Paying The Debt

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Big Tits

Crystal was going to work and her car started fucking up on her, so she slowly, pulled over to the side of the road. She put on her flashers, and pulled the switch to release the hood on her car. Then she slowly got out of the car and went around to the front of the car. Crystal was so pissed off because her car was making her late for work. She lifted the hood and was staring at the engine trying to figure out what was going on under there.

While looking under the hood , a guy pulls up in a really nice red camero, all shiny and new looking. He pulls up in front of her car and starts walking toward her. Looking at her makes him hot, she’s wearing a tight white shirt showing allot of cleveage, her tits look large, firm , and heavy. A long black skirt with a slit in the leg, with black stockings and black high heals. Her long red hair was flowing in the wind. To accent her luscious lips she had on bright red lipstick, they were very sexy. Long nails nicely painted red, slender thighs looking very long and luscious as well. Her nice tight ass looked as if it was wanting to be taken from behind, he slowly approached her.

While standing in awe looking at her. He felt a slight twitch in his crotch. “So what seems to be the problem here” he said. She slowly turns around to look at him flipping her hair from her face. Stunned by what she was seeing she said,”I am not really sure what happened to my car, it just started acting up on me. So I pulled over.” She couldn’t believe the way this guy looked, he had short blondish brown hair, with light blue eyes, he had huge muscles, nice legs, and a very nice ass. She especially liked the way the front of his jeans were bulging. She thought this might be my lucky day after all.

He had on a black muscle shirt, with tight blue jean shorts that showed off his bulge below, and a nice pair of shoes. He said, “Hmm let me see.” He leaned over the car to examine the engine. She watched him as he was checking her engine over. She thought, “WOW this guy is so hot I would love to find out how good he tastes.”

He then looked at her and said,” I see what the problem is.” ” Oh yeah what is the problem?” ” Your plug wire fell off.” Well cevizli escort is that hard to fix? “No, I can fix it for you. ” Oh that is great, I was hoping it wouldn’t be any big problem. ” “There you go all done.” “Oh thank you so very much.” ” I don’t know how I can pay you, I have no money on me right now, or I would pay you for helping me.”

“Oh you can just pay your debt to me later on if you would like.” “Oh thank you so much, I will remember what you have done for me, and I will owe you!!” ” Hey, by the way what is your name?” “My name is Ethen, Ethen Johnson.” “Well Ethen, it is nice to meet you, my name is Crystal, Crystal Reigns.”

“What do you say we go out tonight, that will be my way of paying you back for helping me today, that is , if your not busy later on?” “I don’t have anything planned tonight, sure I would love to, where do you want to meet?” “How about meeting me at the Casual Bar in town, say around nineish?”

“Sure sounds great, I will meet you there tonight.” “Ok well I will see you later on tonight then.” “Ok see you then.” So she went to work, and got all of her work done, and went home to get ready to go out.

She pulled her hair up into a banana comb to show off her long beautiful neck. Next she pulled out strands of hair along her face and curled them. She put her makeup on accenting her eyes with black eye liner and shades of mauve eye shadows. She was wearing red tonight so she wore red lipstick to show off her serious lips. To top off her onsomble she added a pair of dangled shiny earrings with diamonds in them. She goes to the closet and pulls out her long red dress and lays it on the bed. She put on a pair of thong panties, a red garter belt, black stalkings, and black high heals. She put on her dress which is cut low in the back almost to the waist. The front of her dress is cut to accent her large perky breasts. This dress fits her slender body as if it was made just for her. With a slit up the side almost to the top of her stockings. Finally she was ready to go.

She arrived at the bar. She went into the bar and she saw Ethen sitting at a table. She waved, and went toward him. He stood up erenköy escort and she could see the buldge he had in his pants. She was very eager to get to him. He was dressed in a nice black short sleeve shirt showing off his muscles, he wore a nice pair of cacky jeans, and loafers. He looked very sexy. She sat down at the table with him. He sat down, and they began to talk. They talked for a very long time, then they decided it was time to go.

Would you like to come back to my place with me? Sure, I thought you would never ask. So they got in his car and he took her home. They got to her place, and she said this is where I live come on in. She turned on the radio and lit some candles and played soft music to listen too, it really set the mood, they danced for awhile, then they went into her bedroom.

She lit candles and they put off a light fragrance of vanilla. Her king size bed was covered with laverender silk sheets. As they stood at the foot of the bed, the glow of the candle light reflected in their eyes. Looking at each other they started to caress one another.

He started pulling off her clothes , wanting to get what was under neath, his cock getting harder, with each article of clothing he pulls off. His heartbeat was racing as he grew closer to the last article of clothing. She started pulling his clothes off, her heart was pounding, she could feel her pussy getting wet, her nipples were very hard and erected, they started kissing and touching each other.

He lightly pushed her on the bed, then he started lightly sucking around her ears and neck, slowly making his way to her huge nipples. Her nipples so hard, so huge, yet so soft were in need of attention , so with his hands, he gripped her tits, her tits so round, so soft yet so perky, he just had to put them in his mouth. He then made his way down toward her thighs, licking and sucking wanting her more and more.

He took his finger and ran it across her clit just as a little tease, feeling how hot she really was, then with his mouth he started lightly sucking on her clit, and her hot, wet, pussy lips. He started to finger her pussy as he sucked on her clit. Oh, Ethen, That esenyurt escort feels so good…. Don’t stop…. Yes…. Oh Yes…….slide your finger in….Harder….. Harder….. Yes…… Yesssssss………

He then started going back up her body with little kisses. He kissed her then she moved, and lightly pushed him on the bed.
She started kissing and sucking on his neck , looking into his eyes, with a hunger he could take care of, she made her way to his pecks, his pecks were hard, yet soft she softly tugged at his pecks, licking and teasing her way toward his cock. His cock, so huge, about 8 inches long, and very round. She grabbed his penis, veins popping out, and very hard, she started taking it in and out of her mouth wildly, Oh Crystal take my cock all the way in your mouth……..Damn Girl………Ohhhhh taking all of his cock into her mouth at once, Ethen began to whimper.

He was whimpering with delight, Crystal ……Damn girl you know what your doing……ooh yeahhhhhh……….

Then he pushed Crystal off of him onto the bed,
now he was on top of her, he put the head of his cock into her hot, wet, slippery, pussy. She was whispering to him, Fuck me Ethen, Fuck me like you have never fucked anyone before. He slid his hard cock into her very wet, moist, hole and began to fuck her hard and fast, Yes Ethen , Fuck me, Fuck me, the speed and motion picks up even faster, his balls smacking her on the ass as they are fucking each other really hard, his cock hitting her pussy walls hard and fast, feeling the softness of her pussy, he moans, ooohhhhh Crystal……….. her tits sway in the motion fast and hard.

Fucking really hard and very fast Crystal gets close to orgasm, I am going to orgasm Ethen, here it comes……….. Fuck me Ethen , Fuck me Ethen, Yeah, Yeah, oh yeah, yeah there it is, Oh yeah………………………. Crystal begins to yell cum Ethen , cum, as she tells him too, he releases the pressure in his very hard cock, his cum spewing and squirting out of his cock, into her hot pussy, he moans very loudly oh fuck yeah, oh fuck yeah, here it comes , here it comes, Yessssssssssss, Yesssssssss, Ohh Crystal……….

His cum flowing out of her pussy. She lays there quivering, next to Ethen. Both there bodies are covered in sweat and cum from the night’s sexual activities. They both lay next to each other exhausted. Ethen says to Crystal as he looks at her beautiful body, “What a way to collect on a debt!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32