merely laid on the pool table, breathing heavily. Her eyes were closed and she sort of laid there. It was nothing like the other times I had watched, times when she was into her boyfriend. This was almost painful. When Tommy told her to suck his dick clean, she told him to fuck off.

That’s when the wheels came off. Tommy called her a fucking slut and slapped her face, telling him once again to suck his cock. That was enough for me.

I opened the door and asked what was going on, only to be told by the boy to mind my own business. Wrong answer. I lunged at the boy, swinging my belt against his head, toppling him over. I punched him numerous times, and given that he fell from having his pants around his ankles, he was an easy prey. Soon he was running for the door.

Turning back to my sister, I began apologizing only to have her begin to calm me down. “It wasn’t all that bad, it was actually very hot until he started treating me like dirt,” said Jennifer, crying. “He’s a real jerk.”

Something came over me. Probably the view of her cum-soaked cunt. She was only dressed in her skirt, and that was bunched around her midsection and didn’t provide any modesty.

I spied her hole, and dropped my pants.

“What are you doing?” exclaimed Jennifer, eyeing my dick.

“What I’ve wanted to do for a long time,” was my reply.

I moved over to Jennifer and rubbed my dick up and down her hot wet slit before sliding into my pretty prone sister. Losing my virginity in one quick plunge was absolute heaven, and I had to fight against shooting right away.

Her pussy was soaking wet as her excitement and Tommy’s cum mingled while my dick pounded away. I always imaged sex would be good, but this was fantastic. Looking at my sister, her eyes closed, I realized she was one of the most beautiful women on earth.

In and out I screwed, humping my sister with a passion. She soon started moving with me, matching each thrust. The sensations were unbelievable, and it wasn’t long before both of us were groaning. I don’t know which of us came first, but it didn’t matter. I shot a hearty load into her sopping wet slot mixing with Tommy’s lust juice.

“Ohhh, Jon, yes!” she exclaimed as we began coming down from our mutual high. “Fantastic!”

I remember moving slowly inside her as my dick shrunk. My breath slowed, but soon — I think it was the look in her lusty eyes — got me hard inside her once again. My youth didn’t recognize I had been satisfied, and soon I was banging away at her pussy once again.

This time, the act took a lot longer. I held her ass in my hands, pulling in and pushing out of her cunt. The sensation on my dick was intense, and soon I deposited a second load of sticky baby batter into the sticky, slimy hole of my sister.

Later, we smiled as she told me I took advantage of the situation.

No kidding.

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